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DOMOREPAIR is a quick-setting, ready to use mortar. A product suitable for repairing, anchoring, waterproofing, architectural details, concrete.

DOMOREPAIR is used: - In any concrete repair as industrial floors, motorways, bridges, sewage pipes, boardwalks, etc. - For damaged corner and finishing repairs. - For filling cavities, cracks, small holes, etc. - At the joints of prefabricated elements. - For placing all kinds of anchoring like hooks, steel rods, etc.

Ready to use. Just add water. Excellent adhesion on the substrate, due to its composition of organic polymers and synthetic resins. . Minimizes danger of cracking. Quick and easy to use. Economical. High initial strength. Excellent results at assembling. Waterproof, freeze & weather resistant after hardening. Does not contain chlorides or other corrosive salts.

DOMOREPAIR is also suitable for leveling surfaces prior to treatment with SERITAL.

High compressive strength.

Substrate Preparation The application surface (concrete, mortar, stone, brick) must be sound and stable. Loose parts, rust, grease, dust and cement skin must be removed prior to application. Wet well the substrate with water prior to application.

Put water in a suitable pail and add the DOMOREPAIR powder Mix well until the blend is homogenuous.. Mixing ratio: about 1 part water to 3-4 volume parts DOMOREPAIR. Optimal mixing is achieved using a low power agitator. Apply the mix by brush, spatula, trowel or hand, depending on the situation. When repairing corners and edges, it is recommended to use wood formwork until the hardening of DOMOREPAIR. Do not mix more product that intend to use. Do not add cement, sand or gravel to DOMOREPAIR.

Bags of 25 kgr.

DOMOREPAIR is stored for 12 months in a cool place, protected from humidity in its original packing.

Form Color Specific weight Resistance to low temperature Humidity behaviour Physiological effect powder grey 1,4 kg/lt down to -50 C lightly hygroscopic same as cement non toxic setting start 10'-15', setting end 30 '- 35 ' Application temperature Substrate temperature 5 - 35C not below +5C

APPLICATION When repairing elements of great thickness (more than 1-2 cm) apply in layers. Each layer is applied after the previous one is hardened. To avoid too fast setting of the already applied mix and to prevent crack forming, protect the treated surface with a wet cloth or wet it with water. For vertical surfaces or overhead work, prepare a thick mix with a ratio of 1:4. For special applications, please consult our Technical Department. Setting starts after 10-15 min at 20 C and ends after 30-35 min. Setting time is increased when the temperature is low or when more water is added than necessary.

Toxicity Setting time (at 20'C)

For a volume of 1 lt, about 1,7 kg of DOMOREPAIR are required.

All the technical data stated in the present Technical Data Sheet are based on laboratory tests and the knowledge and experience of the company. Different conditions may apply at field applications that are beyond the control of the company. Therefore, the end user is ultimately responsible to make sure that the product is suitable for the application in question and to know the real conditions of the project.


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