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Republic of the Philippines SUPREME COURT Manila EN BANC


RESOLUTION PER CURIAM: $n the election of the national office s of the $nte% ate& Ba of the Philippines 'he eafte "IBP() hel& on *une +" 19#9 at the Philippine $nte national Con,ention Cente 'o "PICC")" the follo-in% -e e electe& b. the /ouse of 0ele%ates 'co1pose& of 123 chapte p esi&ents o thei alte nates) an& p oclai1e& as office s4 NAME Att.. 5ioleta 0 ilon Att.. Bella Ti o Att.. Sal,a&o 8ao Att.. Renato 9. Ron:uillo Att.. Teo&o o ;uico. Att.. Osca Ba&elles /ouse of 0ele%ates Att.. *ustiniano Co tes Att.. Ci iaco Atien>a Att.. Ma io *alan&oni Att.. *ose A%uila < apilon Att.. Teo&o o Al1ine Att.. Po fi io Att.. Rica &o Te uel Att.. <la&.s Tion%co Att.. Si1eon 0atu1anon% <o,e no = 5ice7P esi&ent fo No the n 8u>on <o,e no = 5ice7P esi&ent fo Cent al 8u>on <o,e no = 5ice7P esi&ent fo Met o Manila <o,e no = 5ice7P esi&ent fo Southe n 8u>on <o,e no = 5ice7P esi&ent fo Bicolan&ia <o,e no = 5ice7P esi&ent fo Easte n <o,e no = 5ice7P esi&ent fo ?este n <o,e no = 5ice7P esi&ent fo Easte n Min&anao <o,e no = 5ice7P esi&ent fo ?este n Min&anao POS$T$ON P esi&ent E6ecuti,e 5ice7P esi&ent Chai 1an" /ouse of 0ele%ates /ouse of 0ele%ates Sec eta . T easu e " /ouse of 0ele%ates Se %eant7at7A 1s

The ne-l.7electe& office s -e e set to ta@e thei oath of office on *ul. 4"19#9 befo e the Sup e1e Cou t en banc. /o-e,e " &istu be& b. the -i&esp ea& epo ts ecei,e& b. so1e 1e1be s of the Cou t f o1 la-.e s -ho ha& -itnesse& o pa ticipate& in the p ocee&in%s an& the a&,e se co11ents publishe& in the colu1ns of so1e ne-spape s about the intensi,e electionee in% an& o,e spen&in% b. the can&i&ates" le& b. the 1ain p ota%onists fo the office of p esi&ent of the association" na1el." Atto ne.s Ne eo Pacul&o" Ra1on Nisce" an& 5ioleta C. 0 ilon" the alle%e& use of %o,e n1ent planes" an& the officious inte ,ention of ce tain public officials to influence the ,otin%" all of -hich -e e &one in ,iolation of the $BP B.78a-s -hich p ohibit such acti,ities" the Sup e1e Cou t en banc" e6e cisin% its po-e of supe ,ision o,e the $nte% ate& Ba " esol,e& to suspen& the oath7ta@in% of the $BP office s7elect an& to in:ui e into the ,e acit. of the epo ts. $t shoul& be state& at the outset that the election p ocess itself ' i.e., the ,otin% an& the can,assin% of ,otes on *une +" 19#9) -hich -as con&ucte& b. the ($BP Co1elec"( hea&e& b. *ustice Re.nato Puno of the Cou t of Appeals" -as unani1ousl. a&Au&%e& b. the pa ticipants an& obse ,e s to be abo,e boa &. 9o *ustice Puno too@ it upon hi1self to &e,ice safe%ua &s to p e,ent ta1pe in% -ith" an& 1a @in% of" the ballots. ?hat the Cou t ,ie-e& -ith consi&e able conce n -as the epo te& electionee in% an& e6t a,a%ance that cha acte i>e& the ca1pai%n con&ucte& b. the th ee can&i&ates fo p esi&ent of the $BP. I. MEDIA ACCOUNT OF THE ELECTION CAMPAIGN. E1il *u a&o" in his colu1n ($BP < oup ;uestions 0 ilon Election( 'Manila Stan&a &" Sun&a." *une 1B" 19#9)C 8uis Mau icio" in t-o successi,e colu1ns4 (The $n,e teb ate& Ba ( 'Mala.a" *une 13" 19#9) an& (The 0isinte% atin% Ba ( 'Mala.a" *une 23" 19#9)C an& Teo&o o 8ocsin * . in an a ticle entitle& (Pa17Pa1( 'The Philippines 9 ee P ess" *ul. #"19#9)" an& the e&ito ial" entitle& D? on% 9o u1( of the 0ail. <lobe '*une #" 19#9)" -e e unani1ousl. c itical of the (, an& p essu e tactics( alle%e&l. e1plo.e& in the ca1pai%n b. the th ee p incipal can&i&ates4 Att.s. 5ioleta C. 0 ilon" Ne eo Pacul&o an& Ra1on Nisce" -ho epo te&l. (pou e& hea t" soul" 1one. an& influence to -in o,e the 123 $BP &ele%ates.( M . *u a&o 1entione& the esent1ent of Att.. 0 ilonDs i,als -ho felt at a &isa&,anta%e because Att.. 0 ilon alle%e&l. use& PNB helicopte s to ,isit fa 7flun% $BP chapte s on the p ete6t of &ist ibutin% Bigay Pu ! &onations" an& she ha& the a&&e& a&,anta%e of ha,in% e%ional &i ecto s an& labo a bite s of the 0epa t1ent of 8abo an& E1plo.1ent '-ho ha& been % ante& lea,es of absence b. he husban&" the 8abo Sec eta .) ca1pai%nin% fo he . *u a&oDs info 1ants alle%e& that the e -as a1pant , b. so1e 1e1be s of the U.P. Si%1a Rho 9 ate nit. 'Sec eta . 0 ilonDs f ate nit.) as -ell as b. so1e la-.e s of ACCRA 'An%a a" Concepcion" C u>" Re%ala an& Abello 8a- Offices) -he e M s. 0 ilon is e1plo.e&" an& that %o,e n1ent positions -e e p o1ise& to othe s b. the office of the 8abo Sec eta ..

M . Mau icio" in his colu1n - ote about the sa1e 1atte s an&" in a&&ition" 1entione& (tal@ of pe sonnel of the 0epa t1ent of 8abo " especiall. conciliato s an& e1plo.e s" notabl. Chinese 9ilipinos" %i,in% ai& an& co1fo t to he 'Att.. 0 ilonDs) can&i&ac.(C the billetin% of out7of7to-n &ele%ates in plush hotels -he e the. -e e epo te&l. (-ine& an& &ine& continuousl." -o1ene& an& subAecte& to en&less ha%%lin% o,e the p ice of thei ,otes.......( -hich alle%e&l. ( an%e& f o1 PlE"333 to P23"333" an&" on the &a. of the election" so1e t-el,e to t-ent. ,otes -hich -e e belie,e& c ucial" app eciate& to PE3"333.( $n his secon& colu1n" M . Mau icio 1entione& (ho- a top official of the Au&icia . alle%e&l. in,ol,e& hi1self in $BP politics on election &a. b. closetin% hi1self -ith ca1pai%ne s as the. plotte& thei election st ate%. in a oo1 of the P$CC 'the Philippine $nte national Con,ention Cente -he e the con,entionFelection -e e hel&) &u in% a ecess........( M . 8ocsin in his colu1n an& e&ito ial substantiall. e7echoe& Mau icioDs epo ts -ith so1e e1bellish1ents. II. THE COURT"# DECI#ION TO IN$E#TIGATE. Respon&in% to the c itical epo ts" the Cou t" in its en banc Resolution &ate& *une 1E" 19#9" &i ecte& the out%oin% an& inco1in% 1e1be s of the $BP Boa & of <o,e no s" the p incipal office s an& Chai 1an of the /ouse of 0ele%ates" to appea befo e it on Tues&a." *une 23" 19#9" at 2433 oDcloc@ p.1." an& the e to info 1 the Cou t on the ,e acit. of the afo e1entione& epo ts an& to eco11en&" fo the consi&e ation of the Cou t" app op iate app oaches to the p oble1 of confi 1in% an& st en%thenin% a&he ence to the fun&a1ental p inciples of the $BP. $n that Resolution" the Cou t (calle& to 1in& that a basic postulate of the $nte% ate& Ba of the Philippines '$BP)" hea,il. st esse& at the ti1e of its o %ani>ation an& co11ence1ent of e6istence" is that the $BP shall be non7political in cha acte an& that the e shall be no no ca1pai%nin% in the choice of 1e1be s of the Boa & of <o,e no s an& of the /ouse of 0ele%ates" an& of the $BP office s" national" o e%ional" o chapte . The fun&a1ental assu1ption -as that office s" &ele%ates an& %o,e no s -oul& be chosen on the basis of p ofessional 1e it an& -illin%ness an& abilit. to se ,e.( The Resolution -ent on to sa. that the (Cou t is &eepl. &istu be& to note that in connection -ith the election of 1e1be s of the Boa & of <o,e no s an& of the /ouse of 0ele%ates" the e is a -i&esp ea& belief" base& on epo ts ca ie& b. 1e&ia an& t ans1itte& as -ell b. -o & of 1outh" that the e -as e6tensi,e an& intensi,e ca1pai%nin% b. can&i&ates fo $BP positions as -ell as e6pen&itu e of consi&e able su1s of 1one. b. can&i&ates" inclu&in% ," &i ect o in&i ect.( The ,ene able eti e& Sup e1e Cou t *ustice an& $BP P esi&ent E1e itus" *ose B.8." atten&e& the &ialo%ue" upon in,itation of the Cou t" to %i,e counsel an& a&,ice. The 1eetin% bet-een the Cou t en banc, on the one han&" an& the out%oin% an& inco1in% $BP office s" on the othe " -as an info 1al one. The eafte " the Cou t esol,e&

to con&uct a fo 1al in:ui . to &ete 1ine -hethe the p ohibite& acts an& acti,ities enu1e ate& in the $BP B.78a-s -e e co11itte& befo e an& &u in% the 19#9 elections of $BPDs national office s. The Cou t en banc fo 1e& a co11ittee an& &esi%nate& Senio Associate *ustice An& es R. Na ,asa" as Chai 1an" an& Associate *ustices Teo&o o R. Pa&illa" E1ilio A. <" Ab aha1 9. Sa 1iento" an& Ca olina C. < iGo7A:uino" as 1e1be s" to con&uct the in:ui .. The Cle @ of Cou t" Att.. 0aniel Ma tine>" acte& as the co11itteeDs Reco &in% Sec eta .. A total of fo t.7nine '49) -itnesses appea e& an& testifie& in esponse to subpoenas issue& b. the Cou t to she& li%ht on the con&uct of the elections. The 1ana%e s of th ee fi,e7sta hotels the Philippine Pla>a" the /.att" an& the /oli&a. $nn -he e the th ee p ota%onists '0 ilon" Nisce an& Pacul&o) alle%e&l. set up thei especti,e hea&:ua te s an& -he e the. billete& thei suppo te s" -e e su11one&. The office of the Philippine National Ban@ an& the Ai T anspo t Office -e e calle& to enli%hten the Cou t on the cha %e that an $BP p esi&ential can&i&ate an& the 1e1be s of he slate use& PNB planes to fe . the1 to &istant places in thei ca1pai%n to -in the ,otes of &ele%ates. The Philippine Ai lines officials -e e calle& to testif. on the cha %e that so1e can&i&ates %a,e f ee ai fa es to &ele%ates to the con,ention. Officials of the 8abo 0epa t1ent -e e also calle& to enable the Cou t to asce tain the t uth of the epo ts that labo officials openl. ca1pai%ne& o -o @e& fo the election of Att.. 0 ilon. The ne-spape colu1nists" Mess s. 8uis Mau icio" *esus Bi%o nia an& E1il *u a&o -e e subpoenae& to &ete 1ine the natu e of thei sou ces of info 1ation elati,e to the $BP elections. Thei sto ies -e e base&" the. sai&" on lette s" phone calls an& pe sonal inte ,ie-s -ith pe sons -ho clai1e& to ha,e @no-le&%e of the facts" but -ho1 the." in,o@in% the P ess 9 ee&o1 8a-" efuse& to i&entif.. The Co11ittee has since sub1itte& its Repo t afte ecei,in% an& anal.>in% an& assessin% e,i&ence %i,en b. such pe sons as -e e pe cei,e& to ha,e &i ect an& pe sonal @no-le&%e of the ele,ant factsC an& the Cou t" afte &elibe atin% the eon" has Resol,e& to accept an& a&opt the sa1e. III. PROHIBITED ACT# AND PRACTICE# UNDER IBP B%&LA'#. A ticle $" Section 4 of the $BP B.78a-s e1phasi>es the (st ictl. non7political( cha acte of the $nte% ate& Ba of the Philippines" thus4 "#ec. (. N!n&)!*i+ica* Ba,. & The $nte% ate& Ba is st ictl. non7political" an& e,e . acti,it. ten&in% to i1pai this basic featu e is st ictl. p ohibite& an& shall be penali>e& acco &in%l.. No la-.e hol&in% an electi,e" Au&icial" :uasi7Au&icial" o p osecuto . office in the <o,e n1ent o an. political sub&i,ision o inst u1entalit. the eof shall be eli%ible fo election o appoint1ent to an. position in the $nte% ate& Ba o an. Chapte the eof. A &ele%ate" %o,e no " office o of the $nte% ate& Ba " o an office o of an. chapte the eof shall be consi&e e& i) ! -ac+! esi%ne& f o1 his position as of the

1o1ent he files his ce tificate of can&i&ac. fo an. electi,e public office o accepts appoint1ent to an. Au&icial" :uasi7Au&icial" o p osecuto . office in the <o,e n1ent o an. political sub&i,ision o inst u1entalit. the eof. (D Section 14 of the sa1e B.78a-s enu1e ates the p ohibite& acts elati,e to $BP elections4 #ec. .(. P,!/ibi+e0 ac+ an0 ),ac+ice ,e*a+i1e +! e*ec+i!n . & The follo-in% acts an& p actices elati,e to election a e p ohibite&" -hethe co11itte& b. a can&i&ate fo an. electi,e office in the $nte% ate& Ba o b. an. othe 1e1be " &i ectl. o in&i ectl." in an. fo 1 o 1anne " b. hi1self o th ou%h anothe pe son4 'a) 0ist ibution" e6cept on election &a." of election ca1pai%n 1ate ialsC 'b) 0ist ibution" on election &a." of election ca1pai%n 1ate ials othe than a state1ent of the bio&ata of a can&i&ate on not 1o e than one pa%e of a le%al7si>e sheet of pape C o causin% &ist ibution of such state1ent to be &one b. pe sons othe than those autho i>e& b. the office p esi&in% at the electionsC 'c) Ca1pai%nin% fo o a%ainst an. can&i&ate" -hile hol&in% an electi,e" Au&icial" :uasi7Au&icial o p osecuto . office in the <o,e n1ent o an. political sub&i,ision" a%enc. o inst u1entalit. the eofC '&) 9o 1ation of tic@ets" sin%le slates" o co1binations of can&i&ates as -ell as the a&,e tise1ent the eofC 'e) 9o the pu pose of in&ucin% o influencin% a 1e1be to -ithhol& his ,ote" o to ,ote fo o a%ainst a can&i&ate4 '1) pa.1ent of the &ues o othe in&ebte&ness of an. 1e1be C '2) %i,in% of foo&" & in@" ente tain1ent" t anspo tation o an. a ticle of ,alue" o an. si1ila consi&e ation to an. pe sonC o '+) 1a@in% a p o1ise o causin% an e6pen&itu e to be 1a&e" offe e& o p o1ise& to an. pe son.( Section 12'&) of the B.78a-s p esc ibes sanctions fo ,iolations of the abo,e ules4 '&) An. ,iolation of the ules %o,e nin% elections o co11ission of an. of the p ohibite& acts an& p actices &efine& in Section 14 'P ohibite& Acts an& P actices Relati,e to ElectionsH of the B.7la-s of the $nte% ate& Ba shall be a % oun& fo the &is:ualification of a can&i&ate o his e1o,al f o1 office if electe&" -ithout p eAu&ice to the i1position of sanctions upon an. e in% 1e1be pu suant to the B.7la-s of the $nte% ate& Ba . At the fo 1al in,esti%ation -hich -as con&ucte& b. the in,esti%atin% co11ittee" the follo-in% ,iolations -e e establishe&4 2.3 P,!/ibi+e0 ca4)aigning an0 !*ici+a+i!n !- 1!+e by +/e can0i0a+e -!, ),e i0en+, e5ecu+i1e 1ice&),e i0en+, +/e !--ice, !, can0i0a+e -!, +/e H!u e !- De*ega+e an0 B!a,0 !- G!1e,n!, .

The th ee can&i&ates fo $BP P esi&ent" 0 ilon" Nisce an& Pacul&o" be%an t a,ellin% a oun& the count . to solicit the ,otes of &ele%ates as ea l. as Ap il" 19#9. Upon the in,itation of $BP P esi&ent" 8eon <a cia" * . 't.s.n." *ul. 1+"19#9" p. 4)" the. atten&e& the Bench an& Ba &ialo%ues hel& in Cotabato in Ap il 19#9 't.s.n." *une 29" 19#9" p. 12+)" in Ta%a.ta. Cit." Pa1pan%a" an& in Ba%uio Cit." &u in% the confe ence of chapte p esi&ents of No the n 8u>on 't.s.n." *ul. +"19#9" p. 11+C t.s.n." *ul. 13" p. 41C t.s.n." *ul. 1+" p. 4B) -he e the. announce& thei can&i&acies an& 1et the chapte p esi&ents. Att.. Nisce a&1itte& that he -ent a oun& the count . see@in% the help of $BP chapte office s" solicitin% thei ,otes" an& secu in% thei - itten en&o se1ents. /e pe sonall. han&7ca ie& no1ination fo 1s an& e:ueste& the chapte p esi&ents an& &ele%ates to fill up an& si%n the fo 1s to fo 1ali>e thei co11it1ent to his no1ination fo $BP P esi&ent. /e sta te& ca1pai%nin% an& &ist ibutin% the no1ination fo 1s in Ma ch" 19#9" afte the chapte elections -hich &ete 1ine& the 1e1be ship of the /ouse of 0ele%ates co1pose& of the 123 chapte p esi&ents 't.s.n." *une 29" 19#9" pp. #27#!). /e obtaine& fo t. '43) co11it1ents. /e sub1itte& photocopies of his no1ination fo 1s -hich ea&4 (No1ination 9o 1 $ *oin in No1inatin% RAMON M. N$SCE as National P esi&ent of the $nte% ate& Ba of the Philippines IIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIII Chapte Si%natu e( A1on% those -ho si%ne& the no1ination fo 1s -e e4 Onof e P. TeAa&a" Can&i&o P. Balbin" * ." Coni>a&o 5. Posa&as" ;ui ico 8. ;ui ico" E nesto S. Salun7at" <lo ia C. A%unos" Osca B. Be na &o" 9eliciano 9. ?.coco" A1o 8. $ba a" *ose M. Atien>a" *ose N. Cont e as" Ro1eo T. Men&o>a" 8eo C. Me&ial&ea" * ." Paulino <. Cla in" *ulius J. Neil" Roe1 *. A bola&o" 0e1oc ito M. Pe e>" Abela &o 9e 1in" 0ios&a&o B. 5illa in" * ." 0aniel C. Maca ae%" Confeso R. Sansano" 0ionisio E. Bala" * ." E1esto A. A1o es" Ro1eo 5. Pefianco" Au%u io C. Pa1intuan" Atlee T. 5i a." Cefe ino C. Cabanas" *ose S. Buban" 0ios&a&o J. ReloA" * ." Cesa C. 5iola" Osca C. 9e nan&e>" Rica &o B. Te uel Ro& i%o R. 9lo es" Si6to Ma ella" * ." A senio C. 5illalon" Renato 9. Ron:uillo" Antonio <. Nalapo" Ro1ual&o A. 0in * ." *ose P. $caonapo * ." an& Manuel S. Pa son. Att.. Nisce a&1itte& that he ese ,e& oo1s at the /.att /otel base& on the co11it1ents he ha& obtaine& 't.s.n." *une 29" 19#9" pp. #27#E). Unfo tunatel." &espite those fo 1al co11it1ents" he obtaine& onl. 14 ,otes in the election 't.s.n." *une 29" 1

9#9" p. #!). The eason" he sai&" is that. so1e of those -ho ha& co11itte& thei ,otes to hi1 -e e (1anipulate&" inti1i&ate&" p essu e&" o e1une ate&( 't.s.n." *une 29"19#9" pp. #!9EC E6hibit (M747Nisce"( t.s.n." *ul. 4" 19#9" pp. 13371 34). 263 U e !- PNB )*ane in +/e ca4)aign. The eco &s of the Philippine National Ban@ 'E6hibit C717C u&o an& E6hibit C727C u&o) sho- that Sec eta . 9ul%encio S. 9acto an" * . of the 0epa t1ent of En,i on1ent = Natu al Resou ces '0ENR) bo o-e& a plane f o1 the Philippine National Ban@ fo his Bicol COR0 'Cabinet Office s fo Re%ional 0e,elop1ent) Assistant" Un&e sec eta . Antonio T ia. The plane 1anifest 'E6h. C727C u&o) liste& Att.. 5ioleta 0 ilon" A tu o Tusi 'Tiu)" Assistant Sec eta . fo En,i on1ent an& Natu al Resou ces K0ENRH Ton. T ia" Att.. <la&.s Tion%co" an& A1. ?on%. E6cept fo Ton. T ia" the est of the passen%e s -e e $BP can&i&ates. Att.. 0 ilon a&1itte& that she (hitche&( a i&e on a PNB plane. She sai& that she -as info 1e& b. Att.. Tiu about the a,ailabilit. of a PNB plane 't.s.n." *ul. +"19#9" pp. 11!7 11#). Att.. Tiu" -ho an fo the position of $BP E6ecuti,e 5ice7P esi&ent in the 0 ilon tic@et" testifie& that so1eti1e in Ma. 19#9" he faile& to obtain boo@in% f o1 the Philippine Ai lines fo the p oAecte& t ip of his % oup to Bicol. /e -ent to the 0ENR alle%e&l. to follo- up so1e pape s fo a client. ?hile at the 0ENR" he lea ne& that Assistant Sec eta . T ia -as %oin% on an official business in Bicol fo Sec eta . 9ul%encio 9acto an an& that he -oul& be ta@in% a PNB plane. As Assistant Sec eta . T ia is his f ate nit. b othe " he as@e& if he" to%ethe -ith the 0 ilon % oup" coul& hitch a i&e on the plane to Bicol. /is e:uest -as % ante&. Thei pu pose in %oin% to Bicol -as to assess thei chances in the $BP elections. The 0 ilon co1pan. tal@e& -ith the $BP Chapte P esi&ents in 0aet" Na%a an& 8e%aspi" an& as@e& fo thei suppo t 't.s.n." *ul. 13" 19#9" pp. E49). Assistant Sec eta . Antonio S. T ia confi 1e& the use of a PNB plane b. Att.. 0 ilon an& he % oup. /e ecalle& that on Ma. 2+"19#9" 0ENR Sec eta . 9acto an inst ucte& hi1 to %o to Bicol to 1onito ce tain e%ional &e,elop1ent p oAects the e an& to su ,e. the effect of the t.phoon that hit the e%ion in the 1i&&le of Ma.. On the sa1e &a." Att.. Tiu" a f ate nit. b othe '1eanin% that Tiu belon%s to the Si%1a Rho f ate nit.) -ent to the 0ENR office an& e:ueste& the Sec eta . '9acto an) if he 'Tiu) coul& be allo-e& to hitch a i&e on the plane. Assistant Sec eta . T ia" to%ethe -ith the 0 ilon % oup -hich inclu&e& Atto ne.s 0 ilon" < apilon" A1. ?on%" <la&.s Tion%co" an& Tiu" too@ off at the 0o1estic Ai po t boun& fo Na%a" 0aet an& 8e%aspi. $n 8e%aspi" the 0 ilon % oup ha& lunch -ith Att.. 5icente Real" * ." an $BP Chapte P esi&ent 't.s.n." *ul. 13" 19#9" pp. E47!9). 273 F!,4a+i!n !- +ic8e+ an0 ing*e *a+e . The th ee can&i&ates" Pacul&o" Nisce an& 0 ilon" a&1itte& ha,in% fo 1e& thei o-n slates fo the election of $BP national office s on *une +" 19#9.

Att.. Pacul&oDs slate consiste& of hi1self fo P esi&entC Bella 0. Ti o" fo E6ecuti,e 5ice7P esi&entC an& fo <o,e no s4 *ustiniano P. Co te> 'No the n 8u>on)" Osca C. 9e nan&e> 'Cent al 8u>on)" Ma io C.5. *alan&oni '< eate Manila)" Pet onilo A. &e la C u> 'Southe n 8u>on)" Teo&o ico C. Al1ine" * . 'Bicolan&ia)" Rica &o B. Te uel '?este n" Po fi io P. 'Easte n" *esus S. Anonat '?este n Min&anao)" an& < e%o io A. A&a>a" * . 'Easte n Min&anao). KE6hibit M7NisceH. The 0 ilon tic@et consiste& of. 5ioleta C. 0 ilon fo P esi&ent" A tu o Tiu fo E6ecuti,e 5ice P esi&ent" Sal,a&o 8ao fo Chai 1an of the /ouse of 0ele%ates" an&" fo <o,e no s4 Basil Rupisan 'No the n D8u>on)" Acon% Atien>a 'Cent al 8u>on)" A1. ?on% 'Met o Manila)" *ose < apilon 'Southe n Ta%alo%)" Teo&o o Al1ine 'Bicolan&ia)" Bal&o1e o Esten>o 'Easte n" *oselito Ba e a '?este n" <la&.s Tion%co 'Easte n Min&anao)" an& Si1eon 0atu1anon% 'Easte n Min&anao). KE6hibit M717NisceH. Att.. Ra1on N. NisceDs line7up liste& hi1self an& Confesso B. Sansano" BenAa1in B. Be na &ino" Antonio 8. Nalapo" Renato 9. Ron:uillo" <lo ia C. A%unos" Ma io 5al&e a1a" Can&i&o P. Balbin * ." Osca C. 9e nan&e>" Cesa <. 5iola" 8eo C. Me&ial&ea" * ." 5icente P. To &illa" * ." *ose S. Buban" *oel A. 8losa" *esus T. Albacite" an& Osca 5. Ba&elles. 2(3 Gi1ing -,ee +,an )!,+a+i!n +! !u+&!-&+!9n 0e*ega+e an0 a*+e,na+e . Att.. Nisce a&1itte& ha,in% bou%ht plane tic@ets fo so1e &ele%ates to the con,ention. /e 1entione& Osca Ba&elles to -ho1 he %a,e fou oun&7t ip tic@ets '-o th about P13"333) f o1 $li%an Cit. to Manila an& bac@. Ba&elles -as a ,otin% &ele%ate. Nisce" ho-e,e " faile& to %et a - itten co11it1ent f o1 hi1 because Att.. Me&ial&ea assu e& hi1 'Nisce) " igu,a0! na "yan, /"9ag 4! nang )a)i,4a/in." Ba&elles -on as Se %eant7 at7A 1s" not in NisceDs tic@et" but in that of 0 ilon. Ba&elles a&1itte& that Nisce sent hi1 th ee ai plane tic@ets" but he 'Ba&elles) sai& that he &i& not use the1" because if he &i&" he -oul& be co11itte& to Nisce" an& he 'Ba&elles) &i& not -ant to be co11itte& 't.s.n." *ul. 4"19#9" pp. BB7B9" 9E79!). Nisce also sent a plane tic@et to Att.. Atilano" -ho -as his can&i&ate" an& anothe tic@et to M s. 8in&a 8i1 of Ja1boan%a. Reco &s of the Philippine Ai lines sho-e& that Att.. Nisce pai& fo the plane tic@ets of 5icente Real" * . 'E6h. 0717Calica)" Ro1eo 9o tes 'E6h. 0717Calica)" Cesa Batica 'E6h. 0727Calica)" *ose Buban of 8e.te 'E6h. 0727 Calica)" 0elsanto Resuello 'E6h. 07+7 Calica)" an& Cefe ino Cabanas 'E6h. 07+7Calica). $n spite of his effo ts an& e6penses" onl. one of NisceDs can&i&ates -on4 Renato Ron:uillo of Manila 4" as Sec eta . of the /ouse of 0ele%ates 't.s.n. *ul. +" p. 1!1). 2:3 Gi1ing -,ee /!+e* acc!44!0a+i!n , -!!0, 0,in8 , an0 en+e,+ain4en+ +! 0e*ega+e . KaH ATTL. NEREO PACU80O

Att.. Pacul&o alle%e& that he boo@e& 24 e%ula oo1s an& th ee suites at the /oli&a. $nn -hich se ,e& as his hea&:ua te s. The 24 oo1s -e e to be occupie& b. his staff '1ostl. la&ies) an& the $BP &ele%ates. The th ee suites -e e to be occupie& b. hi1self" the office s of the Capitol Ba Association" an& Att.. Ma io *alan&oni. /e pai& P1E3"333 fo the hotel bills of his &ele%ates at the /oli&a. $nn" -he e a oo1 cost P993 pe &a. -ith b ea@fast. Those liste& as %uests of Att.. Pacul&o at the /oli&a. $nn -e e4 E1esto C. Pe e>" Tolo1eo 8i%utan" *u&%e Alfonso Co1bon%" Rica &o Cali-a%" Antonio Bisna " Bene&icto BalaAa&ia" *esus Cast o" Restituto 5illanue,a" Se apio C ibe" *uanita Subia" Teo&o ico *. Al1ine" Ru&. <u1ban" Roel A bola&o" Rica &o Te uel" Shi le. Moises" Ra1on Roco" Albe to T ini&a&" Teo&o o ;uico." Manito 8uce o" 9 e& Cle&e a" 5icente To &illa" *ulian Oca1po" 9 ancisco 9eli>1enio" Ma ,el Cla,ecilla" A1a&o Capi al" Euf onio Ma istela" Po fi io" ?illia1 8lanes" * ." Ma ciano Ne i" <ue e o A&a>a" 0ios&a&o Pe alta" 8uis C. 9o 1ille>a" * ." 0e1oc ito Pe e>" B uno 9lo es" 0ennis Ren&on" *u&%e Cefe ino Chan" Ma io *alan&oni" Menneth Si uelo" Bella Ti o" Antonio Santos" Tibu cio E&ano" *a1es Tan" Cesilo A. A&a>a" 9 ancisco Ro6as" An%elita <acutan" *esse Pi1entel" *u&%e *ai1e /a1o." *esus Anonat" Ca los E%a." *u&%e Ca lito Eis1a" *u&%e *esus Ca bon" *o,en Jach" an& BenAa1in Pa&on. Noel &e <u>1an" /oli&a. $nnDs C e&it Mana%e " testifie& that Att.. Pacul&o boo@e& E2 'not 24) oo1s" inclu&in% the p esi&ential suite" -hich -as use& as the Sec eta iat. The % oup boo@in%s -e e 1a&e b. Att.. <lo ia Pacul&o" the -ife of Ne eo Pacul&o 't.s.n. *une 2#" 19#9" pp. !+7!#). The total su1 of P22B"114.#9 -as pai& to /oli&a. $nn fo the use of the oo1s. KbH ATTL. 5$O8ETA C. 0R$8ON The &ele%ates an& suppo te s of Att.. 0 ilon -e e billete& at the Philippine Pla>a /otel -he e he ca1pai%n 1ana%e " Att.. Renato Callanta" boo@e& 43 oo1s" E of -hich -e e suites. Acco &in% to Ms. 5illanue,a" Philippine Pla>a Ban:uet an& Con,entions Mana%e " the cont act that Att.. Callanta si%ne& -ith the Philippine Pla>a -as 1a&e in the na1e of the ($BP cFo Att.. Callanta.( M s. 8ou &es *uco" a Sales Mana%e of the Philippine Pla>a" ecalle& that it -as M . Ma iano Bene&icto -ho fi st ca1e to boo@ oo1s fo the $BP &ele%ates. She su%%este& that he obtain a % oup 'o &iscounte&) ate. /e %a,e he the na1e of Att.. Callanta -ho -oul& 1a@e the a an%e1ents -ith he . M . Bene&icto tu ne& out to be the Assistant Sec eta . of the 0epa t1ent of 8abo an& E1plo.1ent '0O8E). The total su1 of P+1!"411.E+ -as pai& b. Att.. Callanta fo the oo1s" foo&" an& be,e a%es consu1e& b. the 0 ilon % oup" -ith an unpai& balance of P+32"19B.+3. Pe Atto ne. 0aniel Ma tine>Ds last telephone con,e sation -ith Ms. 5illanue,a" Att.. Callanta still has an outstan&in% account of P2+2"B#2.!E at Philippine Pla>a.

Att.. Callanta a&1itte& that he si%ne& the cont act fo 43 oo1s at the Philippine Pla>a. /e 1a&e a &o-npa.1ent of P12+"333. /is -o @in% sheet sho-e& that the follo-in% pe sons cont ibute& fo that &o-npa.1ent4 'a) Nilo Pena ';uasha 8a- Office) 7 P 2E"333 'b) Antonio Ca pio 7 23"333 'c) Toto 9e e 'Ca pio 8a- Office) 7 13"333 '&) *a. Cast o 7 13"333 'e) 0ann. 0een 7 23"333 'f) An%an%co Tan 'An%a a 8a- Office) 7 13"333 '%) Alfonso 7 23"333 'h) Cos1e Rossel 7 1E"+33 't.s.n. *ul. 4" 1 9#9" pp. +74). Att.. Callanta e6plaine& that the abo,e liste& pe sons ha,e been cont ibutin% 1one. e,e . ti1e the $BP e1ba @s on a p oAect. This ti1e" the. cont ibute& so that thei pa tne s o associates coul& atten& the le%al ai& se1ina an& the $BP con,ention" too. Att.. 0 ilon alle%e& that she &i& not @no- that Att.. Callanta ha& billete& he &ele%ates at the Philippine Pla>a. She alle%e&l. &i& not also @no- in -hose na1e the oo1 she occupie& -as e%iste e&. But she &i& as@ fo a oo1 -he e she coul& est &u in% the con,ention. She a&1itte&" ho-e,e " that she pai& fo he hotel oo1 an& 1eals to Att.. Callanta" th ou%h Att.. 8oan>on 't.s.n. *ul. +"19#9). The follo-in% -e e liste& as ha,in% occupie& the oo1s ese ,e& b. Att.. Callanta at the Philippine Pla>a4 5ioleta 0 ilon" 5icto ia A. 5e ciles" 5icto ia C. 8oan>on" 8eopol&o A. Consulto" A&o 8ao" 5icto ia Bo a" A1. ?on%" Callanta" Pena" Tiu" <alla &o" Acon% Atien>a" 0. Be na &o" A1o es" Silao Cain%at" Manuel Luson" Si1eon 0atu1anon%" Manuel Pecson" Si6to Ma ella" *oselito Ba e a" Ra&on Macalala%" Osca Ba&elles" Antonio Ac.atan" $l&efonso C. Pue to" Nesto Atien>a" <il Batula" A a. Co ot" 0i1a@uta Co ot" Ro1eo 9o tes" $ ,in% Petilla" Teo&o o Pal1a" <il Pal1a" 0anilo 0een" 0elsanto" Resuello" A aneta" 5icente Real" S.l,io Casunca& Espina" <ue e o" *ulius Ne i" 8in&a 8i1" Ben 8i1" C. Batica" 8uis 9o 1ille>a" 9eli6 Macala% Ma iano Bene&icto" Atilano" A aneta" Renato Callanta. Att.. Nilo Pena a&1itte& that the ;uasha 8a- Office of -hich he is a senio pa tne " %a,e P2E"333 to Callanta fo oo1s at the Philippine Pla>a so that so1e 1e1be s of his la- fi 1 coul& ca1pai%n fo the 0 ilon % oup 't.s.n. *ul. E"19#9" pp. B!B#) &u in% the le%al ai& se1ina an& the $BP con,ention. Most of the 1e1be s of his la- fi 1 a e f ate nit. b othe s of Sec eta . 0 ilon '1eanin%" 1e1be s of the Si%1a Rho 9 ate nit.). /e a&1itte& bein% s.1pathetic to the can&i&ac. of Att.. 0 ilon an& the 1e1be s of he slate" t-o of -ho1 *ose < apilon an& Si1eon 0atu1anon%" a e Si%1a Rhoans. The. consi&e Att.. 0 ilon as a (Si%1a Rho siste "( he husban& bein% a Si%1a Rhoan. Att.. Antonio Ca pio" also a Si%1a Rhoan" ese ,e& a oo1 fo the 1e1be s of his o-n fi 1 -ho atten&e& the le%al ai& se1ina an& the con,ention. /e 1a&e the ese ,ation th ou%h Att.. Callanta to -ho1 he pai& P23"333 't.s.n. *ul. !"19#9" pp. +37+4). Att..

Ca pio assiste& Att.. 0 ilon in he ca1pai%n &u in% the con,ention" b. solicitin% the ,otes of &ele%ates he @ne-" li@e Att.. Albacite" his fo 1e teache 'but the latte -as al ea&. co11itte& to Nisce) an& Att.. Ro1. 9o tes" a class1ate of his in the U.P. Colle%e of 8a- 't.s.n. *ul. !" 19#9" pp. 22" 29" +9). ;c< ATT%. RAMON NI#CE. Att.. Nisce" th ou%h his b othe 7in7la-" Rica &o Pa as" ente e& into a cont act -ith the /.att /otel fo a total of 29 oo1s plus one '1) se,enth7floo oo1. /e 1a&e a &o-npa.1ent of P23"333 't.s.n. *une 2#" 19#9" p. E#) on Ap il 23" 19#9" an& P+B"!+2.4E on Ma. 13" o a total of PEB"!+2.4E. Ms. Cecile 9lo es" Ms. Mila% os Oca1po" an& M . Ra1on *acinto" the Sales 0epa t1ent Mana%e " C e&it Mana%e " an& Rese ,ation Mana%e " especti,el. of the /.att" testifie& that Att.. NisceDs bill a1ounte& to P21!"12B.B4 't.s.n. *une 2#" 19#9" pp. EB7E#C E6hibits E79lo es" 97*acinto <7Oca1po). As ea lie 1entione&" Att.. Nisce a&1itte& that he ese ,e& oo1s fo those -ho co11itte& the1sel,es to his can&i&ac.. The hotel %uests of Att.. Nisce -e e4 <lo ia A%unos" 0ennis /abanel B. Batula" *ohn E. Asuncion" Re.nal&o Co tes" 8ou &es Santos" El1e 0atuin" Ro1ual&o 0in" Antonio Nalapo" $s ael 0a1asco" Can&i&o Balbin" Se ano Balot" $ba a" *oel 8losa" Eltanal" Rupe to" Asuncion" ;. Pilotin Re.1un&o P. <u>1an" Joilo A%uinal&o" Cla in R. Ron:uillo" 0o1ina&o Ca illo" 9ilo1eno Balinas" E nesto Sabulan" Lusop Pan%a&apun" A. 5i a." $caonapo" Abela &o 9e 1in" C. ;uiaoit" Au%u io Pa1intuan" 0aniel Maca ae%" an& Onof e TeAa&a. ;=< Ca4)aigning by *ab!, !--icia* -!, A++y. $i!*e+a D,i*!n $n ,iolation of the p ohibition a%ainst (ca1pai%nin% fo o a%ainst a can&i&ate -hile hol&in% an electi,e" Au&icial" :uasi7Au&icial" o p osecuto . office in the <o,e n1entD KSec. 14'c)" A t. $" $BP B.78a-sH" Ma iano E. Bene&icto $$" Assistant Sec eta ." 0epa t1ent of 8abo an& E1plo.1ent" testifie& that he too@ a lea,e of absence f o1 his office to atten& the $BP con,ention. /e sta.e& at the Philippine Pla>a -ith the 0 ilon % oup a&1itte&l. to %i,e (so1e 1o al assistance( to Att.. 5ioleta 0 ilon. /e &i& so because he is a 1e1be of the Si%1a Rho 9 ate nit.. ?hen as@e& about the si%nificance of Si%1a Rho" Sec eta . Bene&icto e6plaine&4 (Mo e than the husban& of M s. 0 ilon bein% 1. boss" the si%nificance the e is that the husban& is 1. b othe in the Si%1a Rho.( /e chee e& up M s. 0 ilon -hen he spi its -e e lo-. /e tal@e& to he i11e&iate ci cle -hich inclu&e& A t Tiu" Ton. Ca pio" Nilo Pena" A1. ?on%" Att.. < apilon" 5icto 8a>atin an& Bo. The. assesse& the p o% ess of the ca1pai%n" an& 1easu e& the st en%ths an& -ea@nesses of the othe % oups The % oup ha& sessions as ea l. as the late pa t of Ma.. Roo1 114" the suite liste& in the na1e of Assistant Sec eta . Bene&icto" tote& up a bill of P2+"113 &u in% the 27&a. $BP con,entionFelection. A total of 11+ phone calls 'a1ountin% to Pl"+E!) -e e eco &e& as e1anatin% f o1 his oo1. Opposite Roo1 114 -as Roo1 112" also a suite" liste& in the na1es of M s. 0 ilon" <la&.s Tion%co 'can&i&ate fo <o,e no " Easte n Min&anao) an& A1. ?on% 'can&i&ate

fo <o,e no " Met o Manila). These t-o oo1s se ,e& as the (action cente D o (-a oo1( -he e ca1pai%n st ate%ies -e e &iscusse& befo e an& &u in% the con,ention. $t -as in these oo1s -he e the suppo te s of the 0 ilon % oup" li@e Att.s. Ca pio" Callanta" Bene&icto" the ;uasha an& the ACCRA la-.e s 1et to plot thei 1o,es. ;>< Paying +/e 0ue !, !+/e, in0eb+e0ne !- any 4e4be, ;#ec. .(2e3, IBP B%&La9 <.

Att.. Te esita C. Sison" $BP T easu e " testifie& that she has hea & of can&i&ates the $BP &ues of la-.e s -ho p o1ise& to ,ote fo o suppo t the1" but she has no -a. of asce tainin% -hethe it -as a can&i&ate -ho pai& the &elin:uent &ues of anothe " because the eceipts a e issue& in the na1e of the 1e1be fo -ho1 pa.1ent is 1a&e 't.s.n. *une 2#" 19#9" pp. 2472#). She has notice&" thou%h" that the e is an upsu %e of pa.1ents in Ma ch" Ap il" an& Ma. &u in% an. election .ea . This .ea " the collections inc ease& b. P133"333 o,e that of last .ea 'a non7election .ea ) f o1 Pl"41+"42E to Pl"E24"#BE. 't.s.n. *une 2#" 19#9" p. 2E). ;?< Di +,ibu+i!n !- 4a+e,ia* !+/e, +/an bi!&0a+a !- n!+ 4!,e +/an !ne )age !- *ega* i@e /ee+ !- )a)e, ;#ec. .(2a3, IBP By&La9 <. On the con,ention floo on the &a. of the election" Att.. Pacul&o cause& to be &ist ibute& his bio7&ata an& copies of a leaflet entitle& (M. ;uest( as -ell as the lists of his slate. Att.s. 0 ilon an& Nisce si1ila l. &ist ibute& thei tic@ets an& bio7&ata. The ca1pai%n 1ate ials of Att.. Pacul&o cost f o1 P1E"333 to P23"333. The. -e e p inte& b. his o-n p intin% shop. ;A< Cau ing 0i +,ibu+i!n !- uc/ +a+e4en+ +! be 0!ne by )e, !n !+/e, +/an +/! e au+/!,i@e0 by +/e !--ice, ),e i0ing a+ +/e e*ec+i!n ;#ec. .(2b3, IBP By&La9 <. Att.. Pacul&o e1plo.e& unifo 1e& %i ls to &ist ibute his ca1pai%n 1ate ials on the con,ention floo . Att.. Ca pio note& that the e -e e 1o e ca1pai%n 1ate ials &ist ibute& at the con,ention site this .ea than in p e,ious .ea s. The election -as 1o e heate& an& e6pensi,e 't.s.n. *ul. !"19#9" p. +9). Att.. BenAa1in Be na &ino" the incu1bent P esi&ent of the $BP Ri>al Chapte " an& a can&i&ate fo chai 1an of the /ouse of 0ele%ates on NisceDs tic@et" testifie& that ca1pai%n 1ate ials -e e &ist ibute& &u in% the con,ention b. %i ls an& b. la-.e s. /e sa- 1e1be s of the ACCRA la- fi 1 ca1pai%nin% fo Att.. 0 ilon 't.s.n. *ul. +"19#9" pp. 142714E). ;.B< In0ucing !, in-*uencing a 4e4be, +! 9i+//!*0 /i 1!+e, !, +! 1!+e -!, !, again + a can0i0a+e ;#ec. .(2e3, IBP B%&La9 <. Att.. Be na &ino &isclose& that his cousin" Att.. Ro1eo Capulon%" u %e& hi1 to -ith& a- his can&i&ac. fo chai 1an of the /ouse of 0ele%ates an& to un as ,ice7 chai 1an in 5iol. 0 ilonDs slate" but he &ecline& 't.s.n. *ul. +"19#9" pp. 1+B" 149).

Att.. <lo ia A%unos" Pe sonnel 0i ecto of the /.att Te aces /otel in Ba%uio an& P esi&ent of the Ba%uio7Ben%uet $BP Chapte " ecalle& that in the thi & -ee@ of Ma. 19#9" afte the t ipa tite 1eetin% of the 0epa t1ent of 8abo an& E1plo.1ent at the < een 5alle. Count . Club in Ba%uio Cit." she 1et Att.. 0 ilon" to%ethe -ith t-o labo office s of Re%ion 1" Att.s. 9ilo1eno Balbin an& Att.. Mansala. Att.. 0 ilon solicite& he 'Att.. A%unosD) ,ote an& in,ite& he to sta. at the Philippine Pla>a -he e a oo1 -oul& be a,ailable fo he . Att.. Pacul&o also t ie& to enlist he suppo t &u in% the chapte p esi&entsD 1eetin% to choose thei no1inee fo <o,e no fo the No the n 8u>on Re%ion 't.s.n. *ul. 1+"19#9" pp. 4+7E4). Att.. Nisce testifie& that a Manila Chapte 4 &ele%ate" Ma cial Ma%sino" -ho ha& ea lie co11itte& his ,ote to Nisce chan%e& his 1in& -hen he -as offe e& a Au&%eship 'This state1ent" ho-e,e " is a&1itte&l. hea sa.). ?hen Nisce conf onte& Ma%sino about the alle%e& offe " the latte &enie& that the e -as such an offe . NisceDs info 1ant -as Antonio <. Nalapo" an $BP can&i&ate" -ho also -ith& e-. Anothe Nisce can&i&ate" Cesa 5iola" -ith& e- f o1 the ace an& efuse& to be no1inate& 't.s.n. *une 29" 19#9" p. 134). 5icente P. To &illa -ho -as NisceDs can&i&ate fo <o,e no " beca1e Pacul&oDs can&i&ate instea& 't.s.n. *une 29" 19#9" p. 134). Nisce ecalle& that &u in% the Bench an& Ba 0ialo%ue in Cotabato Cit." Cou t A&1inist ato Ti o -ent a oun&" ($ a1 not ca1pai%nin%" but 1. -ife is a can&i&ate.( Nisce sai& that the p esi&ents of se,e al $BP chapte s info 1e& hi1 that labo officials -e e ca1pai%nin% fo M s. 0 ilon 't.s.n. *une 29"19#9" pp. 1397113). /e 1entione& Cion. &e la Ce na" -ho alle%e&l. ca1pai%ne& in 8a Union 't.s.n. *une 29"19#9"p.111). Att.. *oel A. 8losa" NisceDs suppo te an& can&i&ate fo %o,e no of the ?este n" e6p esse& his &isappoint1ent o,e the $BP elections because so1e &ele%ates flip7 floppe& f o1 one ca1p to anothe . /e testifie& that -hen he a i,e& at the Manila 0o1estic Ai po t" he -as 1et b. an Assistant Re%ional 0i ecto of the 0O8E -ho offe e& to b in% hi1 to the Philippine Pla>a" but he &ecline& the offe . 0u in% the le%al ai& se1ina " Att.. 0 ilon in,ite& hi1 to t ansfe to the Philippine Pla>a -he e a oo1 ha& been ese ,e& fo hi1. /e &ecline& the in,itation 't.s.n. *ul. 4"19#9" pp. 132713!). Att.. 8losa sai& that -hile he -as still in 0u1a%uete Cit." he al ea&. @ne- that the th ee can&i&ates ha& thei hea&:ua te s in sepa ate hotels4 Pacul&o" at the /oli&a. $nnC 0 ilon" at the Philippine Pla>aC an& Nisce" at the /.att. /e @ne- about this because a -ee@ befo e the elections" ep esentati,es of Att.. 0 ilon -ent to 0u1a%uete Cit. to ca1pai%n. /e 1entione& Att.. Ro&il Montebon of the ACCRA 8a- Office" acco1panie& b. Att.. *ul,e" the Assistant Re%ional 0i ecto of the 0epa t1ent of 8abo in 0u1a%uete Cit.. These t-o" he sai&" offe e& to %i,e hi1 t-o PA8 tic@ets an& acco11o&ations at the Philippine Pla>a 't.s.n. *ul. 4"19#9" pp. 1317134). But he &ecline& the offe because he -as al ea&. co11itte& to Att.. Nisce.

Att.. 8losa also e,eale& that befo e he left fo Manila on Ma. +1" 19#9" a business1an" /en . 0." app oache& hi1 to con,ince hi1 to ,ote fo Att.. Pacul&o. But 8losa tol& 0. that he -as al ea&. co11itte& to Nisce. /e &i& not ecei,e an. plane tic@ets f o1 Att.. Nisce because he an& his t-o co1panions 'Att.. Eltanal an& Att.. Rupe to) ha& ea lie bou%ht thei o-n tic@ets fo Manila 't.s.n. *ul. 4" 19#9" p. 131). SUMMARL O9 CAMPA$<N ENPENSES $NCURRE0 BL T/E CAN0$0ATES Att.. Pacul&o a&1itte& ha,in% spent so1e P2E3"333 &u in% his th ee -ee@s of ca1pai%nin%. Of this a1ount" the Capitol Ba Association 'of -hich he -as the chapte p esi&ent) cont ibute& about P1E3"333. The Capitol Ba Association is a ,olunta . ba association co1pose& of ;ue>on Cit. la-.e s. /e spent about P133"333 to &ef a. the e6penses of his t ips to the p o,inces KBicol p o,inces" Pa1pan%a" Ab a" Mountain P o,ince an& BulacanH. 't.s.n. *une 29"19#9" pp. 9714). Att.. NisceDs hotel bills at the /.att a1ounte& to P21!"12B.B4. This &oes not inclu&e the e6penses fo his ca1pai%n -hich be%an se,e al 1onths befo e the *une + & election" an& his pu chases of ai plane tic@ets fo so1e &ele%ates. The eco &s of the Philippine Pla>a /otel" hea&:ua te s of Att.. 0 ilonDs ca1p" sho-e& that he ca1pai%n an% up o,e P!33"333 in hotel bills. Att.. Callanta pai& P+1!"411.E+ fo the oo1s" foo&" an& be,e a%e consu1e& b. Att.. 0 ilonDs suppo te s" but still left an unpai& bill of P+32"19B.+3 at con,entionDs en&. 9$N0$N<S 9 o1 all the fo e%oin%" it is e,i&ent that the 1anne in -hich the p incipal can&i&ates fo the national positions in the $nte% ate& Ba con&ucte& thei ca1pai%n p epa ato . to the elections on *une +" 19#9" ,iolate& Section 14 of the $BP B.78a-s an& 1a&e a t a,est. of the i&ea of a (st ictl. non7political( $nte% ate& Ba ensh ine& in Section 4 of the B.78a-s. The settin% up of ca1pai%n hea&:ua te s b. the th ee p incipal can&i&ates '0 ilon" Nisce an& Pacul&o) in fi,e7sta hotels4 The Philippine Pla>a" the /oli&a. $nn an& The /.att" the bette fo the1 to co al an& ente tain the &ele%ates billete& the einC the islan&7hoppin% to solicit the ,otes of the chapte p esi&ents -ho co1p ise the 1237 1e1be /ouse of 0ele%ates that elects the national office s an& e%ional %o,e no sC the fo 1ation of tic@ets" slates" o line7ups of can&i&ates fo the othe electi,e positions ali%ne& -ith" o suppo tin%" eithe 0 ilon" Pacul&o o NisceC the p ocu e1ent of - itten co11it1ents an& the &ist ibution of no1ination fo 1s to be fille& up b. the &ele%atesC the ese ,ation of oo1s fo &ele%ates in th ee bi% hotels at the e6pense of the p esi&ential can&i&atesC the use of a PNB plane b. 0 ilon an& so1e 1e1be s of he tic@et to enable the1 to (assess thei chances( a1on% the chapte p esi&ents in the Bicol

p o,incesC the p intin% an& &ist ibution of tic@ets an& bio7&ata of the can&i&ates -hich" in the case of Pacul&o" a&1itte&l. cost hi1 so1e P1E"333 to P23"333C the e1plo.1ent of unifo 1e& %i ls 'b. Pacul&o) an& la-.e s 'b. 0 ilon) to &ist ibute thei ca1pai%n 1ate ials on the con,ention floo on the &a. of the electionC the %i,in% of assistance b. the Un&e sec eta . of 8abo to M s. 0 ilon an& he % oupC the use of 8abo A bite s to 1eet &ele%ates at the ai po t an& esco t the1 to the Philippine Pla>a /otelC the %i,in% of p e7pai& plane tic@ets an& hotel acco11o&ations to &ele%ates 'an& so1e fa1ilies -ho acco1panie& the1) in e6chan%e fo thei suppo tC the pi atin% of so1e can&i&ates b. in&ucin% the1 to (hop( o (flipflop( f o1 one tic@et to anothe fo so1e u1o e& consi&e ationC all these p actices 1a&e a political ci cus of the p ocee&in%s an& tainte& the -hole election p ocess. The can&i&ates an& 1an. of the pa ticipants in that election not onl. ,iolate& the B.7 8a-s of the $BP but also the ethics of the le%al p ofession -hich i1poses on all la-.e s" as a co olla . of thei obli%ation to obe. an& uphol& the Constitution an& the la-s" the &ut. to (p o1ote espect fo la- an& le%al p ocesses( an& to abstain f o1 (acti,ities ai1e& at &efiance of the la- o at lessenin% confi&ence in the le%al s.ste1.( 'Rule 1.32" Canon 1" Co&e of P ofessional Responsibilit.). Respect fo la- is % a,el. e o&e& -hen la-.e s the1sel,es" -ho a e suppose& to be 1inions of the la-" en%a%e in unla-ful p actices an& ca,alie l. b ush asi&e the ,e . ules that the $BP fo 1ulate& fo thei obse ,ance. The unsee1l. a &o -ith -hich the can&i&ates pu sue& the p esi&enc. of the association &et acte& f o1 the &i%nit. of the le%al p ofession. The spectacle of la-.e s b ibin% o bein% b ibe& to ,ote one -a. o anothe ce tainl. &i& not uphol& the hono of the p ofession no ele,ate it in the publicDs estee1. The Cou t notes -ith % a,e conce n -hat appea to be the e,asions" &enials an& out i%ht p e,a ications that tainte& the state1ents of the -itnesses" inclu&in% so1e of the can&i&ates" &u in% the initial hea in% con&ucte& b. it befo e its fact7fin&in% co11ittee -as c eate&. The subse:uent in,esti%ation con&ucte& b. this Co11ittee has e,eale& that those pa ties ha& been less than can&i& -ith the Cou t an& see1 to ha,e conspi e& a1on% the1sel,es to &ecei,e it o " at least" -ithhol& ,ital info 1ation f o1 it to conceal the i e%ula ities co11itte& &u in% the ca1pai%n. CONC8US$ONS $t has been 1entione& -ith no little insistence that the p o,ision in the 19#B Constitution 'See. #" A t. 5$$$) p o,i&in% fo a *u&icial an& Ba Council co1pose& of se,en 'B) 1e1be s a1on% -ho1 is (a ep esentati,e of the $nte% ate& Ba "( tas@e& to pa ticipate in the selection of no1inees fo appoint1ent to ,acant positions in the Au&icia ." 1a. be the eason -h. the position of $BP p esi&ent has att acte& so 1uch inte est a1on% the la-.e s. The 1uch co,ete& (po-e ( e oneousl. pe cei,e& to be inhe ent in that office 1i%ht ha,e cause& the co uption of the $BP elections. To i1p ess upon the pa ticipants in that electo al e6e cise the se iousness of the 1iscon&uct -hich atten&e& it an& the ste n &isapp o,al -ith -hich it is ,ie-e& b. this Cou t" an& to

esto e the non7political cha acte of the $BP an& e&uce" if not enti el. eli1inate" e6pensi,e electionee in% fo the top positions in the o %ani>ation -hich" as the ecentl. conclu&e& elections e,eale&" spa-ne& unethical p actices -hich se iousl. &i1inishe& the statu e of the $BP as an association of the p actitione s of a noble an& hono e& p ofession" the Cou t he eb. o &e s4 1. The $BP elections hel& on *une+"19#9 shoul& be as the. a e he eb. annulle&. 2. The p o,isions of the $BP B.78a-s fo the &i ect election b. the /ouse of 0ele%ates 'app o,e& b. this Cou t in its Resolution of *ul. 9" 19#E in Ba Matte No. 2#B) of the follo-in% national office s4 'a) the office s of the /ouse of 0ele%atesC 'b) the $BP p esi&entC an& 'c) the e6ecuti,e ,ice7p esi&ent" be epeale&" this Cou t bein% e1po-e e& to a1en&" 1o&if. o $BP un&e Section BB" A t. N$ of sai& B.78a-s. epeal the B.78a-s of the

+. The fo 1e s.ste1 of ha,in% the $BP P esi&ent an& E6ecuti,e 5ice7P esi&ent electe& b. the Boa & of <o,e no s 'co1pose& of the %o,e no s of the nine K9H $BP e%ions) f o1 a1on% the1sel,es 'as p o,i&e& in Sec. 4B" A t. 5$$" O i%inal $BP B.78a-s) shoul& be esto e&. The i%ht of auto1atic succession b. the E6ecuti,e 5ice7P esi&ent to the p esi&enc. upon the e6pi ation of thei t-o7.ea te 1 '-hich -as abolishe& b. this Cou tDs Resolution &ate& *ul. 9"19#E in Ba Matte No. 2#B) shoul& be as it is he eb. esto e&. 4. At the en& of the P esi&entDs t-o7.ea te 1" the E6ecuti,e 5ice7P esi&ent shall auto1aticall. succee& to the office of P esi&ent. The inco1in% Boa & of <o,e no s shall then elect an E6ecuti,e 5ice7P esi&ent f o1 a1on% the1sel,es. The position of E6ecuti,e 5ice7P esi&ent shall be otate& a1on% the nine '9) $BP e%ions. One -ho has se ,e& as p esi&ent 1a. not un fo election as E6ecuti,e 5ice7P esi&ent in a succee&in% election until afte the otation of the p esi&enc. a1on% the nine '9) e%ions shall ha,e been co1plete&C -he eupon" the otation shall be%in ane-. E. Section 4B of A ticle 5$$ is he eb. a1en&e& to ea& as follo-s4 #ec+i!n (>. Na+i!na* O--ice, . & The $nte% ate& Ba of the Philippines shall ha,e a P esi&ent an& E6ecuti,e 5ice7P esi&ent to be chosen b. the Boa & of <o,e no s f o1 a1on% nine '9) e%ional %o,e no s" as 1uch as p acticable" on a otation basis. The %o,e no s shall be e5 !-ici! 5ice7P esi&ent fo thei especti,e e%ions. The e shall also be a Sec eta . an& T easu e of the Boa & of <o,e no s to be appointe& b. the P esi&ent -ith the consent of the Boa &. !. Section ++'b)" A t. 5" $BP B.78a-s" is he eb. a1en&e& as follo-s4

'b) The P esi&ent an& E6ecuti,e 5ice7P esi&ent of the $BP shall be the Chai 1an an& 5ice7Chai 1an" especti,el." of the /ouse of 0ele%ates. The Sec eta ." T easu e " an& Se %eant7at7A 1s shall be appointe& b. the P esi&ent -ith the consent of the /ouse of 0ele%ates.D B. Section ++'%) of A ticle 5 p o,i&in% fo the positions of Chai 1an" 5ice7Chai 1an" Sec eta ." T easu e an& Se %eant7at7A 1s of the /ouse of 0ele%ates" is he eb. epeale&. #. Section +B" A ticle 5$ is he eb. a1en&e& to ea& as follo-s4 #ec+i!n 7>. C!4)! i+i!n !- +/e B!a,0. & The $nte% ate& Ba of the Philippines shall be %o,e ne& b. a Boa & of <o,e no s consistin% of nine '9) <o,e no s f o1 the nine '9) e%ions as &elineate& in Section + of the $nte% ation Rule" on the ep esentation basis of one '1) <o,e no fo each e%ion to be electe& b. the 1e1be s of the /ouse of 0ele%ates f o1 that e%ion onl.. The position of <o,e no shoul& be otate& a1on% the &iffe ent Chapte s in the e%ion. 9. Section +9" A ticle 5" is he eb. a1en&e& as follo-s4 #ec+i!n 7A. N!4ina+i!n an0 e*ec+i!n !- +/e G!1e,n!, a+ *ea + !ne 2.3 4!n+/ be-!,e +/e na+i!na* c!n1en+i!n. & The &ele%ates f o1 each e%ion shall elect the <o,e no fo thei e%ion" the choice of -hich shall as 1uch as possible be otate& a1on% the chapte s in the e%ion. 13. Section++ 'a)" A ticle 5" is he eb. a1en&e& b. a&&in% the follo-in% p o,ision as pa t of the fi st pa a% aph4 No con,ention of the /ouse of 0ele%ates no of the %ene al 1e1be ship shall be hel& p io to an. election in an election .ea . 11. Section +9 'a)" 'b)" '1)" '2)" '+)" '4)" 'E)" '!)" an& 'B) of A ticle 5$ shoul& be" as the. a e he eb." &elete&. All othe p o,isions of the B.78a-s" inclu&in% its a1en&1ent b. the Resolution en banc of this Cou t of *ul. 9" 19#E 'Ba Matte No. 2#B) that a e inconsistent he e-ith a e he eb. epeale& o 1o&ifie&. 12. Special elections fo the Boa & of <o,e no s shall be hel& in the nine '9) $BP e%ions -ithin th ee '+) 1onths" afte the p o1ul%ation of the Cou tDs Resolution in this case. ?ithin thi t. '+3) &a.s the eafte " the Boa & of <o,e no s shall 1eet at the $BP Cent al Office in Manila to elect f o1 a1on% the1sel,es" the $BP National P esi&ent an& E6ecuti,e 5ice7P esi&ent. $n these special elections" the can&i&ates in the election of the national office s hel& on *une +"19#9" pa ticula l. i&entifie& in Sub7/ea& + of this Resolution entitle& (9o 1ation of Tic@ets an& Sin%le Slates(" as -ell as those i&entifie& in this Resolution as connecte& -ith an. of the i e%ula ities atten&ant upon that election" a e ineli%ible an& 1a. not p esent the1sel,es as can&i&ates fo an. position.

1+. Pen&in% such special elections" a ca eta@e Boa & shall be appointe& b. the Cou t to a&1iniste the affai s of the $BP. The Cou t 1a@es clea that the &ispositions he e 1a&e a e -ithout p eAu&ice to its a&option in &ue ti1e of such fu the an& othe 1easu es as a e -a ante& in the p e1ises. SO OR0ERE0. Narvasa, Me e!"#$%Herrera, Cr&', Paras, Fe #"#a!$, Ga!"a("$, Pa)# a. B#)#!, Sar*#e!+$, C$r+es, Gr#,$%A-&#!$ a!) Re.a a)$, JJ., "$!"&r. Fer!a!, C.J. a!) Me)#a )ea, J., +$$/ !$ 0ar+. G&+#erre', 1r., J., #s $! eave.

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