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Welcome to the Envisioning Method Guide.

What is the Envisioning Method? It's a process to get you in a state of flow. While you're in this state of mind you will be actively using your mind to envision various objects, feelings, and emotions that are all scientifically proven to create a tremendous beneficial effect on your body, mind, and emotions. There are 6 steps. And they will happen very quickly not taking much of your time. And once you're done you'll gain all that time back multiplied in terms of productivity, creativity, and an elevated state of clarity and relaxation. How important is meditation? More and more entrepreneurs are claiming that their daily meditation practice is the single most important is a key factor in their overall success. The Envisioning Method is the precise process which Vishen Lakhiani uses to train entrepreneurs to achieve peak performance.

our own heart is our temple. much like any other skill is not fixed – it can be expanded and enhanced with training and practice. the philosophy is kindness.Buddha Compassion. which fights and counteracts the aging process while reducing cortisol – the “stress” hormone. It crushes and destroys the pain of others.” . no need for complicated philosophy. Davidson. Based on neuroscience research of Richard J. Our own brain. the Dalai Lama.! Compassion. Buddhist roshi.” – Dalai Lama . it is called compassion. It is called compassion because it shelters and embraces the distressed. Joan Halifax reveals that “compassion enlivens us and enhances neutral integration – hooking up all parts of the brain. a favorite practice of his holiness. UW-Madison Professor of Psychology. from indifference or dislike to understanding. from isolation to connection. Scientific studies suggest there are not only emotional and spiritual benefits to compassion – but also physical. Compassion leads to an increase in DHEA hormone. thus. “alterations in brain function were observed after just a total of seven hours of training.compassion 1 “Compassion is that which makes the heart of the good move at the pain of others. is expressing the intention of moving from judgment to caring. There is no need for temples.” “This is my simple religion.” In her TED Talk.

it is a choice we make. makes us self-centered. increases your energy levels. increases self-esteem. Other studies with the gratitude journal – writing one appreciative sentence for five things – just once a week. philosophers and thought-leaders agree that happiness is a state of being which cannot be attained as an end in itself. Happiness comes from within and can be attained with the simple. Gratitude increases spiritualism. demonstrated significant effects."! . Meaning we have the ability to capture the benefits by altering our own attitude of mind. those who kept a weekly journal exercised 40 minutes more per week than the control group. yet powerful act of gratitude. Gratitude is the acknowledgement and appreciation of the positive things that come our way that we did not actively work toward or ask for. Gratitude is not a mere emotional feeling or response. "Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance. improves your sleep. Gratitude has the strongest link with mental well-being than any other character trait.Eckhart Tolle . Gratitude even makes you more likely to exercise – according to an 11 week study of 96 Americans. The group with the gratitude journal was more optimistic and felt happier.gratitude 2 What makes you happy? Is it family and friends? Wealth and success? Health and well-being? Or all of these? Whatever it may be.

Forgiveness is a skill you can hone. and that granting forgiveness is more rewarding to you than the person you forgive. Put simply. “The weak can never forgive. It is not excusing one’s past behavior or actions. at a minimum. blood pressure rises. Forgiveness can also result in less pain and anxiety as seen in a study where people with chronic back pain meditated focusing on converting anger to compassion. and a decreased workload for the heart. and sweating increases. It is rather a process which allows you to empower and thus free yourself of any burden or grudge weighing you down. rather than someone else. Researchers have discovered mentally nursing a grudge has the same effects on the body as stressful events: muscles tense. is a decision to let go of the desire for revenge and ill-will toward the person who wronged you.Mahatma Gandhi 3 Forgiveness.” . resulting in greater happiness. Another study revealed a link between forgiving someone for a betrayal and improvements in blood pressure and heart rate. Forgiveness is an attribute of the strong. forgiveness puts the ball back in your court giving you the power and responsibility.forgiveness . It may also include feelings of goodwill toward the other person.

The second only visualized themselves making free throws. it’s important not to think about what your life might look like based on where you are at now. Jim Carrey. Jim was a small time comedian. but no real practice was allowed. “The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.” He visualized it for years and in 1994 he received $10M for his role in!Dumb and Dumber. He dated it 'Thanksgiving 1995' and added the notation. I ask you not be to be realistic here. he wrote himself a check for10 million dollars. Remember that realism is “nothing but a socially acceptable form of pessimism. He divided a group of basketball players into 3 smaller groups and tested their free-throw ability. Before his breakthrough success in Hollywood.” . When doing creative visualization. In 1987.visualization . Another example of visualization comes from the famous comedian and actor. they were almost as good as the guys who actually practiced.Oprah Winfrey 4 Creative visualization is a powerful practice that literally allows you to change your outer world by shifting and changing your thoughts and perceptions. “for acting services rendered.” Is there evidence for visualization? An experiment done by Australian Psychologist Alan Richardson revealed something quite astounding. The final one would not practice or visualize at all. There was significant improvement on the group that only visualized. The first group would practice 20 minutes every day. Studies have shown that human beings over-estimate what they can do in 1 year and under-estimate what they can do in 3 years.

our awareness. a perfect day is is cultivated by the quality of our being.perfect day . This is because as these unhealthy habits become deeper and deeper ingrained in us they rob us of our daily energy. express our character. daily. “The mind moves in the direction of our currently dominant thoughts. It as those you decide and the universe by some mysterious way conspires to your demands. in the present moment. but rather how we do anything. etc. they constantly. Because they are consistent.” . Stephen Covey of the bestseller “Success Principles” paints this quality of character that we develop. Daniel Siegel. “Our character is basically a composite of our habits.Earl Nightingale 5 It’s not so much about what we do.” When you visualize your day. You see. wires together. What results is a feeling of disconnection and a weakened ability to actually BE fully present. coined the powerful phrase regarding the effect that our daily habits have on the synaptic connections in our brain: “What fires together. rushing through our morning routine or breakfast. you take control of your path. The renowned neuropsychologist. often unconscious patterns. carry on throughout our day. Meaning the habits we form such as constantly checking email or social media.

And this is something you can do even toward yourself. Blessing or harnessing your internal energy is an act affirmation and recognition which is a spiritual or psychological practice. I can't exactly explain what I saw or how it worked. And that is why when you bless yourself or harness your own inner energy you are able to reap all of these benefits.” . “We are shaped by our thoughts. admire them. Now. To be acknowledged.blessing 6 I learned about this exercise when meditating with monks for 9 days. moments of pure joy and intuition. joy follows like a shadow that never leaves. People like to be blessed. When we bless. we become what we think. People who went into states of ecstasy. Harnessing your internal energy makes you feel good. and wish them well. we see them. But in those 9 days I witnessed some amazing things from these monks.Buddha . When we bless a person. is a powerful thing. It is a process of recognition and awareness whereby we become aware of the goodness in another or ourselves. We make a direct connection with them and bring them into our sphere of consciousness. When the mind is pure. even in such a small way. we make note of the connection between ourselves and a greater spirit or energy. which can be anything you believe in.