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Nicole Lopez February 4, 2014 WRD 104 Cover Letter

Writing Is Like

To me, writing is like growing up. From the day we are born, we grow each and every day just like our writing. We begin our writing career from learning the basics of English such as learning how to trace and write out each letter of the alphabet. As time goes on, we go into our toddler years and learn how to walk and speak basic sentences just like our writing. During our time in school when we are toddlers, we learn how to compose basic sentences such as the cat meows or the dog barks. I have never seen writing as something everyone must be perfect at because not everyone grows up to be the perfect human being. Some people have trouble with learning how to walk, talk, or mature just like some people have trouble with learning how commas work or when to use a semicolon and not a colon. Many people tend to have disabilities, which can also be disabilities that have an affect their writing. Although I may not be the perfect human being, I know I have grown up to be the best I can be. I can also say the same about my writing. I am not saying that as a child I began writing novels because I did go through tough times such as getting bad grades on essays and having writers block the entire quarter. However, I did evolve as a writer because I do feel like I have improved immensely in my writing. I do know that I have a lot of room to improve in my writing. I know this because every time I compose an essay, I have grammar mistakes, run-on sentences,

and other grammatical errors. Although there might not be too many errors in my essays, I definitely do know that I am not a perfect writer. Throughout my writing career at DePaul University, I find myself enjoying my WRD classes more than any of the others I am taking. Why you must ask? I enjoy them because I feel like writing is helping me become a better student. I feel like I put more meaning into my writing and I am graded very crucially instead of just being given a letter grade with no feed back like I did in grammar school. In the future, I do hope to become an English teacher myself to help children grow as writers. Also, I would like to help the youth of future generations find themselves and their story through the art and technique of writing. Theres nothing better than writing a story about yourself or putting your life on a piece of paper for others to read. Although we as humans must pass on to the next life but our writing lives on forever. It starts off by growing with us but then grows with others when they are able to read our writings and enjoy them as we did composing them.