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Varsha Phal Report

Dear XYZ, It is with great pleasure that we present you your personal astrological signatures of your Varsha Phal (Annual) chart and your Birth chart. We thank you for giving us the opportunity to analyse your Varsha Phal chart We will walk you through the different components that make up the analysis of the Varsha Phal Chart and hope that you will be able to understand yourself better by gaining a better understanding of your astrological make-up of current year. Vedic Astrology offers us a map to guide our life and gives us an analytical time profile of our behavior to help us understand what compels us to act, it also helps us determine which behavioural traits to promote and which ones to target for self-improvement. It is not Vedic Astrology's purpose to replace an individual's responsibility to decide for them what is best. Astrology tells us about the absence or presence of certain tendencies. It is up to us to use this information as a tool to form our own decisions and take our own actions. As per Vedic Astrology the stars will control only 75% of your life and the critical 25% will be your own efforts. We wish you luck and pray to God that you overcome all obstacles in your life. Please note that the accuracy of the predictions depends on the accuracy of the time of birth given to us by you. Best Regards R Krishnan Astrologer Cyber Astro Ltd. January 15, 2008 Visit us on Internet at our site for future consultations.

Varsha Phal report covers a period of 1 year in a persons life. This 1-year period starts from the persons birthday on a particular year, and the period ends on his next birthday. The Varsha Phal report is most effective and most accurate predictive tool to analyze the period between one birthday to the next birthday.

Uniqueness of Varsha Phal report

Casting of Varsha Phal Chart:
The principle of casting a Varshaphal chart is the same as that of a natal horoscope chart except for the input birth details. The date of birth and time of birth are different in this chart, though the place of birth will remain the same as the place where the person is actually born irrespective of the place where the person is actually residing during his present birthday. This is an important difference with western astrology, where similar report for annual horoscopy called Solar Return report or Birthday report, the place of birth is determined by the actual place where the person is residing at the time of his/her this years birthday.

The Date and Time of birth in Varsha Phal Chart:

This is based on the actual Solar Return moment this year, which is called the birthday moment for this year. The birthday moment is defined, as the exact moment during this year when Sun will return to its exact degrees in the Zodiac sign, as it was in the natal chart. Since Sun does not move at a constant speed, every year, this actual birthday moment shifts from the actual time of birth, which was considered in the natal chart. It may even happen the date of birth may also change during a particular birthday year in life. It can be one day before or one day after also, as the birthday moment is ahead of midnight on the date of birth in natal chart or the birthday moment during one birthday year falls before midnight on the natal chart date of birth. Usually the date of birth will remain the same.

Natal Chart Birth Details

Name Date of Birth Time of Birth Place of Birth Country of Birth

mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss Name of city Name of country

Natal Chart

Natal Chart Parameters

Lagna (Ascendant) Rashi (Moons Sign) Taurus Aries



Varsha Phal Details

Birthday Birthday Moment Place of Birth Passed year: 56 January 06, 2008 22:26:39 Minneapolis Running year: 57

Varsha Phal Chart

Varsha Phal Chart Parameters

Lagna (Ascendant) Rashi (Moons Sign) Nakshatra Muntha (Progressed Ascendant) Muntha in house Muntha Lord Muntha lord in house Year Lord Punya Saham (Part of Fortuna) Saham Lord Leo Sagittarius Moola Capricorn 6th house Saturn 1st house Saturn Leo Venus

Overall Assessment of the year based on Muntha and Muntha Lord

The concept of Progressed Ascendant or Muntha in Varsha Phal chart. This is another unique concept in Varsha Phal chart. The birth ascendant in natal chart is supposed to move or progress to the next Zodiac sign every year from the natal z odiac sign. This is called Progressed Ascendant in Western astrology, and Muntha in Varsha Phal. Muntha plays a crucial role in the analysis of Varsha Phal chart, as Birth ascendant or Janma Lagna plays a crucial role in analysis of natal chart. It is important to remember that the Varsha Phal chart will also have an ascendant like the natal chart based on the exact eastern horizon in our natal birthplace at the time of exact solar return moment on this years birthday. The Muntha actually forms the link between Varsha Phal chart and the Natal chart. In this way the Varsha Phal chart analysis synthesize the impact of natal chart for this year in our life. The Muntha is the most significant point in the Varsha Phal chart. It is located in Lagna at the t ime of birth. Each year the Muntha progresses by one zodiac sign (Rashi). Thus, when the second year of life begins, the Muntha has progressed in the sign falling in the second house from the birth ascendant and so on. This is why Muntha is called the Progressed Ascendant.

Effect of Muntha in House

In this years Varshaphal (Annual) Chart, the Muntha is placed in the 6th house of the Annual Chart. 6th house signifies disease and obstacles. Disease in broad sense means Disturbance of Ease of either body or mind. When it is body, it means physical illness and when it is mind, it means mental stress anguish and frustration. This will create restlessness and excitement in the mind. Health could cause concern. This could make you irritable and cause frequent headaches. There may be fear from worthless enemies. You may be tempted towards sinful deeds which will prick your conscience later. This could cause some carelessness in work leading to tensions. Unnecessary quarrels may take place.

Loss due to theft is possible.

Effect of Muntha in Zodiac sign

Muntha is placed in Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn. When Saturn is the lord of Muntha, it signifies the following: This could cause some obstructions in your endeavor and so you should plan well in advance and put in double your efforts. You should prepare your arguments and view points thoroughly, before placing them. Health could cause concern. You may get injury from weapons and skin eruptions could cause suffering. There could be some loss due to fire or theft. Troubles in traveling or transfers to unfavorable places could happen. This may be generally the end result, but the process through which you will achieve this result will largely depend on the house in which the lord is located in the annual chart.

Effect of Lord of Muntha

st Lord of Muntha is located in 1 house, in the annual chart. 1st house indicates all types of fortunes and good luck.

This brings in a rise in fortune. You will have physical comforts and mental bliss. Fortunes will increase. You will receive good co-operation from friends. Respect and honor will be achieved.

Results of the year lord (Varshesha)

The Year lord in Varsha Phal chart:

The year lord of Varsha Phal chart has special significance in analysis of the particular birthday year. The planet, which is most powerful among the 5 contestants (Panchadhikari) in the Varsha Phal chart, is considered the Year Lord. They are the following: a) Muntha Lord b) Lord of Ascendant in Natal chart c) Lord of Ascendant in Varsha Phal chart d) Trirashi Lord (Every zodiac sign will have a lord which is different from the lord of each sign that we assume in natal chart analysis) e) Dinratri lord (This will be either Sun or Moon depending on birthday moment is during day or during night) Saturn is the Year Lord in your Annual Chart. Saturn is extremely powerful in your Annual Chart. Saturn being of very good strength signifies: Land and property may increase this year. There will be victory in disputes. Family will gain prestige. Servants and sub-ordinates will be beneficial. Business will show improvement.

Results of Tajik Yogas

Aspects and Yogas: The aspects in Varsha Phal system are based on Tajika aspects, which are more similar to western aspects, than standard Vedic aspects in natal horoscope. There are two important aspects of Itthasala and Esharpha, (Arabic words) and akin to concepts of Applying aspects and Separating aspects in Western astrology. Most of the Yogas in Varsha Phal chart are based on these two aspects. The following important Yogas have been formed in Varsha Phal chart and their effects: Itthasala Yoga: This is a beneficial Yoga formed by the aspect of Sun and Jupiter. This indicates success in many of your efforts. Manua Yoga:

This is an inauspicious Yoga. This could cause some rift and strife with your colleagues or superiors.

Esharpha Yoga: This indicates that some deals could have got stuck up at the last moment and they will be settled eventually. Rudda Yoga: This indicates success in your efforts and victories over enemies but after an initial period of some struggles.

Varsha Phal Predictions

(As per Varsha Phal Dasha and Natal chart Vimshottari Dasha) Natal Chart Dasha:
You are now passing through the main period of Jupiter for 16 years from June 15, 1998 till June 15, 2014. On the whole this could be termed a mixed period. Jupiter being lord of the 11th house and positioned in the 11th house will confer good all round benefits and help you to fulfill quite a few of your ambitions. However Jupiter being lord of the 8th house could cause anxieties and worries due to health, career and other factors. Within this time frame you are now passing through the sub-period of Jupiter-Venus till December 27, 2008. This is a favorable sub-period. Venus being your ascendant lord and positioned in the 7th house will confer good professional benefits. However in your chart the 3rd Lord Moon is positioned in the 12th house. This could cause sudden wavering of mind or fickle mindedness. This could lead to sudden moods of depression and so you should try to relax and not worry too much over trifles as this could cause concern due to health at a later stage in life.

Annual Varsha Phal Dasha

The Varsha Phal Dasha system: The Varsha Phal Dasha system called Mudda Dasha is computed based on the same principle of Vimshottari Dasha system where the beginning of Dasha and balance of Dasha is based on degrees of Moon in the natal chart, and the same sequence of planetary Dasha is followed. However in natal chart Dasha, the full period of Dasha system is 120 years, but in Mudda Dasha, the full period is 1 year that is from this birthday to next birthday. So for instance, in Vimshottari Dasha system the period of Venus will be 20 years. In Mudda Dasha, the period of Venus will be for 2 months only in 1-year period.

Moon Dasha: January 06, 2008 to February 06, 2008 Moon in 5th house: You will gain name and fame. You will acquire a good amount of wealth. During this period your thinking powers will increase. You will be inclined towards learning. Your professional efforts will meet with full success. Travels will be fruitful. Mars Dasha: February 06, 2008 to February 27, 2008 Mars in 11th house: You may enjoy a good income and have professional elevation. Your dignity could be enhanced. Business could provide gains and you may acquire comforts, vehicles and clothes. Friends will be a source of comfort. Rahu Dasha: February 27, 2008 to April 22, 2008 Rahu in 7th house: Journeys may prove fruitless and troublesome. Health could cause concern. Some domestic strife is likely. Quarrels with clients or persons you interact with is possible. Jupiter Dasha: April 22, 2008 to June 10, 2008 Jupiter in 5th house: This period could bring in unexpected gains of wealth.

You will enjoy an increase in fame and dignity. Happiness through children is indicated. You may have an inclination to acquire knowledge and learning. You will be able to overcome your opponents or enemies easily. On the whole this is a stress free period. Saturn Dasha: June 10, 2008 to August 06, 2008 Saturn in lagna or 1st house: You may have some difference of opinion with superiors. Health of your spouse could cause some concern. You may have a tendency of being lethargic or postpone things. Your health could cause some slight concern. You should be extremely careful about your social status. Mercury Dasha: August 06, 2008 to September 27. 2008 Mercury in 6th house: You may have quarrels and an increase in enemies. You may face some problems from persons of the opposite sex. Health could cause concern and mental anxiety could increase. There could be wasteful expenditure. Ketu Dasha: September 27. 2008 to October 19, 2008 Ketu in lagna or 1st house: You may have sharp difference of opinion with friends and dear ones. Injury or ill health could cause concern. There could be loss due to theft.

You should be extremely careful about your social status.

Venus Dasha: October 19, 2008 to December 18, 2008 Venus in 4th house: There could be financial gains and also vehicle. You will enjoy material comforts. You will be able to win the favor of those in high position. There could be a chance of wasteful expenditure towards items of luxuries. This could cause unwanted anger. The government or those in high position may favor you. Sun Dasha: December 18, 2008 to January 06, 2009 Sun in 5th house: You may be inclined to take journeys. Your plans and undertakings will meet with success. You may gain through association with friends or siblings and you may associate with women too. Your health will generally be good. There will be harmony in domestic life.

Important Milestone Dates (Based on Sahams)

Sensitive Points or Sahams: This is another unique concept in Varsha Phal chart, taken from Arabic Astrology. In Arabic astrology almost every event in our life from birth to death, are symbolized by specific sensitive points in the chart. They have taken this concept to an extreme level. You have marriage point, travel point, even imprisonment point or death point adultery point and points covering all possible events in our life. When benefic planet or malefic planet creates aspects and Yogas with these individual Sahams, good or bad event gets triggered in our life. In our Varsha Phal analysis we shall

consider only few of these sensitive points. The most important of these sensitive points is called Punya Saham, which is computed in the same manner as Part of Fortuna is computed in Western astrology. We will give you some important dates based on the analysis of Sahams in your Varsha Phal chart and annual Dasha in Varsha Phal chart in different aspects of your life during this Varsha Phal year. Even during the bleakest period in our life there are a few moments of joy which is indicated in these Sahams. Your ascendant Lord Sun will conjoin the Punya or Fortune Saham in Leo on 28th August 2008. This indicates a success in your professional field or some good luck befalling you, which will bring you some mental peace and happiness. Mercury will conjoin the Karyasidhi Saham on 26th August 2008. This may bring in a major success in your endeavors. Venus will conjoin the Artha or Finance Saham on 4th June 2008. This indicates a good monetary gain in your life. Mercury will join the Asha or Desire Saham on 22nd July 2008. This will lead to fulfillment of some desire.

Special Comments on your Concern:

Jupiter is at present transiting over your 8th house from November 2007 till December 2008. During this period one is benefited from other peoples resources. This is a good period for joint ventures and for requesting loan from bank or other sources. There could be some fortunate changes in your life. You may be able to record your album with the help of some financier or as joint venture. Jupiter would be transiting over your 9th house from December 2008 till April 2009 and again from August 2009 till December 2009 due to retrograde motion of Jupiter for a certain period of time. This period indicates prosperity, increased income, enhanced prestige, respect from others, happiness, pleasure and happiness at home. Next Jupiter would be transiting over your 10th house, the house of profession, from May 2009 till August 2009 and again from December 2009 till May 2010. During this period your profession, career and social status will receive a big boost. You will receive reward or recognition for your work. You can expect promotion or a change in profession with better avenues. Jupiter would be transiting over your 11th house from May 2010 till May 2011. This is a very good period and you may be blessed with a promotion or a new position and honor. There will gain of wealth, domestic happiness and good health. There will be gain of luxury items, respect and prosperity. Fulfillment of hopes, help and benefits from friends

and elders is indicated. Some new acquaintances will prove to be of help. Group working will be beneficial. Jupiter would be transiting over your 12th house from May 2011 till May 2012. You should be cautious during this period, as there could be some financial loss. This is a good period for learning spiritual and religious pursuits. You could be benefited by the grace of some preceptor.

Astrological Remedy: Astrological Remedy is suggested based on your natal

horoscope and not based on Varsha Phal chart. I shall suggest astrological remedies as per your natal chart only. 1) To augment the strength of your ascendant Lord Venus you may wear a Diamond of 0.50 carats on gold ring, worn on the right middle finger, inaugurated any Friday. This will enhance your all round luck factor and bring success in your efforts. 2) To strengthen Rahu which is positioned in the 10th house, you may wear a Gomed (also known as H essonite) of 7 to 9 carats mounted on a silver ring, worn on the right middle finger, inaugurated any Saturday midmorning after bath & prayers. This will enhance your professional potentials. In order to know more about the remedies given above, please click on the links below: Diamond: Gomed: May God grant you peace, prosperity and happiness in every aspect of your life. On behalf of CyberAstro.Com R. Krishnan Astrologer

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