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Barack Huessein Obama is the most dangerous man to ever live.

I said it. Ill say it again. Barack Huessein Obama is the most dangerous man that has ever lived. More dangerous than Osama Bin Laden. More dangerous than Ghengis Khan. More dangerous than Hitler. I will sto short o! declaring him the anti"#hrist at the moment. $hat will de end on his ne%t actions. But i! he isnt the anti"#hrist& he is as 'ohn the Ba tist was to 'esus. He is laying the ground work. (re aring the way !or whatever evil comes ne%t. )ow& Im sure my liberal !riends have already turned the age. *our closed minds on this sub+ect may +ust kill us all. I! you dont wake u and tell your dear leader to sto & the su!!ering o! your children is sealed. *ou are like the Igor to his ,r. -rankenstein& drooling .*es& master& destroy them/ at his every move. But beware0 1hat you allow him to ut in lace today will ultimately be turned on *O2. 3nd then it will be too late. I! youve read this !ar& you are either a gun"toting& Bible"thum ing& $ea (arty (atriot O4 you have an o en mind. It is this latter grou that has a chance to save the country and there!ore& the world. But to do so& you must 3#$. )ever have the words o! 5dmund Burke been truer 6 .3ll that is necessary !or the trium h o! evil is !or good men to do nothing./ Mr. Obama is testing you. He is robing you. He is like a teenager on a 7nd date. He wants to see how !ar you will let him go. 1hen he 8 his cronies took over 9:; o! the 2< 5conomy& you cheered. 1hen he changed that takeover and unilaterally amended this law& you remained silent. 1hen he used the I4< to target 8 de!eat his (OLI$I#3L enemies& you didnt make a ee . 1hen it was revealed he has been s ying on you 3), the leaders o! our allies& you yawned. 3ll o! these ste s have divided and demoni=ed citi=ens o! this country. 4emember all this because when the endulum swings back& it wont be retty. 3nd now he has looked you straight in the eye and $OL, you that he does not care about the rule o! law. He does not care about our #onstitution. He does not care about the 7>?@ years o! recedent that have made us the greatest nation this world has ever seen. He has $OL, you that he is going to do what H5 wants to do. $he law& the recedent and #ongress be damned& hes going to do what H5 wants. Im sure my !riends in the mental health community could describe it better& but a Auick internet search yielded the !ollowing de!inition on B
A narcissistic sociopath is someone with a combination of narcissistic personality disorder and definitive behavioral signs of sociopathy. People with narcissism are characterized by their excessive and persistent need for others' admiration and positive reinforcement. They generally have grandiose opinions of themselves and believe they are superior to other people. arcissists are also fre!uently convinced that they are above the normal responsibilities and obligations of everyday life" so they usually have significant difficulties maintaining employment or relationships as a result. The narcissistic sociopath has this type of personality along with a noticeable lack of regard for the rights of others and a tendency to regularly violate those rights.

#ne noted difference between a narcissistic sociopath and people with narcissism alone is that the narcissist with the sociopathy reacts strongly and sometimes even violently to negative feedback. True sociopaths generally do not respond to criticism or care what others may think of them. A narcissistic sociopath is unable to tolerate criticism and needs constant praise" as well as deference from other people. $any with this condition present themselves in the best light possible and are able to easily charm others to gain their trust.

<ound like anyone you knowC 3nd yet D the country continues to cheer. How can this beC How did we get hereC I believe we got here because o! oral se%. $hats right. But not +ust any oral se%. Im talking about the most in!amous oral se% o! all. Oval o!!ice oral. It was +ust a B' you sayC *oure right. It was. But it was all o! the cover"u and all o! the lies a!terward that were the roblem. It was the !act that *O2 allowed them to get away with the lying and the cover u that has allowed this (resident to tell you the $42$H. 4emember& he has told you that he is going to do 1H3$5E54 H5 13)$<. $he uns oken !ollow u to this is .3nd there is nothing you can do about it./ Is he rightC He is i! you stay Auiet. Or worse yet& continue to cheer him. <o what is ne%tC 1e already are very !amiliar with BHOs enemies list. Lets start with .the rich./ 3nd by .the rich&/ he only means %onservative rich eo le. Because 3l Gore& 'ay"F& Michael Moore and every other athlete& actor 8 musician who su orted BHO doesnt count as .the rich./ -or the sake o! argument though& lets +ust say they are all the same. BHO +ust whi s out his en and takes all that the to 9G have and gives it to the oor. (oo!. ,one. #ant ha en you sayC 1hy notC He $OL, you he is going to do whatever he wants. .BHO is too nice !or that/ you sayC OK& what i! we +ust took H?G o! what the to 9?G haveC 1ould that be okayC Or 7HG o! all that the to H?G haveC Is that okC 1here does it sto C Isnt that last one what we do nowC BHO can do it. He said so& so its done. Lets see& who else is a roblemC Oh yeah& guns0 1hat to do about gunsC Oh yeah& BHOs magic en0 (oo!. ,one. )o more rivate gun ownershi . 1orked !or King 3ndy o! )ew *ork didnt itC .He wont do that/ you say. 1hy notC Isnt that ultimately what he wantsC ,idnt he +ust $5LL you he will do whatever he wantsC 3rent you listeningC <yriaC Magic en. ,one. Oh wait. He really ,I, do that already didnt heC 1hat Barack wanted didnt turn out too well !or 3mbassador <tevens& did itC But& hey& looks like Hillary got o!! scott !ree didnt itC 3nd +ust imagine what she can do with that magic residential en0 (resident Hillary #linton certainly can be trusted to do whatever she wants& rightC 1hat di!!erence does it makeCCCCC 3nd therein lies the rub. 1hat i! your recious Hillary loses to say& 4on (aulC 1hat i! thats the choice these two arties give usC 1ho do you want to be able to do .whatever it takes/ ne%tC 1ho do you want to control the biggest& bravest& most ower!ul and !earsome military that has ever e%isted with a .whatever it takes/ mentalityC

I say no one. 1e cannot have a resident with this disorder. Our country was !ounded and intended to run with checks to one mans .whatever it takes./ $hese checks are <2((O<5, to kee the -ederal Government !rom taking over our lives like it has. I! *O2 dont sto the little things like wage hikes and a M* I43 .retirement/ lan )O1& it is already too late. He is robing& trying to see what he can get away with. 1hats ne%tC Maybe he can +ust outlaw the tea arty. (oo!. ,one. #ongress doesnt work anyway. (oo!. Gone. Magic en has s oken0 <u reme #ourt says I cantC (oo!. -ar !etchedC *ou bet. But not im ossible i! you allow this man to continue. (resident Obama has romised to do .1hatever it takes/ to get his way while having his !inger on the red button. ,o you su ose 4ussia and #hina are +ust saying ok& do what you wantC Im sure Iran and ,ennis 4odmans lil buddy in )orth Korea are +ust !ine with .1hatever it takes/. Because surely when you love your own eo le so much that you will do .whatever it takes/ to im ose your will on them& you M2<$ be a great leader0 3nd such a great leader in charge o! the greatest military that has 5E54 e%isted who has no laws over him that he res ects couldnt be dangerous at all& rightC I get that much o! this ower is naturally concentrated in the (residency. But never be!ore have we had a (resident who has both shown you and told you that they will do whatever they want be!ore. 3ll who have reviously held the o!!ice at least pretended to res ect the rule o! law. Im sure at times they all wanted to do .whatever they wanted./ But the di!!erence now is that BHO is actually ,OI)G I$. 3nd hes telling you 6 bragging even 6 that he is !louting the law o! the land. 3nd you say nothing. 1hat is it going to take 3mericaC *ou have a narcissistic sociopath with his !inger on the nuclear !ootball $5LLI)G you he will do whatever he wants like a etulant > year old. He is backing u those words with 3#$IO)<. #an you honestly say that (resident Barack Huessein Obama is not the most dangerous human that has ever livedC I! he is not& the ne%t resident certainly is. God hel us all.

$ravis 5. ,ann ?9:>?:7?9I