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NETWORK ACCESS CONTROL: The need for a convenient access control solution for the BYOD workplace

Growing demand for convenient access control solutions

Access control solutions have historically been a nightmare to deploy, because they have depended upon one of the following actions: In-line solutions: Re-architecting the network by placing the access control solution in-line with all network traffic, which administrators hesitate to do because of the potential of catastrophic downtime and the introduction of a new choke point into the network; Integrated solutions: Extensive integration with existing network infrastructure equipment like switches, RADIUS servers, and firewalls, which is time-consuming and likely not to work with all equipment in heterogeneous networks; Agent-based solutions: Using credentialed access to endpoints or agents to be installed on endpoints, which means that only certain endpoints can be supported (e.g., windows devices, etc.), and this is also time consuming. These options strain IT resources and budgets today particularly in the midmarket, and are therefore impractical for effective management of BYOD. Here the solution must be both universally applicable to all devices on the network, as well as seamless to deploy and manage. NetClarity solves all of the above actions by meeting the following requirements: NetClarity is not in line of network traffic NetClarity does not require any change to network infrastructure NetClarity is completely agentless A plug-n-play solution like NetClarity provides relief to both the implementation pain-point and the incomplete coverage painpoint through a fourth option: intelligent protocol manipulation.

BYOD trend brings external threats inside

Over 80% of all successful network security attacks originate behind the firewall. This continues to be fueled by a trend of employee-owned devices in the workplace, which are inherently more difficult to manage, and more susceptible to malware. Heres how BYOD can pose a problem:

Administrators lack the tools needed to give them both visibility and control over all assets accessing their network. Some have Mobile Device Management (MDM) or other endpoint software on those endpoints that support it and have it installed. This is helpful, but incomplete.

NetClarity provides agentless discovery and control of the remainder as well as all internal network assets through a protocol manipulation technology by simply attaching it to a network.

Traditional security solutions; dynamic threats

The set-it-and-forget-it mindset that applied to firewalls and wireless security perimeters in the past is relatively ineffective in a BYOD workplace. Here, the security threats are far more dynamic, with employees inadvertently downloading malware by night and walking right past the firewall the next morning into the office and connecting to the secure wireless networks. Antivirus solutions, where installed, can help to mitigate this risk through continual monitoring, but are only partially effective and not supported universally. NetClarity minimizes this risk by controlling access to all internal network devices and by assessing the health of these devices via its vulnerability and malware detection engines.

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Network Access Control

Complete internal network security with NetClarity
True agentless discovery and blocking NetClaritys philosophy is that in order for security to be practiced, it must first be practical. By merely attaching the NetClarity appliance to the network requiring protection, you can immediately discover all internal network assets and block untrusted devices at will. NetClarity is the only access control vendor that can accomplish this because our blocking technology is based on protocol manipulation, which means that it is universally applicable and independent from agents, credentials, network infrastructure equipment, OS or device type. It is both agentless and integrationless. Asset discovery, analysis, and control NetClaritys appliances are designed to protect your network from threats originating on the inside. Unauthorized devices connected to your network make your organization vulnerable to malware, viruses, and data theft. NetClaritys appliances detect, alert, and block unauthorized devices from connecting to your network. Vulnerability assessment NetClaritys vulnerability scanner helps you identify the most urgent patches needed to harden your network against attack. After you run scans, detailed reports alert you if an attached device has a problem, or you can simply block an asset if it fails a vulnerability scan. These are very helpful in complying with requirements mandated by HIPAA/HITECH, PCI, GLBA, and other security standards. Zero-day malware protection Quarantine or block malware-infested PCseven zero-day malware that would otherwise go unchecked by standard virus-protection software. Or NetClarity can simply issue an alert and you can decide how to proceed with remediation. Subscription services NetClaritys cloud-based subscription service allows you to gain access to zero-day malware heuristic updates, CVE tests, asset fingerprint signatures, and firmware updates several times per day to keep you continually protected in real-time.
RISKprofiler allows you to see a snapshot of your network and the threats, vulnerabilities, and asset risk levels.

The Manage Assets screen allows you to trust and untrust assets that are trying to gain access onto your network.

About NetClarity
NetClarity is an emerging leader in access control products and technology because of our deployment-in-minutes architecture. We sell our software prepackaged on industry-standard network appliances into a variety of verticals in the mid-market segment. Our solutions capitalize on two significant industry trends: the exponentially increasing threats to networks from malware, cyber criminals in tandem with a rapid increase in the number of employee-owned mobile wireless devices in the workplace (BYOD); and the need to demonstrate that networks are in compliance with regulatory agencies. NetClarity sells its products and services through channel partners worldwide.

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The Differential Report gives you the ability to show auditors and executive management how your network posture has improved.