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I. Pick out the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest 1. a. crime b. criminal c. prime d. crisis 2. a. liked b. laughed c. earned d. missed 3. a. capture b. pic d. mature c. pasture d. mature 4. a. climate b. china c. among d. appear 5. a. athletic b. thank c. clothing d. thorough II. Choose the correct words or phrases 6. Most animals' sense of smell _______ acute. a. is b. are c. was d. were . !he "hinese produced tea from # of the tea plant and brewed into a be$erage. a. the lea$es are dried b. its dried lea$es c. the dr%ing lea$es d. the dried lea$es &. 'arah "aldwell( one of the world's best#known female conductors( has performed in public _______. a. for the age of fi$e b. since the age of fi$e c. for she was fi$e d. since fi$e %ears ). !he% whispered _______ no one eould hear their pri$ate con$ersation. a. so that b. such that c. so as to d. in order to 1*. +t present( _______ is doubling e$er% 3 %ears. a. the population world b. the world of opulation c. the world population d. the world's population 11. !here _______ m% friends. a. come b. comes c. coming d. is coming 12. _______ m% holida%s are at home. a. +lmost of b. Most c. Most of d. ,ittle of 13. "omputers( _______ are affecting the e$er%da% li$es of most people in industriali-ed countries. a. a fastl% growing industr% b. a fast growing industr% c. a growing fastl% industr% d. a growing fast industr% 14. .uman bod% does a great /ob of ad/usting _______ -ero gra$it%. a. on b. of c. to d. with 15. _______ 0reat 1ritain is one of the most powerful countries in the world. a. + b. +n c. !he d. 2o article III. Complete each sentence with the correct form of the word given in the brackets 16. 3atching tele$ision is _______. 4inform5 1 . 3ater pollution has _______ animal life. 4danger5 1&. +irplanes ha$e become the most popular means of _______ for long distance. 4transport5 1). + group of _______ ha$e /ust come to our uni$ersit%. 4biolog%5 2*. + pocket _______ is $er% helpful. 4calculate5 21. "an %ou measure the _______ of the table6 4broad5 22. 'tars in our uni$erse $ar% in temperature( color( _______( si-e( and mass. 4bright5 23. 7n man% state farms( our go$ernment is tr%ing to _______ farming. 4mechanic5

24. 2owada%s( women ha$e more _______ to participate in social acti$ities. 4free5 25. 8t seems _______ to %ou. 4strangeness5 I . !ill in each numbered blank with "#E suitable word 1efore man had flown in space( it 4265 _______ thought that his ph%sical 42 5 _______ mental capabilities might be affected b% prolonged weightlessness( and that he might be sub/ected 42&5 _______ dangerous le$els of cosmic radiation. 9uri 0agarin's first space flight 42)5 _______ +pril( 1)61 showed that man 43*5 _______ li$e in space and( although this /ourne% onl% lasted 4315 _______ 1*& minutes( it ga$e encouragement to those 4325 _______ are interested in the future of manned space flight. 8n fact( most of the earl% fears 4335 _______ man's health in space 4345 _______ pro$ed groundless. +lthough se$eral odd medical effects ha$e 4355 _______ obser$ed( none ha$e seriousl% affected man's abilit% for useful work. . $ead the passage carefully and then choose the best answers 7n a cold 7ctober da% in 1)5 ( the 'o$iet :nion launched a small satellite into orbit around the ;arth. <adio Moscow made the announcement( =!he first artificial ;arth satellite in the world has now been created. !his first satellite was toda% successfull% launched in the :''<.= !he world's first satellite was called 'putnik 1. !his satellite was about the si-e of a basketball. 8t orbited the ;arth for three months. 3ithin weeks( the 'o$iet :nion launched another satellite into the ;arth's orbit( 'putnik 2. 8t was much bigger and hea$ier than 'putnik 1. 8t also carried a passenger # a dog named ,ika. ,ika orbited the ;arth for da%s. 'putnik was an important $ictor% for the 'o$iet :nion. !he technolog% that launched 'putnik probabl% began in the late 1)th centur%. + <ussian teacher of that time( "onstantin "helko$sk%( decided that a rocket engine could pro$ide power for a space $ehicle. 8n the earl% 1))*s( an +merican teacher( <obert 0oddard tested the idea. .e e>perimented with small rockets to see how high and how far the% could tra$el. 8n 1)23( a <omanian student in 0erman%( .erman <obert( showed how a spaceship might be built and launched to other planets. <ocket technolog% impro$ed during 3orld 3ar 88. 8t was used to produce bombs. !housands of people in 1ritain and 1elgium died asa result of ?2 rocket attacks. !he ?2 rocket was launched from 0erman%. Man% people belie$ed that the nation that controlled the sk% could win an% war( and the 'o$iet :nion had reached outer space first. +fter the war( it became clear that the :nited 'tates and the 'o$iet :nion( allies in wartime( would become enemies in peacetime. 'o both countries emplo%ed 0erman scientists to help them with the race to space. !he 'o$iets took the first step b% creating 'putnik. 36. 3here was the world's first satellite launched6 a. 8n +merican b. 8n 0erman% c. 8n 1ritain d. 8n the 'o$iet :nion 3 . !he passenger in 'putnik 2 was _______. a. "onstantin "helko$sk%( a <ussian teacher b. <obert 0oddard( an +merican teacher c. ,ika( a dog d. <obert 0oddard( a 0erman student 3&. 3hat was 'putnik 2 like6 a. 8t was about the si-e of a basketball. b. 8t was lighter than 'putnik 1.

c. 8t was smaller than 'putnik 1. d. 8t was much bigger and hea$ier than 'putnik 1. 3). @rom what source does a satellite get its power6 a. a rocket engine b. a bomb c. 'putnik d. space 4*. 8n the race to space( who has been the first winner 6 a. !he 'o$iet :nion. b. 0reat 1ritain. c. 0erman%. d. 1elgium. I. $ewrite the sentences as directed without changing the original meaning 41. 8 wish 8 had /oined with %ou %esterda%. 8 regret_____________________________________________________________ 42. 3e had no mone% so we could not get in the pri$ate park. .a$ing_____________________________________________________________ 43. Ao %ou own these cars6 Ao these____________________________________________________________ 44. !he% arri$ed on time although the flight was dela%ed fifteen minutes. Aespite_____________________________________________________________ 45. ;$er%bod% is talking about that man. .e leads a simple but dignified life. !hat man___________________________________________________________ 46. 8t was impossible to complete the work on time. 8 found_____________________________________________________________ 4 . Beter did not get the scholarship so he could not continue his stud%. .ad_______________________________________________________________ 4&. !he concert had been dela%ed for an hour and it started at & o'clock. .a$ing_____________________________________________________________ 4). !he doctor said to his patient( =Aon't drink so much beer.= !he doctor suggested__________________________________________________ 5*. .e cannot walk an% longer because of his tiredness. .e is so____________________________________________________________ II. %se the given words and phrases to make a meaningful letter. #ecessary changes can be made )) <ue Bigalle Montmartre( Baris Cul% th( 2**3 Aear Cohn( at last D 8 D now D Baris. when D 8 D arri$e D station D rain hea$il%. take D me time D get D dormitor%. Baris D smaller D ,ondon D but D more D interesting. 8 D think D it D best D cit% D e$er D$isit. there D too much D traffic D but D not enough D restaurant D ;nglish food. 8 D work D hard D learn D lot D @rench. howe$er D m% @rench D not good D enough D so D usuall% D difficult% D communicate. m% @rench teachers D friends D nice D helpful. an%wa% D stop D write D often D promise. 9ours( Mar%