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American Pharmacists Association Academy of Student Pharmacists International Pharmaceutical Students Federation APhA-ASP/ IPSF Event Form APhA-ASP/IPSF

Event Forms are used to recognize chapters for their involvement in IPSF activities. This form assists chapters in recording IPSF activity, and assists the National Officers in writing their Full Member Organization Annual Report to IPSF International in July. Submission of event forms to the National IPSF Officers is separate from the APhA-ASP Chapter Achievement Form submitted annually in July to APhAs FTP site. All chapters must submit at least TWO event forms with at least one picture for each event by December 31, 2013 AND April 30, 2014 to qualify for the IPSF Chapter of the Year Award. If events are held after April 30, 2014, please continue to fill out this form, but to qualify for the APhAASP/IPSF Chapter of Year award you must submit two forms before each deadline listed above. All materials submitted are strictly confidential, and will not be shared without the chapters permission. Specifications: -Event Forms must be typed (be as thorough as possible) and sent electronically to BOTH IPSF national officers listed below: -APhA-ASP/IPSF National Contact Person ( -APhA-ASP/IPSF National Project Coordinator ( Helpful Hints: -ALL IPSF activities should be reported via this form. This includes IPSF chapter meetings, Student Exchange Program hosting, global health campaigns and official IPSF projects, and any additional patient care and/or professional events. -Please include with this report specific resources, including: websites, locations for promotional materials, names of organizations, powerpoints or handouts made, etc. that were used in each IPSF activity -The information on these Event Forms should also be included in your annual APhA-ASP/IPSF Chapter Achievement Report that is submitted to APhA-ASP in July -Please include any events that your APhA-ASP/IPSF group has collaborated with APhA-ASP projects, like Operation Diabetes and Operation Heart as they relate to APhA-ASP/IPSF patient care projects (listed in detail on

Updated September 2013

American Pharmacists AssociationAcademy of Student Pharmacists International Pharmaceutical Students Federation APhA-ASP/ IPSF Event Form

Region II School VCU School of Pharmacy Event Coordinator Nellie Jafari Name of activity: World Aids Day Email Date(s) 12/03/13

1. Purpose or goal of this event: The purpose of this event was to bring awareness to students and patients about World Aids Day. 2. Who was involved with this event? (Include all that apply) IPSF liaison, SNPhA, Walgreens 3. Was the APhA-ASP/IPSF Event Chairperson your IPSF Chapter Liaison? (yes/no) Yes 4. Procedure of this event (include planning and implementation timeline, if you are repeating and/or expanding upon a previous activity, advertisement, budget, and helpful materials or resources used). Please give as much detail as possible. Red ribbons were ordered for World Aids Day. Flyers were created by IPSF to bring awareness about World Aids Day. The ribbons were attached to the flyers and placed in each students mailbox. The students were encouraged to wear their ribbon in support on December 3rd. In addition, IPSF helped SNPhA coordinate a red ribbon event at a local Walgreens. Ribbons were handed out to patients at the Walgreens to bring awareness. 5. Outcome of this event (including # of people affected, # of students participating). 400 students were affected, 30 people at Walgreens were affected, 5 students participated 6. What problems or obstacles did you encounter? How did you overcome these problems? No problems although some patients were hesitant to learn more about HIV. We tried to encourage people to come to the table at Walgreens by having candy placed on the table. 7. What ideas or procedures worked well? What feedback did you receive from participants? Having candy helped because patients were more likely to approach the table to hear more information. Some patients thanked the students for providing awareness. 8. Would you want to organize the event again? How could you improve? Yes, I would want to organize this again. I think it can be improved by providing more incentive for people to learn more about World Aids Day.
Updated September 2013