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7 Steps to Achieving Your Ideal Life and Your Best You

From the desk and the heart of Joel

Pictures speak 1,000,000 Words

Imagine yourself driving in your car (pick a car, any car you want), it is night time so it is totally dark, there are no street lights, just a small reection of the sun from the moon, and the road youre on is a very curvy road.

This is a road that you have never been on before so naturally you will go slower and take your time because you have no idea what is up ahead; it could be a sharp turn and if youre not careful you could go over the edge into a very long drop.

Its completely dark and all you are able to see is as far as the lights of your car will allow you to see.

You cannot see everything but only what you need to keep moving forward. So, you keep moving along, slowly, but surely you arrive at your destination.

7 Steps to Achieving Your Ideal Life and Your Best You

You see, the point Im trying to make is that life is much the same way, when you are on your way to something that you have never experienced before, all you have is your belief, your faith to keep moving you forward.

Now I have a question, were you able to have a complete visual of everything that was around you and in front of you as you were driving? NO, of course not. All you were able to see was what was in front of you as far as your headlights allowed you to see.

As long as you see yourself in your business or anything you choose to do in this manner, you will have a greater probability of attaining your goals.

Because of everything that Ive been through and all that I have learned and experienced the breakthroughs that Ive had, I can assure you that you can accomplish your goals as well.

As long as you keep your minds eye constantly thinking about your end results, the outcome you desire, your result WILL manifest. It is the law of visualization that is at work here; it will work.

7 Steps to Achieving Your Ideal Life and Your Best You

It is also a universal law that all your work, your e!ort, your labor, WILL result in prot.

Rest your heart on this ultimate truth, it will help you in the times when your old mindset tries to tell you that you cant get what you want, that you are not worthy. Your old mindset will try to tell you that you dont have what it takes.

Well, you know what, I BELIEVE IN YOU. I truly, honestly, with full conviction know that you have what it takes, and for one simple reason... You have the power to choose right now, at this very moment to say that you will no longer look at the past, YOU ALREADY PAID FOR THE MISTAKES OF THE PAST!!! you no longer have to allow past hurts or destructive self-limiting ideas to keep you bound, chained-up, shackled, tied-up.

See yourself, right now breaking away from those chains and being set free from all those ideas. It doesnt matter if youre from the U.S., India, Africa, Canada, South America, anywhere, the laws of the universe do not favor anyone;

7 Steps to Achieving Your Ideal Life and Your Best You

1. What conditions, or ideal life do you wish to attain, then think about what other results will be necessary in order to get closer to your ideal life. In other words think about the steps that you think it will take to get to where you want to get to as much as you 2. Once you know what outcomes you desire, and thought about what possible actions it will require for you to attain your desired conditions/outcomes/ results, allow yourself to consistently concentrate on this in order to cause creative, spiritual action to move things to begin to work in your favor. In other words, the spiritual realm will begin to work for you, on your behalf. This is where you let go emotionally, do not uproot the seeds that you sow through doubt and fear; let your seeds grow. 3. Through conscious daily and consistent visualization of your results you enable a constant ow of positive movement. And as long as you keep your end result in mind and nothing else, you will get there... Guard your thoughts to avoid opposing images. 4. Know this!, you are beneting from a marvelous potential energy that has not been molded into a tangible form, but only through the actions of your mind will you cause this formless, unseen energy to take form... Your will power will begin to shape your future through the repetition of your thoughts. The

7 Steps to Achieving Your Ideal Life and Your Best You

constant imprinting of your thoughts will make the externalization of your desires a certainty. 5. Remember that when you are visualizing correctly you will not experience exhausting e!ort, since exhausting e!ort defeats the goal of visualization and it also is communicating to the subconscious realm that there is something adverse to ght against. 6. Hold your desired outcome in a cheerful and enthusiastic frame of mind. This will: 1) create a habit of good thoughts that will begin to shape your personality, your mental health, and begin to shape your future in a better way, and 2) you will suppress and minimize contradicting events or outcomes that work against. 7. The Law of Creation is creative in its action and it wants to manifest itself through you. You do not need to force it nor do you need to be anxious for it too work Understand that without us, the creative substance remains formless, it wants, and desires to manifest itself through you, it needs you.

How di!erent would your outcome be if you had the right mentors? To actually get help that has experienced what you want to experience? I want to extend that helping hand that you want and need, and if youre here Im going to assume that you have the ambition, the desire and the drive to attain your goals.

7 Steps to Achieving Your Ideal Life and Your Best You

But what if you could get to your destination faster? With the right tools, resources, guidance, and help there is virtually no reason why you cant get what you want..

My personal goal is to help 10 people within the next 3 to 6 months to earn $10,000 per month. And I know it is not only likely, it is very probable. Because if I can then you can too...

Does $10,000 per month sound like something that you would be okay with? . Dont be like I was before I had my breakthrough, we all need mentors.

If youre ready to take your nancial life to the next level, you can get started by watching this video of a guy who was a drug addict who, against all odds, defeated his old thoughts and succeeded immensely Take care my friends, Joel, :-)