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A complete Synopsis on Web Design

What is a web design? A Web Design is a term widely used to create a website using the principles of web design and following various steps to meet the objectives of the client and the designer respectively. Web Design is based on the planning and creation of websites, which includes site structure, layout, navigation, fonts, image, colors etc.., In other terms focused on creating the front end of a web page. Format to design a website: Three basic format of designing websites Static Website Designing tatic website is written in plain !T"# format and designing a search engine friendly website. tatic website provides interactive information for product and services. Dynamic Website Designing Dynamic website utili$es a server side scripting language such as A %, %!% etc.. Dynamic website content re&uires online database, e'business, private areas and online shopping site etc. (ole of dynamic website is engaging a visitor which in turn impacts business. Flash Website Designing is creating an innovative, interactive animation, website navigation, animated logos or whole flash website using a flash website designing. )othing is better than *lash web designing because it has the ability to invo+e emotions and create a sense of e,citement. Types of Websites to design: There are many varieties or types of website in the web designing arena. ome basic types of websites are as follows %ersonal Websites .usiness Websites Informative websites /'commerce Websites %hoto haring Websites 0ommunity .uilding Websites "obile Devices Websites .logs Useful tips to improve website usability: *ocus on the website user1s needs %rogram using 0 2se a clear, simple navigation

0hoose a clean, consistent layout design Designed for all screen resolutions /nsure that the website is cross'browser compatible 3ptimi$e load time 0reate web pages that are easy to scan Test early and often Resources for Web Designers: itro: Tas+ "anager Tiny ! ": "a+e smaller and compressed %)4s #i: mall te,t editor in browser that helps in opening and editing the files from the web Spin$%s: 0 generator &T'() *nvoice: Ability to print 5.6788 papers Foundation +$,: #atest version of 9urb1s *oundation, advanced front'end framewor+s 'ercury-pp: !elps in collection of data Dummy: %rototyping tool+it The .oiler: (esponsive 0 :;!T"#6 Word%ress theme .rac/ets: 3pen'source code editor Sprite+D$%s: Allows you to manipulate and create 0 :D transforms RefineSlide: 3ffers :D transform support, 0 transition, thumbnails and !T"# captions Seurat0S: Wish to create pi,eli$ed and pointed animations (aravel: *ramewor+ used for %!% web development Roundabout: !elps in converting the unordered lists into turntable format What are the 'ar/eting techni1ues for new website launch? 0hoose and optimi$e your domain name 4enerate lots of .ac+lin+s *low with information %ublic 2pdates with ocial "edia Develop site for visitors not just for search engines