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MENA-EPAC provides power systems consulting services for electric utilities, and industrial power consumers in the Middle East and North African region. Electric utility customers include privately-owned, or governmental electricity companies. Industrial clients include hydrocarbon and petrochemical industry, metallurgical and mining industry, and mission-critical operations. We focus in the following services:
Power systems analysis Substation automation engineering Power quality auditing and analysis Development of standards and specifications Training and development

MENA-EPAC is founded in 2012, and has staff with 27+ years of regional and international experience in power systems engineering. Examples of this experience include:
Development of planning work, scoping work, and project specifications; for the first Middle Eastern substation automation project, based on full implementation of IEC 61850 standard. Development of material specifications and standards for energy management and substation automation systems; suitable for electric utility and industry. Interconnection studies for an asynchronous tie, between a hydrocarbon facility and utility. Interconnection studies for multiple off-shore oil fields including HVDC. Consulting services and power system studies for a distributed CHP generation facilities. Voltage stability studies for electric utilities. Power quality assessments, for industrial and utility power networks in Canada, South Africa, and the Middle East. Power factor correction analysis and design for mining, metallurgical and hydrocarbon facilities. PVI analysis and power quality assessment studies for many electric arc furnace facilities. Detailed 3-phase transient studies of distribution networks for root cause analysis of equipment failures due to phenomena such as TRV and Ferro-resonance. Investigation studies, including load shedding; for major blackouts in industrial facilities. Development of Harmonics measurement software in a power quality metering equipment. Development of a simulation technique to study the transient behavior of HVDC and FACTS controllers in large ac networks. The technique is based on concurrent execution of a 1-phase transient stability program with the 3-phase EMTP. The work has been recognized by EPRI. Development of sophisticated 3-phase analysis models of power systems including HVDC, FACTS, and power electronic solutions of power quality problems. Delivery of power systems and power quality training to electric utility and industry.

For more information on MENA-EPAC services, please contact Dr. Mansour Sultan by email at , or by phone at (+973)39842989.