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A Word from the Pastor... A Word from the Pastor...

Let me shine Seventh Annual
Votuur 12, Issur 2
We invite our neighbors to come to the
Lords table to join us in building up the
body of Christ.

The bread is broken. Empty hands are lled with grace in the piece of
bread received, the body of Christ, given for you. The for you is inti-
mate and personal. Christ, for you, in your mourning; Christs for-
giveness for you in repentance; Christ for you in your brokenness;
Christ for you when the song has le your heart. And sometimes or at
the same time this for you is a thanksgiving, a Eucharist: Christ for you
with comfort; Christ for you in new beginnings; Christ for you like a
song that makes your heart sing as one beloved.

If we listen carefully, we are reminded that this for you is plural, for the
community, for you all. When the disciples were charged with lling the
empty hands of a hungry crowd, they found a child with ve loaves and
two shes. Listen. Jesus took, blessed, broke, and gave the bread. Five thou-
sand are fed and 12 baskets of food are le over --- one for every tribe of
Israel. Jesus blesses bread and transforms a meal into a Eucharist, where
there is enough for all. One of my favorite theologians, Walter
Brueggemann, describes it this way: From broken Friday bread comes
Sunday abundance. Jesus demonstrated that the world is lled with abun-
dance and freighted with generosity. If bread is broken and shared, there is
enough for all.

On the second Sunday of this month Zion youth will lead us in special wor-
ship, Souper Bowl of Caring. Bread will be broken, empty hands will be
lled with grace in a very personal way, for you and for you all who are

In and through Christ,
Pastor Steve Klemz
Budget Update 2
View from the Pew
Crossroads Needs
Library Corner

Faith Day on the Hill 3
Thrivent Members
Youth News

Sunday School Info 4
Let Me Shine Preschool
Ruth Nelson Scholarship
Council Posiuon Open
In Our Prayer

If anyone is in Christ, there is a
new creation: everything old has
passed away; see everything has
become new! All this is from God,
who reconciled us to himself
through Christ, and has given us the ministry of recon-
ciliation. 2 Corinthians 5:17-18
We are Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, commit-
ted to being a loving and welcoming community of
faith in Jesus Christ. As a community of God we
welcome all.
We rejoice in the manner in which diversity en-
riches, nurtures, and challenges the life and minis-
try we share in Christ. We embrace actions and
attitudes within the Church that assure access to
Word and Sacrament regardless of gender identi-
ty, sexual orientation, socio-economic or marital
status, physical or mental capacities, age or race.
We are a Reconciling in Christ community.
All are welcome.
8:15am & 10:30am Worship
9:15am Educaon Hour
The Herald Page 2
FOOD OF THE MONTH: Canned fruit
CLOTHING OF THE MONTH: Mens & boys long pants
**Volunteers donated 15,550 hours of their ume to Crossroads Urban Center food
pantry and thri store in 2013enabling us to provide services to over 30,000 families.
View from the Pew:

Preparing to cover the Winter Olympics, I'm oen asked if I'm concerned about
being safe in Russia. My basic response is that amid all of the logisucal issues
and work plans, it would be impossible to worry any more than I already do. Yet the
quesuon makes me appreciate people's concern for me, and the prayers are welcomed.

Of course, this also reminds me of the conicung thoughts I've had about prayer itself.
That subject is something I've wrestled with for many years, simply because I understand
the reality that someumes as fervently as we might pray for something such as a medical
cure, there's no promise of that desired outcome. I also know we have our own
responsibility, and that prayer for safety is not intended to be an insurance policy that
saves us from every situauon.

We can control much of what happens to us in life, but certainly not everything. That's
why there's such thing as actuarial science, basically evaluaung the likelihood of
misfortune. It seems to me that everyone at Zion could pray for nothing to go
wrong for any of our members in the enure month of February, but it wouldn't
guarantee perfect results. And yet, I do nd value in those prayers, for the sake
of knowing that God is with us, regardless of what happens.
Kurt K.
Library Corner: The following books have been generously donated by Zion members to the church library:
Beyond the Hundredth Meridian: John Wesley Powell and the Second Opening of the West by Wallace Stegner
Because a Fire Was in My Head by Wallace Stegner
A Lile History of the World by E. H. Gombrich
Maphead: Charng the Wide, Weird World of Geography Wonks by Ken Jennings
Anonimously donated to the Childrens books:
If You Take a Mouse to the Movies by Laura Numero
The Library Guild meets on Tuesdays at 10:30am in the library. Come and be a part of this Small
Group. We welcome any religious and childrens books donated to the church library. When do-
nating, please drop your books into the wooden drop box with a note. Please donate your fiction
books to the public library. Thank you!
Envelope and Loose Oerings
plus one ume gis spread
across the year: $56,581,
compared to our 4week
donauon budget of $40,260.
This is 140% of the 5week
amount needed to balance
our budget.
End of Year Analysis
Income from all sources:
$446,257, compared to our
budgeted giving of $437,510,
or 102% of the funds needed
to balance our annual
Spending: $420,796 on a
budget of $430,467, or 98%
of the budget (underspent.)
Christmas giving was
excellent this year, thanks
be to God!
Yours in Christ,
Fred S., Church Council
Volume 12, Issue 2 Page 3

Waterproof Shoes and Boots, Sewing Kits, Ladies
socks, Bras, Sweat pants, Lip balm or Hand

M&M Prayers
Buy a bag of M&Ms and put them in a bowl.
After dinner, have each person grab a few M&Ms
and encourage everyone to pray for one the items
below based on the color chosen:
Orange = Pray for others in your life.
Red = Pray for a family member.
Yellow = Pray for health or thank God for
something that makes you feel happy.
Green = Pray for nature and our environment.
Blue = Pray for something that makes you sad &
ask God to help you forgive.
Dark Brown = Pray for strength, courage & hope.

6 weeks ago, the HYRC served breakfast, lunch &
dinner 5 days a week for homeless youth between
the age of 15-24 years old. After one federal
grant was cut by $60,000, the center has had to
reduce their services and number of staff. This
meant since the middle of October, the center has
only served lunches. On December 5th the HYRC
asked Zion if they could provide a meal for Friday
night and thanks to Matt, Mack & Lisa we made
it possible. The clients were so happy to have
warm food in their bellies.
Do you want to help? Besides donations of hand
warmers, winter coats, bus tokens, canned food
& mens pants, you can help by providing meals
on Friday night or sack dinners that youth can
take with them on the nights the center isnt
open for dinners. See the youth director for more
SOUPER BOWL OF CARING: Bring a friend or
two on the Amazing gRace youth lock-in. We
start at 6:30 pm on Friday night and end at 5:30
pm on Saturday. Friday night will be filled with
Amazing gRace team challenges. Saturday we will
help at St. Pauls Episcopal Emergency Food
Pantry, Utah Food Bank, Center for Women and
Children (VOA) and the Good Samaritan. Last
call to let Lisa know you are coming by Feb 3.
Join the Coaliuon of Religious Communiues annual
Disciples of Christ Day and Lutheran Day at the Utah
Capitol. We will meet in the Spruce Room, located on the
rst oor of the Senate Building, which is immediately
behind the Capitol on the east side of the Capitol
Learn about key issues impacung low income Utahns and
then talk about them to your state legislators!
Everyone is welcome!

Thrivent Members
Attention all Thrivent Financial for Lutheran
members. Dont forget to direct your 2013 Thrivent
Choice Dollars by March 31, 2014. Choice dollars
are earned by eligible members based on their
insurance premiums, contract values and Thrivent
Financial volunteer leadership. Thrivent Choice
Dollars replaced the Thrivent Congregational
Matching Funds in 2010. Now you have the choice
to direct donations to an eligible Lutheran
organization instead of a church committee. Any
choice dollars given to Zion will go to benefit the
youth and their activities.
You designate your choice dollars donations online at or by calling 1-800-THRIVENT
(800-847-4836) and state "Thrivent Choice. If you
have any questions regarding Thrivent Financial, you
may contact local financial representatives Ron
Sheltra or Travis Brietling at 801-485-5900.
Remember act by March 31, 2014 so that the money
does not go to waste! It is a use it or lose policy.

February 2 and 9after each service, the youth
will be collecting money for the HYRC and VOA.
You may also wish to bring donations of
Womens underwear (all sizes), Mens and
Womens thermals (all sizes), Bottled water,
Grocery bags, Toothbrushes, Chunky soups and
stews, Spaghettios, Raviolis, Ramen and dry
foods, Snack food (granola bars, trail mix, etc.),


**The Ruth Nelson Scholarship**

The Ruth Nelson Scholarship fund honors
the memory of a woman who served Zion for
many years as the wife of a pastor and as a con-
tributor to many of the congregations activities,
who had a great love for children. The fund is
used to support scholarships for deserving stu-
dents in our Let Me Shine Christian Playschool
and Preschool. Your contributions will help the
school to offer more scholarships and will be
greatly appreciated. Please place your offering
in one of the yellow envelopes in your pew and
mark it for Let Me Shine.

Page 4 Volume 12, Issue 2
Happy Valentines Day! What a
blessing it is to receive and share
Gods love with each other and to
We love because He first loved us.
1 John 4:19
Please plan on joining us Sunday, March 2 as
we kick off National Lutheran Schools Week with
the children singing here at Zion. The children are
having fun in music and are busy learning songs to
sing at the 10:30am worship! We are blessed to
be a Lutheran Christian school and to have such a
great facility.
We are currently enrolling and are
accepting applications for all ages. If you know
anyone who is interested in preschool, please let
them know about this wonderful opportunity to
provide their child with a Christian education at
Let Me Shine!
In His Service,
Miss Barb
Barb, Director

Many Blessings to Zions newest Con-
firmands, McKayla, Ben, Lauren, J ack
and Brandt. Congratulations on your
commitment of continuing your jour-
neys of Faith!

A gracious thank you to all our Sunday school teach-
ers and educators of faith here at our half way point in
the (school) year for YOUR everlasting dedication to
our youth and their Christian development. Through
MUSIC, lessons, prayer and fun activities, our children
have so much to look forward to every Sunday.

Coming up~February 9th is the Youth Group fund-
raiser Souper Bowl of Caring. J oyful NOIZ will play.
Youth Choir will sing on February 23rd
March 5th begins the season of Lent with Ash
Wednesday and every Wednesday with a special wor-
ship. This is a time to reflective and give generously
with fasting and prayer.
Childrens Choir will sing in conjunction with our annu-
al Bible Presentation scheduled on March 9th.
Nicole and Bob,
In the name of Christ, we
prayerfully entrust to God our
sisters and brothers: for healing
with Eva Krista, Millie, Marie, Chris and
Brenda, June, Jan and Maryan.
open posiuon for Spiritual Enrichment on the ZELC church
council. Duues include managing the small group minis
try, working with other ministries to promote spiritual
growth within ZELC, and looking for new opportuniues to
develop spiritual enrichment. If you are interested in
serving our Lord by volunteering for this council posiuon,
please contact the church oce 801.582.2321.