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Andrew McCauley: In this episode we are looking at what to do with potential clients that you meet in an event.

So, we are talking about QR codes, SMS marketing, quick and easy landing pages. Stay with us. Its going to be a good one.

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Andrew McCauley: ey, everybody! "his is #ndrew Mc$auley. %elcome to &pisode 'o. (). %e are all about live events this episode where we are talking about what to do when you meet somebody at an event and how you can actually get them into your *unnel or your database so that you can start interacting with them once the event is over. %e see so many times that people are out there at these events, they spend money to go to it whether its a networking, whether its a seminar, whether its an e+po and what they do is all good when they are at the event but they *orget the *ollow,up. So, we are going to talk about how to use *ollow,up procedures to make sure that you are using these times the best you can. -* course, I couldnt do the podcast without eather .orter. ey, eather! Heather Porter: ey, #ndrew! #nd guess what you guys, #ndrew is in #ustralia.

Andrew McCauley: /eah, I am here down under. I am a little bit 0etlagged. 'o, I dont get 0etlag. I dont have time *or 0etlag. Heather Porter: e 0ust *lew in literally today and we want to give you a podcast because we always do every 1riday. So, we are sitting here and its about ) oclock in the evening on "hursday, we are pumping one out and we are very much in a live event spirit because #ndrew is actually in #ustralia right now, well, not only *or his high school reunion but thats another story but *or our *irst ever li*e workshop called the 1ireside $hat. "he *irst one we are doing is in Melbourne, #ustralia. Its coming up ne+t week and thats why he is out here. So, we are well and truly in a live event mode and we started talking and saying 2%ell, you know what, there is an art or science really what you guys can do when you go to a live event to *ollow up with a potential lead *or your business3 and #ndrew is *resh out o* a 4as 5egas e+po as well where he used these tips with somebody and he is going to share some o* the results with you and we are going to walk you through a little bit o* a process you can do, quick and easy, something you can always remember and use *rom now on wherever you go to a live event. So, are we ready6 Andrew McCauley: -h, yes, we are ready. Heather Porter: %e are ready. Andrew McCauley: I think I will touch on what I learned in one o* our previous episodes not a long ago about going to this event in 5egas. I got a couple o* more e+pos I am about to go and check out as well but I have 0ust also been to a mastermind in San 7iego last week and some principles apply. #ll these people, all these entrepreneurs were there. 8ust today I got an e,mail *rom somebody saying 2 ey, I have got your business card. I had to reach out and connect with you but I cant remember what I want. So, please get in touch and lets reestablish that connection.3 So, I thought that was a good way *or this person to say 2/ou know
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what, I have no idea who you are, I cant remember what we talked about but lets connect3 because obviously we connected at the event about something. "his was a networking mastermind. So, we were always going to connect with di**erent people but sometimes its hard to keep a track o* who you see and who you meet. So, I dont know i* I told you that, I 0ust thought I would lead in with that a little bit. Heather Porter: /ou want to talk about what we learned this week, dont you6 Andrew McCauley: I do, I do, I do but you know what, I want you to start o** this week. So, why dont you get o** and we will go *rom there. Heather Porter: Its truly a live event sort o* theme because I am actually going to show you something that I learned or more really was reminded o*. I spoke at a live event over the last weekend in Melbourne to an ama<ing group o* women and I was telling them about how to sort o* leverage your brand and the content that you could create and got a really big 2%ow! I love that3 back in return. So, I thought I would share this with you guys as well. %hen you are creating a blog post *or your own website, what you can do is repurpose it or write another version and try and *ind another blog community or 0ust another blog where you can post your article or that version o* the article. Its a very power*ul way to be introduced to a new market and also build your credibility overnight because you are now no longer 0ust on your own website but you are on other authority websites that e+ist. 'ow, its really easy to *ind these blogs. #ll you need to do is hop on over to ;oogle and there is actually a search area in ;oogle. I know many o* you guys already know about ;oogle images but there is actually an area in there *or ;oogle =logs. Its in, I think, one o* the drop,downs at the top that says 2#dvanced Search3 or 2More3. /ou keep clicking on 2More3 basically but there is a section called 2=logs3 and you can actually search *or your keywords in your industry and ;oogle will deliver a whole load o* blogs, ama<ing blogs and all you need to do is hop on over to their contact page, tell them who you are and say 24ook, I have a great article I would love to contribute. Its an original piece o* content as well.3 /ou dont want to have duplicates. So, you say 2Its an original piece o* content. Its never been anywhere else and I would like to give it to you.3 /ou can also check out a site called " and thats a blogging directory. "here are plenty o* others out there but thats a good starting point. So, guys, I guess it was more o* a reminder, more than something big that I learned but whenever you are creating your content, use your content wisely. More than ever you need to be creating good valuable content. So, i* you are, you are obviously spending time on it, think o* other places you can post that beauti*ul content you worked so hard on. So, thats me. "hats mine, #ndrew. %hat about you6 Andrew McCauley: I was going to touch on that, the blog thing you talked about on ;oogle. Its also a great way to *ind out who are the industry leaders in your industry or your area because you can go and *ind the blogs that are all about that particular topic. I have actually used that a number o* times to reach out *or our maga<ine. I wanted to go and *ind out some e+perts *or our maga<ine, The nline !ootprint maga<ine. So, what I do is I will go and *ind the right blog, the ones that come up at the top o* the search results and go and contact those people, 0ust like you said, through the >$ontact ?s page. So, very, very good. 'ow, I was sharing be*ore the call with you what I learned and we were touching on it. 7o you want to know something *unny6 I have completely *orgotten what I learned this week.

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Heather Porter: I know, I know you learned because you were talking to me about it earlier. I am going to help him along, guys, his 0etlag state o* mind right now. So, dont work too hard. 'o, you were talking about the di**erent types o* 1acebook ads that are getting the best results. Andrew McCauley: "hank you, thank you. I have gone completely blank. So, we have run a series o* ads. %e have run a series o* ads *or our live event and we used a *ew di**erent ones. "here are sponsored stories or sponsored posts and there is also your normal ads on 1acebook and we really knuckled down and tried to ramp up our 1acebook advertising to *ind out what was the best one. %e have heard that sponsored posts and sponsored stories are the best. So, we wanted to see how much by and I got to tell you sponsored stories, by *ar by miles apart they were so much better than the normal ads that we put on 1acebook. It blew me away actually. "he percentages that we were getting o* click,through rates o* take,up o* the ads and that sort o* stu** was 0ust phenomenal. So, i* you ever think about doing 1acebook advertising, I strongly suggest that you look at sponsored posts or sponsored stories and look at the results you get *rom that because its 0ust phenomenal. "hat was something that blew me away this week. "hat was what I had learned. Heather Porter: #ndrew, really, those are the ones where i* you post something on your wall, there is a little button underneath it that says 2.romote this post3. "hats the one6 Andrew McCauley: 'ow, be care*ul about this because you can go and promote that post. %e were running ads *or speci*ically people in the cities that we were running the event in. So, what I didnt want to do was promote the post to all o* our *ans across the world because it wasnt relevant to those people and i* you go and click on that button *rom within your wall, *rom your news*eed wall, it wont let you segregate who sees that ad. So, what you need to do is you create the post *irst and then go into >#ds Manager and once you are inside your >#ds Manager, you can say 2Select ?R43. It will say 2.ick the page that you want to pick3 and then it will say 27o you want to run an ad *or sponsored story63, you click on 2/es3 and then you can start *iltering all the bits and pieces that you want. So, you can target market, who you want to see the ad @ i* they like *ootball or i* they dont like *ootball and so on. /ou can go and target people that live within a certain radius or a certain country or a certain city which is what we did. So, we were very targeted with what we did and got some great results. So, dont 0ust click on 2Show this ad to everybody3 because it wasnt necessarily valuable *or everybody to see that ad. Heather Porter: /eah, waste o* money. #nd one more thing 0ust *or those o* you that are new to this, what happens when you do that is the post sticks up at the top o* the news*eed and not down the right hand side where so many o* the other ads have been appearing. $orrect, #ndrew6 Andrew McCauley: "hats right, yeah. Heather Porter: -kay, good. Important tip *or you guys because 1acebook advertising is very valuable and you can *ast results and its not too e+pensive to get those results, like #ndrew was saying, when you are segmenting and going a*ter the right market. So, good one. Andrew McCauley: I dont know how this is going to be e**ective *or, I 0ust want to add this, because I am seeing now in my posts all the time sponsored ads *rom
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di**erent peoples sponsored stories *rom di**erent companies and I am like 2%hatever3 and personally I am getting over it and I know a lot o* other people are and I had seen a number o* remarksA .eople will go out o* their way to go and write on these companies walls pretty nasty stu** because their post had appeared in their news*eed. So, 0ust be aware that I would like to know how long its going to last. .eople are starting to get used to it and they are saying that and they are 0ust becoming blind to it. So, I am not saying it will go away but I am 0ust saying the e**ectiveness may go away because people will start thinking 2%ell, i* its the top B or ( storiesA3 Its like ;oogle #ds. %hen you look *or ;oogle search results and to top bo+ in yellow, the *irst three are all paid and you sort o* turn a blind eye to it and you start scrolling down. I 0ust wonder how e**ective its going to be. So, i* you are going to do it, do it soon but keep measuring and tracking. Heather Porter: &+actly right. %ell said. #lright. So, lets get stuck into our > ow "o 1ollow ?p %ith # .otential 4ead #t # 4ive &vent podcast show. Shall we6 Andrew McCauley: 4ets do that. 4ets kick it o**. Heather Porter: -kay, good. So, here is the thing. 4ets paint a picture, right6 "his has happened to so many o* us and I have a huge bo+ o* business cards sitting in *ront o* me right now with probably some incredible contacts I have never done anything about. 'ow, say you have an e+po stand or you have a live event or a networking event and you meet somebody in *ront o* you, they are right there and they are standing there as a potential lead. 4es walk through a process that you can do with that person, multiple processes I suppose where you can get them into a database and *ollow them up with really valuable in*ormation. %e have talked be*ore about a lead generation *unnel which is a series o* auto,responder emails and lead pages and things like that. So, these are all ama<ing tools, hope*ully, by now you have built in your business and then what we are going to talk about now is how do you tap leads into this pree+isting ama<ing tool that you perhaps already have. Andrew McCauley: /es, yes. -* course you can always start manually doing it and a lot o* these systems where they are using like Mail$himp which is generally *ree, #weber, -**ice #utopilot, In*usionso*t, any o* those, i$ontact, $onstant$ontact. /ou can manually enter names and addresses into these accounts. Its a little bit tedious and pain*ul, pain*ully tedious and you got to have di**erent in*ormation *rom di**erent people. So, on my business card, *or instance, I will have some in*ormation which will be di**erent than somebody elses business card. Some people like to put all o* their details including all o* the social sites on there. -ther people 0ust want to put their phone number or an e,mail address. So, you are going to get di**erent types and di**erent amounts o* in*ormation *rom peoples business cards but manual can be the slowest process. /ou always open up to errors as well because i* you are reading a business card and i* you are typing it in, you may enter a wrong number, wrong digit on a phone number, you may enter a wrong letter in an e,mail address which renders that card useless basically because you are not going to go back and check it later i* they get a bounce back or you cant get through. So, that is a problem but its still a better solution than leaving them all in a bo+ in a drawer. Heather Porter: %ell, lets walk through it because you are *resh out o* 5egas in an e+po and I think i* we use an e+ample o* what you did and keeping in mind i* you are listening, this is something you can use obviously at any live event that you go to but lets walk through, pretend that I am a stand holder at an e+po and
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there is people walking by. options6

%hat would you instruct me to do6

%hat are my

Andrew McCauley: Run, run, run *or the hill. Heather Porter: -kay, I am out o* here. Andrew McCauley: See you later. $lose it down. 'o, no, no. So, an e+po is an awesome place *or targeted market, right6 .ick an industry, it doesnt matterC there are e+pos *or everything. %hen I was in the 5egas, in one building I was at "he #merican %oodworkers and 1urniture Show &+hibition. 'ow, who would have thought there is that sort o* thing but there were thousands o* people thee. 'e+t door there was the Small $ra*t #nd obbyist #ssociation where there were thousands o* people at that one. "hen in another hall in the same building, it was a *ruit and veggie e+po. I mean, I would call that a supermarket but these guys had these special *ruit and vegetable e+po. "here is an e+po *or everything. It doesnt matter what you do in the world, there is an e+po *or it. "he great thing is that people who like that sort o* stu** go to e+pos to see these stu**. 'ow, i* you have got a store or a booth and people are walking past, dont let them walk past and not do anything. /ou want to attract their attention by doing something. 'ow, i* we talk about that in website terms, people visit your page and then leave, you want to make sure that you are grabbing their in*ormation. %hy did they go to your page in the *irst place6 "hey were there, they were so close. 7ont let them go. So, what do we do6 %e talk about having a lead page or an opt,in page or a landing page *or them to come and get an ethical bribe. Same principle at a boothC you can give them an ethical bribe, something to get their name and address because you only have one shot at the *irst impression you only have that one shot to collect their name and address. I* they walk past your booth, they will very unlikely walk back past it again later. So, how can you go and attract their interest. /ou can give away some sort o* *reebie. /ou can give a competition. /ou might want to give them something o* value that they are going to say 2/ou know what, I really like that. I want to be in that. I want to know more. ere is my e,mail address.3 So, the *irst step is come up with something that you can give them as a value add to get their e,mail address because once you have got their e,mail address, then they can walk on by and i* you never see them again at the e+po, you know that you can still reach out to them again later. Heather Porter: #nd really quickly on that point because I am also thinking *rom the live event perspective big picture too, another thing you can do i* you are at a networking event is you can say 2 ey, I have a series o* *ree videos3 or 2I have a *ree e,$ourse. %ould you like it6 %ould you like a copy o* that because I can 0ust take your business card and I can send that o** to you #S#..3 So, it can be like the giveaway like you are suggesting but this applies anywhere you go. Andrew McCauley: /eah. So, what do you do with this in*ormation6 %ell, there is a couple o* ways to do it. 1irstly, the old *ashioned way @ give them a pen and an entry *orm to *ill in. %hether its an entry *orm *or giveaway or a *orm to put in their details in. #t least, give them something to write with. 'ow, i* they are a little bit more tech savvy, then they may want to SMS a particular name, lets say, the e+po is called > air D =eauty &+po, they might SMS the word >=eauty to a speci*ic number thats yours and what that does is it will send their phone number to your database and there is a lot o* smart systems out there that will send a message back saying 2 i, this is 8ohn. %hat is your name63 Its almost like an interactive SMS conversation going on. So, they write back 2May name is eather3
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and then the message is 2"hanks, eather. %hat is your email address63 So, eather puts in her e,mail address and all o* a sudden you have collected not only their mobile phone number but their name and their e,mail address and how they are in your system. So, there are some SMS ways to do that. I* they have a smart phone that has a QR code reader @ these QR codes are becoming everywhere now, nearly every smart phone has a QR reader or they can download one *or *ree @ but you may put a QR code on your booth or on your signage somewhere, even on the cards you hand out that people walk past and collect, you can put a QR code there saying 2Scan this *or a chance to win or learn more3 and as soon as they scan it, it takes them to your Mail$himp opt,in page. So, people can put their name and address directly *rom their phone in that way. Heather Porter: #nd a couple o* things on that *or those o* you that dont know what a QR code is. Its that little square black and white, almost looks like a barcode with a whole bunch o* dots in it. So, its something that you set up yoursel* as a business and you can have it redirect anywhere, to any webpage o* your choice online and you can do a lot o* things but basically what #ndrew is saying is you scan it and that that person would automatically be taken to your opt,in page to get your *ree thing or be entered in a competition and you would set that up *rom your end. %hats that *ree site, #ndrew, that you can get QR codes *rom6 =eQurious, right6 Andrew McCauley: =eQrious. Heather Porter: 8ust ;oogle >=eQrious. Andrew McCauley: "here is a whole bunch o* QR codes there. Heather Porter: #nother point on that, #ndrew, too because I was thinking while you were talking that as a speaker you can use that SMS thing when you were talking, as a speaker you could use that SMS thing you were talking, correct6 So, i* you had an audience you could say 2 ey, everybody in the audience, SMS to this numberA3 Andrew McCauley: I would say that would work awesomely sort o* i* a guy got up on stage and he was at a multi,speaker event and he said 2%ho wants to the slide show *rom today63 and all these people would say 2/eah, we would want the slide show.3 I mean, really how many people look at the slide show a*ter its gone6 'ot a lot. e said 2I* you want the slide show, 0ust te+t >slide to this number3 and basically all the audience te+ted the number. e actually made a big point, pulled his phone out then did this and te+ted the number. So, what he did was he collected all the audiences database, all their e,mail addresses and phone numbers directly by 0ust saying 2 ere are my slides *or the day.3 e had only done the presentation. e didnt have to go and do any other e+tra work. It was 0ust having the slides available *or download that people could use and access on that day. So, its a really good method o* doing that. -n that note, I also see people who would have name badges and their name badge is >=ill Smith and underneath it will say 2"e+t3 some letters 2to this number *or *ree video.3 Heather Porter: -h my gosh! "hats ding, ding, ding like a huge gold nugget o* a tip. Andrew McCauley: /eah and it works really wellC they have it there. So, little things like that on your name badge is an awesome way to do it. So, the *inal way i* you are at an event or *inal way to collect names and addresses is also 0ust
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youre your website, give them and make it a *orward slash E:F i* you want to give away your promo or e+po or event and that way people go to the website and all that is is 0ust an e,mail capture *orm on a landing page. So, let me 0ust recap. 1our ways to collect names and addresses at an event or at an e+po or at a networking *unction is SMSing the details, QR codes, websites or good old *ashioned pen and paper. Heather Porter: #nd a quick question on that. 7o you have plat*orms in mind i* people want to do this whole SMS thing6 %here could they go to *ind more out6 Andrew McCauley: "here is a number o* di**erent ones. Instant$ustomer is a good one thats actually worldwide. "here is a couple o* others in #ustralia. I think &asy"e+t is one in #ustralia, dont quote me on that one. 7o a search *or it. /ou will *ind a whole bunch o* companies in your location that will do this sort o* stu** *or you. #nd the *inal way actually, there was a *i*th way o* collecting names and e,mail addresses and that is business cards. 'ow, a lot o* people have a *ishbowl *or business cards whether you go to a restaurant and they say 2.ut your business card in *or a *ree lunch3 or collecting business cards in general. "here are apps out there that let you scan business cards @ and I spoke about this at the start, doing manually @ there are apps out there that will actually do the scanning *or you. -ne o* my *avorites is called $ardMunch and basically you take a photo o* the business card, it goes and processes the in*ormation thats on your business card and it puts it into the right *ield and then hooks that person up with your 4inkedIn account so that you can go and connect with them on 4inkedIn. It grabs the details. I* it sees details that are common to somebodys account on 4inkedIn, it matches it up and says 2 ey, this person is on 4inkedIn. %ould you like to connect with them there63 So, $ardMunch is a great *ree app that you can use. Instant$ustomer, as I said, is one o* my *avorite tools that does all that sort o* stu** *or you and puts it into a database. So, there are *ive ways to go and collect names and addresses *rom an event or an e+po. Heather Porter: #nd then $ardMunch too, it alerts you when it actually synched up the card to your 4inkedIn, doesnt it6 Andrew McCauley: It can take a couple o* hours because I think there is some sort o* manual process as well 0ust making sure that all the *ields are correctly *illed. Heather Porter: /eah, its an ama<ing little tool to get your 4inkedIn built up a well with a really good list o* leads. -ne thing I want to say, #ndrew, as well. %hen you say direct people to your website, a really easy thing and we have done this. #ctually, i* you are listening to this right now, you will hear an #merican guy say 2;o get your *ree resource guide at www.#/ 'ow, what we have done is that is a domain that we bought and we are redirecting it to a page, like a longer ?R4. So, i* you actually go to www.#/, you will see that the domain opens up into a much longer one, its a redirect. /ou guys can do the same thing. So, i* you are doing an event, buy a domain thats really short, that 0ust goes to a landing page which, like #ndrew said, like a lead page. #ll that is is a simple, simple page, no navigation at the top, 0ust has in*ormation about what you are giving away and an opt,in bo+ so people can enter their details. So, ideally at a live event you dont want to send people to the homepage o* your website. /ou want to send them to a speciali<ed page 0ust to get the *reebie and, like I said be*ore, i* you are at a networking event, you could say 2 ey, I have this ama<ing e,$ourse. It was great to meet you. $an I send that to you via your e,
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mail63 and they may say 2-h, yes3 or 2no3 and you can say 2/ou can also 0ust go to this website and you can get it there3 and you can write down that short domain on the business card that you hand over to them as well. Andrew McCauley: %hat was that subliminal message 2#/=.odcast.com36 Heather Porter: 2;o check it out. ;o check it out.3 Andrew McCauley: 2#/=.odcast.com3. Heather Porter: I have to show them a good e+ample, dont it6 Andrew McCauley: I love it @ 2;o there now! $loses in G minutes!3 /eah, thats a good point, good point. Heather Porter: So, simpli*y it. "hink in terms o* the person in *ront o* you. /ou 0ust want to make it so easy *or them to engage with you in the way that they want to and thats why we suggested SMS or you could do scan, you collect their business cards, have them go to your website or have them SMS something in, pretty much to that point and you have nailed all angles. Manually they can give you some details or, like #ndrew said, you can have a *orm where they write their details should they not have a business card. So, manual, SMS or online and QR code as well. /ou have nailed it. /ou have covered how they want to communicate. So, they pretty much cant help but say yes. Andrew McCauley: $an I give a *inal tip about this6 Its going to depend on your market. 1or instance, at this woodworking one, a lot o* people didnt have business cards, cra<y enough. In this day and age who would have thought they wouldnt have a business card6 "hey didnt have them. So, here is where we ran into a bit o* a hurdle is that we gave them the *orm to *ill in, they *illed in their *orm and that sort o* thing but when we came to read it, we couldnt read their writing. So, here is the tip. ;et your sta** to write the *orms *or them or manually check it be*ore they submit it in the bo+ and tell them how you cant win the pri<e or you cant get the in*ormation they were giving @ 2%e want to make sure that we can get your in*ormation so we can contact you i* you win3 @ so that you can manually check to make sure that somebody on your team can read the in*ormation because so many people were writing scribbly draw stu** that we couldnt understand. Its like 2%hoa! "here is a lesson.3 %e learned that probably hal* way through the *irst day. So, we were able to correct it but had we let it go on, we would have had a whole bunch o* unreadable pieces o* in*ormation. So, there is a tip. Make sure you can read it be*ore they walk o**. Heather Porter: /eah, 0ust write it down, 0ust do it *or them. Andrew McCauley: 7o it *or them i* you can, yeah. Heather Porter: 'ow, as we start to wrap up, #ndrew, I actually wanted to do a quick shout,out to the ama<ing Shane and 8ocelyn Samms. 'ow, they stumbled across our Stitcher Radio $hannel. So, we are not only on i"unes, we are also on .odomatic and Soundcloud but also Stitcher Radio. "hey *ound us on Stitcher Radio and they love the 2%hat did you learn3 segment that you and I always start the show with. So, I 0ust wanted to say to you both, thank you so much *or listening. %e really appreciate it and a big shout,out to Shane and 8ocelyn Samms *rom & %e appreciate it. Andrew McCauley: "hanks *or signing in and thanks *or writing in too. Its great to get your e,mail the other day too. So, thank you.
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Heather Porter: #ndrew, you are about ready to pass out. should slowly close down the show. Andrew McCauley: %heel o** to the side. Heather Porter: /es, sounds good.

So, we probably

Andrew McCauley: %ell, eather, I think we are going to do one more podcast. "hen we are doing a live one in *ront o* our live studio audience. Heather Porter: %e are really e+cited. So, thats at our upcoming event. %e can do a live in *ront o* our audience and all o* you guys will be able to hear that. So, make sure that you tune in a couple o* times *rom now and, as always, thank you so much *or your support wherever you are listening to us on or *rom at whatever time o* the day. %e really appreciate you guys. %e love to have you drop on buy, give us a review and let us know what you think and pop on over to www.#utopilot/ we put all the links and e+citing resources on that website to supplement what you are listening to right now. Andrew McCauley: #lright, great talking to you, great to be in the same part o* the world. Heather Porter: It is. 5ery cool. #lright. "hanks, #ndrew. Andrew McCauley: %e will see you ne+t time. -kay, see you. =ye. Heather Porter: =ye, bye.

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