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Find the statement of mission ?

The Buckman Fundamentals lay the foundation by which we serve our customers.
They support our purpose, which is to create customer value and loyalty as
embodied in the Mission Statement, Quality Statement, Safety Statement, and
Environmental Statement. The Buckman Fundamentals assure our customers that
we are an ethical company that can solve their technical problems and address
other critical issues in a responsible manner.

What is it ?
We, the associates of Buckman Laboratories, will excel in providing measurable,
cost-effective improvements in output and quality for our customers by delivering
customer-specific services and products, and the creative application of knowledge.

Locate the companies code of ethics.

Summerise some of the companies basic principles.

We serve our customers through continuous innovation in problem-solving, business
and technical programs, product and process development, knowledge sharing, as
well as safety, health, and environmental stewardship.

Find the knowledge nurture page.

Knowledge Nurture

Welcome to the Buckman website for Knowledge Sharing. Our goal is to establish a resource to
help people learn about knowledge sharing. Our audience is not only our customers and our
associates within Buckman Laboratories, but also the worldwide knowledge management
community - practitioners, newcomers, academics, students, and thinkers.

• Getting Started: A beginner's reference for learning about knowledge management

• Recognitions: Buckman awards and recognitions
• Buckman Resources: Papers, articles, and presentations written by or about Buckman
• References: A library of articles, websites and tools
We also invite you to visit our Buckman Laboratories homepage, which includes general
information about Buckman, our mission, the industries we serve, and the Buckman
fundamentals such as our Code of Ethics.

What is the Buckman Room ?

What is the starter kit ?

Starter Kit for Knowledge Management


• "Knowledge is information that is relevant, actionable, and at least partially based on

experience." Dorothy Leonard
• "Knowledge management is strategy and processes to enable the creation and flow of
relevant knowledge throughout the business to create organizational, customer, and
consumer value." David Smith, Unilever
• "Knowledge can mean information, awareness, knowing, cognition, sapience,
cognizance, science, experience, skill, insight, competence, know-how, practical ability,
capability, learning, wisdom, certainty, and so on. The definition depends on the context
in which the term is used." Karl Erik Sveiby, The New Organizational Wealth
• "Knowledge is content in context to produce an actionable understanding." Dr. Robert
Bauer, Xerox Parc
• For straightforward definitions of knowledge management and other key terms, read the
article Defining Knowledge Management by Steve Barth.

Books / Articles

• Building a Knowledge-Driven Organization by Robert H. Buckman

• The Complete Idiot's Guide to Knowledge Management by Dr. Melissie Rumizen of
Buckman Laboratories
• The New Organizational Wealth by Karl Erik Sveiby
• Working Knowledge: How Organizations Manage What They Know by Thomas
Davenport and Laurence Prusak
• A Delightful Dozen of Knowledge Management Principles by Verna Allee
• What is Knowledge Management? By Karl Erik Sveiby

What is library ?
Buckman library share the knowledge to the practitioners,
newcomers, academics, students, and thinkers.. It contains
articles and book references for reading and study.

Find the page that describe K'Netix©.

What does it say about Buckman knowledge network ?

Value-Added Services


Through constant contact with customers, Buckman knows that system reliability, safety, quality,
resource utilization, and environmental compliance are challenges everyone faces, no matter
where they are.

In order to help customers meet their water and process-related treatment challenges, Buckman
developed K'Netix© - a global, electronic knowledge network - in 1994.

Now, for the first time, there's a single communications network which incorporates all of
Buckman's knowledge and experience, and allows Buckman representatives to focus all our
capabilities on the customers' challenges: K'Netix© - The Buckman Knowledge Network.