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Apple pie consulting About Us Apple pie consulting is a premier consultancy involved in manpower recruitment.

We cater to the manpower requirements of corporate of all sizes, all over India. Ours is a professionally managed consultancy company with e pertise in referring!short listing right candidates, fulfilling the required criteria for a given "ob. We recognize and cater to the special needs of clients in the various industries, specializing in Insurance industry. Our consultants provide valuable insight and assistance in the hiring process that goes beyond recruiting. We pride ourselves in bridging the gap between employers and candidates by assisting companies in recruiting the best candidates!talent available and assisting professionals in finding great career opportunities with sustainable growth # e cellence. Our $trength %he &nowledge of the client's organization along with the understanding of mar&et realities and developments in the industry allows us to efficiently discharge the role of a placement consultant. Our (ashi& office has strong presence in placement sector, caters to all geographic locations across the country to serve you better. )aving sourced a multiple range of vast wor&force to a diverse client base at *A( India level, )orizon resources is &nown for quality recruitments consistently. We have a huge +ata ,ase of the best candidates- that helps us in quic& recruitment. .quipped office infrastructure with professional and energetic staff team helps us to provide outstanding services to both clients and candidates ali&e.

/ision # 0ission

/ision 1 2We at Apple pie consulting have committed to add continuous value to our valued customers. Our vision is to serve leading companies by consistently delivering superior value with the highest quality standards by underta&ing a truly global 2 0ission 1 2%o become the most preferred and most trusted service provider and ensure customer satisfaction by delivering best talent , adding value and honoring commitments at all times, ensuring sustainable growth # e cellence2.

Industries . posure

Insurance, 3045, %elecom, 4onsumer +urables, *harma, ,3$I, 6ubricants, +%) etc.

Assessment *rocess Our integrated search process comprises the following steps7 8. 4lear definition of the position. 9. %ailor made search to see& the right candidates available in the "ob 0ar&et. :. In depth filtrations, short listings, and personal interviews. ;. 3acilitating the client<candidate meetings. =. Involvement in negotiations. %erms # 4onditions We would charge a fee of >.::? of the gross salary for 0anager 6evel # for above level 8@?. %he fee is payable within three wee&s as the candidate "oins the company. In case candidate leaves before 8 month, we will give replacement or payment can be ad"usted in further billings.

Aindly confirm the acceptance from ,+0. 3or 3urther +etails 4ontact us on7< 0obile no7 < >8;B;9CC=B Or 0ail us on 7< , %han&s and Degards, vaibhav zawar E+irectorF Apple pie consulting