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INDEMNITY BOND (An undertaking given by the parent / ward of the student of the polytechnic)


This undertaking is given by Sri / Smt years Parent of Mr / Kum


years, PIN:

Resident of


On this









the 3 year Diploma Course at



The duration of the course is 3

years of theory and practical. Out of three years of study 2 ½ years at the Institution and 6 months in

the Industry for acquiring hands on experience. The curriculum of the course comprises of the participation of the students in the Work-Shops/Labs/Industry/Organisations/Field-Works/sports activity/Industrial exposure/NCC/NSS etc., as curricular and extracurricular activities.

In the course of participation in such of these activities the students are likely to sustain injuries. Sometimes serious mishaps may also occur endangering life of the student for which either the Polytechnic/Institution or the Technical Education Department/Concerned Industry/Organisation/ Corporation not at all responsible and the students are not entitled for any damage or compensation.

I also abide the safety guidelines given by the Principal which were prepared by the National Safety Council, India and my son/daughter/ward shall follow all the guide lines for safety when they are in the work-shops/Labs/Industry/Organization/Field work etc. applicable. Also, my son/daughter/ward has already attended the orientation classes conducted on safety aspects at the polytechnic before they went to the work-shops/Labs/Industry/Organization/Field work etc. applicable.

As my son/daughter/ward has already been covered INSURANCE by the Insurance Co. hence, I therefore, undertake not to claim any damages or compensation either from the Polytechnic/Institution or Technical Education Department/Concerned Indutry/Organisation/Corporation in case I/my son/my daughter/my ward sustain(s) any injury or involve in any untoward or unexpected mishap during the course of study and Industrial attachment for 6months in the final year. We are giving this undertaking voluntarily without any force or coercion.

I am abiding the above 2. Signature of the Student

( Name in Block Letters )

Signature of the Witness with addresses



1.Signature of the Parent ( Name in Block Letters )

Signature of the Principal