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As with most things in nature, including our physical genetic qualities, the Human Design System utilizes a mathematically based formula for calculating and communicating the endless combinations of our individual behavioral qualities. The Human Design System (HDS) provides specific and quantifiable genetic answers to our endless questions regarding human behavior. What are some of these endless genetic behavioral questions? What genetic formula is used to create the endless behavioral variations present within the human race? From a more pragmatic perspective, why are some of us naturally outgoing and friendly while some of us quieter, naturally withdrawn and self-absorbed in our own life process? Why are some of us more emotional or mentally oriented? Why do some of us thrive on a constant stream of new experiences while others are much more rigid in their set patterns of life? Why do some people have a constant stream of ideas and concerns about how to solve some of our collective social problems, while others cannot be bothered with the common problems of the world? Why do some people have huge egos while others seem to have no ego at all? Why do some people have a very fixed and constant way of mentally approaching different subjects while other people are very open minded and approach different subjects from different mental approaches? Why do some people know where and why they are going in a particular life direction when other people are easily confused and never seem to have a consistent direction in life? Why are some people consistently good listeners when other people often seem to be self-involved, in their own little world when people are talking to them? Why are some people totally at ease in large groups of people when other people feel awkward and very uncomfortable in large

social gatherings? Why do some people never stop talking while other people are generally very quiet? Why can some of us meditate into a calm and quiet state of silence, while others always have an ongoing active flow of thoughts? Why do children often have very different behavioral qualities in comparison to their parents? What human educational system defines the unending variations of human behavioral qualities, just as the physical genetic structure defines physical qualities? Two decades of study, experimentation and observation confirms that the Human Design System, which was discovered in the late 1980s, provides a genetic behavioral system that answers all of these questions and many, many more. The Human Design System is an amazing consolidation of old and new knowledge. The wonder of the Human Design System is that it presents a verifiable system for communicating genetic behavioral information in considerable detail on an individual basis. The Human Design System (HDS) is mature and has a wealth of educational materials. This genetic behavioral system breakthrough emphasizes the mechanics of our behavior patterns on multiple levels including physical, emotional and mental aspects. Through a revolutionary and practical consolidation of ancient teachings and new knowledge, the Human Design System uses a precise formula for calculating our genetic behavioral qualities. This system answers many of our questions about why we behave as we do when confronted by various life circumstances. It helps us by educating us about our own unique individual qualities and how our genetic mechanics of behavior interface with everyone that we come in contact with. This new knowledge removes much of our daily stress by bringing new levels of knowledge and understanding about our selves into our daily experience. One of the many ways the HDS provides us with new levels of confidence about our daily

challenges is by providing consistently effective and easy to use life strategies. Use of the Human Design System also allows us to identify some of the specific life lessons associated with each incarnation. As you can well imagine, all of this information is extremely valuable and provides for a more evolved approach to our daily challenges. One of the critical factors of life for all of us and one that is communicated by the Human Design System is as follows: what is the best decision making technique to use for lifes endless flow of decisions. For example, some people are genetically designed to take their time and consider all facet of each of lifes major situations prior to arriving at the preferred course of action. If people with this genetic quality make major decisions quickly they will make a great many needless mistakes by not living consistent with their genetic qualities. The opposite behavioral pattern of this example can also genetically apply whereby the best decision making strategy is to honor your first and immediate intuitive reaction. The decision making process is a critical life strategy. Do you want to know which one is the best behavioral pattern for you when you are making important decisions? This is simply one of the many beneficial genetic behavioral facts communicated by the Human Design System (HDS) on an individual basis. Many people spend considerable energy trying to acquire behavioral patterns and qualities that they are simply not genetically designed for. Our society, family, friends, business associates and even therapists often influence and condition us to try to be somebody that we simply do not have the genetic qualities to be. In this regard, what all of our efforts lead to is an endless and frustrating struggle in our lives. A good analogy for trying to behave in ways that we are not genetically designed for is that we are trying to swim upstream, against the current, instead of

going with the natural flow of our natural, genetic behavioral patterns. The Human Design System eliminates considerable guesswork by communicating what behavioral patterns are healthy and natural for us. By following our natural behavioral mechanics, we greatly reduce the amount of resistance and related stress we all encounter when we live contrary to our natural genetic behavioral makeup. This type of behavioral genetic life strategy has many mental, emotional, physical and spiritual beneficial effects. Accepting that we are not designed to be all things to all people is a reality of each incarnation. Learning about ourselves and living in the flow of our natural genetic behavioral patterns is the positive and more evolved path that the Human Design System offers. We can all use this system of behavioral genetics to learn invaluable information about our family members, business associates and close friends. The increase in knowledge about our loved ones provides a foundation to consistently have deeper and more mature relationships; a benefit of the HDS that is simply priceless. We do not suggest that you simply take our word for the accuracy of the HDS or the other human patterns of evolution expressed within. As communicated in the first paragraph, I was extremely skeptical of these subjects when I was first introduced to them in the 1990s. The suggestion is to verify the accuracy of Human Design System and other statements within by one of the best scientific methods utilized my man: experimentation and observation. GENETIC DUALITIES When most people think about genetics they usually think about physical characteristics, dictated by the unique composition of the double helix of DNA. This physical side of genetic characteristics has been the area of considerable research for many years. One of the many things that science has learned is that the foundation of our genetic composition lay in the binary mathematical structure of

amino acids. The amino acids within the double helix structure of our DNA constructs our entire physical being, right down to the color of our hair and eyes, with the assistance of our RNA of course. Many of the great teachers down through our history have taught us that we live in a dimension of dualities. Light and dark, physical and spiritual, right and left, male and female, mental and emotional, cause and effect and yin and yang are only a few of the endless list of dualities that make up our environment. Some of our most advanced physicists have taken this duality principle so far as to suggest that the physical realities of our existence are simply a duality or reflection of what they refer to as mirror matter. In other words, physical matter is simply a reflection of non-physical matter or what physicists sometimes refer to as invisible dark matter. For more information on the mirror matter theory see the book Shadowlands by physicist Robert Foot. This mirror matter theory supports the perspective that our physical body in many ways simply mirrors or is a reflection of our human energy field. We agree with this aspect of the duality theories. We also agree with the concept that the duality of our physical DNA is a type of genetic behavioral DNA. This genetic behavioral DNA was discovered in the late 1980s. Just as we share a common physical structure with all humans, we also possess a unique and individual combination of physical characteristics. The unique combinations of our physical qualities make us uniquely who we are from a physical DNA perspective. The Human Design System proposes that that the duality of the physical DNA is our behavioral DNA. Thus, we all draw from a common pool of behavioral qualities to arrive at a specific and unique combination of behavioral qualities that make us all uniquely individual on a genetic behavioral basis. This duality of our genetic structure explains both our unique physical and

behavioral qualities. We will be outlining this new duality: a duality where both elements of the duality are defined within the identical binary mathematical structure. The sentence attributed to Plato that God is a mathematician and The fact that the universe is full of complexities does not mean that the underlying laws are also complex, from Paul Marks in his book, The Cosmic Blueprint, represents a consolidation of our genetic perspective. THE HUMAN DESIGN SYSTEM Until relatively recently man was not able to mathematically calculate and identify individual genetic qualities of either a physical or behavioral nature. We will illustrate how our physical and behavioral genetics are closely integrated. Our starting point is to build the same mathematical foundation for our duality. It will be demonstrated that the double helix of our physical DNA is same mathematical foundation that also defines what we refer to as our behavioral DNA. In other words, the genetic duality of our physical DNA is our behavioral DNA. Our behavioral genetics is quantified and defined by the genetic behavioral information system known as the Human Design System (HDS). Our physical DNA is comprised of amino acids. Further, it is an established fact our DNAs physical composition lays within the mathematical binary structure of amino acids. The similarities and differences of our physical structure are a result of the unique binary combinations of our amino acids, within the double helix composition of our human DNA. The genetic behavioral foundation of the Human Design System has the identical mathematical binary structure of our physical characteristics. Thus, the mathematical duality of the DNA of our physical characteristics is our behavioral DNA of the Human Design System (HDS). We will demonstrate, based on the work of others, that the common mathematical

structure of our behavioral DNA is the 5,000 year old mathematical composition of the Chinese I Ching. This ancient Chinese information system is uniquely consolidated with other information systems to form the genetic behavioral system known as the Human Design System (HDS). As will be demonstrated, the binary mathematical structure of our amino acids, which comprise our physical DNA is identical to the binary mathematical foundation of the Chinese I Ching and the Human Design System. Within this binary mathematical structure there are 64 primary mathematical possibilities or combinations. The 64 primary mathematical combinations of the Human Design System are called gates. Within each of these 64 mathematical combinations there are 6 additional mathematical alternatives called lines. In addition, within the different mathematical combinations possible by these genetic parameters there are additional genetic variations possible, all based in mathematics. Thus, the almost endless mathematical permutations of these 64 primary mathematical combinations explain our unique physical and behavioral qualities that we call human genetics. We cannot overemphasize that we will simply scratch the service on how the amino acids of our DNA mirror the identical mathematical system of our human genetic behavioral qualities. For a step by step education on the mathematical parallels of the structure of amino acids and our DNA to the behavioral genetic patterns of the Chinese I Ching we highly recommend a book by Kayta Walter Ph.D., Taos of Chaos. The starting point for the common binary mathematical system of the I Ching and amino acids is the yin and yang represented by these symbols: yin and yang . The 64 gates of the I Ching are based on the combination of these binary symbols in what is referred to as trigrams or a combination of two sets of three symbols. Each symbol is either yin or yang (i.e. binary) and there are 64 primary mathematical possibilities within this structure. The primary 64 binary mathematical

combinations of the Chinese I Ching are reflected in the chart below. These 64 gates represent the overall genetic behavioral structure of humans. Within the mathematical detail of this binary mathematical structure lays the endless genetic pool of behavioral combinations. These endless mathematical possibilities explain in considerable detail the genetic behavioral nuances of each member of the human race. The HDS also utilizes a combination of the nine-center chakra system and the energy channels of the tree of life from the Kabala to create a visual representation of what is referred to as the Human Design System body graph. As you see the 64 possibilities or gates of the HDS have specific locations on the body graph. The Human Design body graph is also a visual representation of our human energy field. As you will see each human energy field as defined by the HDS of behavioral genetic is unique. This means that the constant flow of the zero point field via its neutrino stream will have a uniquely different effect on each human energy field that it is flowing through!