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Six Month Evaluation Dr.

Jeffrey Moss

Preface: This Six Month Evaluation has been completed in accordance with Dr. Moss contract with the Beaufort County Board of Education. The key component of this evaluation has been to view the 90 Day Plan developed by Dr. Moss upon his arrival in the District. This evaluation has no compensation tied to it nor does it use student data as an element. As required, this is a statement by the Board acting as a Committee of the Whole. It has been reviewed and approved by the entire Board.

Executive Summary: Dr. Moss has set a clear expectation for relations with the Board and delineates Board and Superintendent Responsibilities well. Decision-making and explanation of solutions has been a trademark of his work with the Board, staff and community. Dr. Jeffrey Moss has a clear vision that aligns well with the mission and strategic goals of the Board and District. His central and overriding theme is the improvement of instruction for all students. Dr. Moss effectively utilizes a system that promotes open communication with the Board, staff, students and all aspects of the community. To date, he has demonstrated ability to dialogue with all of these various stakeholders often and with success. He also has a willingness to listen carefully and responds with ease and confidence. He has changed the openness and transparency in many positive ways. Dr. Moss experience has proven valuable in decisions on finance, capital projects, personnel, and curriculum and program development. He has provided innovation in regards to problem-solving and can be counted on to present multiple options to problems. His leadership style is refreshing and welcomed. Professional development activities have been instituted, that orient the staff to new technology utilization and increased competency around recognized effective instructional practice. Dr. Moss has brought energy, innovation, understanding and an open style of leadership and communication to Beaufort County Schools. The Board believes that Dr. Moss has more than met the expectations of his 90 Day Plan and is extremely pleased with his first six months as Superintendent.

Summary Comments from the Board Board Relations: the Board feels very comfortable with Dr. Moss as the District leader. He has been both tactful and frank in identifying areas that are responsibilities of the Board and those that are in his purview. He has responded well to individual Board member requests for meetings and to their individual concerns, many times incorporating them into future programs of the district. He brings clarity to the Board around his thinking and is always prepared to present the pros and cons of his recommendations; little or nothing has come down to only having one way to solve a problem. Academics: Dr. Moss has a thorough grasp of the academic performance of the District broken down by individual schools and the disaggregated student populations within schools. He is conversant in the multiple academic programs of the District and is already undertaking improvements across the spectrum from providing remediation where needed to challenging our most gifted students. He has been dynamic in developing new uses for technology and expanding the availability to a wider range of students. Additionally, he has already undertaken a program to expand choice and develop new academic options to meet the needs of individual students and the desires of parents. His personal involvement with language immersion programs, expansion of Montessori, and the push to increase and improve CATE programs, are all evidence of his keen awareness of the need, as well as, his vision of where the District should be going. Communication and Leadership: Dr. Moss has, in the first six months led the Board and the community through the development of our next Five Year Strategic Plan. This was accomplished using an inclusive design that incorporated a knowledgeable consultant and over 200 community members, who together, worked with the staff to generate a Plan on time that needed little editing. Dr. Moss regular meetings with site administrative staff, the Teacher Forum, student lunch meetings and his first round of Town Hall events along with numerous other community meetings, demonstrate a commitment to open two-way communications. He has a strong ability to be effective in expressing his views and to listen intently to others. The numerous meetings around the crowding of the Bluffton schools and the on-going discussion regarding re-districting are clear examples of Dr. Moss ability to both present innovative solutions and to be transparent in his behaviors. Finance and Operations: Dr. Moss brings deep experience and knowledge to these areas. His background as an accounting instructor leads to familiarity and comfort with district finances and how to best use our limited resources. He has already accomplished savings by re-negotiating contracts with some vendors; his negotiations with the architectural firm that is building the new Bluffton schools likely saved the District tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees. Dr. Moss already has a strong grasp of funding sources and has adapted to the differences in South Carolina; along with this he is constantly seeking new grant funding to support instruction.

Personnel: Dr. Moss has a clear vision of where he wants to make organizational changes that will make the District more effective academically as well as be more efficient. He has dealt well with numerous sensitive personnel issues that have come up in his first six months; throughout, he has kept the Board informed about both the events and his recommendations to resolve. He is responsive to the individual needs of schools in regards to staffing. He recognizes the need to do whatever possible to recruit, retain, diversify, compensate and evaluate staff to ensure that we have the best people in front of our students. He has already delineated several professional development activities to increase staff competencies around effective instructional practice and the implementation of technology to support instruction. His efforts to secure outside help in identifying best teacher prep institutions and a review of salary schedules are both examples of this commitment. General: The Board is pleased with the energy, innovation and experience that Dr. Moss has brought to the position of Superintendent. His transparency in his discussions with the Board is welcomed. His commitment to open dialogue with a wide array of community groups, staff, students and parents can only be viewed as very positive. We wait to view plans going forward to improve student performance and opportunities for all across the District.