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SQL Server 2008 Performance and Scale

White Paper
Published: February 2008 Updated: July 2008 Summary: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 i corporates the tools a d tech olo!ies that are ecessary to i"ple"e t relatio al databases# reporti ! syste"s# a d data $arehouses of e terprise scale# a d provides opti"al perfor"a ce a d respo sive ess% With SQL Server 2008# you ca ta&e adva ta!e of the latest hard$are tech olo!ies $hile scali ! up your servers to support server co solidatio % SQL Server 2008 also e ables you to scale out your lar!est data solutio s% For the latest i for"atio # see Microsoft SQL Server 2008%

' troductio %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% ( )pti"i*i ! Perfor"a ce $ith SQL Server 2008%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%( +elatio al ,atabase Perfor"a ce%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%( Measurable# +eal-World Perfor"a ce%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%( .i!h Perfor"a ce Query Processi ! / !i e%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%0 Perfor"a ce )pti"i*atio 1ools%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%0 +esource 2over or%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%3 Perfor"a ce Studio%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%3 ,ata Warehousi ! a d 4 alysis Perfor"a ce%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%5 +eporti ! Services Perfor"a ce%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%8 ' te!ratio Services Perfor"a ce%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%8 Scali ! Up $ith SQL Server 2008%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%6 .ard$are Support%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%6 4dva ced 7o curre cy Features%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%80 Scali ! )ut $ith SQL Server 2008%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%80 Scalable Shared ,atabases%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%80 ,ata ,epe de t +outi !%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%88 Peer-to-Peer +eplicatio %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%88 Query 9otificatio s%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%88 Scalable Shared ,atabases for 4 alysis Services%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%88 7o clusio %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% 82

2 2

1oday:s or!a i*atio s eed easily accessible a d readily available busi ess data so that they ca co"pete i the !lobal "ar&etplace% ' respo se to this eed# relatio al a d a alytical databases co ti ue to !ro$ i si*e# e"bedded databases ship $ith "a y products# a d "a y co"pa ies co solidate servers to ease "a a!e"e t co cer s% 7o"pa ies "ust "ai tai opti"al perfor"a ce $hile their data e viro "e t co ti ues to !ro$ i si*e a d co"ple;ity% 1his $hite paper describes the perfor"a ce a d scalability capabilities of Microsoft< SQL Server< 2008 a d e;plai s ho$ you ca use these capabilities to:
)pti"i*e perfor"a ce for a y si*e of database $ith the tools a d features that are available for the database e !i e# a alysis services# reporti ! services# a d i te!ratio services% Scale up your servers to ta&e full adva ta!e of e$ hard$are capabilities%

Scale out your database e viro "e t to opti"i*e respo sive ess a d to "ove your data closer to your users%

Optimizing Performance with SQL Server 2008

=ecause your corporate data co ti ues to !ro$ i si*e a d co"ple;ity# you "ust ta&e steps to provide opti"al data access ti"es% SQL Server 2008 i cludes "a y features a d e ha ce"e ts to opti"i*e perfor"a ce across all of its areas of fu ctio ality# i cludi ! relatio al ) li e 1ra sactio Processi ! >)L1P? databases@ ) li e 4 alytical Processi ! >)L4P? databases@ reporti !@ a d data e;tract# tra sfor"# a d load >/1L? processes%

elational !ata"a#e Performance

' "ost busi ess e viro "e ts# relatio al databases are at the core of busi ess-critical applicatio s a d services% 4s volu"es of data i crease# a d the u"ber of users a d applicatio s that are depe de t o relatio al datastores !ro$s# or!a i*atio s "ust be able to e sure co siste t perfor"a ce a d respo sive ess fro" their data syste"s% SQL Server 2008 provides a robust database e !i e that supports lar!e relatio al databases a d co"ple; Auery processi !%

$ea#ura"le% eal&'orld Performance

SQL Server 2008 builds o the i dustry-leadi ! perfor"a ce of previous versio s of SQL Server to provide the hi!hest possible sta dard of database perfor"a ce to your or!a i*atio % .avi ! de"o strated the hi!h perfor"a ce capabilities of SQL Server i the past $ith the 1ra sactio Processi ! Perfor"a ce 7ou cil:s 1P7-7 be ch"ar&# Microsoft $as the first database

ve dor to publish results for the e$er 17P-/ be ch"ar&# $hich represe ts "ore accurately the &i ds of )L1P $or&loads that are co""o i "oder or!a i*atio s% 4dditio ally# SQL Server de"o strates its perfor"a ce capabilities for lar!escale# data $arehousi ! $or&loads throu!h 1P7-. results i the (-terabyte a d 80-terabyte cate!ories% >For curre t be ch"ar& results# see the 1P7 Web site at $$$%tpc%or!%?

(igh Performance Query Proce##ing )ngine

1he hi!h perfor"a ce Auery processi ! e !i e of SQL Server helps users to "a;i"i*e their applicatio perfor"a ce% 1he Auery processi ! e !i e evaluates Aueries a d !e erates opti"al Auery e;ecutio pla s that are based o dy a"ically "ai tai ed statistics about i de;es# &ey selectivity# a d data volu"es% Bou ca loc& these Auery pla s i SQL Server 2008 to e sure co siste t perfor"a ce for co""o ly e;ecuted Aueries% 1he Auery processi ! e !i e ca also ta&e adva ta!e of "ulti-core or "ulti-processor syste"s a d !e erate e;ecutio pla s that ta&e adva ta!e of parallelis" to further i crease perfor"a ce% Usually# the "ost costly operatio i ter"s of Auery perfor"a ce is dis& 'C)% 1he dy a"ic cachi ! capabilities of SQL Server reduce the a"ou t of physical dis& access that is reAuired to retrieve a d "odify data# a d the Auery processi ! e !i e ca si! ifica tly i"prove overall perfor"a ce by usi ! read-ahead sca s to a ticipate the data pa!es that are reAuired for a !ive e;ecutio pla a d pree"ptively read the" i to the cache% 4dditio ally# the SQL Server 2008 ative support for data co"pressio ca reduce the u"ber of data pa!es that "ust be read# $hich i"proves perfor"a ce o 'C)bou d $or&loads% SQL Server 2008 supports partitio i ! of tables a d i de;es# $hich e ables ad"i istrators to co trol the physical place"e t of data by assi! i ! partitio s fro" the sa"e table or i de; to "ultiple file !roups o separate physical stora!e devices% )pti"i*atio s to the Auery processi ! e !i e i SQL Server 2008 e able it to paralleli*e access to partitio ed data# $hich si! ifica tly e ha ces perfor"a ce%

Performance Optimization *ool#

SQL Server 2008 i cludes SQL Server Profiler a d the ,atabase / !i e 1u i ! 4dvisor% =y usi ! SQL Server Profiler you ca capture a trace of the eve ts that occur i a typical $or&load for your applicatio # a d the replay that trace i the ,atabase / !i e 1u i ! 4dvisor# $hich !e erates a d i"ple"e ts reco""e datio s for i de;i ! a d partitio i ! of your data# so you ca opti"i*e the perfor"a ce of your applicatio % 4fter creati ! the i de;es a d partitio s that best suit the $or&load of your applicatio # you ca use the SQL Server 4!e t to schedule a auto"ated database "ai te a ce pla % 1he auto"ated "ai te a ce periodically
0 SQL Server 2008 Perfor"a ce a d Scale 0

reor!a i*es or rebuilds i de;es# a d updates i de; a d selectivity statistics# to e sure co siste tly opti"i*ed perfor"a ce as data i serts a d "odificatio s fra!"e t the physical data pa!es of your database%

e#ource +overnor
)fte # a si !le server is used to provide "ultiple data services% ' so"e cases# "a y applicatio s a d $or&loads rely o the sa"e data source% 4s the curre t tre d for server co solidatio co ti ues# it ca be difficult to provide predictable perfor"a ce for a !ive $or&load because other $or&loads o the sa"e server co"pete for syste" resources% With "ultiple $or&loads o a si !le server# ad"i istrators "ust avoid proble"s such as a ru a$ay Auery that starves a other $or&load of syste" resources# or lo$-priority $or&loads that adversely affect hi!h-priority $or&loads% SQL Server 2008 i cludes +esource 2over or# $hich e ables ad"i istrators to defi e li"its a d assi! priorities to i dividual $or&loads that are ru i ! o a SQL Server i sta ce% Wor&loads are based o factors such as users# applicatio s# a d databases% =y defi i ! li"its o resources# ad"i istrators ca "i i"i*e the possibility of ru a$ay Aueries as $ell as li"it the resources that are available to $or&loads that "o opoli*e resources% =y setti ! priorities# ad"i istrators ca opti"i*e the perfor"a ce of a "issio -critical process $hile "ai tai i ! predictability for the other $or&loads o the server%

Performance Studio
SQL Server 2008 provides Perfor"a ce Studio# a i te!rated fra"e$or& that you ca use to collect# a aly*e# troubleshoot# a d store SQL Server dia! ostics i for"atio % Perfor"a ce Studio provides a e d-to-e d solutio for perfor"a ce "o itori ! that i cludes lo$ overhead collectio # ce trali*ed stora!e# a d a alytical reporti ! of perfor"a ce data% Bou ca use SQL Server Ma a!e"e t Studio to "a a!e collectio tas&s# such as e abli ! the data collector# starti ! a collectio set# a d vie$i ! syste" collectio set reports as a perfor"a ce dashboard% Bou ca also use syste" stored procedures a d the Perfor"a ce Studio applicatio pro!ra""i ! i terface >4P'? to build your o$ perfor"a ce "a a!e"e t utilities based o Perfor"a ce Studio% Perfor"a ce Studio provides a u ified data collectio i frastructure that co sists of a data collector i each SQL Server i sta ce you $a t to "o itor% 1he data collector is fle;ible a d provides the ability to "a a!e the scope of data collectio to fit develop"e t# test# a d productio e viro "e ts% Bou ca easily collect both perfor"a ce a d !e eral dia! ostic data $ith the data collectio fra"e$or&% 1he data collector i frastructure i troduces the follo$i ! e$ co cepts a d defi itio s:
!ata Provider% Sources of perfor"a ce or dia! ostic i for"atio that ca i clude SQL 1race# perfor"a ce cou ters# a d 1ra sact-SQL Aueries >for e;a"ple# to retrieve data fro" distributed "a a!e"e t vie$s?%
3 SQL Server 2008 Perfor"a ce a d Scale 3

,ollector *ype % 4 lo!ical $rapper that provides the "echa is" for collecti ! the data fro" the data provider% ,ollection Item% 4 i sta ce of a collector type% Whe you create a collectio ite"# you defi e the i put properties a d collectio freAue cy for the ite"% 4 collectio ite" ca ot e;ist o its o$ % ,ollection Set% 1he basic u it of data collectio % 4 collectio set is a !roup of collectio ite"s that are defi ed a d deployed o a SQL Server i sta ce% 7ollectio sets ca ru i depe de tly of each other% ,ollection $ode% 1he "a er i $hich the data i a collectio set is collected a d stored% 1he collectio "ode ca be set to cached or o -cached% 1he collectio "ode affects the type of Dobs a d schedules that e;ist for the collectio set%

1he data collector is e;te sible a d supports the additio of e$ data providers% Whe the data collector is co fi!ured# a relatio al database $ith the default a"e $!' is created as a "a a!e"e t data $arehouse i $hich to store the collected data% 1his database ca reside o the sa"e syste" as the data collector or o a separate server% )bDects i the "a a!e"e t data $arehouse are !rouped i to the follo$i ! three preco fi!ured sche"as# each of $hich has a differe t purpose:
1he ,ore sche"a i cludes tables a d stored procedures for or!a i*i ! a d ide tifyi ! the collected date% 1he Snap#hot sche"a i cludes data tables# vie$s# a d other obDects to support the data collected fro" the sta dard collector types% 1he ,u#tom-Snap#hot sche"a e ables the creatio of e$ data tables to support userdefi ed collectio sets that are created fro" sta dard a d e;te ded collector types%

Perfor"a ce Studio provides a robust set of preco fi!ured syste" collectio sets# i cludi ! Server .ctivity# Query Stati#tic## a d !i#/ 0#age# to help you to Auic&ly a aly*e your collected data% Bou usually start your "o itori ! a d troubleshooti ! $ith the Server .ctivity syste" collectio set% 4 set of reports associated $ith each syste" collectio set is published i SQL Server Ma a!e"e t Studio# a d you ca use these reports as a perfor"a ce dashboard to help you to a aly*e the perfor"a ce of your database syste"s as sho$ i the follo$i ! fi!ure%

SQL Server 2008 Perfor"a ce a d Scale E

1igure 2: . Performance Studio report

!ata 'arehou#ing and .naly#i# Performance

,ata $arehouse e viro "e ts "ust &eep up $ith !ro$i ! volu"es of data a d user reAuire"e ts a d "ai tai opti"al perfor"a ce% 4s data $arehouse Aueries beco"e "ore co"ple;# each part of the Auery "ust be opti"i*ed to "ai tai acceptable perfor"a ce% ' SQL Server 2008# the Auery opti"i*er ca dy a"ically i troduce a opti"i*ed bit"ap filter to e ha ce Auery perfor"a ce for star Doi Aueries% 4 alysis Services applicatio s typically reAuire lar!e a d co"ple; co"putatio s% Precious processor ti"e is $asted by co"puti ! a!!re!atio s that resolve to 9ULL or *ero% =loc& co"putatio s i SQL Server 2008
5 SQL Server 2008 Perfor"a ce a d Scale 5

4 alysis Services use default values# "i i"i*e the u"ber of e;pressio s that "ust be co"puted# a d li"it cell avi!atio to o ce for the e tire space# rather tha o ce for each cell# $hich si! ifica tly i"proves co"putatio perfor"a ce% 4lthou!h Multidi"e sio al )L4P >M)L4P? partitio s provide !reater Auery perfor"a ce# or!a i*atio s that reAuire $rite-bac& capabilities $ere previously reAuired to use +elatio al )L4P >+)L4P? partitio s to "ai tai the $rite-bac& tables% SQL Server 2008 adds the ability to perfor" $rite-bac& operatio s to M)L4P partitio s# $hich re"oves the perfor"a ce de!radatio that is caused by "ai tai i ! +)L4P $rite-bac& tables%

eporting Service# Performance

1he SQL Server 2008 +eporti ! Services e !i e has bee re-e !i eered to add !reater perfor"a ce a d scalability to +eporti ! Services $ith o de"a d processi !% +eports are o lo !er "e"ory bou d because report processi ! o$ uses a file syste" cache to adapt to "e"ory pressure% +eport processi ! ca also adapt to other processes that co su"e "e"ory% 4 e$ re deri ! architecture re"oves "e"ory usa!e proble"s fro" previous versio s of re derers% 1hese e$ re derers also provide i"prove"e ts# such as a true data re derer added to the 7SF re derer# a d support for ested data re!io s a d ested sub-reports i the Microsoft )ffice /;cel < re derer%

Integration Service# Performance

/1L processes are freAue tly used to populate a d update data i data $arehouses fro" busi ess data i source databases throu!hout the e terprise% 1raditio ally# "a y co"pa ies reAuired o ly historical data $ith i freAue t data refreshes to the data $arehouse% 9o$# "a y or!a i*atio s $a t ear real-ti"e data to be available throu!h the data $arehouse% 4s !reater a"ou ts of data a d "ore freAue t data $arehouse refreshes are reAuired# the /1L process ti"e a d fle;ibility beco"es "ore i"porta t% ,ata refreshes reAuire SQL Server ' te!ratio Services to use loo&ups to co"pare source ro$s to data that is already i the data $arehouse% ' te!ratio Services i cludes !reatly i"proved loo&up perfor"a ce that decreases pac&a!e ru -ti"es a d opti"i*es /1L operatio s% 4s $ell# i SQL Server 2008 SQL Server ' te!ratio Services# several threads ca $or& to!ether to do the $or& that a si !le thread is forced to do i SQL Server 2003 SQL Server ' te!ratio Services% 1his ca !ive you a several-fold speedup i /1L perfor"a ce% 4 other proble" $ith traditio al /1L processes is deter"i i ! $hat data has cha !ed i the source database% 4d"i istrators had to be e;tre"ely careful to avoid duplicatio of e;isti ! data% So"e ad"i istrators chose to re"ove all of the data values a d reload the data $arehouse rather tha "a a!e data that had bee cha !ed% 1his added a !reat deal of overhead to the /1L process% SQL Server 2008 i cludes change data capture fu ctio ality to lo! updates to
8 SQL Server 2008 Perfor"a ce a d Scale 8

cha !e tables# $hich helps to trac& data cha !es a d e sure co siste cy i the data $arehouse $he data refreshes are scheduled%

Scaling 0p with SQL Server 2008

Server co solidatio # lar!e data stores# a d co"ple; Aueries reAuire physical resources to support the various $or&loads ru i ! o a server% SQL Server 2008 has the capability to ta&e full adva ta!e of the latest hard$are tech olo!ies% Multiple database e !i e i sta ces a d "ultiple a alysis services i sta ces ca be i stalled o a si !le server to co solidate hard$are usa!e% 4s "a y as 30 i sta ces ca be i stalled o a si !le server $ithout co"pro"isi ! perfor"a ce or respo sive ess%

(ardware Support
SQL Server 2008 ta&es full adva ta!e of "oder hard$are i cludi ! E0-bit# "ulti-core# a d "ulti-processor syste"s% 1o support i creased reporti !# a alytical# a d data access loads# SQL Server ca address up to E0 2= of "e"ory a d supports dy a"ic allocatio of 4W/-"apped "e"ory o (2-bit hard$are# a d ca address up to 8 terabytes of "e"ory o E0-bit hard$are% Whe a lar!e u"ber of processors are added to a server# "e"ory access ca be slo$ed do$ if processors "ust access "e"ory that is ot local to the processor% .ard$are built to the o -u ifor" "e"ory access >9UM4? architecture overco"es these "e"ory access li"itatio s by e abli ! processors to access local "e"ory% SQL Server is a$are of 9UM4 hard$are# so provides co"pa ies $ith !reater scalability a d "ore perfor"a ce optio s% Bou ca ta&e adva ta!e of 9UM4-based co"puters $ithout applicatio co fi!uratio cha !es% SQL Server 2008 supports both hard$are 9UM4 a d soft-9UM4% (ot&.dd (ardware 4lthou!h you ca easily scale up a SQL Server i sta ce by addi ! "e"ory or 7PUs# scheduli ! do$ ti"e to add hard$are to scale up your "issio critical applicatio s a d t$e ty-four-hour-a-day# seve -day-a-$ee& operatio s ca be difficult% With SQL Server 2008# you ca scale up your server by addi ! 7PUs a d "e"ory to co"patible "achi es $ithout havi ! to stop your database services% 1he follo$i ! reAuire"e ts "ust be "et to hot-add "e"ory:
SQL Server 2008 / terprise Wi do$s Server < 200( / terprise /ditio or Wi do$s Server 200( ,atace ter /ditio E0-bit SQL Server or (2-bit SQL Server $ith 4W/ support e abled .ard$are fro" your hard$are ve dor that supports "e"ory additio # or virtuali*atio soft$are SQL Server started $ith the Gh optio

SQL Server 2008 Perfor"a ce a d Scale 6

1he follo$i ! reAuire"e ts "ust be "et to hot-add 7PUs:

SQL Server 2008 / terprise Wi do$s Server< 2008 / terprise /ditio for 'ta iu" Syste"s or Wi do$s Server 2008 ,atace ter /ditio for ;E0 bit syste"s E0-bit SQL Server .ard$are that supports 7PU additio s# or virtuali*atio soft$are

.dvanced ,oncurrency 1eature#

1he purpose of scali ! up your database server is to support i creasi ! u"bers of users or applicatio s% 4s the u"ber of users i creases# respo sive ess ca be affected by co curre cy issues $he "ultiple tra sactio s atte"pt to access the sa"e data% SQL Server 2008 provides u"erous isolatio levels to support a variety of solutio s that bala ce co curre cy $ith read i te!rity% For ro$-level versio i ! support# SQL Server 2008 i cludes a read co""itted isolatio level that uses the +/4,H7)MM'11/,HS94PS.)1 database optio a d a s apshot isolatio level that uses the 4LL)WHS94PS.)1H'S)L41')9 database optio % 4dditio ally# the Loc& /scalatio setti ! o a table e ables you to i"prove perfor"a ce a d "ai tai co curre cy# especially $he Aueryi ! partitio ed tables%

Scaling Out with SQL Server 2008

' additio to scali ! up i dividual servers to support !ro$i ! data e viro "e ts# SQL Server 2008 offers tools a d capabilities to scale out databases to i crease perfor"a ce of very lar!e databases a d to "ove the data closer to the users%

Scala"le Shared !ata"a#e#

,ata $arehouses are typically used by "ultiple co su"ers of read-o ly data# such as a alysis a d reporti ! solutio s# a d ca beco"e overloaded $ith data reAuests# $hich reduces respo sive ess% 1o overco"e this issue# SQL Server 2008 supports scalable shared databases# $hich provide a $ay to scale out read-o ly reporti ! databases across "ultiple database server i sta ces to distributes the Auery e !i e $or&load a d isolate resourcei te sive Aueries% 1he scalable shared database feature e ables ad"i istrators to create a dedicated read-o ly data source by "ou ti ! copies of a read-o ly database o "ultiple reporti ! servers% 4pplicatio s access a co siste t copy of the data# i depe de t of the reporti ! server to $hich they co ect%


SQL Server 2008 Perfor"a ce a d Scale 80

!ata !ependent outing

Whe a co"pa y decides to scale out its database structure i to a federated database# it "ust deter"i e ho$ to divide the data lo!ically bet$ee the servers a d ho$ to route reAuests to the appropriate server% With SQL Server 2008# you ca i"ple"e t data depe de t routi ! as a service by usi ! Service =ro&er to route Aueries to the appropriate locatio s%

Peer&to&Peer eplication
Peer-to-peer replicatio ca provide a effective scale-out solutio i $hich ide tical copies of a database are distributed to locatio s throu!hout the or!a i*atio # so that "odificatio s "ade to the local copy of the data are propa!ated auto"atically to the other replicated copies% SQL Server 2008 helps you to reduce the ti"e ta&e to i"ple"e t a d "a a!e a peer-to-peer replicatio solutio $ith the e$ Peer-to-Peer 1opolo!y $i*ard a d visual desi! er% =y usi ! peer-to-peer replicatio you ca e able applicatio s to read or "odify data i a y of the databases that are participati ! i replicatio % While previous versio s of SQL Server reAuired ad"i istrators to stop activity o published tables o all odes before attachi ! a e$ ode to a e;isti ! ode# SQL Server 2008 e ables e$ odes to be added a d co ected# eve duri ! replicatio activity%

Query 3otification#
Most e terprise applicatio s are based o a three-tier architecture i $hich data is retrieved fro" the database server by o e or "ore applicatio servers >ofte a Web far"?# $hich is i tur accessed by clie t co"puters% 1o i"prove perfor"a ce# "a y applicatio servers cache data to provide Auic&er respo se ti"es to users% ) e li"itatio of cached data is the eed to refresh the data# because if the data is ot refreshed freAue tly e ou!h# users ca receive stale data that is o lo !er accurate% +efreshi ! data "ore freAue tly adds overhead $hich ca ulti"ately slo$ do$ the perfor"a ce o the applicatio server% SQL Server 2008 helps applicatio s to use applicatio cache "ore efficie tly by usi ! Auery otificatio s to auto"atically otify "iddle tier applicatio s $he the cached data is outdated% 1he applicatio server ca subscribe to Auery otificatio so that it is i for"ed $he updates that affect the cached data are perfor"ed o the database% 1he applicatio server ca the dy a"ically refresh the cache $ith the updated data%

Scala"le Shared !ata"a#e# for .naly#i# Service#

4lthou!h SQL Server 2003 4 alysis Server cubes are usually read-o ly databases@ each i sta ce "ai tai s its o$ data directory% 4lthou!h you ca create "ultiple copies of a 4 alysis Services database by sy chro i*i ! cubes across "ultiple servers# the cube sy chro i*atio process i troduces late cy that "ay be u acceptable i "a y busi ess e viro "e ts% SQL Server 2008 4 alysis Services overco"es these issues by supporti ! a scale88 SQL Server 2008 Perfor"a ce a d Scale 88

out 4 alysis Services deploy"e t i $hich a si !le# ce trali*ed read-o ly copy of the 4 alysis Services database is shared across "ultiple i sta ces a d accessed throu!h a si !le virtual 'P address as sho$ i Fi!ure 2%

1igure 2: Scale&out .naly#i# Service#

SQL Server 2008 provides a rich a d po$erful e viro "e t for all of your data eeds% 't is opti"i*ed to provide the best perfor"a ce throu!h its adva ced relatio al database e !i e# 4 alysis Services# +eporti ! Services# a d ' te!ratio Services% 9e$ a d $ell-established tools a d tech iAues $or& to!ether to help co"pa ies to deploy a y si*e of data e viro "e t a d to "ai tai opti"al perfor"a ce% SQL Server 2008 supports the latest tech olo!y tre ds to !ive co"pa ies the fle;ibility to scale up i dividual servers a d co solidate $or&loads o to these servers% 't also provides co"pa ies $ith the tech olo!ies that are ecessary to scale out the lar!est databases% 1or more information: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 http:CC$$$%"icrosoft%co"CsAlserverC2008Ce CusCdefault%asp; SQL Server ,eveloper 7e ter http:CC"sd 2%"icrosoft%co"CsAlserver SQL Server 1ech7e ter http:CCtech et%"icrosoft%co"CsAlserver


SQL Server 2008 Perfor"a ce a d Scale 82

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4re you !ivi ! it a hi!h rati ! because it has !ood e;a"ples# e;celle t scree shots# clear $riti !# or a other reaso I 4re you !ivi ! it a lo$ rati ! because it has poor e;a"ples# fu**y scree shots# u clear $riti !I

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