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STATEMENT OF PURPOSE Just as the 21st century dawns on mankind, our lives bare a testimony to the genesis of a new

era in technology. Visionaries around the world foresee the next century as the information age, a time when the value of information would depend on accuracy, as much as its appropriateness, I regard myself fortunate to have the opportunity for advanced studies in this field of Computer Science. Computer, the invention of the century, is changing the way we think, work and live. It is surprising to see how this man made object has the power to outwit man himself. The ease with which a computer performs complex tasks which otherwise would take a lot of manpower is fascinating. This is going to become the most influential tool of this and the forthcoming centuries. I see the whole field more and more poised to takeoff. It was this particular fact that motivated me to take up computer science as my career. I had an excellent and consistent career graph throughout my study life. I always stood among the meritorious students in my class. With an aggregate of about 79% . In my 12th grade with 88.2%. My field of study in my 11th and 12th grades was Mathematics. I secured 82% in my 10th grade. The field of computers involves delving deep into the concepts of mathematics and sciences so that they can be applied to real world problems. In my undergraduate study, I had taken up courses on Computer Networks, Data Structures, Microprocessor, Computer organization, Computer graphics, Discrete Structures, Digital Logic Design, Compiler Design etc., these courses provide an ideal direction for research work in this field. Broadly my areas of interest include Data structures and Operating systems, further I would like to be involved in research areas like Computer Graphics. I would like to pursue a career of research in the field of computer science. I am well versed in programming languages like C, C++, Java, HTML. My skill set also includes Oracle SQL and MYSQL. My prime choice among my areas of interest is Computer Networks. From local area networks to the internet and the future information super highway, Computer Networks are going to be backbone of the information age. Now in my undergraduate study, I am doing a term project "Portal for Maintaining Relationship between Companies & Corporate (PoMaRCC)" along with a team of two. It is an online portal for the purpose of connecting prospective employees (students) with the employers by bringing both the sides under the same umbrella. It facilitates employers to select right people for the right job and the employees to select right job for their career. We are doing PoMaRCC with a technology called bootstrap. Graduate education in your University is known for its spirit of innovation and for academic brilliance. I am confident that Computer Science department, with its commitment to foster intellectual excellence provides an ideal ambience for embarking

upon an excellent academic career. I hope the above mentioned credentials will be considered for my admission and financial assistance at your institution. Nobody is born with extraordinary talent. It is the resources that make someone extraordinary. Given the opportunity, I would work with dedication and put forth the best of myself. I eagerly look forward to be a part of your prestigious university.