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Write a feature article to an audience of a school magazine discussing the positive and negative impact of institutions on individuals.

In your response refer to your prescribed texts and two texts of your own choosing. 21st of August 200 Calm versus cruel: take your pick. With the ever increasing rate of !uvenile admission" there rises a #uestion of deep perplexity$ do such institutions genuinely wor%& 'ome of the wor% of various literary artists will be examined to determine what is the effect of the institution on the individual" and what factors ma%e which institution more superior to another. 'cott (on%)s novel *+aw) explores the life of a non, compliant delin#uent" -rett. .his young lad is sent to a low security correctional facility titled" *the farm). At first thought it seems to be a pushover" /!ust old (c0onald and a few geese.1 -ut it is this place that seemingly has the most positive and influential effect on individuals. -rett enters /the farm1 with an attitude of /if the world hates you" you might as well hate it bac%.1 .his attitude becomes the catalyst for his attempted escape. 2et 'am" the farm)s owner" is used to such things occurring and %nows what will eventually occur. -rett comes bac% to the farm after he realizes that he cannot *ma%e it) on his own. .his

then triggers his first change of mood seen in /And 'am. .han%s.1 -rett goes on to be entrapped in a world of love3 of reciprocal responsibility and mutual dependence. 'am is tolerant and gives him second and third chances. .his then ultimately leads to -rett experiencing inner and emotional change. 4e says that even though he is leaving the same way he came in3 he has learnt values of" /.rust. 5riendship. 6ove. And loss.1 .yson is another inmate at the farm who is affected negatively by the farm experience. 4e refuses to comply with the rules and regulations and continues to protest and rebel. 4e is later caught by police and sent to an adult gaol. .yson highlights how an institution can negatively impact an individual. .hrough the study of +aw" the answer to the #uestion still remains wide open. 4ad the friendship" trust and responsibility approach been more effective than regular institutions& 7ne can only hypothesize. Another text that explores both the negative and positive influences of institutions on individuals is 8eter Weir)s film /0ead poets society.1 .his films main characters 9eil and .odd Anderson" attend a school based on strict autocratic ruling and who abide by immovable rules and regulations. .he school)s four pillars are$ .radition" 4onour" 0iscipline and :xcellence and reflect the schools principles. .he effect of new teacher (r. ;ohn <eating on the life of .odd Anderson must be noted. 4e changes from an embarrassed individual to one full of confidence and this is evident with him leading a student protest at the sac%ing of (r. <eating.

4is character changed from helpless and not being able to communicate efficiently" to an artist of words in /7h =aptain" my =aptain.1 9eil on the other hand is impacted adversely by the family institution. 4e only runs by what his father says and cannot seem to voice his opinion over his father)s. 4is father puts in place regulations that determine everything he can and can)t do. .his leads to a state of helplessness and claustrophobia in the life of 9eil3 ultimately choosing to end his own life. 7nce this occurs it is the family institution that puts the blame bac% on the school institution" and the influence of (r. <eating" rather than accepting responsibility for their own actions. 7nce again we reach the stage where we must as% the #uestion$ do such institutions really achieve their purpose& -ased on what has been loo%ed at it would seem a daunting tas% to answer. -ut as we loo% at the different methods used by institutions to achieve their purpose we can see harshness and we can see acceptance and responsibility methods. Which do you deem more effective and why& Billy Jones Reply to ( dont really reply its part of de answer)