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1. SAP Solutions mySAP Business Suite andmySAP ERP Definition of SAP NetWeaver The SAP Release Strategy 2. Navigation Navigation in eneral Advan!ed Navigation in the SAP "# $% A&&endi' ( Personali)ing the "ser #nterfa!e *. The SystemKernel Prin!i&al Ar!hite!ture of the SAP We+ A&&li!ation Server Dialog Pro!essing in the SAP System ,ommuni!ation -ith the Data+ase A&&endi' ( The SAP Transa!tion A&&endi' ( .o!/ 0anagement in SAP Systems A&&endi' ( "&date Pro!essing $. Software Develo ment in SAP Systems Data Stru!ture of an SAP System and Trans&orts +et-een SAP Systems 1ABAP Sta!/2 A!!essing and Editing ABAP Re&ository 3+4e!ts #ntrodu!tion to the SAP NetWeaver 5ava Develo&ment #nfrastru!ture 6. Communication and !ntegration Technologies ,ross(SystemBusiness Pro!esses Remote 7un!tion ,alls and BAP#s We+ Servi!es SAP BusinessWor/flo%. Tools for SAP SystemAdministration Daily Tas/s in System 0anagement SAP Servi!e0ar/et&la!e SAP Develo&er Net-or/ 8. SAP Net"eaver and #nter rise Services Architecture SAP NetWeaver 9 An3vervie7rom SAP R:* to mySAP ERP and the Enter&rise Servi!es Ar!hite!ture ;. $asics What #s an SAP System< Pro!ess of a System.ogon ,onfiguring SAP .ogon Analysis Transa!tions =. Starting and Sto ing the SAP System SystemStart> Pro!ess System Start> .ogs SystemShutdo-n> ?o- andWhy< A&&endi'> Starting and Sto&&ing "nder 3ther 3&erating Systems 1@.!ntroduction to SystemConfiguration ?o- the SystemEvaluates its Parameters ?o- to Set SystemParameters Setting u& 3&eration 0odes

11.%undamentals of"or&ing with the Data'ase Ar!hite!ture of Data+ase Systems Ba!/ing "& the Data+ase ,ontents 3vervie-> 0onitoring the Data+ase 12.$asics of (ser Administration "ser Administration ,on!e&t Authori)ation ,on!e&t .ogin Parameters and "ser #nfo 1*.Setting ( )emote Connections 7undamentals and Ty&es of R7, Setting "& R7, ,onne!tions 1$."or&ing with the Trans ort System Data Stru!ture of SAP Systems and System .ands!a&es Performing and ,he!/ing Trans&orts 16.Su ort Pac&ages* Plug+!ns* and Add+,ns Term Definition> Su&&ort Pa!/ages #m&orting Su&&ort Pa!/ages "&dating the Tools #m&orting SAP Notes 1%.Scheduling $ac&ground Tas&s 7undamentals of Ba!/ground Pro!essing Time(Based S!heduling of 5o+s Event(Based S!heduling of 5o+s Ba!/ground Pro!essing> 3ther To&i!s 5o+ S!heduling> E'tending the Standard 18.System-onitoring 0onitoring Ar!hite!ture #n!luding Remote Systems ,reating Aour3-n0onitors Pro&erties Bariants and Threshold Balues ,on!e&t of the SAP Solution 0anager