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But those who wait on the LORD Shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings

like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint." (Isaiah 40:31) There are many kinds of human strength, but whatever it is it will spend itself in due time. One might have an amazing physical strength, but though a man had the strength of a dinosour, he would one day fail. Look at Samson, though he has slain ferocious beasts and maybe a thousand men, but one day becomes very e hausted and likely to die of thirst. !nd ultimately he must die and his mighty body must return to dust. "ental strength is a great possession, but it also fails its owner. #ven the greatest mind when he gets old is likely to end up to his second childhood before dying. !nd speaking of death, it pays no respect to any man. $ools die as surely as the senators, philosophers, and even prophets. !nother is spiritual strength, if it is of the man himself and if it is separated from the conviction of the %oly Spirit, it cannot be depended on. The most devout may grow lukewarm, the strongest believer may one day have doubts, and the most sanctified may eventually backslide. These are the people who were very spiritual at first but ended up missing the whole point. Spiritual strength is a heavenly strength, but if it is tied up with our humanity and becomes a part of ourselves, it becomes weak and unproductive. !gain, every form of human strength will surely come to an end, like the world we live in, its decay is unstoppable. The reason for this is because we tend to move away from &od' therefore, our strength that is now separated from &od becomes measurable or finite. (n other words, a strength that is apart from &od is not strength at all, because it will surely come to an end. Let us remember, therefore, whatever strength we may have, be it of body, mind, or spirit)if it is our own, it will one day fail us. On the other hand, there is this *ivine strength that never fails and it is of &od. (t remains full and never becomes less. +ith &od there are no years to make %im old. ! thousand years in %is sight may pass away like a watch in the night, "illions of ages are nothing to %im. %e was &od when the sun, the moon and the stars were still in %is thoughts, and %e will still be &od when all %is creation shall melt back to nothing. &od changes not in any degree whatsoever, %is almightiness remains. %e made the whole universe that is so vast, yet %is power to create remains undiminished and immeasurable. %ow can we compare human strength with the *ivine strength- (t seems there is no point of comparison, for these two are totally opposite. "an.s strength is 1

insignificant and gradually drying up, while &od.s omnipotence is ine haustible and eternal. /ow, can these two be together- The answer is yes, by the &race of &od through faith. +e, humans, can be linked with the *ivine by entering into a relationship with the $ather through %is Son 0esus 1hrist. Truly, our relationship with our Lord 0esus is the best thing that ever happen to our lives. Then the scripture that 2ust read will be fulfilled and our strength will be renewed. +e will be regenerated, re2uvinated, refreshed, and filled3up. !nd from that infinite source, we shall draw our strength which will not be e hausted in all eternity. (ndeed we are weak, but if we are united to the *ivine strength, we shall be infinitely strong. 0ust like our te t says, 45ut those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength.6 !men.