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Lori G.

San Diego, California (619)569-3778 /

Paralegal offering an extensive legal skill set, proficiency in managing large projects and capacity to meet deadlines. Team-oriented professional with excellent interpersonal skills.

Understands confidentiality Dependable Fast learner Multi-task Excellent legal research skills Detail Oriented Work well under pressure Customer relations

Completed an $88 million stock purchase Devised successful compliance programs Comprehensive knowledge of corporate procedures and processes Devised successful collections program

Transaction/Corporate Paralegal/Executive Assistant July 1984 to August 2013 Bob Baker Auto Group - San Diego, California
Responsible for handling a wide range of administrative and executive support-related tasks necessary to operate a busy corporate headquarters. Extensive transaction and franchise acquisition experience. Assist Corporate Counsel with general business law, intellectual property law, corporate law, compliance and investigation, advertising, licensing, asset purchases/sales and real estate transactions. Interact daily with all C-level executives in HR, payroll, media and accounting departments, including upper-level management of 12 to 17 subsidiary corporations and outside agencies/companies on various legal and administrative matters. Handle personal and professional calendars for Corporate Counsel. Arrange personal and professional travel, both domestic and international. Prepare expense reports for payment by Accounting Department. Assist Corporate Counsel in devising a Sales and F&I Compliance Manual, Information Safeguards Manual, Red Flags Manual and Privacy Policy Statement. Work with various departments to ensure policies are compliant. Coordinate yearly training of personnel with any changes in legal and regulatory requirements. Coordinate incident response programs with managers to ensure appropriate and timely response to incidents. Perform yearly audit of customer retail sale and lease files. Interact with Service, Parts and Body Shop Departments. Review customer repair orders and other related documents to ensure compliancy with federal and state laws. Revise documents accordingly. Interact with outside law firms, insurance companies, and various city, county and state regulatory agencies, including the Department of Motor Vehicles, California Motor Car Dealers Association, New Car Dealers Association, Auto Advisory, and constituents and dignitaries at the state and federal level.

Handle customer complaints directed to the corporate office, and act as a liaison between departmental managers and the customer to resolve the customers concern. Assist Corporate Counsel in preparing and drafting complaints, answers to complaints, all forms of discovery, including trial preparation and attendance. Assist Corporate Counsel with all aspects of debt collection, including sister state judgments, bank levies, till taps, wage garnishments and auto repossessions. Prepare bi-weekly sales reports for distribution to CEO, CFO, General Managers and General Sales Managers. Assist Corporate Counsel with reviewing and drafting a variety of contracts and other legal documents, including Commercial Leases, Letters of Intent, Ground Leases, Subleases, License Agreements, Site Control Agreements and Asset and Real Estate Purchase Agreements, Familiar with Real Property Appraisals, Phase I and II Environmental Assessments, Conditional Use Permits, Planned Industrial Development Permits, mitigation property, and city and county zoning laws and regulations. Assist with the purchase, sale and building of automobile dealerships. Familiar with Hazardous Waste Business Plans, Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans, traffic and other feasibility studies, and building and zoning ordinances. Interact with Department of Environmental Health, Hazardous Materials Business Division, Department of Planning and Land Use, Community Planning Groups. Knowledge of San Diego County General Plan. Interacted with engineering firms, architectural firms, and general contractors. Responsible for preparing manufacturer applications. Review and complete retail sale and lease agreements with 25 to 30 lending institutions. Maintain data base. Familiar with floor plan credit lines. Work closely with KPA, an environmental dealer services provider, to ensure a safe working environment. Interact with Service Managers on various legal, environmental and administrative matters pertaining to EPA compliance, OSHA compliance and DOT Hazmat compliance. Interact with in-house media department personnel and various media outlets. Review newspaper and television ads and websites to ensure advertising is compliant with state and federal laws. Set up monthly Board of Director Meetings on or off-site, including coordination of food and beverages and materials necessary to conduct meetings. Responsible for drafting and distributing Board minutes, special minutes and corporate resolutions. Issue and cancel stock certificates. Maintain corporate minute books for 12 to 17 corporations. Prepare promissory notes. Knowledge of C and Sub-S corporations and limited partnerships and limited liability companies. Ability to file and renew registered trade and service marks with the Secretary of State and the U.S Patent and Trademark Office.

University of California, San Diego Legal Assistant Training Program Paralegal Certificate Western Business College Business Administration Vancouver, Washington

Additional Information
Typing: 100, plus, words per minute Take and Transcribe Dictation Excellent writing skills Microsoft Windows 8.0 / Word / Excel / Outlook / PowerPoint DocuSign Familiar with all office equipment Notary Public

Michael M. Sieving, Esq. Administative Law Judge (retired) New Motor Vehicle Boad (916)296-4931 E. L. Sean Doheny, V, Esq. Law Offices of E. L. Doheny, V (858)456-5535 Lane E. Webb, Esq. Wood Smith Henning & Berman, LLP (619)849-4903 James S. Marinos, Esq. Law Offices of James S. Marinos (619)236-1717