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DEF Literatura Emily Bronte Wuthering Heights

LITERARY TREND & GENRE Romanti! no"el #ith gothi! elements $the sinister atmos%here o& the house' (atherine)s ghost* romanti! elements + the mirroring o& the !hara!ters) %assions in a #il, natural lan,s!a%e realist elements+ !om%le- %lot' &o!us on the relationshi%s .et#een the !hara!ters' "i"i, !ir!umstantial ,etail (/NTE0T although they #ere !ontem%orary o& Di!1ens' Bronte sisters .elong to an early literary tra,ition their #or1s are ,istin!tly romanti! in tem%erament through e-%loration an, !ontain gothi! elements through e-%loration o& e-tremes o& %assion an, "iolen!e Jane Eire sho!1e, the 2i!torian rea,ers as (h3 Bronte)s heroine #as "ery ,i&&erent &rom the #omen !hara!ters tra,itionally %ortraye, as "i!tims in Ri!har,son)s Pamela or totally ,e%en,ent on men an, marriage in Austen)s no"els (h Bronte)s heroine is a &or!e&ul in,e%en,ent #oman #ho is not a&rai, to sho# emotions an, s%ea1 her min, Emily Bronte the %assion at time re%resse, in (h)s no"els .ra1es &ree in her sister)s master%ie!e Wuthering Heights
- it is a #or1 o& uni4ue imaginati"e %o#er #hi!h ,es! the #il, instin!ti"e %assions an, #hose emotional intensity stunne, the 2i!torian! - it is the greatest lo"e story in the English language

Wuthering Heights an, Thrush!ross Grange are neigh.oring houses on a #il, an, #in,s#e%t moor 3The Grange is o#n .y the Lintons' #hile the Wuthering Heights is o#ne, .y the Earnsha#s3 6u!h o& the story is narrate, .y Nelly Dean3 Heath!li&& is &oun, on the streets o& Li"er%ool as a !hil, .y Earnsha# #ho .rings him home an, raises him as his o#n !hil,3 He is mistreate, .y Earnsha#)s son Hin,ley' #ho ta1es o"er the %ro%erty on his &ather)s ,eath an, he &orges an almost in!estuously tight .on, #ith Hin,ley)s sister (atherine3 (atherine ho#e"er ,e!i,es to marry E,gar Linton3 Heath!li&& ,isa%%ears &or a o& years .ut returns to get re"enge on those #ho mistreate, him an, to #rest (atherine &orm E,gar3 He marries E,gar)s sister Isa.ella' an, .e!omes master o& Wuthering Heights an, Thrush!ross Grange3 (atherine ,ies shortly a&ter#ar,s an, although he manages to ma1e the li"es o& those #ho li"e in .oth houses a misery Hetah!li&& !an ne"er &orget his !hil,hoo, lo"e3 Tire, o& hating those aroun, him he loo1s &or#ar, to ,eath #hi!h #ill reunite him #ith (atherine

THE6E L/2E A7 A DE7TR8(TI2E F/R(E (atherines an, heath!li&&)s lo"e is stronger an, more lasting than any other emotion ,is%laye, in the no"el' an, it is the sour!e o& most o& the ma9or !on&li!ts it is not easy to ,e!i,e #hether Bront: inten,s the rea,er to !on,emn these lo"ers or to i,eali;e them as romanti! heroes #hose lo"e trans!en,s so!ial norms an, !on"entional morality 6/TIF7 D/8BLE7 Bront: organi;es her no"el .y arranging its elements<!hara!ters' %la!es' an, themes<into %airs (atherine an, Heath!li&& are !losely mat!he, in many #ays' an, see themsel"es as i,enti!al (atherine an, young (atherine are .oth similar an, stri1ingly ,i&&erent The t#o houses' Wuthering Heights an, Thrush!ross Grange' re%resent o%%osing #orl,s an, "alues The no"el has t#o ,istin!tly ,i&&erent narrators' Nelly an, 6r3 Lo!1#oo, RE5ETITI/N

re%etition is another ta!ti! Bront: em%loys in organi;ing Wuthering Heights It seems that nothing e"er en,s in the #orl, o& this no"el instea,' time seems to run in !y!les' an, the horrors o& the %ast re%eat themsel"es in the %resent 7Y6B/L7 GH/7Ts (athreine)s an, Heath!li&&)s ghosts sym.oli;e the mani&estation o& the %ast #ithin the %resent' an, the #ay memory
stays #ith %eo%le' inter&ering #ith their ,ay to ,ay li"es NARRATI2E TE(HNI=8E the .oo1 is stru!ture, aroun, > %arallel lo"e stories' the &irst hal& o& the no"el !entering on the lo"e .et#een (atherine an, Heath!li&&' #hile the se!on, hal& &eatures the ,e"elo%ing lo"e .et#een young (atherine an, Hareton the time se4uen!e o& the no"el is 4uite !om%le- an, in"ol"es &lash.a!1s Emily Bronte uses &lash.a!1s an, ,ialogues to &ill in missing in&o a.out many e"ents that ha"e alrea,y un&ol,e, an, to highlight the most signi&i!ant elements o& the story

DEF Literatura Emily Bronte Wuthering Heights

5/INT /F 2IEW Lo!1#oo,' a ne#!omer to the lo!ale o& Wuthering Heights' narrates the entire no"el as an entry in his ,iary the story that Lo!1#oo, re!or,s is tol, to him .y Nelly' a ser"ant' an, Lo!1#oo, #rites most o& the narrati"e in her "oi!e' ,es! ho# she tol, it to him most o& the e"ents o& the no"el are narrate, in Nelly)s "oi!e' &rom Nelly)s %oint o& "ie#' &o!using only on #hat she !an see an, hear' or #hat she !an &in, out a.out in,ire!tly Nelly &re4uently !omments on #hat the other !hara!ters thin1 an, &eel' an, on #hat their moti"ations are' .ut these !omments are all .ase, on her o#n inter%retations o& the other !hara!ters<she is not an omnis!ient narrator (HARA(TER (/N7TR8(TI/N (ATHERINE li1e a tragi! hero' she seems torn .et#een > !on&li!ting &or!es reason #ho tells her to marry Linton an, %assion #hi!h tells her that Heath!li&& is her soul mate HEATH(LIFF the loss o& (atherine %ushes him into a s%iral o& ,es%air an, "iolen!e his ,estru!ti"e &or!e an, the re%er!ussions o& his a!tions are lasting an, tragi!