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No List of event Agree Digital library makes the students a reader as well as a publisher. Digital library are important in gathering information in any area. Digital library bring important changes in advancing informal learning. Digital library enables students to locate and use suggested resources. Digital library are less e"pensive option for educational institutions. Digital library is a tool to help students gain an education without being in educational campus. %here is no need for librarian&s services in Digital library (eturning electric books need not be done . Digital library increases the coverage of syllabus per day. Digital library helps students to score more marks. Digital library allows students to interact with friends and work together on assignments. Digital library allows students to choose topic to learn in order of their preference. Digital library provides fle"ibility in teaching the topic anytime+ at any place. Students select their own books in Digital library. ,y institution encourage to establish digital library. %eaching though -ideo .onference adds to my status among my friends and colleagues. %here is virtual image in -ideo .onferencing. %here is no personal relation in -ideo .onferencing. Students are not frustrated in -ideo .onference. Students can ask /uestions and clear their doubts in -ideo .onferencing. %here is no difference in learning styles in -ideo .onferencing. %here is no individual attention for learners in -ideo .onferencing. 0earning through -ideo conferencing bring important changes in advancing informal learning. 0earning will be faster when taught through -ideo .onferencing. AgreeStrongly

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-ideo .onferencing reduces comple"ities among students. -ideo .onferencing access group discussion effectively. %here is long term effect on emotional development when communicated through 12,ail. %here is poor social skills when communicated through 12 ,ail. 1very student should be computer literate. Students response is secondary when teaching is transmitted through 12,ail. %here is no scope for counseling in 12,ail. 3re/uent technical faults will create problems in interacting through 12,ail. 12,ail users cannot rely on server. 12,ail students can access /uality material irrespective of geographical location. Students cannot ask /uestions to teacher and receive answers immediately through -oice ,ail. Students are self2motivated when learnt through -oice ,ail. 0earning through -oice ,ail do not suitable for lab based activity. %here is no scope for all round development for students when interacting through -oice ,ail. %here is no emotional sharing between students and teachers in -oice ,ail. Students get easily discouraged in -oice ,ail. Students can work at their own speed. -oice ,ail do not have the potential to transform teaching beyond the classroom. -oice ,ail assists in self evaluation and professional development. -oice recorded can be easily referred and answered at any time. 4 select -oice ,ail when 4 could not contact my colleague. All sub5ects cannot be recorded in -oice ,ail. 4 possess the skills necessary to use -oice ,ail tools. %here is poor social skills between teachers and students in %ele .onferencing. Students should be matured in interacting through %ele .onferencing. %eachers cannot 5udge the degree of disparity in %ele .onference. 6eb based electric te"t books do not provide all details in %ele .onferencing.

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7ver loaded information create problem with software when taught through %ele .onference. -alue of teaching go down due to %ele .onferencing. %ele .onferencing functions as a substitute for teachers. 8aper presentation cannot be done effectively through %ele .onferencing. 9roup2 Discussion cannot be done effectively through %ele .onferencing. %eaching all sub5ects are not always possible through this media. 4 find %ele .onference is easy to use. ,y interaction with %ele .onference is clear and understandable. %ele .onference do not re/uire a lot of mental effort.