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GETTING TO KNOW ABOUT SOMEONE 1. 2. 3. 4. What are you? What do you do? Where are you working!

What is your educational qualification ? H0w far have you studied? What is your field of specialization? Where do you live? Where are you living? Where do you stay? Where are you staying! Where are you from? Where do you come from ? Which is your native place? You belong to which place? You are a native of which town ? 5. Where were you born ? 6. Where were you brought up ? 7. Where did you have your school education? Where did you do have your schooling ? 8. Where did you do your college studies ? 9. Could you tell us something about you family ? Can you tell us more about your family ? 10. May i know your name please? May i know who you one? Could i know you name? Your name please? Your good name? 1. I am a social worker. I am working in Gramin Bank. 2. I am a graduate. I have done graduation in commerce. I am a graduate in science with a diploma in computer applications. 3. I live in Shantikunj. I am living in Ranipur. I stay in Rishikesh. I am staying in Jwalapur 4. I am from Lucknow. I come from Lucknow. I belong to Lucknwo. I am a native of Lucknow. My native place is Lucknow. 5. I was born in Orissa. 6. I was brought up in Gwalior. 7. I had my school education in Faridabad. I had my schooling in Faridabad. 8. I did my college studies in Indore. 9. Ours is a large family. Ours is a nuclear family. Ours is a joint family. We are six people at home. My father, my mother, my two brothers and a sister besides myself. We are three brothers and a sister. I have two brothers and a sister. My brothers are employed. My sister is married. Negative Questions with Be Negative statements with be formed by using not. There are many students in the class. positive answer There are no many students in the class. negative answer Are there many students in the class? question Absent there many students in the class? negative question (contracted form) Eg. He is a doctor. She was at home. She was not at home. He is a not a doctor. Was she at home? Is he a doctor? Was she not at home. Isnt he a doctor? Wasnt she at home? Negative question with be are formed by shifting the be word to the front. In the contracted form. Words like he, she, they come ofter not. They will be here tomorrow. They will not be here tomorrow. Will they be here tomorrow? Wont they be here tomorrow? At what time : When : time : When is the last train for Delhi? At what time the last train is for Delhi? The last train for delhi is at 10 oclock. How long : what : distance How long it is from here? Where is it from here? It is (about) 60 kms. from here. 1

Who Questions With Be forms : What Where When Who Whom Which Why Whose Whom : : : : : : : : : Answer as Noun Pronoun. Refers to a thing (includes actions) Answer as Adverb of place. Refers to place Answer as Adverb of time Adverb of time. Refers to time. To describe, Adjective ; Adverb of manner. Refers to a manner or method of doing. Refers to a person/persons Ask information refers to a thing. To know the reason. Gives a reason. To know ownership. Identity of person. (who did whom) (in place of predicate) Adjectives Describing words that tell is about The quality of a lesson Affectionate () aunt friendly () neighbor sensitive () girl Arrogant (U) fellow sincere () worker Adamant (UU) child brave (U) soldier honest (UU) person Kind () clever (/UU) bag The nature of a place Narrow (/) congested () locality Slippery () floor spacious () hall Remote (U U) village crawled(U) city Prosperous (U) town broad () road Well-furnished (S) howr coastal (US) town The quality of things Fresh vegetables dainty clothes tender coconut Rotten eggs costly equipment sharp knife Things in a genial way, giving a variety of information. Dark night sultry weather rash driving Responsible person comfortable journey lovely park The moods and feelings of people. Angry look sensitive child sad face Happy person Lovable girl restless person . Words that come in -ing` forms. Charming girl cunning fox winning team Interesting story boring jorring encouraging words The color of a thing Blue car brown eyes red tape Green file black hair yellow paint Blue sky white flag. Words that come in ed forms. Educated person satisfied customer talented artiste Completed work congested city dilapidated (deskoyed) house

List of Strong Verbs Verbs Present Tense Abide Arise Bear Beat Become Begin Bind Bite Blow Break Bring Build Buy Catch Choose Come Dig Do Draw Drink Drive Eat Fall Feed Find Fly Forbid Foresee Forget Fight Get Give Go Feel Grind Grow Have Hide Hold Keep Know Lay Past Tense Past Participle Aboude/Abided Abode/Abided UU Arose Arisen U Bore Born, Borne U Beat Beaten Became Become L U Began Began Bound Bound U bit bitten Blew Blown Broke Broken Brought Brought Built Built U Bought Bought Caught Caught Chose Chosen Came Come Dug Dug U Did Done Drew Drawn Drank Drunk Drove Driven Ate Eaten U Fell Fallen Fed Fed Found found U Flown Flown U Forbade Forbidden U Foresaw Foreseen Forgot Forgotten Fought Fought Got Gotten Gave Given Went Gone U U Felt Felt Ground Ground U Grew Grown U Had Had U Hid Hidden Held Held U Kept Kept Knew Known U Laid Laid 3