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AYU or LONGEVITY ================ Prime determinants of longevity are Moon, Lagna and Eighth Lord in that order.

M oon is the chief determinant. Longevity Favourables: ---------------------(See combinations that neutralise Balarishta) 1. Lagna conjoined or aspected by its lord. 2. Lagna lord in Kendra aspected by benefics. 3. Lagna lord in 8th. 4. Eighth conjoined or aspected by its lord. 5. Benefics in Lagna, Kendra or 8th. 6. Malefics in 3rd,6th or 11th especially Rahu. 7. Moon strong or well placed. 8. Jupiter in Kendra in Strength. 9. Saturn in 8th or Lagna(not in a common sign). 10. Planets in Exaltation (and own signs). 11. Lagna or Lagna lord Vargottama. 12. Benefics in 8th or 11th or well placed. 13. Sun in 11th for daybirths and Moon in 11th for nightbirths. Longevity Unfavourables: ----------------------1. Moon in Dusthanas or in 7th. 2. Moon in Lagna aspected by malefics. 3. Moon heavily afflicted. 4. Malefics in Kendra or 8th. 5. 8th lord in Lagna,7th,12th or Kendra. 6. 8th lord stronger than Lagna lord. 7. Lagna lord in 12th less so in 6th. 8. Benefics in Dusthanas. Balarishta (Longevity less than 13 yrs) ---------1. Moon in Gandanta of Nakshatra (Ashwini-1, Makha-1, Moola-1 and Ashlesha-4, J yeshta-4, Revati-4) aspected or conjoined with malefic planet. 2. Moon in Mrityu Bhaga or Fatal Degrees (Mesha 8, Rishaba 25, Mithuna 22, Kata ka 22, Simha 21, Kanya 1, Thula 4, Vrischika 23, Dhanur 18, Makara 20, Kumbha 20 and Meena 10) aspected by a ma lefic planet. 3. Waning Moon in Lagna, malefics in Kendra or in 8th. 4. Benefics in 6th or 8th aspected by malefics. 5. Mars,Saturn and Sun in conjunction in 6th or 8th with no benefic aspect. 6. When the Moon is in the 6th or 8th aspected by malefic. 7. Moon in Lagna,6th,8th or 12th aspected by malefic and no benefics in Kendras . 8. Moon in conjunction with malefics in Lagna,7th,8th or 12th with no benefic a specting or in Kendras. 9. Moon,Rahu and Mars conjoined in 8th. 10. Malefics in Lagna and the 7th and Moon with a malefic with no benefic aspect . 11. All malefics in Lagna and 8th, Moon in 12th and no benefics in Kendras. 12. Afflicted Moon in Dusthana with Rahu is Strong Balarishta even if Jupiter in Lagna.

The following combinations neutralise Balarishta -----------------------------------------------1. Moon strong in benefic sign or navamsa - more so when aspected by benefic an d without malefic associations. 2. Lagna lord strong with benefics in kendra without malefic aspect. 3. Jupiter,Venus or Mercury strong in a Kendra free from malefic conjunction or aspect. 4. Jupiter in Kendra in strength. 5. Lagna lord in Kendra or Trikona in strength. 6. Planets in exaltation or own signs. 7. Rahu in 3rd,6th or 11th aspected by benefics. 8. Rahu in Lagna in Mesha, Rishaba or Kataka. 9. Moons sign lord in Lagna aspected by benefic. 10. Moon exalted and aspected by Venus. 11. Daybirth in Krishnapaksha or Nightbirth in Shuklapaksha and Moon(even if in 6,7,12) aspected by both benefic and malefic. Alpayu (Longevity less than 33 Years) -----1. Lagna lord exalted unaspected by benefics and Saturn in Dhanur or Meena nava msa. Ayus 19 years. 2. Moon in 6th or 8th and malefics in Kendras do not receive benefic aspect. Ay us 20 years. 3. Mars and Jupiter in Lagna, Moon in 7th, and 8th occupied by a planet. 4. Lagna lord in Lagna, Planet in 8th aspected by malefic, and 8th lord in 9th. Ayus 24 years. 5. Saturn in Lagna in a common sign, 8th and 12th lords weak. Ayus 25 years. 6. Mars in Lagna, Sun and Saturn in Kendras. Ayus 20 years. 7. 8th lord from Lagna or Moon in Kendra or 12th. Ayus 28 years. 8. Saturn in inimical sign in Lagna and benefics in 3,6,9,12. Ayus 27 years. 9. Sun,Moon and Saturn conjoined in 8th. Ayus 29 years. 10. 8th lord in Kendra and Lagna lord weak. Ayus 32 years. 11. Mercury strong in Kendra and 8th unoccupied. Ayus 30 years. 12. Lagna lord and Moon weak in 3,6,9,12 aspected by malefics. Ayus 32 years. 13. Sun in Lagna hemmed by malefics. Ayus 32 years. 14. No benefics in Kendra and 8th occupied. Ayus 30 years. 15. 8th lord a malefic in conjunction with another malefic occupies evil Shashti amsa. Short life. 16. Lagna and Moon with malefics without benefic aspects. Short Life. 17. Moon in 6th,8th or 12th afflicted by Rahu,Mars or Saturn. Short Life. Madhyayu (Longevity less than 70 years) -------1. 8th lord in a fixed sign in Kendra and no benefic in 8th. Ayus 40 years. 2. 8th lord in Kendra, Mars in Lagna and Sun, Saturn in 3rd and 6th. Ayus 44 ye ars. 3. Moon in Lagna is Vargottama and aspected by malefic or weak benefic. Ayus 48 years. 4. Navamsa Parivarthana between Lagna lord and 8th lord of Rasi Chart. Ayus 50 years. 5. Saturn in Lagna in common Sign and Moon in 8th or 12th. Ayus 33 years. 6. All malefics in Dusthana from Lagna lord benefics not in eighth. Ayus 60 yea rs. 7. Lagna lord Moon sign lord and 8th lord combine and Jupiter not in Kendra. Ay us 65 years. 8. Lagna lord in Kendra or Trikona but not aspecting Lagna, and Moon well place

d. Ayus 70 years. Purnayu (longevity greater than 75 years) ------(See Longevity Favourables and combinations that neutralise Balarishta above.)