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Thesis Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The problem and it's background Introduction: In creating an introduction, researcher must be very careful with the grammar and also be very specific why did you choose the title and why do you want to conduct a study on the said problem. It's like telling a story to a reader, and the reader must understand the problem and why there is a need to conduct a study for it. If there are related articles that will make a research more professional, cite it. Those statements and articles will not only make your introduction long, but will also give more information and insight to the readers why there's a need to conduct such study. Statement of the problem: This is where the general and specific problems will be written. Problems that the researchers wanted to solve, and the very reason why the study will be conducted. For example:

The researchers seek to determine the effects of alcohol on pregnant women. particularly this study will also find answers to the following questions. 1. What is the effect of alcohol on pregnant women? 2. What will be the significance after conducting the said research? 3. What are the effects of alcohol to a baby inside the womb of the mother? Number of specific will depend on the researcher and as much as possible try to put only problems that you know you will be able to answer. A researcher must also remember that, it is a no no, to write questions that are answerable by yes or no. Hypothesis: Hypothesis is what a researcher is expecting of a study. There are two kinds of hypothesis and that are the Null and the Alternative Hypothesis. The Null will pertain to the subject having no effect on the study while the Alternative will pertain on having an effect. Example: Null: Cigarette Smoking has no significant effect Alternative: Smoking has a significant effect on on pregnancy pregnancy

And at the latter part of the study, researcher will decide whether to reject or accept the null or alternative hypothesis. Significance of the study: This part of chapter 1 is one of the most important part of a research, without this, a research will be useless. It's like buying a expensive car not using it. Researchers conduct a research for the purpose not just to complete the requirements but also to contribute something in the society. Who will benefit from the study and what the study can do for the betterment of all. Scope and Limitations: This part is where you will put the scope of the whole research.

What are the limits of the research, where the researchers will focus and what are the only things that should be done by the researcher.