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Unit 12 Dialogues - This/That/These/Those 1. Hey, these hot dogs look good. Yep, I like them too.

Try some of those tacos as well, they're delicious. OK. And what's this That's chicken soup, it's really good too. !at up" ##### 2. $o you like this sweater Yea, that looks good. I like this one as well. Oh yea, that looks great" It goes well with these shorts. And these %oots are cool as well. Try them on" Oh yea. I want the shorts, %oots, and the sweater. &et's %uy them" ##### 3. These pants are really %ig. &ook at these pants. They're so small" How a%out those shoes 'hich shoes &ook, those. They look really weird. (ome on, let's go to a different store. 'e need the right si)e" 1. How's the weather in your country The summer is much hotter than here, and the winter is also much colder. The %est time is spring, it's %eautiful" ##### 2. 'hich restaurant do you like *ella +osa is good, they',e got good food %ut it's e-pensi,e. .c$onalds is cheaper, %ut it's really unhealthy. I think the /ietnamese restaurant is the %est, it's the cheapest, the healthiest, and the most delicious" ##### 3. How's your !nglish going Oh, it's much %etter these days. It's easier than %efore, and I know more words and I can speak more confidently. It's great. I'm really glad to hear it. Keep up the great work" ########

Grammar Exercises 'rite the comparati,e form of the ad0ecti,es gi,en. Example: An elephant is bigger than a lion. 1%ig2 1. The 3ile ri,er is 2. I'm 3. They're 1handsome, smart2 4. This %ook %ag is . This newspaper is !. 4oda 0uice tastes ". Today is #. This T/ program is Grammar Exercises 2 'rite the comparati,e or superlati,e form of the ad0ecti,es gi,en. Example: .ount !,erest is the highest mountain in the world. 1high2 1. The 3ile ri,er is 2. Tyler is 3. The %lue team got 1good, %ad2 4. This is . .in'oo is !. This is ". .y sister is and ri,er in the world. 1long2 person I know. 1happy, kind2 score and the red team got then the Ama)on. 1long2 than Yuri %ut than us, %ut we're than .iko. 1tall, short2 than them.

than that %ag. 1e-pensi,e2 than that newspaper. 1good2 than fruit 0uice. 1%ad2 than yesterday. 1warm2 . 1interesting2

ticket to 5rance. 1cheap2 student in our class. 1hard#working2 mo,ie in the world. 1%oring2 person in my family. 1young2

#. The word in !nglish is pneumonoultramicroscopicsilico,olcanoconiosis. 1long2 ##########

1. 'hose watch is this Oh, it's mine. And whose pen is this It's Tim's, I think. ##### 2. 'hose ($s are these They're mine. $o you like them 4ure, I',e got the same ($s at home. ##### 3. 'ho li,es in that house Oh, that's the 6ones' house. This is our house. Your house is really nice. Thanks. Is this your car 3o that's not mine, it's my neigh%or's. This is mine. ######## Grammar 1. $ossessi%es 7ossessi,es show who or what something %elongs to # they show possession. .ost nouns can %e made possessi,e simply %y adding &s. 5or e-ample8 # The restaurant&s food is ,ery good. # $a,id *eckham&s right foot is e-cellent. # You can eat an apple&s skin. If the noun is plural and ends in 9s9, you add 0ust &. 5or e-ample8 girls is plural and ends in 9s9 so8' # The girls' %ooks are interesting. 1The girls's %ooks are interesting2 children is plural %ut doesn't end in 9s9 so we 0ust add &s as normal8 # The children's %oks are interesting. boss ends in 9s9 %ut is not plural, so again 0ust add &s. # The %oss's office is ,ery %ig. This can howe,er look and sound awkward, so you can sometimes 0ust use & instead. 5or e-ample with names8 Thomas's book, Tess's house can also %e Thomas' book, Tess' house. The %asic rule is: if the noun is plural and ends in 9s9 add & # otherwise 0ust add &s.

2. $ossessi%e '()ecti%es Here are the possessi,e ad0ecti,es with e-ample sentences. 3otice that possessi,e ad0ecti,es come %efore the noun. $ossessi%e '()ecti%e .y Your 1singular2 Her His Our Your 1plural2 Their Its 3. $ossessi%e $ronouns Here are the possessi,e pronouns with e-ample sentences. 3otice they never come %efore nouns. $ossessi%e $ronoun .y Your 1singular2 Her His Our Your 1plural2 Their Its Uncountable This %ook is mine. That car is *ours. Thee-pensi,e watch is hers. The house on (ham%er 4treet is his. The cute dog is ours. Those friends are *ours. This %all is theirs. ## Uncountable This is m* %ook +our car looks great. ,er watch is e-pensi,e. ,is house is on (ham%er 4treet. -ur dog is cute. +our friends are nice. This is their %all. The cat likes its food.

There is no possessi,e pronoun for its, so you cannot say "The book is its". Also possessi,e pronouns often come at the end of sentences and are usually stressed. 9This is my %ook9 can %e ha,e a fairly factual meaning, %ut 9This %ook is mine9 stresses more strongly whose %ook it is.

Make the possessive form of the nouns given. Example: My brother's house is in London. (brother) 1. My 2. The 3. It's 4. Do you have shirt is purple. (friend) books are on the desk. (girls) birthday on Monday. (John) ne spaper! (today)

5. The 6. My 7. $our un"le is your 8. $our aunt is your 9. My 10. % &&&&&&&&&&

bags are in the bedroom. ("hildren) offi"e is ne#t to mine. (boss) brother. (father) sister. (mother) birthdays are ne#t month. (friends) tail is long. (monkey)

Add the correct possessi,e ad0ecti,e or pronoun. Example: I ha,e a pencil, it's m* pencil. It's mine. 1. 4he has a %ook, it's 2. You ha,e an um%rella, it's 3. They ha,e some maga)ines, they're . 4. Here is *o%'s house. It's . These are Tom and 6ackie's %ags. They're !. I ha,e a puppy. It's ". Tyler's %rother has a new apartment. It's ########## . . house. %ags. %ook. It's um%rella. It's maga)ines. They're . .

1. When _____ the news first broadcast? a) was b) were

2. Both the boy and the kitten _____ asleep. a) was b) were

3. Who _____ your best friends in high school? a) was b) were

4. t was a really long day! so we _____ e"hausted. a) was b) were

#. What _____ the na$e of the Beatles% first $o&ie? a) was b) were

'. (he houses in $y neighborhood _____ built in the 1)*+s. a) was b) were

,. -ue _____ only twenty when she graduated fro$ uni&ersity. a) was b) were

). Why_____ the .nited -tates able to grow fro$ a few colonies? a) was b) were

*. /ne $other _____ surprised to learn that her kids were always late. a) was b) were

1+. Because 0at and _____ underage! we didn%t &ote in last year%s election. a) was b) were

.se the past tense for$s of the &erbs in the bo" to co$plete the sentences. 1ake sure there are no e"tra spaces or $ispelt words in your answers. wish bathe catch put beco$e rain teach forget buy work Example: (he waiter 1.

the plates on the table.

the groceries on the kitchen counter. at the sa$e school for 2+ years. so $uch that the ri&er flooded into the town. that it was $y youngest nephew2s birthday. a cold! so he%s going to bed early tonight. an e"pensi&e new auto$obile for his wife. in a bank.

2. 1rs. -taten 3. t 4. We 5. 1ickey 6. 1r. 3isher

7. When he was younger! $y father

8. 4fter the ducks

in the pond! they flapped their wings to dry off. for a pony.

9. -ally blew out the candles on her birthday cake and 10. 1s. 4li the war. 5555555555

president after an election in 1**, that for$ally ended