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Advance Bank Management (CAIIB 2010)

Author: IIBF Subject: IIBF catalogue

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ISBN Binding Imprints Edition Language Trim Size 9780230330474 Paperback M acmillan Publishers India 1 English 7.25"x9.5" 488


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About the Book

Advance Bank Management comprises four modules. The first module on economic analysis explains the micro and macro economics, markets and interest rates, role of money and banking in the economy, inter relationship between fiscal and monetary measures, opportunities and challenges due to integrating our economy with global markets and the latest developments in the banking industry in our country. The second module on business mathematics imparts knowledge on various concepts related to time value of money, sampling methods, bond investments, and basic statistical and probability techniques. The module on human resource management as practiced in banking industry covers all facets of HRM including recruitment, training, rewarding and measuring performance for the overall growth of the individual and the institution. The last module on credit management deals with various financial statements and ratios that a banker must know while appraising any credit request be it a project loan or a working capital facility. It further covers the rules and regulations covering the consortium financing, the methods of credit- monitoring and ways of tackling the stressed loans including rehabilitation through CDR and eventual recovery of problem assets through DRT & SARFAESI. Table of Cont ent s
MODULE A : ECONOMIC A NA LYSIS Fu n da m en t a ls of Econ om ics, Micr oecon om ics a n d Ma cr oecon om ics a n d T y pes of Econ om ies Su pply a n d Dem a n d Mon ey Su pply a n d In fla t ion T h eor ies of In t er est Bu sin ess Cy cles In dia n Econ om y a n d V a r iou s Sect or s of t h e Econ om y Econ om ic Refor m s Mon et a r y Policy a n d Fisca l Policy GDP Con cept s

About Author
Indian Institute of Banking & Finance (IIBF) formerly The Indian Institute of Bankers, established in 1928, is a professional body of banks, financial institutions and their employees in India. During its 82 years of service, IIBF has emerged as a premier institute in banking and finance education for those employed in the sector, aiming for professional excellence. Since its inception, the Institute has awarded over 5 lakh banking and finance qualifications, viz; JAIIB, CAIIB, Diplomas and Certificates in specialized areas. The pedagogy of Distance Learning offered by the Institute comprises (i)publishing specific courseware for each paper/examination; (ii) publishing work books; (iii) holding tutorials through accredited institutions; (iv) organizing contact classes; (v) conducting virtual classes; (vi) offering e-learning through portal; (vii) organizing campus training for selected courses, etc.

Un ion Bu dg et Ch a llen g es Fa cin g In dia n Econ om y MODULE B: BUSINESS MA T HEMA T ICS T im e V a lu e of Mon ey Sa m plin g Met h ods Cor r ela t ion a n d Reg r ession T im e Ser ies Est im a t ion Bon d In v est m en t Lin ea r Pr og r a m m in g Sim u la t ion MODULE C: HUMA N RESOURCE MA NA GEMENT Fu n da m en t a ls of Hu m a n Resou r ces Ma n a g em en t Dev elopm en t of Hu m a n Resou r ces Hu m a n Im plica t ion s of Or g a n isa t ion s Em ploy ees Feedba ck a n d Rew a r d Sy st em Per for m a n ce Ma n a g em en t HRM a n d In for m a t ion T ech n olog y MODULE D: CREDIT MA NA GEMENT Ov er v iew of Cr edit Ma n a g em en t A n a ly sis of Fin a n cia l St a t em en t s W or k in g Ca pit a l Fin a n ce



Advance Bank Management (CAIIB 2010) | Macmillan

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