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94 Pct.

Community Newsletter
January 2014

A Message From The Commanding Officer..

Upcoming Community Events:
McGolrick Park Farmers Market will be held inside the Lutheran Church of the Messiah @ 129 Russell Street L train Weekend Closure beginning Saturday & Sunday March 22 & 23

Sat. 3/22 & Sun. 3/23

Coats are still being Coats collected at the 94th Until 2/7 Pct. Station House for City Harvest. For more information visit

Captain James B. Ryan

Greetings from the 94th Precinct. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. As we begin a new year it is important to reflect on the past as well as look to the future. This month marks exactly one year since I came to the 94th precinct and I need to thank the Greenpoint, Northside, and East Williamsburg communities for the warm welcome. It is only through successful partnership between the 94th Precinct and the community that we are able to continue to fight crime and improve the quality of life for our neighborhood residents. In 2014 we will continue the work we started and develop new initiatives to address changing trends in our growing communities. The NYPD Explorer and Cops and Kids PAL programs are important collaborations between the precinct and our community youth. We invite you and your families to contact the precinct to learn more. We remind you to remain aware of your surroundings if you see something, say something! James B. Ryan Commanding Officer

Community Affairs Unit

NYPD Ride Along Program
T h e R i d e - A l o n g P r o g r a m p r ov i d e s th e p u b l i c a n o p p or tu n i t y t o o b se r ve p o l i ce o f f i ce r s on p a t r o l . Applicants must be 18 years or older. Applicant must be a bona fide resident of New York State. All applications are subject to approval and a background check by the NYPD. For more info. Email P.O. Truglio at Steven.Truglio or call 718-383-5298.

94 Pct. Community Council Meetings

94th Pct. Community Council PresidentElizabeth Hulsen Where: Church of the Ascension; 122 Java Street Brooklyn, NY 11222 When: Every 1st Wednesday of Every Month at 7:00 pm * With exception *January 8, 2014 March 5, 2014 May 7 , 2014 September 3, 2014 February 5, 2014 April 2, 2014 June 4, 2014 October 1, 2014

94th Precinct Contact Information Community Affairs PO Steven Truglio 718-383-5298 Crime Prevention PO Jerard Seletski 718-383-9746 Youth / Explorer Officer PO Kirssi Pantaleon 718-383-3898 Auxiliary Officer PO Scott Adamo 718-383-6248 Domestic Violence PO Stella Gause PO Ayesha Marty 718-383-4250

Monthly Crime Stats

Outstanding Police Work

Search Warrant: On January 2, 2014, Police Officer Alvarez and Sergeant Sean Walsh of the 94th Precinct Conditions Team executed a search warrant on South 2nd Street resulting in the arrest of two 24 year old males and the seizure of two firearms. Attempted GLA Arrest: On January 14, 2014, Detective Wongsing apprehended a 46 year old male who attempted to steal a vehicle on Meeker Avenue utilizing a tow truck. Burglary Arrest: On January 18, 2014, Police Officer Guida of the 94th Precinct Condition Team arrested two males for burglarizing a store on Bedford Avenue.

Graffiti Arrests: On January 18, 2014, Police Officer Yearwood of the 94th Precinct Anti Crime Team arrested a 27 year old male on North 12th Street after observing him making graffiti with a paint can. On January 18, 2014, Police Officer McGinn of the 94 th Precinct Anti Crime Team arrested a 32 year old male on Bedford Avenue after observing him making graffiti on a traffic control device.

Construction Site Larceny : On January 29, 2014, Police Officer Yearwood of the 94th Precinct Anti Crime Team arrested two males for stealing tools from a construction site on Eagle Street.

Attempted Rape Arrest: On January 9, 2014, Police Officer Montalvo of the 94th Precinct arrested a male who attempted to rape his exgirlfriend on Jackson Street. After further investigation and the execution of a search warrant a firearm and a large quantity of heroin were recovered.

Join the NYPD Explorer Program!!!

The program is for young people between the ages of 14 and 20, For more info. Contact PO Pantaleon @ 718-383-3898

Domestic Violence Assistance:

New York City Family Justice Center 350 Jay Street, 15th Floor Brooklyn, NY 11201 718 250-5111

P.A.L. Cops & Kids Flag Football

The New York City Family Justice Center in Brooklyn is a walk-in center for all domestic violence victims and their children. To make it easier for you to get help, many agencies are located at the Center. Services are free and available to all victims. They can help you regardless of what language you speak.

Become a 94 Pct. Auxiliary Officer! For further information contact PO Adamo after 4 PM @ 718-383-6248
Register Your Electronic Devices With The NYPD Operation ID Program. Call 718-383-9746

Great job to the 94th Pct Cops & Kids flag football team who made it to the Brooklyn North Championships losing to the combined 83 & 81 Pcts team. It was a good time for all. We are looking forward to the upcoming basketball season beginning in February.

Citizens Police Academy

The Citizens Police Academy was first implemented in 1993 as part of the Departments ongoing effort to develop a working relationship with the community. This 14-week program is offered 2 times per year: during the spring and fall. Participants are nominated by the Commanding Officers of every Precinct, Transit District, and Housing Police Service Area. Experienced Training Bureau instructors provide training in the legal, social, and procedural aspects of policing. In addition to core courses, other areas of study include firearms discipline and counterterrorism. Lectures, electronic media, role plays, simulations, and workshops are utilized to educate community members about police training and tactics, with the goal of having participants acquire a better understanding of the authority and limitations of the police. The information and insight gained from the program allows all involved to assess their roles and responsibilities in fostering effective and productive police-community partnerships.

Greenpoint Youth Court Leads by Example

94th Pct. Childrens Christmas Party

Under the guidance of Program Coordinator Dana Rachlin, the Youth Court members hear cases and serve as mentors for other youth.

94th Pct. Explorer Park Clean Up 2013

The 94th Pct. Community Council, through fundraising and donations, distributed toys to families within the Greenpoint & North Williamsburg communities. A big thanks goes out to our President Elizabeth Hulsen & Community Council Board, Pastor Amy Kienzle of the Lutheran Church of the Messiah, Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, Assemblyman Joseph Lentol and all who contributed.

The 94 Pct. Explorers led by Police Officer Kirssi Pantaleon participated in a fall clean up this past Fall. Monsignor McGolrick and McCarren Parks were cleaned. This was a great way for our members to give back to Greenpoint and encourage other youth to join our program.