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Volunteering in Kenya and Ghana

Volunteering, an activity intended to promote goodness or improve human quality of life. This activity returns a feeling of self-worth and respect. This activity involves no financial gain for the individual but can enhance skill of socialization, fun and development. Kenya is a country famed for its diversity , development and culture. Volunteering in Kenya as International Volunteer provides you wide range of volunteering

projects available in both rural and urban Kenya. These Volunteering programs tell you about Kenyas culture, people, geography, economy and history etc. These projects include Teaching Orphanage Work Sports Education HIV/AIDS Work Development of a local wildlife guiding school for sustainable Wildlife Conversation Special Needs Music Education Women's Education and Medical Placement etc

Some standards for Volunteers in Kenya They must be 18 years or older at the beginning of the program. They should have at least a high school education. They must provide a criminal background check to IVHQ partner staff on arrival in Kenya. Volunteers participating on the Medical Placement must have appropriate training and certification to be presented to IVHQ partner staff in Kenya no later than 4 weeks prior to arrival.

Volunteering to a children center improves literacy levels of the country and thereby increasing social awareness. These centers are specially designed for orphanage children or whose who cant afford education. The Volunteers in teaching broadens the mind and horizons of the children. Due to illness, orphanages and poverty in Kenya, there is always a demand for volunteers in Kenya.
Ghana means "Warrior King" is a place where visitors are welcomed as friends and family. There are some projects open for worldwide for Volunteering in Ghana with International Volunteers.

Ghana has a unique richness in culture and while volunteering there is a lot of learning in Ghana regarding its people, economy, geography, ecosystem and more.

In Ghana, many efforts have been made to improve the condition of hygiene, healthcare and education .Still diseases, malnutrition and economic gap between rich and poor raises obstacles to Ghanas progress. As a volunteer in Ghana you will be having opportunity to serve needy people and effect real social change required there. Art, Math and Music are also demanded volunteering projects that require teaching material along with it. Volunteer can bring these teaching aids along with them. The medical facility in Ghana also requires support system. Volunteer on Ghana medical program will be supporting and serving small rural clinics where they will get opportunity to work with local staff. Providing medical care and guidance to those in need, is the basic aim of Ghana Medical Volunteering work. The tough part is facilities and resources on this program are extremely limited and the working environment is quite challenging sometimes. Orphanages, where there is always a need for volunteers to work for underprivileged children with care and love, raise their hands for support. Volunteers can provide the children with essential skills in life that will help them to grow for successful futures from poverty.

Volunteering in Kenya and Ghana --- Ask for support for the needy.

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