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Anna Hazare Should Re Invent Anti Corruption Movement

| by N.S.Venkataraman ( ebruary !" #$%&" Chennai" Sri 'anka (uardian) Alon* +ith ,ayapraka-h Narayan" Anna Hazare.- name +ould be re/o*ni-ed by Indian hi-tory a- /ru-ader o0 anti /orruption movement. It i- remarkable that even +ithout the -tature o0 a *reat per-on like ,ayapraka-h Narayan" Anna Hazare +a- able to build a movement 0or anti /orruption in India +ith tellin* e00e/t. Ho+ever" it no+ appear- that Anna Hazare.- anti /orruption movement ha- -ome+hat lo-t it- +ay and it- -en-e o0 dire/tion. He ha- no+ be/ome lar*ely -ilent and hi- voi/e doe- not anymore -eem to /ommand the +ei*ht that it /arried around t+o year- ba/k. 1bviou-ly" hi- movement ha- been hi2a/ked by -ome o0 hi- a--o/iate- " +ho have -u//e--0ully /onverted it into a politi/al out0it mu/h a*ain-t hi- +i-he-.

3hou-and- o0 0ollo+er- o0 Anna Hazare +ho +ere enthu-ed by hi- anti /orruption leader-hip and +ho 0a-ted +ith him in di00erent part- o0 India and li*hted /andle- a-

token o0 -olidarity +ith him no+ remain /on0u-ed " thou*h they are -ure that the anti /orruption movement -hould move on a- a *enuine /ampai*n and -hould be taken to it- lo*i/al end. It i- hi*h time that Anna Hazare -hould intro-pe/t a- to +hy hi- movement ha- /ome to the pre-ent pau-e" thou*h the need 0or the movement remain a- important a- it +aearlier. A -e/tion o0 hi- admirer- think that he allo+ed him-el0 and hi- movement to play into the hand- o0 people +ho 2umped on to hi- band +a*on -en-in* the mood o0 the /ountry" but +ho them-elve- +ere not above board. In the pro/e--" the movement *ot inevitably diluted +ith even per-on- kno+n to be involved in /orrupt dealin**ettin* the ear- o0 Anna Hazare and re/eivin* publi/ity 0or them-elve-. Anna Hazare 0o/u--ed on the 'okpal 4ill " a- i0 thi- /ould be the be all and end all o0 anti /orruption initiative. Several +ell +i-her- pointed out even durin* the peak period o0 the movement that number o0 e5i-tin* la+- and pro/edure- /ould be ade6uate to /ombat /orruption in India. It +a- /learly -aid that the i--ue +a- not la/k o0 anti /orruption la+- but /ir/umventin* the la+ by the admini-trator- " politi/ian- and tho-e involved in /orrupt pra/ti/e-. Many -aid that 'okpal 4ill " +hen ena/ted" may end up +ith the -ame re-ult- a- the e5i-tin* la+- and pro/edure-. Anna Hazare and hi- /lo-e a--o/iate- did not heed -u/h -u**e-tion- and perhap- +ere over+helmed by the publi/ re-pon-e and the pani/ rea/tion o0 the *overnment o0 India and thou*ht that the ta-k ha- been lar*ely a/hieved. 3he Anna Hazare team ba-ked in the *lory o0 publi/ity that they re/eived in the media and it appear- that the team 0ailed to make /are0ul analy-io0 the /our-e o0 the movement. 7erhap-" Anna Hazare did not in-i-t on the 0a/t that ultimately the battle a*ain-t /orruption ha- to be 0ou*ht in the mind- and heart- o0 the people o0 India. 3he movement /ould have re/o*ni-ed the 0a/t that not only lar*e -e*ment o0 politi/ian- and admini-trator- are /orrupt in India but even the edu/ationi-t-" member- o0 2udi/iary " N(1- and /ommon men in *eneral are not e5/eption-. 4ribe involve- both *iver and taker and it i- not a one -ided a/t in India. 8hat Anna Hazare /ould have done +a- to in-i-t that tho-e +ho +ere involved in the /orrupt pra/ti/e- in the pa-t either a- a *iver or a taker" /annot be part o0 himovement. He /ould have -aid that every one member o0 the movement -hould de/lare that he 9-he ha- never been involved in the bribe pra/ti/e and 0urther in-i-ted that they -hould de/lare" by +ay o0 takin* pled*e" that they +ould never involve them-elve- in any /orrupt pra/ti/e- in 0uture. Anna Hazare -hould have /alled hi- 0ollo+er- to re-i-t /orrupt pra/ti/e- at individual level in the day today li0e +hether -mall or bi*. or e5ample" i0 a per-on +ould be /au*ht by the poli/e 0or violatin* tra00i/ rule" he -hould opt to pay the pre-/ribed 0ine in-tead o0 payin* le-- amount a- bribe to the poli/e man to e-/ape 0rom the /lut/he- o0 la+. Many o0 tho-e +ho +ere a/tive member- o0 Anna Hazare movement /ould have paid bribe in the pa-t on -everal o//a-ion- -u/h a- 0or re*i-terin* -ale deed o0 property" admittin* /hild in a -/hool et/. 8hen Anna Hazare did not in-i-t that any per-on involved in /orruption -hould +alk

a+ay 0rom hi- movement " it +a- -een by many that the anti /orruption movement +areally movin* in va/uum. Mahatma (andhi in-i-ted in all hi- /ampai*n that the parti/ipant- -hould have hi*he-t 0orm o0 probity in private and publi/ li0e and -o/ial re0orm- +ere in-i-ted even a- part o0 politi/al re0orm- and 0reedom movement. Anna Hazare " a (andhian " -hould derive the appropriate le--on 0rom (andhian philo-ophy and re invent the anti /orruption movement on (andhian line-" +here the anti /orruption /ru-ade +ill not be a mere anti *overnment e5er/i-e or one o0 abu-in* other- but be/ome a people /entri/ movement" +here the re0orm +ill be tar*eted to+ard- /lean-in* the mind o0 the people them-elve-. In -u/h movement" every per-on +ho *ive- or take- bribe at any level +ill be vie+ed di-approvin*ly by the -o/iety" 2u-t like the +ay the -o/iety vie+- a drunkard or a da/oit. Certainly" thi- -ort o0 deep rooted /ampai*n +ill have 0ar rea/hin* and -u-tained impa/t in rootin* out /orruption in India " +hi/h i- the need o0 the day. 7o-ted by 3havam