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Prepared for MIS 6326 by Sumit Sarkar



The Dean of the business school wishes to create an UTD family! consistin" of its "raduates and corporations that ha#e been staunch supporters of the School of Mana"ement$ %indin" the e&istin" database inade'uate in terms of pro#idin" him with the information he needs to achie#e his "oal( he wishes to de#elop a new alumni database for the colle"e$ )e wants the new database to capture all rele#ant information on alumni of the colle"e and the corporate supporters of the colle"e$ To build a lon"*term relationship with alumni( he wishes to keep track of all alumni from each functional area +e$"$( MIS( ,cct"( %in( Mkt( etc$- of the colle"e( where they work +or ha#e worked in the past-( and any donations that they ha#e made to the colle"e$ Similarly( for corporate supporters( the database must capture all rele#ant information on donations made by each corporation$ Upon further inter#iews with the Dean( he has indicated the followin" specific re'uirements. /$ , report that displays alumni information for a specified area for a particular year +e$"$( /000 MIS "raduates-$ The report should list( for the specified area and year of "raduation( each alumnus1s name( e*mail address( the de"ree earned +e$"$( 2S( MS( M2,( Ph$D$( etc$-( work phone number( and home phone number$ 3ote that a similar report could be re'uired for any area and any "raduatin" year$ %or a specified city +e$"$( )ouston-( a report listin" all alumni who li#e in that city$ The report will display the name of the city( and for each alumnus in that city( their name( home address( email address( work phone( and home phone$ , report listin" all corporate donors who ha#e donated a total amount "reater than 425(666$ The report will be sorted in descendin" order of the total donated amount$ , report that displays all donations made to a particular 89: +8eneral :ed"er- account$ The ID of the donor( as well as the date and amount of the donation must be displayed$ , report listin" all alumni workin" for a particular company +e$"$( 3;<T=:-$ This report must also display the date an indi#idual >oined the company( as well as( their >ob title and salary$ , report that displays the employment history for a particular alumnus$ The report must show( for each employer that alumnus has worked for( the employer name( the most recent >ob title the alumnus had with that employer company +e$"$( ?ice*President-( the date the alumnus >oined the company( and the date the alumnus left the company +if applicable-$

2$ 3$ 7$ 5$ 6$

Additional Information: Donations can be made to one of se#eral funds@ e&ample funds are the Aolle"e1s 8eneral %und( the TI Scholarship %und( etc$ , company1s ID number is a B di"it number uni'uely identifyin" a particular company$ , company1s industry is a 3 di"it code representin" whether a company1s P<IM,<C business is bankin"( construction( etc$

THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT DALLAS SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT MIS 6326: DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS SPRING 2000 ,ssi"nment D 7 Date Due. %ebruary 22( 2666 Note: Th ! ! " #$o%& "!! #'(e't) E"*h #$o%& (%!t h"+e ,et-ee' ./0 (e(,e$!) +66 Points. 27E27E/2/$ ,nswer the followin" 'uestions based on the A1%(' D"t","!e case study$ a$ b$ Desi"n a report for each of the re'uirements identified in the case study +note that it is not necessary to do it in MS ,ccess-$ State e&plicitly any assumptions you make$ %or each re'uirement +report-( draw an =ntity*<elationship dia"ram to model the data re'uirements for that report$ Alearly identify the entities( the relationships across entities( and all the rele#ant attributes in the =< dia"rams$ <emember to identify primary key attribute+s- for each entity( and indicate the cardinalities associated with each relationship$ State any assumptions that you make$ 3ote that I do not re'uire you to pro#ide a consolidated =< dia"ram$ c$ %or each re'uirement( list the set of 'uestions you will ha#e to ask the user to #erify whether the assumptions you made are appropriate or not$ Note: I will re'uire different "roups to present their solutions to the abo#e case + A1%(' D"t","!e- in class on %ebruary 22( 2666$ I su""est that you make at least two copies of your solution. one to turn in( and one or more for your own reference +I stron"ly recommend that each student keep a copy of the solution for their own record-$ There will also be a follow up assi"nment that will re'uire the solution to this problem$ P$"*t *e E2e$* !e! 34 11 'ot ,e #$"5e56 I su""est you attempt these indi#idually$ /$ <ead Ahapter 7 from the te&t$ 2$ Fuestions /( 2( 3( and 5 from Problems( pa"e 27B*270( Ahapter 7 +'uestions /( 2( 3( and 5 from Problems( pa"e 2B2*2B7( Ahapter 7( for the Third =dition of the te&t-$