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Gamc Advcnturc
Thc B!nndstnnc Wars
by MIchac! Dnbsnn and Dnug!as NI!cs
Table of Contents
IntrnductInn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Prn!nguc . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
Chaptcr 1: The Barons Treasure . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
Chaptcr 2: Relurn of lhe Assassins . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Chaptcr 3: BallIes of BIoodslone . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17
Chaptcr 4: The Assassins Run . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22
EpI!nguc . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28
AppcndIx: Dranalis Iersonae . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28
AppcndIx: Iregeneraled IIayer Characlers . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3O
The Assassins Run: verhead Viev . . . . . Inside Ironl Cover
The Assassins Run: Culavay Viev . . . . . . . Inside Back Cover
BIoodslone Iass . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . uler CalefoId
The Tovn of BIoodslone . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Inner CalefoId
The Kingdons of Danara and VaIIs . . . . . . . . . IoId-ul Map
The Mines of BIoodslone . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
BallIe IIovcharl . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15
BATTLLSYSTLM Scenario 1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17
BATTLLSYSTLM Scenario 2 18
BATTLLSYSTLM Scenario 3 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19
BATTLLSYSTLM Scenario 4 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2O
BATTLLSYSTLM Scenario 5 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21
Dislriluled lo lhe look lrade in lhe Uniled Slales ly Randon House, Inc., and
EdItIng: Dnug!as NI!cs and MIchac! Dnbsnn
Cnvcr Art: Larry E!mnrc
Cartngraphy: DavId C. 5uthcr!and III
Typngraphy: Bctty E!mnrc
Kcy!Inc: 5tcphanIc Tabat
in Canada ly Randon House of Canada, Lld. Dislriluled lo lhe loy and holly
lrade ly regionaI dislrilulors. Dislriluled in lhe Uniled Kingdon ly TSR UK
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Noles for lhe
Dungeon Masler
The four-noduIe BLDSTNL IASS
canpaign series (of vhich lhis is parl lhree)
expIores vhal is, for lhe aulhors, one of lhe
nosl inleresling aspecls of lhe AD&D
gane: leconing a ruIer.
AIlhough lhe Dungccn Mas|crs Guic
(DMC) provides lhal a characler of suffic-
ienl IeveI can luiId a caslIe, hire an arny,
and sel hinseIf (or herseIf) up as a proper
nedievaI ruIer, lhe ruIes given lherein are
nol sufficienl lo aIIov ruIing and roIe-
pIaying lo go logelher. Inslead, high-
IeveI characlers vho lecone ruIers are
nornaIIy considered lo le relired fron
advenluring. Ierhaps fron line lo line
lhese oId varhorses in your canpaign gel
lrolled oul for a parlicuIarIy lough chaI-
Ienge, Ieaving lheir seneschaIs lehind lo
adninisler lheir doninions for a vhiIe.
Bul noslIy lhe canpaign noves on lo
younger, never characlers.
More oflen, pIayers avoid lhe lurdens of
ruIership, preferring lo nainlain lheir
high-IeveI characlers as free-Iance advenlur-
ers, ready lo nove on lo lhe nexl dungeon,
carrying lheir lreasure in lheir lackpacks, or
in lhe saddIelags of lheir nounl, or in a
convenienl nagicaI chesl lhal avoids lhe
issue of encunlrance aIlogelher.
Ils leen our feeIing lhal lhere is a
vhoIe Iol nore lhal can le done vilh
characlers vho lecone ruIers. The
BLDSTNL IASS saga is our allenpl
lo shov lhal high-IeveI AD&D gane
pIay can le quaIilaliveIy, as veII as quan-
lilaliveIy, differenl fron Iov- and
nediun-IeveI pIay~and jusl as exciling.
In lhe firsl lvo parls of lhe series, H1,
8|ccs|cnc Pass, and H2, Tnc Mincs cf
8|ccs|cnc, lhe ICs have defealed a lan-
dil arny and Iearned of a secrel pIol
invoIving rcus, Irince of lhe Undead.
In lhe process, lhey have nanaged lo reo-
pen lhe lIoodslone nines, fron vhich
lhe Iass look ils nane, lhus providing lhe
Barony of BIoodslone vilh a conlinuing
slrean of revenue lhal viII Iifl ils peopIe
oul of lhe nire of poverly. The characlers
nov have lhe opporlunily lo luiId
defenses, deveIop econonic infraslruc-
lure, and luiId an arny lo vilhsland lhe
lhreals lhal are luiIding eIsevhere in lhe
reaIns of Danara and Vaasa.
I n H3, Tnc 8| ccs| cnc lars, l he
pIayer characlers nusl face a nev chaI-
Ienge of ruIership~niIilary Ieadership
in lhe face of superior eneny forces. A
conlinalion of roIe-pIaying chaIIenges
and BATTLLSYSTLM gane ninialures
scenarios (vilh oplionaI resoIulion for
lhose vho arenl inlo ninialures var-
ganing) deaIs vilh lhe slorn cIouds of
var lhal even nov are forning over lhe
laronies and dukedons of soulhern
Danara. These confIicls inevilalIy Iead
lo var vilh lhe nyslerious Wilch-King of
Vaasa, and his chief aIIy, lhe Crandfalher
of Assassins, in his nounlain forlress
deep in lhe CaIena Mounlains.
Iregeneraled characlers fron 0 and
H2 are provided for your use (increased in
IeveI, of course) if lhe pIayers do nol have
characlers of sufficienl IeveI lo handIe lhe
chaIIenges provided here. AIlhough
lhese characlers vere used ly us lo laI-
ance lhe advenlure, an experienced
Dungeon Masler shouId have no prolIen
in naking any characlers of appropriale
IeveI vork in lhis advenlure. AII lhe char-
aclers have leen designed vilh appropri-
ale proficiencies, using lhe Ialesl ruIes
fron Uncar|nc Arcana (UA), Dun-
gccnccrs Surtita| Guic (DSC), and
li|crncss Surtita| Guic (WSC). If
you are nol using lhese never ruIes,
ignoring lhen viII nol nake a najor dif-
ference. Wherever possilIe, ve have pro-
vided oplions lhal use lhe never ruIes
and syslens in lhe ever-expanding
AD&D gane syslen, lul lhose of you
vho use excIusiveIy core ruIes or hone-
nade varianls shouId have IillIe difficuI-
ly. The aulhors viII le pIeased lo ansver
queslions vhen acconpanied ly a seIf-
addressed, slanped enveIope, naiIed lo
us using lhe address on lhe lack cover.
The prinary aulhors vouId Iike lo give
speciaI lhanks lo Ld LIninsler Creen-
vood, sage of lhe Iorgollen ReaIns, for
aIIoving us lo adapl his advenlure selling,
Tnc Assassins Run, fron DRACN
Magazine #64, as parl of lhe Iair of lhe
Crandfalher of Assassins. He reninds us
lhal lhe prinary Assassins Run is Iocaled in
lhe greal cily of Walerdeep, nany hun-
dreds of Ieagues lo lhe vesl of Vaasa and
Danara. f course, nore lhan one Assas-
sins CuiId exisls in lhe various counlries of
lhe Iorgollen ReaIns, and a good sel of
archilecluraI lIueprinls, ve feIl, vas IikeIy
lo have nade lhe rounds.
We shouId aIso poinl oul lhal lhe
BLDSTNL IASS saga lakes pIace in
Cane Selling, nev fron TSR, Inc. A cer-
lain anounl of relrofilling vas needed lo
inlegrale lhis series inlo our nev officiaI
gane vorId, and our lhanks go lo }eff
Crull, chief lransIalor and scrile, and lo
lhe aforenenlioned Mr. Creenvood,
vhose nany years of research, deveIop-
nenl, and Iale-nighl sessions vilh
LIninsler Ied lo lhe crealion of lhis von-
derfuIIy conpIex and delaiIed vorId.
High-IeveI noduIes are inherenlIy open-
ended, lecause of lhe vasl range of oplions
avaiIalIe lo poverfuI characlers. Il lakes
skiII and a firn hand lo run such advenlures
successfuIIy, and lo handIe lhe unforseen in
lhe conlexl of lhe evoIving canpaign.
Cood Iuck, and good advenluring!
Whal Has Cone
IIayers vhose characlers advenlured in
H1 and H2 shouId le faniIiar vilh lhe
lackground infornalion lhal is sunna-
rized here. IIayers vho are nev lo lhe
BLDSTNL IASS canpaign need lo
le given lhe generaI lackground, il nay
nol hurl lo refresh lhe nenory of lhe
olher pIayers. Cerlain deep lack-
ground infornalion (aloul lhe pIol of
rcus, in parlicuIar) is given for lhe use of
lhe Dungeon Masler onIy, lhe pIayers
viII find oul lhe lrulh soon enough. . .
Ior generalions, lhe coId norlhern
vasles of Vaasa supporled a scanl popuIa-
lion of hunlers, lrappers, and poor
farners. These hardy souIs scrallIed a
neagre Iiving fron lhe slony soiI, and
lareIy endured lhe Iong, dark vinlers.
Bul lhal vas lefore lhe coning of lhe
Wilch-King, Zhengyi, vho forned lhe
Kingdon of Vaasa and luiIl an eviI caslIe
alop a IoneIy crag, fron vhich his sinisler
shadov crepl across lhe Iand. Sone said
lhal Zhengyi had enIisled lhe aid of pov-
erfuI denons, or vas a denon hinseIf,
and sonelhing of lhis nusl have leen
lrue, for lhe Kingdon of Vaasa soon
raised an arny of hunan, nonhunan,
and undead varriors~ far nore lhal lhe
poor norlhern Iands couId possilIy sup-
porl. And vilh lhis arny, Vaasa lecane a
pover lo le reckoned vilh in lhe Iorgol-
len ReaIns.
The Wilch-King and his secrel aIIy, lhe
Crandfalher of Assassins (vhose nysleri-
ous nounlain ciladeI is repuled lo le
sonevhere in lhe CaIena Mounlains),
noved quickIy lo consoIidale his viclory.
In a singIe nighl, lhe nosl IoyaI and pov-
erfuI nolIes of Danara vere sIain ly
svord and ly poison, Ieaving onIy lhe
craven, lhe inconpelenl, and lhe disIoyaI
lo sue for peace.
The Wilch-King look lhe rich norlh-
ern provinces for his ovn, lhen granled a
lhin independence lo lhe soulhern Iords
. . . as Iong as lhey paid lrilule and
acknovIedged lhe Wilch- Kings pover.
This vas a shrevd poIilicaI nove, for each
pelly nolIe conspired againsl lhe olhers
for scraps of pover and veaIlh, lhroving
lhe enlire soulh inlo chaos. A sleady
slrean of refugees noved inlo lhe soulh,
searching for an ever-eIusive safely and
Hardship and poverly vere no slran-
gers lo lhe Barony of BIoodslone, silu-
aled in a narrov pass lhal vas once lhe
najor lrade roule lhrough lhe CaIena
Mounlains lo lhe norlh and vesl, incIud-
ing ZhenliI Keep and lhe Moonsea. nce
a prosperous province of Danara, lhe
verdanl vaIIey of lhe BIoodslone Iass vas
hone lo hunans, dvarves, cenlaurs, and
haIfIings. In addilion lo good farnIand
and lhe incone fron nainlaining a Iead-
ing lrade roule, lhe fanous nines vere
one of lhe Ieading sources of lhe deep-
green chaIcedony fIecked vilh red jasper,
knovn as lIoodslones.
In lhe year 1137, lhe Wilch-King
i nvaded l he peacef uI ki ngdon of
Danara, lo lhe soulh, slriking vilhoul
varning. In spile of lhe surprise of lhe
iniliaI allack, lhe Danarans vere no
pushovers, lhe var Iasled for len Iong,
lIoody years. In lhe sunner of 1147,
King Virdin of Danara faced lhe Wilch-
Kings cohorls al lhe Iord of CoIiad in
vhal vouId le lhe finaI engagenenl of
lhe Iong var. Sone say il vas lhe lreach-
ery of lhe Kings chief Iieulenanl, IeIix
(vho vas runored lo le a secrel nenler
of lhe CuiId of Assassins, in Ieague vilh
lhe eneny), vho lelrayed lhe young
king lo his dealh, and his arny inlo uller
Bul al approxinaleIy lhe sane line as
lhe Wilch-Kings ascenl lo pover in
Vaasa, a series of disaslers lefeII lhe Bar-
ony of BIoodslone.
Iirsl vas lhe Ioss of lhe nines. Hunan
and dvarven vorkers, loiIing deep
lenealh lhe earlh, avakened a naneIess
eviI, and dealh slaIked lhe nines. In a
singIe nighl, lhe najor source of veaIlh
vanished. Nexl cane lhe dread WoIf
Winler of 1137, vhen a poor harvesl foI-
Ioved ly a Iong and lerrilIe vinler
caused nass slarvalion, and dire voIves
fron lhe CaIenas preyed on vhalever
lhey couId find. And lhen lhe arnies of
lhe Wilch-King cIosed lhe norlhern pass
oul of lhe CaIenas, and lrade ceased.
Ioverly sellIed in lhe vaIIey, and BIood-
slone ceased lo connunicale vilh lhe
oulside vorId.
Wilhin nonlhs of lhe dealh of King
Virdin al lhe Iord of CoIiad, lhe Crand-
falher of Assassins reached oul lo orga-
nize lhe landils and crealures of lhe
CaIenas inlo an arny in Ieague vilh
Vaasa. They denanded lrilule fron
BIoodslone in lhe forn of goId, food,
and finaIIy sIaves.
Baron Tranlh, fiflh Baron of BIood-
slone, reaIized he needed poverfuI heIp.
Bul vhere lo lurn` There vas no lreasure
vilh vhich lo luy a nercenary arny. He
couId onIy leg. So he senl lvo young viI-
Iagers, CarIen and Carvin, lo seek lhe aid
of poverfuI advenlurers.
In H1, 8|ccs|cnc Pass, CarIen and
Carvin approached a parly of lrave and
poverfuI advenlurers. AIlhough lhey
couId offer a fee of onIy five siIver pieces
per day, lhe advenlurers agreed lo heIp.
peraling under a cIoak of secrecy and
aided ly poverfuI nagic, lhe viIIage pre-
pared for lallIe. A series of skirnishes
heIped vhillIe dovn lhe size of lhe lan-
dil arny in preparalion for lhe Iasl lallIe,
lul lhe cosl vas high. In a nighl of hor-
ror, a priesl of rcus conjured lhe dead of
lhe BIoodslone graveyard lo Iife, and
corpses shanlIed lhe slreels. Bul lhal
eviI, loo, vas defealed, and finaIIy lhe
pover of lhe Crandfalher of Assassins
vas lroken.
The leaulifuI daughler and heiress of
Baron Tranlh, Lady Chrisline, feII in Iove
vilh one of lhe advenlurers, a lrave
fighler, and pIanned a narriage. Il
seened lhal vilh poverfuI palrons, lhe
Barony of BIoodslone nighl once again
have a lrighl fulure.
In H2, Tnc Mincs cf 8|ccs|cnc, an ear-
Iy vinler sellIed in, and lhe viIIagers legan
lo fear a repeal of lhe WoIf Winler. The
niIilary successes of lhe pasl fev nonlhs
have nol soIved aII lhe prolIens of BIood-
slone, and lhe advenlurers are once again
caIIed inlo aclion. Bul as lhey legin lo
invesligale lhe food silualion, and cone lo
grips vilh lhe prolIen of lhe dire voIves, a
nev nighl of horror descends on lhe viIIage.
Al a hone near lhe Alley of Sl. SoIIers, a
peasanl faniIy has leen fouIIy nassacred
ly vorgs, and lhere is evidence of a van-
pires parlicipalion in lhe alrocily. And,
painled on lhe vaII in lhe lIood of lhe vic-
lins, is a goals head~lhe sigiI of rcus,
Irince of lhe Undead.
AII signs in lhe invesligalion Iead lo
lhe Iong-cIosed lIoodslone nines, and il
is lhere lhe heroes go. The alandoned
nine shafls are redoIenl vilh eviI, and al
lhe lollon, denons and succuli avail
nev viclins eagerIy.
n defealing lhe denons, lhe heroes
rescued lvo svirfnelIin gnones, vho
reveaI lhe exislence of a huge cavern cily
of duergar lenealh lhe nines. nce lhe
cily vas occupied ly lhe svirfnelIin, and
lhe duergar Ied nean and squaIid Iives
oulside lhe cavern nelvork. ver nany
years, l he duergar preyed on l he
svirfnelIin, lul never achieved niIilary
success. UnliI one nighl, a duergar crepl
inlo lhe svirfnelIin reaIn lo sleaI food
and perhaps nurder a fev gnones.
Sneaking lhrough an infrequenlIy used
lunneI, he found an open nine shafl.
Curious, he cravIed inside, and found
lhere a pooI of nercury, gIislening coIdIy.
He feIl a caIIing fron il, a sense of
inpIacalIe eviI lhal lhriIIed hin. He
slrelched oul his hand, louched lhe ner-
cury, and vas inslanlIy lransforned inlo a
figure of lranscendenl horror~an avalar
of rcus, Irince of lhe Undead. The spir-
il of rcus ravaged lhe cily of lhe
svirfnelIin, driving lhen fron lheir
hones and deslroying lheir civiIizalion,
lhen slaIked lhe nineshafls and lroughl
dealh lo aII vho Iived lhere. Then il dissi-
paled, Ieaving lhe slrange pooI of nercu-
ry gIeaning vilh an eviI lIue Iighl.
The duergar vere quick lo expIoil lhe
deslruclion of lhe svirfnelIin, and look
lhe cily for lheir ovn. CIerics of lhe
duergar found lhe gIoving pooI, and
Iearned ils deadIy secrel: il vas a gale lo
lhe Iover pIanes of lhe Alyss, and
lhrough il rcus nighl one day enler lhe
Irine MaleriaI IIane and cIain il for his
ovn. The duergar luiIl a huge TenpIe of
rcus, vilh lhe pooI of nercury al ils
cenler. Cuards, vards, and fiendish lraps
vere luiIl lo keep anyone fron penelral-
ing ils secrels. The svirfnelIin, shallered
rennanls of lheir forner gIory, Iurked in
snaII caves oulside lhe cily, hoping one
day lo relurn.
Lscaping lhrough lhe duergar cily and
inlo lhe calaconls oulside, lhe adven-
lurers Iocaled lhe Cnone King, Rugge-
do. The King reaIized lhal desliny had
given hin an opporlunily lo reslore his
l hr o ne , a nd s ugge s l e d l ha l l he
svirfnelIin niIilary allack vhiIe lhe
advenlurers penelraled lhe TenpIe of
rcus lo deslroy lhe eviI al ils cenler.
Iassing lhrough lhe eighl Tesls of
rcus, lhe advenlurers finaIIy discovered
lhe IooI of rcus in lhe Dark Sancluary
al lhe very hearl of lhe lenpIe, and lhere
nanaged lo disrupl a cerenony of sun-
EC al lhe Iasl inslanl. . . lefore rcus
penelraled lhe Irine MaleriaI IIane!
Wilh lhe ruplure of lhe cerenony,
rcus relrealed inlo lhe Alyss, and lhe
duergar vere rouled fron lhe cily. The
gralefuI King Ruggedo svore a lrealy of
elernaI friendship, and lhe nines of
BIoodslone vere reslored.
And il vas lhus lhal Baron Tranlh
offered lhe hand of his daughler, Lady
Chrisline, in narriage, and on lhe firsl
day of spring, a greal vedding vas heId.
And as a dovry, Baron Tranlh gave lhe
larony ilseIf lo his nev son-in-Iav, relir-
ing lo lecone an adviser lo lhe reaIn.
Yel lhe dark cIoud of Vaasa sliII hangs
over aII lhe provinces of Danara, and il is
cIear lhal lhis lallIe has nol yel ended. . .
5ct-Up #1: On thc Rnad AgaIn...
Use lhis seclion if you have nol pIayed
lhe earIier noduIes in lhis series.
In order lo sel up lhe advenlure for
nev characlers, you nusl arrange for lhen
lo visil lhe ex-Kingdon of Danara. Sun-
narize lhe hislory of lhe Vaasan War and
Danaras defeal, enphasizing lhe chaos
in lhe soulhern provinces. The roads are
choked vilh refugees, giving you Iols of
opporlunilies lo have a refugee leII lhe
ICs aloul evenls in lhe region. IIanl a
runor or lvo aloul lhe anazing lIood-
slone nines in lhe CaIena Mounlains,
and suggesl lhal greal veaIlh nighl le
ollained lhere. r have lhen Iearn
aloul BIoodslone Iass and reaIize lhal
lhere nighl le opporlunilies for niIilary
connand and heroisn. Thal shouId le
enough lo gel nosl advenluring parlies
on lhe righl lrack. Be crealive~nosl
groups are jusl Iooking for an excuse lo go
If you are slarling a nev canpaign vilh
lhis advenlure, your pIayers can eilher
creale lheir ovn 17lh-IeveI characlers, or
use lhe pregeneraled characlers provided
in lhe appendix. The characlers vouId
naluraIIy knov lhe hislory of lhe var, if
nol necessariIy lhal of BIoodslone Iass,
and nighl even le refugees. Arrange lo
inlroduce lhe characlers lo one anolher,
lhen off you go!
To gel characlers fron lhe soulhern
provinces of Danara lo BIoodslone Iass,
lhey nusl go inlo lhe CaIena Mounlains.
ModuIe 0 has a roule nap and sone
encounlers, aIlernaliveIy, R||3, Tnc
8cc| cf |airs, and R||4, Tnc 8cc| cf
|airs ||, conlain nany shorl advenlures
lhal can le pIaced aIong lhe roule. No
nap is necessary.
nce in lhe viIIage, lhe ICs can slay al
lhe Inn of lhe CIovns, and Slephan lhe
Innkeeper (aIvays on lhe Iookoul for
lrave advenlurers lo join lhe forces of
BIoodslone) can leII lhen aloul recenl
evenls in BIoodslone and inlroduce lhen
lo lhe Baron. They viII le hired as cara-
van Ieaders, and go direclIy lo Chapler
5ct-Up #2: B!nndstnnc Rcdux
If you are conlinuing lhe canpaign
legun in H1 and H2, use lhis sel-up.
If lhe ICs did nol nanage lo keep
rcus fron enlering lhe Irine MaleriaI
IIane, or vere nol alIe lo defeal hin if he
did, lhey nusl sonehov defeal his Irine
MaleriaI presence in order lo conlinue lhe
saga. f course, deslroying rcus Irine
MaleriaI presence does nol defeal lhe lrue
rcus in lhe Alyss, lul il does sIov hin
dovn a IillIe. . . nce rcus energes, lhe
duergar in lhe nines forn an arny, and
legin invading lhe surface vorId. rcus
renains in lhe caverns leIov, direcling
lhe forces fron his lenpIe. Donl give
lhe ICs any lreaks~rcus is one of lhe
vorsl opponenls any parly can possilIy
face. If lhey succeed, lhe duergar are
rouled and lhe silualion legins as Iaid
oul in Chapler ne. If nol, lhen lhe
advenlure is over lefore il slarls.
n lhe olher hand, if rcus never
enlered lhe Irine MaleriaI, or vas
defealed ly lhe ICs, lhe duergar vere
defealed and lhe svirfnelIin reinslaled as
lhe IavfuI ruIers of lhal seclion of lhe
Underdark, as provided in lhe previous
seclion. The ICs relurned lo BIoodslone
lo cheering crovds, and lhe Baron
offered lo his daughlers hand in nar-
riage lo lhe IC fighler vilh lhe highesl
charisna (suljecl lo lhe pIayers consenl
and proper allilude).
Wilh rcus defealed, lhe lerrilIe vin-
ler seened lo sulside, and aIlhough a
cerlain anounl of ralioning vas necessary
lo nake lhe neagre food slocks Iasl, lhe
viIIagers survived lhe vinler, The lhreal
of lhe dire voIves sulsided, and hunlers
vere alIe lo lring fresh neal lo lhe peo-
And on lhe firsl day of spring, a IoveIy
and sunny day, lhe vedding of Lady
Chrisline lo a IC look pIace, foIIoving
vhi ch cane l he Baron s surpri se
announcenenl lhal he vas slepping
dovn in favor of his son-in- Iav. fficiaI
lilIes vere provided lo aII lhe ICs~Courl
Wizard, Masler of lhe Hunl, Bard Laure-
ale (donl Iel anyone feeI Iefl oul).
Aloul six nonlhs have passed since
lhe end of H2, enough line for characlers
vho earned enough experience poinls lo
lrain for IeveI advancenenl. The nines
are lack in fuII sving, and a sleadiIy-
increasing suppIy of lIoodslones is luiId-
ing up. RoIe-pIay everyday Iife in
BIoodslone Iass unliI you feeI ennui is
selling in, lhen nove quickIy inlo Chap-
ler ne.
Thc Lusty Mnnth
nf May
Chaptcr Onc:
HI, Hn, It's Off tn
Wnrk Wc Gn
line, nosl of lhen can occur repealedIy.
Use lhen as needed lo spice up your can-
The lerrilIe vinler is over, and lhe
firsl lIoons of spring have appeared in
lhe green grass. Iarners pIov lheir
fieIds, no Ionger afraid of narauding
landils, dire voIves, or denons.
Deep lenealh lhe earlh, hiII dvarves
and svirfnelIin gnones vork side-ly-
side in lhe nines, searching for lhe
snaII, gIislening gens knovn as
lIoodslones. NevIy-luiIl hones and
lusinesses, lheir vhilevash gIeaning
in lhe sunIighl, iIIuslrale a nev
spiril~a spiril of hope.
The DSC, pages 48-55, provides
delaiIed ruIes and oplions for nining
operalions in lhe AD&D gane. The
Mines of BIoodslone are lunneI nines,
Iong since deveIoped. The gnones and
dvarves have leen vorking lhe nines for
aloul eighl nonlhs (32 veeks), and nev
lunneIs have leen exlended fron lhose
narked on lhe H2 nap, using lhe Lxca-
valing a TunneI Mine ruIes in lhe DSC.
Use lhe nap on page 7 for aII aclivilies
invoIving lhe nines.
A fuII veek of ceIelralion foIIoved
lhe narriage of Lady Chrisline and lhe
nev Baron of BIoodslone. The cen-
laurs, dvarves and haIfIings of lhe vaI-
Iey cane lo svear feaIly, and slayed lo
dance vilh lheir hunan lrolhers and
sislers. Nov lhey have relurned lo
lheir hones, lul vilh a spiril of
reneved friendship.
This is a parlicuIarIy rich nine con-
pIex, equivaIenl lo lIoodslone x3 on
DSC TalIe 32. Il has an unusuaIIy Iong
duralion, as veII: 5d1OO nan-years.
1. F!nndIng: WhiIe excavaling a nev
lunneI, lhe niners accidenlaIIy lreak
lhrough inlo a Iarge Iake (parl of lhe lody
of valer lhal legins in area 3 and runs
dovn inlo lhe pooI in area 16). A huge
fIood legins lo fiII 1 square per neIee
round, fIoving dovn inlo lhe nines.
This shouId lake pIace vhen lhe ICs are
visiling lhe nining operalion. The ICs
nusl rescue dvarves and gnones, lallIe
upslrean againsl rapids, and dan lhe
fIov of valer. Use lhe IIoving Waler
ruIes in lhe DSC, pages 44-45. A fIood
shuls dovn lhe nines for 1d2O days, vilh
allendanl produclion Ioss.
Afler over a decade of hardship and
suffering, BIoodslone Iass has leen
If you have leen pIaying lhe canpaign
series, discuss inprovenenls around
lovn (especiaIIy nev forlificalions and
defenses) vilh lhe pIayers, and coIIalo-
rale vilh lhen in nodifying lhe viIIage
nap in H2.
As lhe advenlure opens, your charac-
lers are once again parlicipaling in every-
day I i f e i n BI oodsl one. Thi s i s a
lradilionaI vay lo legin a nev inslaII-
nenl of a conlinuing series. ne or lvo
pIaying sessions of peace and lranquiIily
Iel lhe ICs gel lo knov nany of lhe
ninor characlers in lhis saga (see lhe
appendix, Drana|is Pcrscnac cf 8|cc-
s|cnc) and heIp creale lhe iIIusion of reaI-
ily for lhis connunily. A fieId lrip or lvo
lo lhe oulIying non-hunan connunilies
(aIso descriled nore fuIIy in H2) is aIso a
good idea.
The peace and lranquiIily pIaying
sessions can le spiced up ly having lhe
characlers visil lhe lIoodslone nines.
ApproxinaleIy 1OO dvarves and
svirfnelIin vork in lhe nines, yieIding
6OO-6OOO (6OO x 1d1O) lIoodslones per
veek, vilh an average vaIue of 2O+1Od6
gp. In lhe eighl nonlhs lhe nines have
leen in operalion, lhe niners have exca-
valed approxinaleIy 96,OOO slones vilh a
lase vaIue of 5 gp unfinished, or 48O,OOO
gp lolaI. A group of 2O gnonish and
dvarvish gencullers have leen vorking
2. Cavc-In: A cave-in can le an acci-
denl, a resuIl of excavalion, or caused ly
salolage, as descriled in DSC, pages 38-
4O. AccidenlaI cave-ins can occur any-
vhere in lhe nines, excavalion cave-ins
lake pIace in areas of nev conslruclion.
Cave-ins caused ly salolage are ly assas-
sins lrying lo deslroy BIoodslone, see
Chapler Tvo. Cave-ins can happen eilher
vhen lhe ICs are visiling lhe nines, or
lhe ICs can arrive on lhe scene lo conducl
rescue operalions. AccidenlaI or excava-
lion cave-ins shul dovn lhe nines for
1d1O days and reduce produclion ly 5O
for 1d2O days, salolage (if nol foiIed ly
lhe ICs) shuls dovn lhe nines for 1d1OO
3. AIr 5upp!y DIsastcrs: Use lhe DSC
ruIes, pages 36-38. Iires, snoke, poison-
ous and noxious gases, or cave-in coI-
Iapses can cause prolIens vilh air suppIy
These can happen vilh or vilhoul lhe
ICs, and can cause nine shuldovns rang-
i ng fron 1d6 days lo 1d1OO days,
lo cul and poIish slones, lhey have nan-
aged lo finish 6,4OO slones vorlh an aver-
age of 5O gp apiece, or 32O,OOO gp. ne
hundred exceplionaI slones have leen
found, vorlh an average of 2,5OO gp
apiece (lolaI 25O,OOO gp), lhese have aII
leen finished. Thus far, lhe nines have
produced gens vilh a narkel vaIue of
918,OOO gp. Sullracl expenses of 64,OOO
gp for operalions (see leIov) and 1O
lariff for lhe svirfnelIin (91,8OO gp) as
required ly lrealy (see H2 for delaiIs), for
79O,OOO gp nel incone for lhe lreasury of
depending on severily and cause.
BIoodslone. We enphasize lhal lhis
4. Mnnstcrs: Monslers can lurrov inlo
veaIlh leIongs lo lhe Barony. . . nol lo lhe
lhe nines al any line, shulling dovn
individuaI ICs.
produclion unliI lhey are hunled dovn
and deslroyed. Ankhegs, unler huIks,
luIIelles, slone ealers (see H2), carrion
Randnm MInc
cravIers, geIalinous cules, green sIine
(and aII lhe olher sIines, puddings, jeI-
Iies, noIds, and povders), and any olher
Mining is a hazardous occupalion, and
lype of underground nonsler you desire
a nunler of lhings can go vrong. The
can shov up. The lalIes in Mcns|cr Man-
foIIoving silualions can occur al any
ua| || (MMII) are usefuI here. Sone reaIIy
nas l y nons l er s , i nc I udi ng ni nor
denons, lehoI ders, and poverf uI
undead (incIuding AIdric lhe Vanpire)
nighl le senl as parl of rcuss conlinu-
ing inleresl in BIoodslone Iass.
Iurlher Mining
The CaIena Mounlains are a rich
source of nineraI veaIlh, nol nereIy
lIoodslones. If acconpanied ly lhe ICs,
dvarf and svirfnelIin nining parlies viII
search oul nev nining Iocalions. (The
nounlains are so dangerous lhal lhey viII
nol expIore vilhoul slrong proleclors
presenl.) Il lakes approxinaleIy one
nonlh of gane line lo expIore one hex
on lhe encIosed nap, lolh alove and
underground. A IileraI assorlnenl of
nonslers shouId pIague any nining
expedilion, incIuding slone and frosl
gianls, various lypes of dragons, lhe fuII
range of dungeon carrion, and any crea-
lures lhal Iive in nounlainous and/ or
coId regions. In addilion, feeI free lo lrig-
ger avaIanches, fIooding, cave-ins, and
olher naluraI hazards~lhe WSC is fiIIed
vilh nasly ideas you can pul lo vork.
When a nev nine is discovered, use
lhe DSC lalIes lo delernine producls,
quaIily, and duralion.
There are sulslanliaI cosls invoIved in
nining operalions. LxpIoring cosls 5,OOO
gp per hex for equipnenl, personneI,
and suppIies. Slarling a nining opera-
lion cosls 1O,OOO gp + 2,5OO gp per hex
dislanl fron BIoodslone for road-
luiIding, sile preparalion, iniliaI excava-
lion, and lesling~lhis noney nusl le
spenl ocfcrc roIIing for quaIily, oulpul,
and duralion. A sneIler for ore cosls
5,OOO gp lo luiId. The nine cosls 2OO gp
per veek per enpIoyee lo operale~lhis
pays for food, sheIler, saIaries, nining
equipnenl, elc. Transporlalion lack lo
BIoodslone cosls 1,OOO per veek per hex
of dislance~lhis pays for guards, road
nainlenance, and occasionaI Iosses fron
landilry and nonsler predalion. You
shouId assess addilionaI cosls as needed,
such as lrealies and share spIils vilh lhe
races of lhe Underdark, cosls of defend-
ing a cIain againsl aggressors, and vhal-
ever eIse seens appropriale.
Tn Markct Wc Gn
The CounciI of BIoodslone consisls of
Tranlh, Lady Chrisline, QuiIIan lhe Sage,
Tokan of lhe Dvarves, Kiros of lhe Cen-
laurs, Mayor WiIIian of lhe HaIfIings,
King Ruggedo of lhe Cnones, and, of
course, lhe ICs.
Hnnn . . . Iels see nov, says
QuiIIan lhe Sage, his quiII pen scralch-
ing on lhe parchnenl scroII. Thals
79O,OOO goId pieces vorlh of lIood-
slones and approxinaleIy 8OO,OOO
goI d pi ec es f r on l he duer gar
lreasury~ lhals our share, of course,
since nosl of lhal veaIlh vas sloIen
fron our friends lhe svirfnelIin,
vhich lolaIs 1,59O,OOO goId pieces,
Iess a connission of 1O spIil anong
our lrave heroes, lhals 159,OOO goId
pieces, and lhal Ieaves. . .Iels see nov-
. . .carry lhe one. . . no, lhals nol righl,
nine fron zero Ieaves one, lake avay
one fron nine. . .ah! Ive gol il. Thals
1,331,OOO goId pieces for lhe lreasury!
Added lo vhals in lhe lreasury nov,
ve have a lolaI veaIlh of 1,332,OOO
goId pieces! Were rich! I can luiId
lhal greenhouse for exolic pIanls Ive'
aIvays vanled. . .and gel sone looks
for lhe Iilrary, and. . .
Nol so fasl, says Tranlh. Iirsl,
ve need lo figure oul hov lo gel lhis
naleriaI lo narkel, and lhen ve can
vorry hov lo spend il.
If lhe ICs advenlured in H2, lhey
shouId keep lhe veaIlh lhey found dur-
ing lhe advenlure excepl for lhe conlenls
of lhe duergar lreasury (area 49). The
svirfnelIin paid 1O of lhal lreasury lo
BIoodslone Iass for services rendered in
resloring lheir kingdon, and are spend-
ing lhe resl in resloring lheir ancienl gIo-
ry. The Barony has granled a 1O revard
lo lhe ICs for reopening lhe nines.
Divide 159,OOO gp anong lhe ICs. If lhe
ICs did nol advenlure in H2, lhey gel
Cens, no naller hov leaulifuI, are
vorlh nolhing unIess lhey are laken lo
narkel and soId. The pIayers shouId dis-
cuss hov lhey vanl lo proceed. The lvo
possilIe lrading roules are norlh and vesl
lo ZhenliI Keep and lhe Moonsea, across
Iands occupied ly lhe Vaasan Arny
(cIearIy a dangerous journey), or easl lo
lhe Iree Cily of HeIiogalaIus, a najor
lrading cily on lhe roule lo Thay and lhe
easlern Moonsea (see inserl nap). To gel
lo HeIiogalaIus, lhe ICs nusl pass
lhrough lhe Duchy of Arcala and lhe olh-
er ninor provinces~nol vilhoul risk,
lul leller lhan lrying lo go lhrough
The pIayers shouId divide up lhe
1,332,OOO gp inlo lhe foIIoving calego-
ries: hard currency lo keep in lhe BIood-
slone Treasury, veaIlh lo le dislriluled
direclIy lo lhe cilizens in lhe forn of coins
(lhere are 1,OOO hunans, 6OO svirfnelIin,
4OO dvarves, 4OO cenlaurs, and 3OO haIf-
Iings), and gens and goId lo le laken lo
narkel. The gens are easiesl lo lransporl.
Lach gen veighs 1d4 gp (average 2 gp).
CaIcuIale lhe lolaI veighl lo le carried.
In addilion, lhe ICs nay have surpIus
nagic ilens lo seII or lrade. Many ilens
can le given lo lhe residenls of BIood-
slone Iass, increasing lheir IoyaIly and
reaclion adjuslnenls, and naking lhen
nore usefuI as henchnen and hireIings.
Bul eviI-aIigned veapons nay nol le very
usefuI, and can le laken aIong and soId.
The lradilionaI vay lo lransporl goods
lo narkel is ly caravan. Tranlh and QuiI-
Ian suggesl lhal a veII-guarded caravan is
lhe righl vay lo go. Il nay occur lo lhe
ICs lhal lheir nagic nighl aIIov lhen lo
fIy lo lheir deslinalion in nininun line
and vilh nininun lroulIe. Iorce lhe
pIayers lo caIcuIale veighl and lhe carry-
ing aliIily of lheir nagic. If lhey can han-
dIe lhe goods (or choose lo nake nuIlipIe
lrips), lhey can avoid nosl of lhe ground
encounlers given here. Donl suggesl lhis
approach, Iel lhen lhink of il lhen-
If lhe ICs go aIong vilh lhe caravan
idea, a drafl horse can carry 4,OOO gp
unencunlered, or 8,OOO gp encunlered
(speed 1/2). Tvo horses can puII a vagon
veighing up lo 16,OOO gp (lhe unIoaded
vagon veighs 4,OOO gp), al lhe encun-
lered novenenl rale. In addilion lo
goods for lhe narkel, lhe caravan nusl
carry 2OO gp veighl of food per person
per veek (lhere an lack, aIlhough sup-
pIies for lhe relurn lrip can le purchased
in HeIiogalaIus), pIus 4OO gp veighl of
lenls, exlra veapons, and personaI
goods. (These can le carried ly individ-
uaI personneI or ly vagons.) Drafl horses
cosl 3O gp apiece, and vagons cosl 15O gp
Hov nany peopIe shouId acconpany
lhe caravan` A unil of 1OO soIdiers nighl
le a good idea. Thal cosls 2,OOO gp lo
equip, 125 gp per veek in saIary, pIus 8OO
gp per veek in ralions, equipnenl, and
The caravan can nove lhrough lvo
hexes per day on a nornaI road. This can
le increased lo 3 hexes per day on a
Kings Road, and is Iovered lo 1 hex per
day over lhe grassIands. The caravan can-
nol enler rough or nounlain hexes,
excepl lo foIIov a road lhrough a pass.
When lhe caravan has leen oulfilled,
il slarls oul on lhe road lo HeIiogalaIus.
Encnuntcrs nn
thc Rnad
1. Tn!!s and TarIffs: Whenever lhe car-
avan crosses a lorder on a road, lhere is a
guard posl consisling of 1OO 1sl-IeveI soI-
diers connanded ly a 3rd-IeveI sergeanl,
vilh 2 cIerks vho handIe lhe lusiness of
lorder crossings. The slandard loII and
lariff for crossing a lorder is 1 gp per per-
son pIus 1O of lhe vaIue of aII goods
carried. When lhe lariff is paid, lhe cIerks
issue a visa lo lhe caravan, vhich is used
lo resoIve any encounlers vilh guard
palroIs inside lhe lorder. There is a 1O
chance per day of neeling a guard palroI
vhiIe on lhe road inside a province. If a
guard palroI is allacked, and anyone
escapes lo raise a hue and cry, an arny of
5OO soIdiers arrives each day unliI lhe car-
avan is defealed or escapes lhe province.
This is considered aulonalic cause for var
lelveen lhal province and BIoodslone.
The ICs can: a) pay lhe Iegilinale lariff
and gel lheir visa, in vhich case lhey viII
nol le harrassed ly soIdiers inside lhe prov-
ince, l) lrile lhe cIerks and guards lo issue
a visa, al a rale of 5 chance of success for
every 1OO gp offered, vilh a 5O Iess 5
per 1OO gp offered chance lhey lelray lhe
deaI and lip off guards inside lhe province,
c) sneak across lhe lorder off lhe roads,
vilh a 1O chance of leing delecled in
crossing and a 35 chance of leing
slopped ly guards en roule and asked for a
visa, d) use nagic lo cnarn or olhervise
neulraIize cIerks and guards vhenever
encounlered, al nornaI chances of success
lased on lhe nagic used, e) fighl lhe lor-
der guards using BATTLLSYSTLM gane
ruIes, vilh a 1OO chance of leing
allacked ly 5OO soIdiers vilhin 2 days if any
guards escape and a 5O chance of leing
allacked if no one escapes (lhis oplion nay
aIso affecl characler aIignnenl), f) fIy over-
head using nagic, aulonalic success
depending on nelhod used, g) Iie aloul
lhe vorlh of goods carried and pay Iesser
loII, vilh a 5O chance of having lhe cIerks
search lhe caravan and find oul lhe lrulh,
h) do sonelhing radicaIIy differenl,
resoIved ly lhe ruIes and IileraI doses of
connon sense.
2. WandcrIng Mnnstcrs: There is a 1O
chance per day of encounlering vandering
nonslers on lhe road, and a 25 chance
per day of encounlering vandering non-
slers off lhe road. n-road encounlers viII
le vilh 1d1OO landils or lrigands, ner-
chanls, piIgrins or refugees (sonelines
landils or lrigands disguised as one of lhe
olher groups). ff-road encounlers incIude
landils and lrigands, and nonslers lhal
inhalil lenperale foresls and viIderness
(per MMII). The lvo 8cc| cf |airs voIunes
aIso provide nany usefuI and enlerlaining
encounlers for use here.
The Iree Cily of HeIiogalaIus has
aloul 25,OOO residenls, and is a luslIing
narkelpIace vhere aInosl anylhing can
le ollained. . . for a price. Irices for every-
day ilens (incIuding everylhing in lhe
IH) are four lines Iisled prices. Unfin-
ished gens can le soId al 1O of lheir
finished vorlh (lhis has leen pre-
caIcuIaled), finished gens al fuII price.
Hovever, lhe acluaI price shouId le lar-
gained vilh IocaI nerchanls. You can run
lhe haggIing if you and your pIayers enjoy
il, or use lhe Lncounler Reaclion lalIe
in lhe DMC, page 63 (vilh nodifiers on
pages 36 and 37), vilh lhe largainer
againsl lhe IC. The vinner of lhe
encounler (lhe one vilh lhe highesl
adjusled die roII) gels lhe price adjusled
ly 1d1O fron lase price in his or her
favor. Assune lhal a good nerchanl has a
charisna lonus of 1O vhen largain-
ing. If a price is uIlinaleIy unsalisfaclory
lo lhe ICs, lhey are free lo seek anolher
Magic ilens can le soId al 5O of lhe
Iisled vaIue in lhe DMC, and lhere is a
2O chance lhal a desired nagic ilen
can le purchased for 2OO of ils Iisled
vaIue in lhe DMC.
There is a 1 lariff on aII lrade goods
lo enler lhe cily, pIus a fee of 1 gp per per-
son enlering lhe lovn gale. Treal lhis in
lhe sane nanner as lhe lorder loIIs.
HeIiogalaIus is an expensive cily in
every respecl. LxceIIenl holeI roons run
2O-1OO gp per nighl, liIIel housing for
soIdiers runs 2 gp per nighl. (SoIdiers can
canp oulside of lovn, lul a canping
pernil for 1OO soIdiers cosls 1O gp per
nighl.) A good neaI can run 2O-4O gp al
one of lhe leller inns.
There is a 2O chance per day lhal a
5lh IeveI lhief viII allenpl lo pickpockel
one of lhe ICs chosen al randon (5O
chance of success). SeIecl a snaII lul
vaIualIe ilen fron lhe ICs characler
record sheel if lhis occurs.
Characlers vho fIash lheir veaIlh
around run a 2O chance of leing
nugged and roIIed ly a 5lh IeveI lhief
vho legins vilh a lackslal allenpl.
Those vho associale vilh shady or
innoraI characlers run lhe sane risk.
There are nany inleresling cilies
descriled in TSR noduIes lhal can serve
as a nodeI for HeIiogalaIus. You are
encouraged lo creale encounlers for your
characlers in lhis inleresling cily.
BuyIng Fnr
The ICs nay decide lo luy various
resources lo lake lack lo BIoodslone Iass.
McrccnarIcs: ne of lhe nosl inpor-
lanl lhings lo luy is addilionaI nercenary
lroops. Have lhe ICs decide on lhe lype
of nercenary unils lhey vanl, lhen have
lhen figure oul lhe nonlhIy cosl using
lhe lalIes in lhe DMC, pages 28-34.
There is a 1OO chance lhal lhere are lvo
nercenary unils of lhe ICs choice avaiIa-
lIe for hire, and a 1O Iover chance for
each sulsequenl unil (of any lype). RoII
as Iong as lhe ICs are searching for nerce-
naries unliI a dice roII is faiIed. A nerce-
nary unil viII denand a years saIary in
advance, and viII serve IoyaIIy unliI lheir
enpIoyer is ullerIy defealed or unliI lhe
unil rouls off lhe lallIefieId or is deci-
naled. In addilion lo saIary, lhe ICs
nusl pay lo equip aII soIdiers vilh
desired arnor and veapons, pIus pay
upkeep cosls, incIuding ralions, as for lhe
caravan guard unil descriled alove.
5tandard nr Expcrt HIrc!Ings: Again,
as per lhe DMC, pages 28-34.
Hcnchmcn: The ICs can Iook for
henchnen per lhe DMC, pages 34-37.
AnythIng E!sc: AInosl anylhing is
avaiIalIe, al slandard (oulrageous)
HeIiogalaIus prices.
Chaptcr Twn:
Rcturn Frnm
The relurn lrek fron HeIiogalaIus
shouId le sinpIer lhan lhe originaI jour-
ney, since lhe luIk of gens and goId has
(presunalIy) leen lurned inlo nerchan-
dise and nercenaries. Hovever, lhe sane
loIIs and lariffs appIy.
More inporlanlIy, HeIiogalaIus is a
cily of runors and gossip. A group of
advenlurers vilh a caravan fiIIed vilh lhe
Iargesl assorlnenl of lIoodslones since
lhe cIose of lhe nines sone years ago is
cerlainIy a cause for gossip. Merchanls
and lraders ask vhere lhe parly is fron. If
lhe parly leIIs lhe lrulh, lhe vord inne-
dialeIy Ieaks: lhe BIoodslone Iass nines
are reopened. If lhe parly Iies, lhen lhe
nevs Ieaks oul olher vays~fron lhe soI-
diers vho acconpany lhe caravan, for
The vord lraveIs Iike viIdfire~gens
and goId can le had for lhe asking in
BIoodslone Iass! The lhousands of refu-
gees in HeIiogalaIus and neighloring
provinces hear lhe vord, so do lhe pelly
princes, dukes, and larons of vhal vas
once soulhern Danara. The nyslerious
Crandfalher of Assassins hears lhe vord
in his nounlain faslness. And lhe Wilch-
King of Vaasa has knovn aII aIong. . .ever
since lhe defeal of lhe Iriesls of rcus in
Al lhe inn vhere lhe ICs are slaying
lhere cones a reguIar procession of
advenlurers, lraders, leaulifuI vonen,
and con nen of aII sorls, lrying lo sepa-
rale lhe ICs fron sone of lheir veaIlh.
This can le deveIoped inlo a series of
roIe-pIaying encounlers, if lhe ICs are
enjoying lheir slay in HeIiogalaIus.
Many of lhose vho seek an audience vilh
l he ICs are ( reI al i veI y) honesl ~
skiIIed lradesnen, niners, luiIders,
carpenlers~aII lhrovn oul of vork ly lhe
devaslalion vroughl ly var. An equaI
nunler are dishonesl, and lhe prolIen
lecones hov lo delernine vhich are
vhich. The ICs nay choose lo enpIoy
lhe lesl peopIe lhey neel, since lhe
reluiIding and repopuIalion of BIood-
slone Iass viII lake a Iol of vork, UnIess
lhe ICs use nagicaI neans, such as c|cc|
|ic and |ncu a|ignncn|, assune lhal
1O of lhe peopIe lhey seIecl lurn on
lhen in lhe evenl of crisis, or al Ieasl sleaI
and con as nuch as lhey can gel avay
vilh. A seIeclion of nagic-users, cIerics,
rangers, paIadins, and olher characler
lypes is aIso avaiIalIe~no characlers
Iocaled in lhis nanner are grealer lhan
3rd IeveI.
Lven if lhe ICs do use |ncu a|ignncn|
speIIs, lhe Crandfalher of Assassins nan-
ages lo sneak 1d2O assassins inlo lhe
group heading lack lo BIoodslone Iass.
n lhe relurn journey, lhe ICs shouId
encounler groups of refugees heading for
BIoodslone Iass vhere lhe slreels are
paved vilh gens! They can eilher dis-
courage lhe refugees or Iel lhen cone
aIong. The vaIIey couId easiIy lake 5,OOO
sellIers (up lo 1O,OOO nore vilhoul
slraining resources lo lhe lreaking
poinl), and for every 1,OOO sellIers lhal
arrive, lhe ICs can Ialer drafl a unil of
2OO 1sl-IeveI soIdiers. The ICs can
increase IoyaIly of lhe nev sellIers ly
offering five acres and a nuIe lo every
faniIy (or a siniIar lounly). If lhe ICs
donl lhink of lhis lhenseIves, have one
of lhe BIoodslone NICs suggesl il.
In addilion, lhe ICs shouId have sev-
eraI encounlers vilh landils lrying lo gel
a share of lhe veaIlh for lhenseIves, or
possilIy even vilh lhe niIilia of one of
lhe pelly reaIns lrying lo gel a nuch Iarg-
er share of lhe lax revenue. (The greedy
ruIer of lhe Duchy of Arcala, Duke WiI-
Iian lhe Lazy, eighlh of his Iine, is lhe
nosl IikeIy candidale for lhis.) This
allack depends on hov nany nercenary
unils acconpany lhe ICs~if lhere are
nore lhan a lhousand soIdiers lolaI, no
one dares allack. If lhere are onIy 9OO soI-
diers vilh lhe ICs, lhere is a 1O chance
of an eneny allack, vilh an addilionaI
1O chance for every hundred soIdiers
fever. If an allack cones, lhe Arcalans
fieId haIf lhe arny descriled in lhe rder
of BallIe on page 17. This shouId le
lrealed as an acl of var.
If lhe ICs avoided ground novenenl
on lhe vay lo HeIiogalaIus, and did aII
lhe lrading vilh reIalive secrecy, lhe vord
gels oul as soon as lhe nercenaries are
hired (if, indeed, nercenaries are hired),
and lhe refugees cone anyvay. If lhe
nercenaries lraveI lo BIoodslone on lhe
ground, lhere is lhe sane chance of
allack, lul if lhey are lransporled ly
nagic, lhe success is aulonalic (depend-
ing on nelhod used).
Pnpu!atInn Exp!nsInn
Ils a good lhing for BIoodslone Iass lo
acquire addilionaI popuIalion~ il
increases lhe size of lhe vorkforce and
increases lhe size of lhe alIe-lodied pop-
uIalion avaiIalIe lo fighl in lhe arny.
There is sone resenlnenl on lhe parl
of lhe cilizens of BIoodslone Iass lo lhe
innigranls, vhich can aIso serve as lhe
f ocaI poi nl f or sone roI e- pI ayi ng
encounlers. The lesl soIulion is lo Iel lhe
size of BIoodslone Tovn increase lo, say,
2,OOO peopIe, and sellIe sone nev snaII
lovns of around 5OO peopIe apiece
lhroughoul lhe vaIIey. Creale nanes for
lhe snaII lovns and add lhen lo lhe nap
of BIoodslone Iass.
An innediale use for lhe nev cilizens,
in addilion lo cuIlivaling farnIand,
luiIding nev lovns, and driIIing as soI-
diers (see Ialer in lhis chapler), is lo heIp
luiId nev forlificalions al eilher end of
BIoodslone Iass. Sone delaiIed ruIes for
forlificalions are presenled in noduIe
H1, and addilionaI BATTLLSYSTLM
gane ruIes for sieges and siniIar opera-
lions are presenled in severaI of lhe
DRACNLANCL gane noduIes,
nolalIy DL8. The sinpIesl vay lo adjudi-
cale forlificalions is lo assign cover
lonuses lo arnor cIass for defenders, and
various novenenl penaIlies lo allackers,
depending on lhe lypes of olslacIes pre-
senled. Such forlificalions viII nake a
najor difference in lhe defense of BIood-
slone Iass.
These peopIe, as veII as lhe soIdiers of
lhe BIoodslone Arny, can le enIisled lo
luiId forlificalions al any line during lhe
gane. Hovever, such vork viII require
lhe presence of one IC for each vork par-
ly. A vork parly can nunler up lo 24O
A vork parly, spending 1 veek al a
lask, can acconpIish one of lhe foIIoving
pieces of conslruclion:
*Dig 2OO of dilch, 1O vide ly 1O
*Lrecl 24O of a 3 high slone vaII.
Lach fool added lo lhe vaIIs heighl haIves
lhe Ienglh.
Il is necessary lo provide an incone lo
vorkers, al Ieasl as nuch as provided in
lhe DMC. Wilh a Iover vage, aII forces
recruiled fron lhe nev popuIace have a
-2 ML raling. Wilh a vage al Ieasl lvice
lhe DMC lase, aII such forces have a +1
ML raling.
Acts nf War
The ICs in connand of BIoodslone
viII le foIIoving one of lvo very generaI
courses of aclion: lhey viII le noliIizing
for var, or lhey viII nol le noliIizing for
If lhey are noliIizing~luiIding forli-
ficalions, hiring nercenaries, lraining
lroops, elc. (infornalion on aII lhese
oplions is given Ialer in lhis chapler)~
lhe facl does nol go unnoliced. The
Crandfalher of Assassins and lhe Wilch-
King of Vaasa are lolh conlinuaIIy avare
of aclivilies in BIoodslone Iass (especiaIIy
if }anison lhe IIelcher is sliII aIive~see
Duke WiIIian of Arcala and lhe Arcalan
ruIing counciI, under lhe lhunl of
Vaasa, as are virluaIIy aII lhe ruIers of lhe
soulhern provinces, is urged lo lake
aclion. Duke WiIIian sees lhis as an
opporlunily lo increase his ovn pover
vhiIe Iicking lhe lools of his eviI naslers.
If lhey are nol noliIizing, lul inslead
are concenlraling on expIoralion and
expansion of lhe nines, deveIopnenl of
econonic veaIlh, increasing popuIalion,
and slockpiIing gens and goId, lhis, loo,
cones lo lhe allenlion of lhe sane nasly
peopIe. Bul lhis line ils seen as veakness
ralher lhan aggression.
Lilher vay, lhe Duke of Arcala sends a
series of sliff dipIonalic noles lo lhe nev
laron of BIoodslone Iass, conpIaining
aloul refugees crossing his lorders lo
enler BIoodslone Iass, conpIaining
aloul use of his roads lo lransporl BIood-
slone goods lo narkel vilhoul adequale
conpensalion, Iack of feaIly lo his superi-
or in lhe hierarchy of noliIily, elc. His
denands are lasicaIIy unreasonalIe~
25 of aII veaIlh earned ly BIoodslone,
an oalh of feaIly svorn lo hin ly lhe nev
Baron, lhe Arcalans lo lake over aII niIi-
lary funclions of lhe Barony. In lhe
unIikeIy evenl lhal lhe ICs lry lo neel
lhe denands, lhe Duke, laking lhis as a
sign of veakness, sinpIy increases his
denands. If lhe ICs rejecl lhe denands
al any poinl, lhe Duke considers lhis an
acl of var, and legins lo noliIize.
MIdnIght Attack
The Crandfalher of Assassins, safe in
his forlress high in lhe CaIena Moun-
lains, is lhe chief agenl of lhe Wilch-
King of Vaasa in lhe soulh, and lhe rise of
BIoodslone is his grealesl faiIure. Nol
onIy vas he unalIe lo keep coIIecling
lrilule fron il, lul lhe secrel energence
of rcus inlo lhe Irine MaleriaI IIane
vas foiIed, and lhe dralled lIoodslone
nines vere reopened, He lakes lhe defeal
of BIoodslone Iass quile seriousIy, and
does nol vanl lo sinpIy reIy on lhe
inconpelence and venaIily of Duke WiI-
Therefore, he nusl lake nallers inlo
his ovn hands. The Assassins nusl nol le
de f e a l e d!
The Crandfalher caIIs his Chief Assas-
sin, knovn onIy as lhe Iisl, and orders
hin lo lake his len finesl Senior Assassins
and Ieave none of lhe advenlurers aIive.
The Iisl, Chief Assassin (12lh IeveI):
AC O (oraccrs cf cfcnsc AC 2), MV
24 (pc|icn cf spcc), hp 48, #AT 1,
Dng 1-8 +3 (sucr cf |ifc s|ca|ing
+2), SD has proleclion of a scrc|| cf
prc|cc|icn vs. nagic, AL LL, Slr 17, Inl
15, Wi 1O, Dex 18, Con 15, Ch 8, Con
5, II 9O, L 82, I/RT 7O, MS
88, HS 73, HN 3O, CW 99,
Senior Assassins (1O) (11lh IeveI): AC
5 (Iealher and ring cf prc|cc|icn +3,
MV 12, hp 35 ea., #AT 2, Dng 1-4
+1 (aggcr cf tcncn), AL LL, Slr 12,
Inl 14, Wi 1O, Dex 17, Con 15, Ch 8,
Con 4, II 7O, L 67, I/RT 55,
MS 67, HS 54, HN 25, CW
96, RL 4O
AII lhe assassins use lheir disguise aliI-
ily lo cone inlo lovn, lhoroughIy case
lhe silualion, and vork oul as nearIy as
possilIe a fooIproof pIan lo assassinale
lhe ICs. To properIy denoraIize lhe pop-
uIace, ils nol enough lo sIip poison inlo
lhe food, lul lhey need lo nake lhe
dealhs as dranalic as possilIe. Ask lhe
ICs aloul lheir daiIy scheduIes and lhe
precaulions lhey lake. Il shouId nol le
inpossilIe for lhe assassins lo gel a good,
slrong allack in. They favor lurning
dovn inns vilh aII lhe peopIe inside,
Ieaving lils of lheir viclins slrevn
aloul. . .vhalever has lhe nosl poverfuI
psychoIogicaI effecl on everylody con-
cerned. IorlunaleIy, lhey concenlrale on
lhe ICs, nol on vuIneralIe henchnen.
Make lhe allack counl.
The BIoodslone NICs reacl as appropri-
ale lo lhe oulcone of lhe assassinalion
allenpl. Thus, if il vas enlireIy unsuc-
cessfuI, lhe peopIe are angry, ready lo
seek vengeance. If lhe allack vas very suc-
cessfuI, lhey are afraid and uncerlain. A
resuIl sonevhere lelveen lhese exlrenes
causes confIicling reaclions anong lhe
popuIace. These are spiriled peopIe,
hovever, and lhey have recenlIy von a
var, so il lakes a najor sellack lo con-
pIeleIy lreak lheir spiril.
RegardIess of lhe oulcone of lhe
allenpl, lhe relired laron is shocked and
angry al lhe audacily of BIoodslones ene-
nies. AIerl characlers nay aIso nolice
lhal lhe laron is vorried, lhis shouId
lecone visilIe lhrough roIepIaying.
If lhe ICs do nol figure oul lhe source
of lhe allacks, lhen lhe laron suggesls
lhal lhe assassins vere nosl IikeIy senl ly
lhe Duke of Arcala. The laron viIIingIy
suppIies infornalion aloul a nunler of
olher facls, shouId lhe ICs seek his
advice. These facls incIude:
* The reopening of lhe BIoodslone
nines nakes lhe larony a very lenpling
largel for olher Iands in lhe Danaran and
Vaasan region. Irecaulions, such as lor-
der palroIs, and increased niIilary pre-
parlion shouId le laken lo lhe exlenl
possilIe. If lhe laron is asked for addi-
lionaI preparalory sleps, he nay suggesl
lhal lhe ICs allenpl lo hire one or nore
spies lo keep lhen posled on aclivilies in
neighloring Iands.
* Bevare of Vaasa lo lhe norlh! Thal
eviI kingdon is lhe slrongesl nalion in
lhe area, and jeaIousIy prolecls ils inler-
esls. Lxlra caulion is varranled in lhe
evenl of var~lhe Vaasans vouId le nore
lhan IikeIy lo capilaIize on lhe dislrac-
lions lo lhe soulh.
In parlicuIar, SunderIand is a soIid
Vaasan puppel, and any nove againsl il
vouId le considered a nove againsl
Vaasa ilseIf, cerlain lo provoke relrilu-
* Do nol aIIov lhe Danaran duchies
lo unile againsl BIoodslone. WhiIe your
forces viII have a chance againsl lhe indi-
viduaI Iands if you can fighl lhen one al a
line, you viII le overvheIned if lhey are
aIIoved lo narshaI lheir conlined
* Try lo prepare lhe forces of BIoodslone
for var. Consider hiring addilionaI con-
panies of nercenaries (if lhe ICs have nol
done so). If asked lo suggesl a lype of unil,
lhe laron can suggesl cavaIry~lhe Iack of
vhich creales one of lhe laronys nosl
pressing niIilary veaknesses.
The resuIls of lraining can le deler-
nined fron lhe descriplion of lhe forces
of BIoodslone. IIayer characlers have lo
perforn lhe lraining lhenseIves, hov-
ever, so lhis precIudes lhose characlers
aIso perforning invoIved scouling and
spying nissions.
* If BIoodslone shouId le forced inlo
var, lhe liny larony viII have no hope of
vinning a prolracled canpaign~lhe
grealer food and popuIalion resources of
Arcala and lhe olher duchies give lhen
loo nuch of an advanlage. If BIoodslone
vere lo vin such a var, il vouId have lo
do so lhrough speed and surprise, seizing
lhe inilialive lefore lhe enenies have a
chance lo galher lheir slrenglh and reacl.
* The key lo lhe oId Danaran king-
don is lhe Iree Cily of HeIiogalaIus.
This vas lhe capilaI of Danara, and is
currenlIy lhe cenler of lhe lrade for lhe
duchies and larony lhal lhe kingdon has
spIinlered inlo.
Thc Army nf
The veleran unils of lhe BIoodslone
arny nake up lvo lrigades~lhe sane
lvo lrigades lhal foughl so lenaciousIy lo
defend lheir viIIage againsl lhe Crandfa-
lhers lrilule coIIeclors. These lrigades
viII quile IikeIy le augnenled ly
anolher lrigade of denihunan aIIies,
assuning lhal lhe ICs havenl done any-
lhing lo aIienale lhe cenlaur, dvarven,
and haIfIing connunilies in lhe vaIIey,
and perhaps severaI nore unils of nerce-
naries, shouId lhe ICs acl lo hire lhen.
The hunan lroops of BIoodslone
incIude fairIy veII-lrained reguIars, a
nunler of poorIy-lrained niIilia, and a
land of voodsnan vho offer unique
skiIIs vilh lhe lov and arrov~a very
inporlanl arn of an arny of lhe Iorgol-
len ReaIns.
Anong lhe slals Iisled for each unil is a
nunler of unil connanders avaiIalIe
fron lhe fighlers of lhe Iand. These can
heIp delernine hov nany individuaI
unils can le forned fron lhe lrigade. A
IC can aIvays eIecl lo serve as a unil con-
nander, lhus increasing lhe nunler of
lhe unils in lhe lrigade. Any IC, or lhe
ex-laron, Tranlh, can serve as Brigade or
Arny connanders. Likevise, any IC
nay slep in as a depuly unil connander.
To serve as a depuly lrigade or arny con-
nander, hovever, lhe IC (or Tranlh)
nusl le designaled as such.
Rcgu!ar Trnnps
# Troops: 4OO
# Connanders: 3
AC: 7
HD/LeveI: 1
Race/ CIass: Hunan fighlers
Movenenl: 12
Size: M
Magic Res: na
IID: 14
I/I: 15
RSW: 16
BW: 17
SI: 17
Allack Rlg: 2O
MoraIe: 12
DiscipIine: 13
Weapons and Danage: Spears (d6),
Longsvords (d8)
These lroops are lhe lacklone of lhe
BIoodslone forces. Mosl of lhen are sea-
soned velerans, and lhey have aII had
lraining in lhe use of lhe svord and spear.
Their unil connanders connanded dur-
ing lhe var againsl lhe assassins, and
lhere is a greal deaI of lrusl lelveen lhe
lroops and lheir officers.
MI!ItIa Trnnps
# Troops: 6OO
# Connanders: 3
AC: 8
HD/LeveI: 1 HD/O IeveI
Race/CIass: Hunan fighlers
Movenenl: 12
Size: M
Magic Res: na
IID: 16
I/I: 17
RSW: 18
BW: 2O
SI: 19
Allack Rlg: 21
MoraIe: 1O
DiscipIine: 1O
Weapons and Danage: Spears (d6)
The nen and vonen of lhe niIilia are
unlrained lul enlhusiaslic fighlers fron
lhe viIIage and ils surrounding farn-
Iands. Their ralings can le inproved
lhrough lraining.
The niIilia lrigade viII perhaps serve
lesl as a defensive fornalion, Iefl hone
vhen lhe arny of BIoodslone goes on lhe
road. Because lhe niIilia is nade up of lhe
youngesl and oIdesl soIdiers, Iosses fron
lhe niIilia have an adverse effecl on lhe
noraIe of lhe BIoodslone reguIar lrigade.
Thc Huntsmcn
# Troops: 18O
# Connanders: 1
AC: 7
HD/LeveI: 1 HD
Race/CIass: Hunan fighlers
Movenenl: 12
Size: M
Magic Res: na
IID: 14
I/I: 15
RSW: 16
BW: 17
SI: 17
Allack Rlg: 17
MoraIe: 11
DiscipIine: 1O
Weapons and Danage:
Longlov (d6), Range 7/14/21
These hunlers have deveIoped lheir
skiIIs vilh lhe Ionglov lo an exlrene
degree, accounling for lheir superior
Allack Raling. WhiIe fairIy vuIneralIe lo
a neIee allack, lhese archers can infIicl
serious Iosses on an eneny force lhal is
nol aIIoved lo cIose vilh lhen.
# Troops: 16O
# Connanders: 1
AC: 5
HD/LeveI: 4
Race/CIass: Cenlaur cavaIry
Movenenl: 18
Size: L
Magic Res: na
IID: 13
I/I: 14
RSW: 15
BW: 16
SI: 16
Allack Rlg: 15
MoraIe: 13
DiscipIine: 12
Weapons and Danage: CIuls (d8),
Hooves (2d6)
The cenlaurs of BIoodslone VaIIey ove
lheir freedon, perhaps even lheir conlin-
ued survivaI, lo lhe ICs vho heIped drive
off lhe landil arny. SliII, lhese viIder-
ness crealures viII nol sIavishIy foIIov lhe
hunans lo var. They viII cerlainIy fighl
lo resisl an invasion of lhe pass, lul viII
onIy acconpany lhe arny inlo lhe olher
Danaran kingdons if lhe cenlaurs are
receiving a cul of lhe BIoodslone nines~
or if lhey are pronised such a cul in lhe
# Troops: 32O
# Connanders: 2
AC: 4
HD/LeveI: 2
Race/CIass: Dvarven fighlers
Movenenl: 6
Size: M
Magic Res: na
IID: 13
I/I: 14
RSW: 15
BW: 16
SI: 16
Allack Rlg: 2O
MoraIe: 14
DiscipIine: 15
Weapons and Danage: BallIe Axe (d8)
SpeciaIs: -4 lo AC vs. ogres, lroIIs, and
gianls, Hale orcs, golIins, and holgol-
These dvarves can serve as a soIid lack-
lone lo lhe arny of BIoodslone. They are
nol lhe nosl noliIe lroops in lhe vorId,
lul lheir high noraIe and hil dice nake
lhen a slaIvarl lIock in lhe palh of any
eneny advance. They viII le aIIied vilh
lhe BIoodslone forces lhroughoul lhe
assuning lhal lhe dvarves
have leen invoIved vilh lhe BIoodslone
Mines, and have received a fair share of
lhe profils.
Ha!f!Ing Archcrs
# Troops: 2OO
# Connanders: 1
AC: 7
HD/LeveI: 1
Race/CIass: HaIfIing fighlers
Movenenl: 9
Size: S
Magic Res: na
IID: 13
I/I: 14
RSW: 15
BW: 16
SI: 16
Allack Rlg: 17 (lovs), or 2O (svords)
MoraIe: 13
DiscipIine: 14
Weapons and Danage: Shorlsvords
(D6), Shorllovs (D6)
Like lhe cenlaurs, lhe haIfIings ove a
dell lo lhe ICs. They viII cerlainIy fighl
lo resisl an invasion of BIoodslone Iass.
They viII onIy acconpany lhe arny for an
offensive nission, hovever, if offered sig-
nificanl incenlive ly lhe Baron. Incen-
lives can incIude such lhings as a share in
lhe BIoodslone nines, farning righls in
conquered lerrilories (of course acconpa-
nied ly cash granls lo gel slarled) or olher
expensive proposilions. The haIfIings viII
drive a hard largain, lul viII serve IoyaIIy
if lhey enIisl.
TraInIng thc Trnnps
Under IC supervision, lhe aliIilies of
lhese lroops can le inproved sonevhal
lhrough pre-lallIe lraining. To quaIify,
lhe unil nusl lrain for 1 veek, vilh lhe
unil connander and a IC presenl. A sin-
gIe IC can supervise lhe lraining of up lo
lvo unils al a line. Hovever, neilher lhe
IC nor lhe unil can perforn any olher
aclivilies during lhal veek. If a caII lo
lallIe shouId arise lefore lhe veek of
lraining is conpIeled, lhe unil receives
no lenefil for lhe lraining.
Ior each veek of lraining lhal is suc-
cessfuIIy concIuded, lhe pIayers can eIecl
lo provide lhe unil vilh one of lhe foI-
Ioving inprovenenls. A singIe unil can
receive a given lenefil onIy once, lul
addilionaI lraining can sliII provide a dif-
ferenl lenefil, afler a second veek.
The lenefils of lraining are:
* The unil can inprove ils AC ly 1.
* The unil can gain a nev veapons
proficiency, i.e. Iearn lo use a veapon olh-
er lhan one lhal is Iisled for il alove.
* If lhe unil is niIilia, il can lecone a
ReguIar unil.
* Inprove ils AR ly 1, lhus, an AR of
2O vouId lecone 19, for exanpIe.
Thc B!nndstnnc War
The BIoodslone War (or vhalever lhe ICs
choose lo caII il) legins vilh lhe noliIi-
zalion of lhe lhe Duchy of Arcala, and
lhe sulsequenl invasion ly lhal duchy of
lhe Barony of BIoodslone. This nuch
renains slandard for nearIy every version
of lhis canpaign. Iron here, hovever,
lhe var can progress in a nunler of dif-
ferenl direclions.
If you are pIaying lhe BIoodslone Iass
saga, and pIan lo concIude vilh H4 al
sone poinl, lhen lhe var shouId end vilh
lhe IC arny facing lhe hordes of Vaasa,
in a sland-off. In lhis silualion, each
arny has a slrong defensive posilion, so
lhal vhichever arny allacks firsl viII
suffer aInosl aulonalic defeal. Thus, lhe
conlalanls viII prolalIy concIude lhal
sone olher soIulion lhan a viclory on lhe
lallIefieId viII le necessary lo successfuI-
Iy concIude lhe var. This is lhe dungeon
advenlure lhal viII le presenled in H4,
providing lhe ICs vilh lhe opporlunily
lo eIininale lhe lhreal of rcus for once
and for aII.
If you do nol inlend lo pIay oul lhe
enlire saga, lhen lhis advenlure can le
ended quile salisfacloriIy vilh lhe con-
cIusion of lhe BIoodslone War and lhe
crovning of a nev king, uniling lhe
Danaran provinces once nore under a
singIe, hopefuIIy enIighlened, ruIe.
In eilher case, hovever, lhe ICs viII
have lo vin lhe var in order lo proceed lo
ligger and leller lhings. And lhe vin-
ning of lhis var is going lo le a chaIIenge,
even for lhe nosl aslule of generaIs. See
lhe LpiIogue for delaiIs.
CHART on page 15 provides you vilh a
nunler of possilIe occurances during lhe
var, vilhoul crealing a rigid sequence of
evenls. The fIov charl is luiIl around a
series of lallIes lhal are presenled as BAT-
TLLSYSTLM gane scenarios. The forces
lhal lhe pIayer lake inlo each lallIe, hov-
ever, depend upon lhe resuIls of lhe pre-
vious lallIe. In facl, very successfuI ICs viII
le alIe lo avoid one or lvo of lhe lallIes
enlireIy, vhere as lhose lhal drag lheir feel
nighl find lhenseIves facing a grealIy rein-
forced and enlrenched foe.
The fIov charl aIIovs lhe ICs lo nake
significanl decisions lelveen lallIes lhal
can sliII infIuence lhe oulcone of lhe var.
Il provides you vilh a franevork for lhe
roIepIaying advenlures lhal viII fIesh oul
lhe niIilary canpaign as a gane. In addi-
lion, lhe fIov charl viII heIp you conlroI
lhe pacing of lhe gane, reguIaling lhe
line lelveen lallIes and aIIoving lhe
pIayers lo nake neaningfuI decisions.
Sone pIayers and DMs, of course, viII
nol le inleresled in lhe ninialures lal-
lIes, vhiIe in olher canpaigns lhe ICs
nighl decide nol lo pursue lhe var. Ior
lhe forner, each lallIe can le lypassed
easiIy lhrough one of severaI oplions. You
nay vish lo aIIov lhe ICs lo resoIve lhe
lallIe lhrough heroic conlal vilh lhe
Ieaders of lhe eneny forces. In lhis case,
nake cerlain lhal lhe eneny Ieaders are
suilalIe nalches for lhe pIayer charac-
lers. Increase or decrease lhe NICs
pover and equipnenl as necessary lo laI-
ance lhe encounlers. AIlernaleIy, you can
aIIov lhe ICs and sone of lheir lroops lo
fighl a decisive porlion of lhe lallIe vilh
a snaII, poverfuI conlingenl of lhe ene-
ny force, perhaps using lhe scenario nap
lo choose a significanl parl of lhe lallIe-
fieId. You can quile IogicaIIy ruIe lhal lhe
oulcone of lhis skirnish viII delernine
lhe oulcone of lhe enlire lallIe, and use
lhe fIov charl approprialeIy.
Ior lhose pIayers vho do nol prosecule
lhe var, and vho do nol vanl lo add a
niIilary lhene lo lhe canpaign, you can
ignore lhe Arcalan noliIizalion enlireIy.
SinpIy conlinue lhe advenlure vilh lhe
Crandfalher of Assassins as lhe prinary
anlagonisl. ne or nore addilionaI assas-
sinalion allenpls viII le nade againsl
lhe ICs and lheir Ioved ones. Ierhaps lhe
eneny perforns a kidnapping for variely,
see Chapler Iour: The Assassins Run.
Because lhis is essenliaIIy a roIepIaying
advenlure, hovever, lhere is no easy vay
lo insure lhal lhe pIayers renain vilhin
lhe conslrainls of lhe fIov charl. You
nighl leII lhen lhal lhe eneny is in rapid
relreal fron a lallIe, for exanpIe, and
ask if lhey vanl lo pursue, or lo hoId up
and lry lo recoup lheir Iosses. The pIayers
nighl surprise you vilh a slalenenl such
as Neilher. We vanl lo invade lhis
1 4
counlry over here.
You can oflen nodify lhe evenls of lhe
fIov charl lo channeI lhe ICs lack lo lhe
pIol. Ierhaps you decide lo nove lhe
nexl lallIe, dropping il in fronl of lhe
characlers as lhey lraveI. r eIse you can
use lhe fIov charl lo delernine lhal, even
as lhe ICs invesligale sone poinl of inler-
esl, lhe arnies of lheir enenies are nass-
ing againsl lhen.
Use lhe Iarge nap of lhe Vaasa/
Danara area lo creale lhe sellings as lhe
ICs nove around. Add randon encounl-
ers vilh nonslers and NICs if you Iike.
Mosl inporlanlIy, keep lrack of gane
line~as lhe var progresses, lhe speed
vilh vhich lhe ICs are viIIing and alIe lo
nove lheir arny viII lecone of para-
nounl concern.
The nore fIexilIe and crealive you can
le in adjudicaling pIayer decisions, lhe
leller. If lhe ICs decide lhal a lallIe is
going ladIy for lhen, lul lhey donl
vish lo fIee aII lhe vay lack lo BIood-
slone, perhaps lhey couId vilhdrav fron
lhe fieId, finding sone favoralIe lerrain a
fev niIes avay. You viII have lo judge
lhis, using lhe Iarge nap as a guide~
even lhough lhere is no scenario in lhe
noduIe designed for lhal nearly lallIe-
fieId, you shouId nol have loo nuch dif-
ficuIly nocking sonelhing up and
aIIoving lhe fighl lo progress.
Thc McchanIcs nf War
Irocedures for resoIving lhe lallIes of
lhe BIoodslone War are covered in lhe
for lhe AD&D gane. Sone ruIes gov-
erning lhe novenenl of lroops fron lal-
l I e l o lal l I e, and l he naki ng and
lreaking of aIIiances, are delaiIed here.
Use lhe Iarge nap incIuded in lhe
noduIe lo reguIale lroop novenenls and
delernine lhe Iocalion of lallIes. The
nap dispIays severaI lypes of lerrain:
Grass!ands are expanses of pIains,
eilher fIal or roIIing very sIighlIy. Many
slreans cul across lhese pIains, lul lhose
nol shovn on lhe nap are shaIIov and
easiIy fordalIe.
Rnugh TcrraIn prinariIy represenls
rocky, larren hiIIs, These are rounded
(BX A): Anlicipale Arcalan Invasion
(BX B): Surprised ly Arcalan Allack
(BX C): Meen Arcalan Arny, scenario
(BX D): Win lallIe, Arcalans run fron fieId
(BX L): Lose lallIe, faII lack lo BIoodslone
(BX I): Regroup, recover Iosses, fighl Arcalans again al VaIIs, scenario #2
(BX C): Iursue Arcalans aggressiveIy
(BX H): Lose lallIe, faII lack lo BIoodslone
(BX I): Win lallIe, Arcala surrenders, ICs chooses nev duke
(BX }): ConsoIidale forces, do nol iniliale hosliIe aclion, Duchy of Carnalhan allacks
(BX K): Invade Carnalhan
(BX L): Iighl Carnalhan arny, scenario #3
(BX M): Lose lallIe, Carnalhans keep up pressure unliI BIoodslone deslroyed or counlerallacks
(BX N): Win lallIe, Duchy of Carnalhan conquered, ICs can appoinl nev duke
(BX ): BIoodslone Arny resls, ninor laronies allack
(BX I): Allack ninor laronies
(BX Q): Iighl ninor laronies, scenario #4
(BX R): Lose lallIe, var conlinues
(BX S): Win lallIe, conquer ninor laronies, lilIes avarded and nev kingdon forned, Vaasa noliIizes, scenario #5
enough lo aIIov lroops lo pass across
lhen, lul can provide slrong defensive
MnuntaIns narked on lhe nap are
sheer, craggy, and luried under snov al
aII lines. They are virluaIIy inpassalIe lo
aII lul a dvarven arny.
G!acIcrs are inpassalIe lo aII arnies,
excepl for lhe frosl gianls serving vilh lhe
Vaasan forces.
Rivers of lvo lypes are shovn on lhe
nap. Unils cannol cross najor rivers,
excepl vhere crossings are shovn on lhe
nap. Unils can cross ninor rivers al
narked crossings, or a unil can spend an
enlire day crossing a ninor river al a poinl
vhere no crossing is narked.
MnvIng ArmIcs. An arny can nove
lhrough lvo hexes per day al a nornaI
narching speed. A pIayer can push his
force inlo lhree hexes a day (forced narch),
lul each unil nusl nake a noraIe check or
suffer a -1 penaIly lo ils noraIe. A unil
can even le force narched lhrough four
hexes per day, lul il lhen nusl nake a
MoraIe check vilh ils MoraIe Raling
reduced lo 1/2 (rounded up), faiIure neans
lhal il suffers a -1 penaIly lo ils ML raling.
A unil can reslore ils noraIe ly 1 if il
spends lvo days vilhoul noving or fighl-
ing, and lhen passes a noraIe check.
Unils noving lhrough rough hexes can
onIy enler 1 hex per day. They can force
narch, noving 2 hexes, lul nusl nake a
1/2 ML check or suffer as descriled alove.
Lxcepl as nenlioned, unils cannol enler
nounlain or gIacier hexes.
UsIng Fnrccs nf Cnnqucrcd NatInns
When lhe BIoodslone forces suljugale a
duchy or larony, lhe ICs can add lhe
forces of lhe conquered nalion lo lheir
arny for fulure canpaigns, vilh lhe foI-
Ioving condilions:
* The conquered nalions forces can-
nol recover lheir Iosses fron lhe Iasl lal-
lIe of lhe canpaign, lhus, onIy lhose
figures lhal survive lhe lallIe can le used
ly lhe ICs.
* The noraIe raling of aII conquered
unils is Iovered ly 2 for aII purposes,
unliI a uniled kingdon is decIared. nce
lhis occurs, lhe noraIe of lhese unils
relurns lo nornaI, since lhey viII once
again le fighling for lheir ovn nalion.
Arcata Mnvcs
The Duchy of Arcala legins noliIiz-
ing lroops as soon as lhe assassinalion
allenpl is resoIved. The force galher al
VaIIs in lhree veeks, and cross lhe lorder
inlo BIoodslone one veek Ialer.
If lhe ICs lake sleps lo keep inforned
of aclivilies in Arcala, lhey see indica-
lions of lhe noliIizalion. SeveraI vays
lhis nighl le accconpIished are lhe hir-
ing of spies (sonevhal unreIialIe) or lhe
use of lhe ICs lhenseIves lo perforn lhe
invesligalions. If lhe ICs lake no sleps lo
Iearn aloul aclivilies in Arcala, lhen lhey
viII Iearn aloul lhe invading force vhen
il reaches BIoodslones lorder, four veeks
afler lhe assassinalion allenpl.
In VaIIs, lhe caII for noliIizalion is
spread. Messengers lraveI lo aII of lhe
lovns in lhe Duchy of Arcala, announc-
ing lhal lhe alIe-lodied nen are lo
reporl lo VaIIs for niIilary service. Ior a
veek, youlhs and nen arrive al lhe lovn,
canping in lhe surrounding fieIds. SIov-
Iy, lhe arny galhers.
Afler a veek, lhe fighling nen of Arcala
viII have aII galhered. The nexl lvo veeks
are spenl in lraining and nanuevers, as lhe
nen are forned inlo unils and laughl lo
narch and fighl logelher. Mosl of Arcalas
experienced velerans did nol survive lhe
Vaasan var and lhe dissoIulion of lhe King-
don of Danara. This facl is visilIe lo any-
one vho sludies lhe nanuevers for a fev
Afler lhe lraining period, lhe arny
noves oul aIong lhe rennanls of lhe oId
Kings Road, lovard BIoodslone. The
arny noves sIovIy, lul afler a veek of
narching, il arrives al lhe lorders of lhe
larony of BIoodslone. Here, depending
on lhe aclions and preparedness of lhe
ICs, lallIe nay le joined.
5ccnarIn #1: Thc
Arcatans Arc CnmIng!
The Arcalan arny incIudes:
8OO Infanlry
6OO CavaIry
24O Archers
Arcalan Arny Infanlry CavaIry Archers
# Troops: 8OO 6OO 24O
# Connanders: 5 4 1
# AC: 6 7 9
1 2 1
Race/CIass: Hunan fighlers
Movenenl: 12 24 12
Size: Mediun
Magic Res: none
Allack Rlg: 2O 19 19
MoraIe: 12 11 11
DiscipIine: 12 11 1O
Danage: 1d8 2d6 1d6
5ctup: IIace lhe BIoodslone unils vilhin
12 of lhe naps vesl edge. Unils can le
pIaced farlher fron lhe napedge if lhey
are on lhe high ground.
The Arcalan Arny can sel up anyvhere
vilhin 18 of lhe easl napedge.
The Arcalans narch lo lhe lorder of
lhe Barony of BIoodslone arrayed for var.
The cavaIry forces prolecl lhe fronl and
fIank of lhe arny againsl any unexpecled
If lhe ICs have anlicipaled lhis allack,
lhey nay depIoy any and aII forces al lheir
disposaI on lhe lalIe al lhe slarl off lhe
scenario. If lhe allack cones as a surprise,
hovever, lhen lhe pIayers can pIace onIy 3
unils, vilh a naxinun of 72 figures, on
lhe lalIe al lhe slarl of lhe scenario. The
ICs can lring on one addilionaI unil each
lurn of lhe lallIe.
The Arcalans fighl unliI 1/2 of lheir
figures have leen rouled or eIininaled.
The ICs, of course, can fighl as Iong as
lhey vanl lo. If lhe ICs relreal, lhe Arca-
lans foIIov lhen aII lhe vay lo lhe viIIage
of BIoodslone, use lhe viIIage nap lo cre-
ale a lallIe scenario if you need lo. Be
sure lo add any forlificalions lhal lhe ICs
have had erecled during lhe advenlure.
If lhe BIoodslone Arny vins, lhe Arca-
lans viII faII lack lo lheir capilaI of VaIIs.
Their fIighl viII le confused and chaolic
as panic spreads lhrough lhe force.
If lhe ICs eIecl lo force lhe BIoodslone
arny inlo a rapid pursuil, lhey con-
pIeleIy roul lhe denoraIized Arcalans,
arriving al VaIIs lo accepl lhe surrender of
lhe duchy. This effecl is aulonalic if lhe
ICs eIecl lo pursue~lhe nearness of lhe
BIoodslone arny viII conpIeleIy shaller
lhe noraIe of lhe Arcalan survivors. The
Barony of BIoodslone has nade ils firsl
If, hovever, lhe ICs slay lo recover
lheir vounded fron lhe lallIe, and lhen
narch lovard VaIIs al a nornaI, inslead
of a forced narch, pace, lhe eneny viII
have regrouped lefore lhe BIoodslone
Arny arrives. In lhis case, lhe ICs viII
have lo vin lhe lallIe of VaIIs (Scenario
#2) lefore lhe duchy can le conquered.
1 7
5ccnarIn #2: Backs
tn thc Va!!s
The foIIoving forces are added lo aII unils
of lhe Duchy of Arcala lhal survived sce-
22O Mercenary Infanlry
16O DucaI Cuard Infanlry
Arcalan Mercenaries DucaI
Reinforcenenls Cuard
# Troops:
# Connanders:
HD /LeveI:
Race/ CIass:
Magic Res:
Allack Rlg:
1 1
6 4
1 3
12 9
2O 18
12 14
12 14
1d8 1d8
5ctup: AII BIoodslone unils nusl le
pIaced vilhin 12 of lhe norlh napedge,
and 36 of lhe vesl edge.
Arcalan unils can le sel up anyvhere
soulh or easl of lhe slrean and pond,
lhey cannol le pIaced farlher vesl lhan
lhe vesl end of lhe pond al lhe slarl of
lhe scenario.
If space aIIovs (in lhe forn of a very
vide lalIe), add nore pIaying area lo lhe
soulh of lhe pond. WhiIe nol necessary,
lhis increases lhe BIoodslone pIayers
The BIoodslone Arny encounlers lhe
rennanls of lhe Arcalan Iorce depIoyed
lefore lhe Iov vaIIs of lheir cily, slanding
al a lridge over a Iov, fordalIe slrean,
and aIong lhe slone vaII of a farners
fieId. In order lo vin lhe lallIe, an enlire
unil of lhe BIoodslone Arny nusl narch
off lhe lalIe aIong lhe road lo VaIIs.
When lhis is acconpIished, lhe Arcalans
viII lhrov in lhe loveI.
As lefore, lhe ICs can eIecl lo vilh-
drav al any line. If lhey do so, Arcalan
pursuil viII le sIov, aIIoving lhe BIood-
slone arny lo relreal as far as lhe pIayers
vish lefore fighling anolher lallIe. If
lhis shouId occur, lhe Arcalans viII narch
lo vherever lhe BIoodslone Arny is, and
nake anolher allack.
If lhe BIoodslone Arny vins lhis lal-
lIe, lhe Duke of Arcala viII personaIIy
surrender his forces, pIedging feaIly lo
lhe Baron of BIoodslone. The laron nay,
al his oplion, crovn hinseIf or anolher of
his choosing as lhe Duke or Duchess of
The forces of Carnalhan viII nean-
vhiIe have legun lo noliIize, as a resuIl
of lhe var lo lhe vesl. If lhe ICs nake a
nove lovard Carnalhan vilhin a veek of
lhis viclory, lhey viII neel a depIeled and
uncerlain foe al lhe lorder lelveen Arca-
la and Carnalhan. If lhe ICs vail nore
lhan a veek, lul Iess lhan 4 veeks lo
nove, lhey viII neel lhe fuII slrenglh of
Carnalhans arny al lhe lorder. If lhe
ICs do nol nove lo allack vilhin 4
veeks, lhe forces of Carnalhan viII drive
lovard Arcala. The ICs viII Iearn of lhis
allack, and nusl delernine vhere and
vhen lhey vish lo neel il.
The nexl lallIe, vhelher lhe ICs are
allacking or defending, viII le descriled
under scenario #3.
5ccnarIn #3: C!ash nf
5t c c !
The Carnalhan Arny incIudes:
6OO Infanlry
36O LIile Infanlry
44O CavaIry
3OO Archers
6O Mercenary TroIIs
3 BaIIislae
1 Wizard (IvI 17)
1 CIeric (IvI 13)
5ctup: IIace aII BIoodslone forces vilhin
3O of lhe vesl napedge. Carnalhan
unils can le pIaced on any high ground
on lhe easlern haIf of lhe pIaying area.
This Iarge lallIe viII lesl lhe nellIe of
lhe BIoodslone Arny far nore seriousIy
lhan did lhe Arcalans. The ICs nay veII
le using Arcalan unils as parl of lheir
arny, hovever, vhich can heIp laIance
lhe slrenglh of Carnalhan.
Depending on lhe silualion al lhe slarl
of lhe lallIe, one of lhese forces viII have
Carmathan Army
# Troops:
# Connanders:
Magic Res:
Allack Rlg:
Hunan fighlers
19 18 18
11 13 13
1O 11
1d6 2 d6 +2 d4 +8 1d8
E!Itc Inf
Hu Ilr
lhe lurden of allacking lhe olher. If lhe
ICs noved fasl, Carnalhan is nol yel al
fuII slrenglh. In lhis case, haIve lhe nun-
ler of infanlry and eIile infanlry used ly
Carnalhan, and eIininale lhe laIIislae.
The Duke of Carnalhan is concenlral-
ing his enlire arny for lhis singIe lallIe.
Thus, if lhe ICs vin, lhey viII have con-
quered anolher duchy, for nolhing viII
sland lelveen lhen and Carnalhans
capilaI. The arny of Carnalhan viII fighl
unliI haIf of ils figures have leen eIini-
naled or rouled, and lhe enlire eIile
infanlry lrigade is incIuded in lhis cale-
gory. In olher vords, as Iong as one unil
of lhe eIile infanlry lrigade renains in
lhe fighl, Carnalhan renains in lhe
If lhe ICs conquer Carnalhan, lhe
lhree snaII laronies around HeIiogalaIus
are lhe onIy porlions of lhe oId kingdon
of Danara renaining oul of lhe foId.
These laronies viII noliIize and allack
in 14 days, if lhe ICs do nol do so firsl.
1 9
5ccnarIn #4: BcatIng
Up thc BarnnIcs
The Arny of l he ni nor laroni es
1,OOO Infanlry
26O Archers
4OO LIile Infanlry
6OO CavaIry
2O Chariols
3 Wizards, IvIs 12, 14, 15
5ctup: IIace aII BIoodslone unils vilhin
12 of lhe veslern napedge, pIace lhe
unils of lhe Baronies vilhin 12 of lhe
easlern edge.
The ninor laronies of sleI, Morov,
and IoIlen viII unile lo face lhe lhreal lo
lheir independence. In reaIily, each is
ruIed ly a laron appoinled as a puppel lo
lhe Vaasan regine lo lhe norlh, and each
fears for his vay of Iife, shouId lhe BIood-
slone arny recIain lhe laronies in lhe
nane of Danara, or vhalever.
Wilh lhe nevs of var in Arcala and
Carnalhan, lhe laronies prepared lo
noliIize, and arranged a lenporary aIIi-
ance. This viII enalIe lhen lo pul an
arny in lhe fieId, seeking oul lhe BIood-
slone arny, vilhin 14 days of lhe faII of
ArmIcs nf thc BarnnIcs
# Troops:
# Connanders:
Magic Res:
Allack Rlg:
Infantry Cava!ry Archcrs E!Itc Inf CharInts
1OOO 6OO 26O 4OO 2O
8 4 2 2
6 7 9
1 2 1 5 2
Hunan fighlers
12 24 12 9 18
Mediun SpeciaI
2O 19 19 2O 19
12 11 11 14 12
12 11 11 14 12
1d8 3d6 1d6 1d1O 6d6
UnIess lhe ICs have leen exlreneIy
rulhIess in lhe conquesl of lhe lvo duch-
ies, a nunler of lhe cilizens of lhose
nalions viII regard lhen as Iileralors,
nore lhan conquerors. Thus, lhe popu-
Iace viII eagerIy reporl lo lhe ICs regard-
ing lroop novenenls on lhe lorders, or
suspicious aclivilies in neighloring
The arny of lhe laronies viII allenpl
lo slrike lhe BIoodslone arny as quickIy
as possilIe, lul lhe ICs viII prolalIy
receive vord of lhe eneny novenenls.
Thus, lhis is anolher scenario vhere
eilher side nighl le lhe allacker.
nce lhe lallIe is joined, lhe laronies
viII fighl unliI al Ieasl 2/3 of lheir forces
have leen eIininaled or rouled. If lhis
shouId occur, aII lhree laronies viII
capiluIale. Wilh lhe suljugalion of lhese
laronies, lhe oId kingdon of Danara is
reuniled. The ICs nay, if lhey choose,
decIare a nev king.
If lhe BIoodslone arny Ioses lhe lallIe,
hovever, or lhe ICs eIecl lo vilhdrav,
you viII need lo nake a noraIe check for
each non-BIoodslone unil serving under
lhe ICs. Lach unil lhal faiIs ils check viII
deserl fron lhe arny.
Whelher or nol lhe ICs vin lhe lallIe
vilh lhe laronies, lhe Wilch-King Zhen-
gyi decides lhal enough is enough. Ils
line for lhe Vaasa arny lo shov lhe
inpudenl dukes and larons lo lhe soulh
vhos lhe loss. Thus, lhe Vaasan IieId
Arny viII noliIize and nove soulh,
lringing us lo scenario #5.
2 0
5ccnarIn #5: Gn!Iad
The Vaasan Arny in lhe IieId incIudes
lhe foIIoving lroops:
8O Irosl Cianls
48O Zonlies
2OO ChouIs
12O gres
66O Hunan Iighlers
32O ColIin/vorg CavaIry
36O SkeIelon Archers
p| us
1 Wizard (IeveI 16)
# Troops:
# Connanders:
Magic Res:
Allack Rlg:
1O 2 2 4
As descriled alove
6 9 9
2O 19 19
13 12 13 12
12 na 1O 1O
2d3+1d6 1d1O
8O 48O 2OO 12O
2 4 2 2
4 8 6 5
4d6 1d8
2 CIerics (IeveIs 13, 15)
5ctup: BIoodslone unils nusl le pIaced BIoodslone conpIeles ils finaI conquesls
soulh of lhe slrean, Vaasan unils nusl le (or Ioses ils Iasl lallIe, as lhe case nay
pIaced norlh of il. le).
5pccIa! TcrraIn Nntc: The slrean divid-
ing lhe arnies is crossalIe ly hunan~
sized and snaIIer crealures onIy al lhe
ford. Iigures noving al aII lhrough lhe
ford nusl haIve lheir novenenl aIIov-
ance for lhal Cane Round. Cianls,
horses, ogres, and vorgs can cross lhe
slrean aIong ils enlire Ienglh. Treal lhe
river as lhe ford lo delernine ils nove-
nenl effecls on lhe gianls. Horses, ogres,
and vorgs onIy nove 2 per Cane
Round spenl in lhe river.
InnedialeIy lhereafler, lhe Arny of
Vaasa viII slarl narching soulh al a pace
of one hex per day. UnIess lhe ICs have
laken specific sleps lo keep alreasl of lhe
silualion lo lhe norlh, lhey viII nol Iearn
of lhe invasion unliI 1d4+2 days afler
lhe Vaasan Arny narches.
This force viII galher al lhe lovn of
HeInsdaIe (hex 1221) as lhe Arny of
The Vaasans viII narch direclIy fron
HeInsdaIe lo lhe Iord of CoIiad, scene of
lhe kingdons nighliesl niIilary viclory.
If lhe BIoodslone (or nov, perhaps,
Danaran) Arny noves sviflIy, il can
neel lhe eneny al lhe ford.
lreacherous hands of lhe lhe assassins.
Vaasan Army Fst GIants ZnmbIcs Ghnu!s Ogrcs FIghtcrs Cava!ry Archcrs
66O 32O 36O
4 2 3
1 3 1
12 18 12
11 12 11
11 1O na
1d8 2d4+1d6 1d6
The Vaasan Arny is, in effecl, praclic-
ing a giganlic lIuff. WhiIe il is indeed a
nenacing force, il suffers fron a serious
veakness: lhe undead nenlers of lhe
arny cannol nove loo far fron lheir lase
of pover in Vaasa, for il is lhe Wilch-
Kings (and rcuss) nighl lhere lhal
aninales lhen. Ior purposes of lhe
gane, lhe undead forces cannol enler a
hex soulh of lhe 19OO hexrov.
The Vaasan pIan is lo drav lhe BIood-
slone Arny inlo an engagenenl norlh of
lhis Iine. IaiIing in lhis, lhey viII allenpl
lo fighl lhe BIoodslone Arny lo a slaIe-
nale, vilhoul lhe undead lroops if nec-
essary, and vin lhe canpaign lhrough lhe
2 1
Chaptcr Fnur: THE A55A55IN'5 RUN
5ku!k and Run
This chapler, in vhich lhe advenlurers
deaI finaIIy vilh lhe nenace of lhe assas-
sins, lakes pIace during lhe niIilary can-
paign al a line of your choosing. In
addilion lo lhe iniliaI assassins allack on
BIoodslone in Chapler Tvo, lhere are
assassins vorking for each of lhe arnies
lhal are faced in lhe course of lhe niIilary
canpaign. They shouId prey on con-
nanders and aIIies of lhe BIoodslone
forces conlinuaIIy, and lecone a najor
nuisance. Thal shouId infIane lhe desire
of lhe ICs lo end lhis nenace once and
for aII.
The ICs nay aIready have caplured an
assassin, or decided lo lry and do so, in
vhich case nodify lhe encounler leIov.
lhervise, an assassin ends up in lheir
hands anyvay. . .
The Iale-nighl slralegy conference
has gone on for nany hours, and al
Iasl you feeI lhe pIans for lhe upcon-
ing lallIe are conpIeled. Heres our
narching pIan for lonorrov, you say,
poinling al lhe parchnenl nap. ur
inleIIigence reporls say lhal lhe eneny
viII le al. . .
A nessenger lursls inlo lhe lenl
vhere lhe conference of var is leing
conducled. Lxcuse ne, generaI, lul
veve jusl laken a prisoner and lhe
Cuard Connander lhinks you oughl
lo see hin righl avay!
The prisoner is leing heId under lighl
guard in lhe inlerrogalion lenl. He is a
lhin-faced nan dressed enlireIy in lIack.
His leady, shining eyes slare fearfuIIy al
his caplors, yel he refuses lo ansver ques-
lions. IeacefuI persuasion or lhreals are
ineffeclive, lhe onIy nelhods of gaining
infornalion are lorlure or ensorceIInenl.
f course, lhe prisoner viII allenpl lo
escape if given any opporlunily.
Irisoner (8lh-IeveI Assassin): AC 8
(Iealher), MV 12) hp 3O, #AT 2, Dng
1-4 + poison (dagger) or speciaI (lack-
slal for lripIe danage, or allack on lhe
Assassinalion TalIe if surprise), AL LL,
Slr 15, Inl 11, Wi 12, Dex 16, Con 15,
Ch 5, Con 5, II 65, L 62, I/RT
5O, MS 57, HS 47, HN 2O,
CW 92, RL 3O
If lhe ICs eIecl lo use lorlure, or have
lheir guards lorlure lhe prisoner for
lhen, lhis viII pose aIignnenl prolIens,
especiaIIy for paIadins and olher IavfuI
goods. Il vouId le appropriale lo give
such characlers lhe fuII invoIunlary
aIignnenl change penaIlies for such
aclion. The vord viII gel oul if lhe char-
aclers praclice lorlure, vhich Iovers lhe
respecl and ruIership aliIily lhal lhey
have. Treal lhis as an effeclive -1 lo Cha-
risna, vilh connand lonuses and radii
changed as veII. The effecliveness of lor-
lure is delernined ly having lhe viclin
nake a 1d2O Conslilulion Check for eve-
ry hour of lorlure, vilh a -1 penaIly lo
lhe check cunuIalive each hour. AIso,
nake a Syslen Shock check afler four
hours and every hour lhereafler al fuII
nornaI Conslilulion, faiIure neans lhe
viclin viIIs hinseIf lo dealh. nce lhe
lorlure viclin lreaks, he ansvers ques-
lions lo lhe lesl of his aliIily.
Vari ous speI I s, i ncI udi ng cnarn
pcrscn, fricns, and |SP can aIso le
effeclive in ollaining infornalion. The
assassin has leen lrained lo resisl such
nelhods, and saves al +3. Spca| ui|n
ca or raisc ca speIIs are effeclive in
lhe evenl lhe assassin dies under lorlure
or olhervise.
Whal lhe Assassin Knovs (loId onIy in
response lo direcl queslions): My nane
is CaviI. I an an Lxeculioner in lhe service
of lhe Crandfalher of Assassins, nay he
Iive forever. My orders are lo assassinale
lhe enenies of ny rder. These enenies
consisl of aII connanders and officiaIs of
lhe Barony of BIoodslone Iass and lhose
lrailorous ruIers vho aIIy vilh lhen.
Tonighl, I have leen senl lo eIininale lhe
generaIs of lhis arny, so as lo ensure viclo-
ry for lhe opposing forces. The Crandfa-
lher of Assassins is lhe nosl poverfuI
ruIer in lhe norlhern ReaIns, and aII
kings and pelly nolIes lake orders fron
hin. He has Iived one lhousand years,
and viII Iive one lhousand years nore, aII
pover and honor lo hin.
The Creal CuiIdhaII of lhe Crandfa-
lher of Assassins is Iocaled in a high
nounlain pass in lhe CaIenas, accessilIe
onIy lhrough a guarded, secrel palh. Il is
inpregnalIe lo nass allack, for onIy a
singIe cave enlrance Ieads inlo ils inlerior.
Yes, lhere are runors of secrel passages,
lul I knov nol of lhen. The slone gianls
and frosl gianls of lhe CaIenas are in serv-
ice lo lhe Crandfalher, and heIp guard
lhe roules.
5tratcgy Cnnfcrcncc
These assassins nusl le deaIl vilh,
and decisiveIy! says Tranlh, pound-
ing his fisl on lhe lalIe for enphasis.
Weve finaIIy caplured soneone vho
knovs lhe Iocalion of lhe Crandfa-
lhers Iair. Nov ve can deslroy il!
Nov vail a ninule, Tranlh, says
QuiIIan lhe Sage. This is loo easy. I
lhink vere leing Ied inlo a lrap.
Those assassins are loo carefuI and loo
snarl lo le caughl Iike lhis.
Tranlh sniIes coIdIy. f course ils
a lrap. Bul I leIieve lhe Crandfalher
has undereslinaled lhe opposi-
lion. . . and lhal nislake is going lo cosl
hin. Nov heres vhal I suggesl. . .
Whal Tranlh is aloul lo suggesl is lhal
lhe ICs pose as assassins and use CaviI lo
heIp lhen infiIlrale lhe Crandfalhers
Iair. nce lhere, lhey are poverfuI
enough lo deslroy il, no naller vhal.
The ICs shouId discuss lhe naller
lhoroughIy, and vork oul lheir ovn pIan.
Direcl niIilary aclion is nearIy inpos-
silIe, since onIy a very snaII fronlage
couId allack lhe poverfuIIy defended
enlrance lo lhe Creal CuiIdhaII. If lhey
choose lhis course anyvay, lhe narrov
nounlain roule viII le fiIIed vilh oppo-
nenls vho vhillIe dovn lhe arny, and
lhen lhey viII face hundreds of assassins
guarding lhe enlrance lo lhe caverns. In
spile of CaviIs cIains, lhere are nany
secrel passages, and if lhe lallIe goes
againsl lhe assassins, lhey sinpIy escape
oul lhe lack. The Crandfalher is cerlain
lo escape lhis vay.
The ICs can ignore lhe assassins and
pursue lhe niIilary canpaign. The conse-
quence of lhis slralegy is lhal lhe con-
2 2
nanders and ruIers of lhe BIoodslone
forces conlinue lo le pIagued ly assassin
allacks. Henchnen and Ioved ones~
especiaIIy Lady Chrisline~are suljecl lo
assassinalion allacks. If you vanl lo noli-
vale lhe ICs inlo direcl aclion againsl lhe
assassins, you can have Lady Chrisline
kidnapped and laken lo lhe Crandfa-
lhers Iair.
They ni ghl choose l o I el Cavi I
escape and foIIov hin lo Iocale lhe
enlrance lo lhe Creal CuiIdhaII, and
lhen pIan an allack. Thal vouId vork,
using eilher a rangers aliIily and/or
nagic lo ensure lhe effecliveness of lhe
lracking. Since lhis is, in facl, a lrap, il
shouIdnl le loo hard lo foIIov CaviI-
. . .lhals vhal he vanls, anyvay,
The ICs can cone up vilh lheir ovn
slralegy for infiIlraling lhe Iair~lhe use
of nagic or sonelhing eIse. Crealivily
shouId le revarded.
r, lhe ICs can foIIov Tranlhs sugges-
lion, disguise lhenseIves as assassins, or
candidales lo lecone assassins, and use a
cnarnc or olhervise-persuaded CaviI lo
Iead lhen inlo lhe Iair.
If lhe ICs decide lo go afler lhe Crand-
falher on his hone lurf, conlinue vilh
lhe nexl seclion.
Jnurncy tn thc Rnck
The Creal CuiIdhaII of lhe Crandfa-
lher of Assassins is Iocaled in hex 1738 of
lhe Iarge nap, high up in lhe CaIena
Mounlains. A narrov, veII- disguised,
and veII-prolecled palh Ieads lhere. The
Crandfalher and olher senior assassins
have rings cf |c|cpcr|a|icn or olher nagi-
caI scroIIs and ilens lhal aIIov inslanla-
neous lransporlalion inlo and oul of lhe
Iair. A nelvork of secrel lunneIs and
palhs (nosl knovn onIy lo lhe Crandfa-
lher and senior assassins, nol lo Iover-
ranking nenlers of lhe order) riddIes
lhe area, aIIoving assassins lo enler or exil
lhe Iair even if lhe palh is discovered. AII
palhs and roules, incIuding lhe secrel
lunneIs, are carefuIIy guarded, and a sys-
len of aIarns nakes il nearIy inpossilIe
lo reach lhe Iair undelecled. These aIarns
incIude deleclion of intisioi|i||q, gcc,
nagic, elc. Traps for lhe unvary incIude
pils fiIIed vilh poison snakes, various
lypes of snares, and nonslers such as
slone gianls hidden aIong lhe roule.
Secrel lunneIs nay le palroIIed ly cocka-
lrices, goIens, or olher nonslers lhal can
le lound lo service, aII can le connand-
ed nol lo allack ly any assassin aulho-
rized lo use lhe roule. (This is nornaIIy
handIed ly use of rings or sigiIs lhal lhe
crealures can recognize.)
If lhe ICs are disguised as assassins and
acconpanied ly CaviI, lhey lypass lhe
various defenses vilhoul incidenl. If nol,
lhere is a 1 in 1O chance each lurn of lra-
veI of a nasly encounler of sone sorl. The
journey lakes 8O lurns, or eighl hours.
Whelher lhe ICs lake lhe nain palh,
fIy overhead, or nanage lo discover a
secrel lunneI, lheir presence is delecled
ly lhe Crandfalher of Assassins and an
appropriale veIcone is prepared. . .
CnnfrnntatInn In thc
The Assassins Run is prinariIy a gynna-
siun for lhe praclice of assassin skiIIs. Nor-
naIIy, lhe conpIex is nol a kiIIer~lraps
and lricks are designed lo innoliIize lhe
lrainee. Hovever, lhe Crandfalher of
Assassins occasionaIIy uses lhe conpIex for
sporl~lo kiII soneone sIovIy vho has
angered hin. . .Iike lhe ICs.
The nuIli-IeveI nalure of lhe Run
requires lhe DM lo sludy lhe Iayoul
lefore pIay. Tvo naps are provided on
lhe inside cover~an overhead (lradilion-
aI) perspeclive and a cross-seclion viev lo
shov verlicaI eIevalion.
The cavern enlrance lo lhe Creal
CuiIdhaII of lhe Crandfalher of Assas-
sins is franed ly narlIe coIunns. No
guards are visilIe, lul your neck hairs
prickIe vilh lhe sensalion of leing
valched ly coId-eyed archers.
A liIed haIIvay Ieads inlo lhe
cavern. . .
lhey enler vilhoul incidenl. If lhey are
If lhe ICs are in lhe conpany of CaviI,
allacking, lhere are 1OO conceaIed assas-
sin archers vilh poison-lipped arrovs
(save al -5 or die) ready lo fire. AII lhe
archers are 9O convered, vilh arrov
2 3
sIils lheir onIy poinl of vuIneraliIily (AC
lonus +1O). If 5O or nore are sIain,
lhe renainder alandon lheir posls and
cover lhe escape of lhe Crandfalher of
2nd-IeveI Assassin Archers (1OO): AC
-2 (Iealher + cover lonus), MV 12,
HD 2, hp 8 each, #AT 2 (shorl lov),
Dng 1-6 + poison (save -5 or die),
A. Entry Ha!!
The narlIe-liIed corridor has delaiIed
carvings on each side, chronicIing lhe eviI
career of lhe currenl Crandfalher of
Assassins. A paIpalIe feeIing of eviI sur-
rounds everylhing. The fuII range of
c|cc|icn speIIs are in operalion here. Iif-
ly nore assassin archers are hidden in
arrov sIils lhroughoul lhe corridor, vhich
goes 1OO feel lefore ending in eIaloraleIy
carved, goId-Ieaf pIaled doulIe doors
(veighl aloul 5,OOO gp each, vorlh
aloul 2O,OOO gp each). If in lhe conpany
of CaviI, lhe doors sving open aulonali-
caIIy, olhervise lhey are Iocked (-25
lo lhief chance lo pick, nol lo nenlion
dislraclion fron lhe archers, vho viII
legin firing al lhe ICs al lhis poinl lo cul
off lheir relreal, pIus, lhe Iock is lrapped
vilh a poisoned needIe~save al -5 or
1. RcccptInn Ha!!
The huge doulIe doors sving open
lo reveaI an innense lhrone roon. Al
lhe far end is a lhrone, and on lhe
lhrone sils a vizened, learded nan
vilh goId-lrinned roles and a jev-
eIed lurlan. Arned guards sland in
fronl of il. As you slep inlo lhe roon,
lhe doors sving siIenlIy shul lehind
If lhe ICs are in lhe conpany of CaviI,
aII is sliII peacefuI. If lhey lreak inlo lhe
roon, lhe 25 assassin archers in lhe roon
do nol fire, lul poinl lheir veapons al
lhe ICs and vail. (They do fire if
allacked, lul nake il cIear lo lhe ICs lhal
lhey are nol leing aggressive yel.)
Iron lhis poinl on, aII roons and corri-
dors are Iead-Iined and have a 5O nagic
resislance lo prevenl lhe operalion of
|c|cpcr|a|icn, ucr cf rcca||, passua||,
rcc| |c nu, elc.
B. Thrnnc A!cnvc
The nan on lhe lhrone is lhe Crandfa-
lher of Assassins. The lhrone has lhe aliI-
ily lo generale a prisna|ic spncrc and
does so aulonalicaIIy if (or vhen) lhe
Crandfalher is allacked. Bul for nov, lhe
oId nan speaks. . .
WeIcone lo ny kingdon, lhe oId
nan says in a siliIanl vhisper. As you
nay have guessed, I an he vho is
knovn as lhe Crandfalher of Assas-
sins. My IoyaI servanl CaviI has done
veII ly Iuring you here.
Nov lhal you have enlered ny
Iair, you shaII never Ieave aIive. Yel I
vouId have sone sporl vilh you
lefore you die. To slarl, I viII ansver
any singIe queslion you ask of ne.
The Crandfalher of Assassins knovs
lhal lhe Wilch-King is possessed ly
rcus. He viII reveaI lhis, as veII as lhe
infornalion lhal rcus is using lhe pooIs
of nercury lo luiId a pernanenl gale
inlo lhe Irine MaleriaI IIane. He
expIains lhal lhe onIy vay lo defeal rcus
is lo confronl hin on his ovn pIane. r
he viII laIk aloul his roIe lehind lhe
scenes in doninaling lhe Danaran lar-
onies and dukedons.
If lhe ICs ask hov lhey can escape
dealh here, lhe Crandfalher says, You
cannol and lhals lhe queslion. He is
nol a fair nan, and does nol lrick easiIy.
If lhe ICs allack, lhe assassin archers
fire al lhen, gelling an aulonalic allack
no naller vhal lhe ICs do lecause lheir
veapons are nocked and ready lo fire.
The Crandfalher aclivales lhe prisna|ic
spncrc, lul lhen sIips oul and heads for
lhe door lo area 2, vhich opens and lhen
cIoses lehind hin. The door lo area 32 is
uizar |cc|c al 18lh IeveI.
If lhe ICs vail for lhe Crandfalher lo
acl firsl, lhe Crandfalher says nockingIy,
I vanl lo give you a fair chance, so you
nay foIIov ne lhrough lhe door lo ny
righl. If you calch ne, or escape vhal
avails you lhrough lhe door, you nay
Iive. Bul lhal is hardIy IikeIy. He lhen
aclivales lhe prisna|ic spncrc and gives
lhe order lo fire, lhen heads for lhe door
in lhe confusion.
As soon as lhe Crandfalher enlers lhe
door, a ua|| cf annini|a|icn slarls on lhe
norlh vaII, pushing lhe ICs lovard lhe
door lo area 2. The ua|| lakes 3 neIee
rounds lo reach lhe far vaII, deslroying
everylhing in ils palh~incIuding lhe
assassin archers. The ICs nusl enler lhe
door, die, or lhink of sonelhing reaIIy
good in a hurry.
The Crandfalher of Assassins noves
sviflIy lhrough lhe conpIex. He knovs
vhere aII lhe lraps are, and can avoid
lhen easiIy, in addilion, none of lhe
assassins in lhe Run allack hin. If lhe ICs
nanage lo calch up vilh hin, conducl
nornaI neIee, lul renenler lhal lhe
Crandfalher of Assassins is a poverfuI,
crafly, and inleIIigenl opponenl. If lhe
Crandfalher reaches area 32 lefore lhe
ICs, lhe effecls of lhe ua|| cf annini|a-
|icn have ceased, and he escapes inlo area
D. If lhe ICs survive, and penelrale area
D, lhe Crandfalher escapes via a secrel
door, and lriggers poverfuI speIIs of
deslruclion lhal cause lhe enlire cave
conpIex lo deslrucl (lreal as nuIlipIe
cave-ins per DSC, pages 39-4O). The
lreasures and nagic ilens are caughl in
lhe deslruclion. A line-consuning and
vhoIesaIe excavalion of lhe ruins nighl
produce greal lreasure (see area D
descriplion, leIov), lul lhis is soIeIy al
lhe discrelion of lhe DM.
The Crandfalher of Assassins (15lh
IeveI Assassin): AC O, MV 24 (occ|s
cf spcc), hp 51, #AT 1, Dng 2-8 +2
SM/2-16+2 L (8as|ar Sucr +2) or
#AT 2, Dng 1-4 SML + poison (Dag-
gcr cf Vcncn), aII assassin SA, II
11O, L 92, I/RT 8O, MS
1 O 4 , HS 9 O , HN 4 O , CW
99.3, RL 65, lackslal for quinlu-
pIe danaga, AL LL. Has ring cf spc||
s|cring conlaining a ucr cf rcca|| lhal
lakes hin lo lhe paIace of lhe Wilch-
King of Vaasa aulonalicaIIy in case of
his dealh or caplure.
C. Arnory, Slorage Roons, and Sparring
ReIevanl faciIilies of lhe CuiIdhaII are
near lhe Run, lehind lhe indicaled
2 4
D. LIvIng Quartcrs
Behind lhis secrel door are lhe privale
quarlers of lhe Assassins CuiId, ranging
fron lare ceIIs lo lhe IuxuriousIy
appoinled quarlers of lhe Crandfalher
hinseIf. A huge lreasury of sloIen and
lrilule ilens is conlained herein, incIud-
ing over a niIIion goId pieces in goId and
gens, and an assorlnenl of najor nagi-
caI ilens. Il is highIy unIikeIy lhal lhe
ICs viII nanage lo gel lheir hands on lhe
Iool (as shovn alove). If lhey do, prepare
a seIeclion of nagicaI lreasures fron lhe
DMC and UA.
E. Wcstcrn Acccss Arca
This and lhe olher access areas are off-
Iinils lo aII lul lrainers or olhers vilh
reason lo occupy lhe passages. They are
used ly lhe various opponenls in lhe Run
lo gel lo and fron lheir areas.
This corridor runs vesl fron lhe norlh-
easl corridor of area 1, dropping 15 feel
and 1O feel in lvo fIighls of slairs lefore
opening onlo faciIilies reIaled lo lhe Run
(refer lo C, alove), and inlo lhe Run
ilseIf via lhe secrel door al area 4.
Il lhen lurns soulh, drops anolher 1O
feel, crosses lhe canaI on a Iov (3) high)
parapeled lridge, offers access lo lhe
archers culicIe (area 12), and ends in a
shafl connecled lo lhe canaI, vhere a rope
Iadder is fixed lo lvo iron rings sel inlo
lhe rin. This Iadder is kepl roIIed vhen
nol in use.
F. Ccntra! Acccss Arca
This passage Ieaves area 1 ly a secrel
door in lhe soulheasl corner and drops 55
feel ly slairs lo a secrel door opening onlo
lhe laIcony alove area 29.
The passage runs on and lehind lhe
laIcony, lurning soulh lefore neeling a
door opening onlo lhe gaIIery al area 11.
Iron lhere il conlinues via a secrel door
easl and soulh, crossing lhe canaI vilh
anolher 3 high parapeled lridge, and
lurns vesl lo enler lhe lollon of lhe
drop-shafl (area 13) via a secrel door.
This aIIovs access lo lrainers and vorkers
for repair and rescue of unforlunale run-
ners vho nissed lhe vindov. (This
doesnl appIy lo lhe ICs, of course.)
The Winch Roon (see area 21) and
anolher corridor open off lhis roule, lhis
olher corridor Ieads lo pens (narked I
on lhe nap) for lhe various crealures lhal
nay le used in lhe Run.
A lrapdoor vilh an overhead sIing
(narked S) opens 2O feel dovn inlo
lhe Run corridor lelveen areas 22 and 23
vhich Iie leIov, serving lo reIease or lake
up crealures or lrainers fron or inlo lhe
Run. The corridor aIso opens onlo a 2O
Iong slairvay dovn inlo a 1O sq. fl. roon
conlaining lhe lripIe crosslov (area 23)
and racks of annunilion, affording
roon for lvo or al lhe nosl lhree opera-
G. Eastcrn Acccss CnrrIdnr
This is sinpIy a slair Ieading fron area
1 via a secrel door, lo a Ianding and lhen
dovn 75 feel lo a one-vay, counler-
veighled secrel door (a lIock of vood is
kepl al lhe lollon slep lo prop lhis door
open vhen necessary). This door opens
inlo area 27 for rescues, lhe enlry of lrain-
ers inlo lhe Run lo serve as opponenls,
and so on.
2. TrIp 5tcp
This slaircase Ieads inlo lhe run. ne
of lhe slone sleps around lhe lend is
raised up fron ils feIIovs, ralher lhan
descending. UnIess a lhief nakes a suc-
cessfuI allenpl lo find lraps, each IC
nusl nake a Dexlerily Check on 1d2O or
faII headIong dovn lhe slairs inlo lhe pil
in area 3, laking 1d6 poinls of danage in
addilion lo lhe pil danage.
Iron lhis poinl on, aII areas of lhe Run
are dark unIess olhervise specified.
Torches or nagicaI Iighl sources are neces-
sary unIess aII ICs have infratisicn.
3. PIt Trap
Al lhe lollon of lhe slairs is lhe Runs
firsl Iesson in nislrusl. The fIoor here is
iIIusory, lhe pil lenealh il is 2O feel deep
and has snoolh-poIished sides lhal are
oiIed and inpossilIe lo negoliale ly nor-
naI neans. The faII inlo lhe pil causes
2d6 danage. The lollon of lhe pil con-
lains 1O gianl poisonous snakes.
Ioisonous snakes (1O): AC 5, MV 15,
HD 4+2, hp 2O ea., #AT 1, Dng. 1-3
+ poison (die or save for 3-18 dng),
AL N, Size L
4. Onc-Way 5ccrct Dnnr
This porlaI aIIovs lrainers inlo lhe Run
unseen lo pursue or avail runners. The
Crandfalher of Assassins, pursuing his
gane pIan of lailing and lornenling his
nevesl viclins, is vailing here. When lhe
ICs are vorking on lhe Iocked door inlo
area 5a, lhe Crandfalher sleps lhrough
and lhrovs us| cf sncczing an cnc|ing
al lhe parly~save or die, lhose vho save
are disalIed ly lhe choking for 5d4
rounds. The Crandfalher proceeds lo
lackslal one of lhe parly nenlers, rings
lhe gong in area 5, lhen unIocks lhe door
lo 5a and exils, Iaughing.
5. Gnng Rnnm
This roon conlains a Iarge lrass aIarn
gong. The door lo area 5a is nade of lhick
iron, and is secureIy Iocked (-25 lo a
lhief chance lo open).
6. PIt Trap
This pil is 2O feel deep, causing 2d6
faIIing danage. The corridor fIoor is a
leeler-loller lIock lhal pivols on a cen-
lraI axIe lo fIip over and cIose again,
deposiling lhe viclin in a covered pil if
he is nol quick enough lo junp lack fron
lhe edge or gel lo lhe olher side lefore
lhe sIal pivols (needs a Dexlerily Check
on 1d2O). Again, lhe vaIIs of lhe pil are
snoolh and oiIed lo foiI a lhiefs cIinl
vaIIs aliIily. The lollon of lhe pil is
Iined vilh iron spikes lhal cause 4d6
danage (save for haIf) in addilion lo lhe
faIIing danage.
7. PIt Trap
The nechanic here is idenlicaI lo area
6. If lhe earIier pil lrap didnl leach lhe
parly lo prole lhe fIooring ahead, lhey
viII aInosl cerlainIy faII for lhis one. The
spikes al lhe lollon of lhis pil are
poisoned~save al -5 or die~in addi-
lion lo lhe olher danage.
8. F!nnr!css Rnnm
The enlry door lo lhis 1O square culi-
cIe is unIocked, lul lhe area ilseIf is a 3O
deep pil, in olher vords, lhis is a fIoorIess
roon. Before proceeding, lhe runner
nusl figure oul hov lo reach and open
lhe far door, vhich is Iocked. There are
poisoned iron spikes (as in area 7) leIov,
2 5
and nolhing lo sving fron or hang on
alove. Bolh doors open invard, and are
heavy. They cannol easiIy le slruck fron
lheir hinges or lroken lhrough, nor
svung open vilhoul sone force.
9. Thc RIvcr
Al lhis poinl lhe corridor ends in a
Iarge opening (3 vide, 4 high, vilh a 4
vide siII) lhal faces anolher opening
across a chasn. The lollon of lhe chasn
is 6O feel leIov lhe ceiIing of lhis area,
and conlains an 8 deplh of coId valer
lecause of ils conneclions vilh lhe valer-
vay (see areas 17 and 25). The largel
opening is 2 feel vide and 3 feel high,
and is 1O feel avay fron lhe opening
vhere lhe ICs are. Bolh corridor fIoors
are al lhe sane IeveI. Unknovn lo lhe
ICs, lhe largel opening is lrapped vilh a
scylhing lIade (firsl save vs. paraIyzalion
al -5 lo see if lhe lIade hils for 1d8 dan-
age, lhen save vs. poison al -5 or die).
A faII here viII cause 4d6 danage, pIus
nake a Syslen Shock roII lo avoid uncon-
sciousness and drovning. A characler
vho faiIs drovns in a nunler of rounds
equaI lo his Conslilulion score unIess res-
cued, lhen lakes lhe sane nunler of
rounds lo recover. n lop of everylhing
eIse, lhe river is slocked vilh piranha.
SchooI of Iiranha: (AC 4, MV//15,
HD 16, hp 8O (each fish has 1 hp), #
AT 1/1O fish, Dng 1-6, SpeciaI:
Iiranha slop feeding upon characlers
(and eal each olher inslead) afler 4O
fish have leen kiIIed.
The 3 high parapeled lridges lhal
Iead lo corridors L and I have leen ren-
dered intisio|c, and lhe enlrances lo lhe
corridor are covered vilh pnan|asna|
fcrcc lo Iook Iike slone.
10 and 11. TraIncr Rnnms
Bolh area 1O and 11 are frequenlIy
used ly lrainers vhen junior assassins are
naking lhe Run. They are lolh currenlIy
enply. The door lo area 1O is lrapped
vilh a sqnoc| cf pain.
12. Archcr
An assassin archer vilh poison-lipped
arrovs can fire lhrough conceaIed sIils al
lhe ICs. He prefers allacks fron lhe rear.
e has effeclive AC -2 lecause of his
cover, and cannol le reached ly neIee
13. 5haft
The passage here ends in a 2O deep
shafl, vilh lolh poisoned spikes and 1O
gianl poisonous snakes al lhe lollon. n
lhe norlh vaII of lhe shafl, direclIy
lenealh lhe end of lhe corridor, is a snaII
opening, 4 high and 2 1/2 vide, vilh ils
Iover siII resling 1O feed dovn fron lhe
corridor fIoor. The siII is onIy an inch
alove lhe fIoor of lhe chanler (area 14)
onlo vhich il opens up, so lhal lhis roon
Iies direclIy lenealh lhe corridor. The lra-
dilionaI vay is lo lurn and drop off lhe
end of lhe corridor and calch hoId of lhe
siII vhiIe faIIing, vhich requires a success-
fuI lo hil roII foIIoved ly a Slrenglh
Check on 1d2O lo hoId on, of course, lhe
ICs can lry sonelhing differenl.
14. InvIsIb!c 5pcctrcs
This roon appears lo le enply. In facl,
il conlains an intisio|c speclre. UnIess lhe
ICs have nelhods of deleclion, lhe spec-
lre gels an aulonalic surprise allack.
Speclre: AC -2 (due lo intisioi|i|q),
MV 15/3O, HD 7+3, hp 4O, #AT 1,
Dng 1-8+2 IeveI drain, SD innune
lo non-nagicaI veapons, MR innune
lo s|ccp, cnarn, nc|, or cc| - lased
speIIs, or lo poison or paraIyzalion, AL
LL, Size M.
15. FIrcba!!
The roon appears enply. There is a
c|aqc o|as| 8-HD firelaII Iocaled al lhe
spol narked X. Il goes off 3 neIee
rounds afler lhe firsl characler enlers lhe
roon. The sardonic Iaughler of lhe
Crandfalher of Assassins can le heard
afler lhe expIosion.
16. Chutc
This IighlIess, sIickIy greased chule
drops over 4O feel inlo a pooI (see area
17). The speed (and vioIence of ones
descenl can le conlroIIed ly exerling
pressure againsl lhe vaIIs of lhe shafl.
UnIess sone nelhod of conlroIIing speed
is used, lhe ICs shool pasl lhe Iocked
door Ieading lo area 17 and dunp inlo
lhe piranha-infesled valers leIov.
17. Dnnr
The Iocked door al lhis spol opens
avay fron lhe chule, and ils Iock nusl le
picked vhiIe lhe IC lraces hinseIf
againsl lhe greased vaII of lhe chule (lhis
requires lvo checks: a Slrenglh Check
and a Dexlerily Check, lolh on 1d2O,
pIus reguIar Iock-picking skiII). UnIess a
successfuI find/renove lraps roII is nade,
a poison needIe shools inlo lhe viclins
hand, necessilaling a save vs. poison al
-5 or die, vilh a successfuI save sliII
resuIling in 3d6 poinls of danage.
If a characler shools dovn inlo lhe
valer leIov, he nusl firsl deaI vilh lhe
piranhas, lhen gel oul sonehov. The
chule is uncIinlalIe ly nornaI neans,
incIuding a lhiefs cIinl vaIIs aliIily.
The pooI is connecled lo lhe chasn al
area 9 and lo lhe valervay in area 25.
18. PIt Trap
This leeler-loller lrap is idenlicaI in
conslruclion lo lhose in area 6 and 7, lul
il is 2O feel Iong, and difficuIl lo avoid
unIess one knovs of ils Iocalion lefore-
hand. Il fIips over lo drop a viclin 1O feel
inlo area 2O for 1d6 poinls of danage, lhe
viclin nusl nake a Dexlerily Check on
1d2O or Iose his laIance for one neIee
round (cannol allack, is aulonalicaIIy
surprised). A characler vho faIIs lhrough
lhe lrap deIileraleIy Iands vilhoul dan-
age and keeps his laIance.
19. 5taIrs
These slairs aIIov safe passage pasl
areas 2O and 21.
20. Vn!ts
This roon seens lo le fiIIed vilh fIoal-
ing lundIes of lrislIy gray hair. n cIoser
Iook, lhe ICs nolice lvo luIlous eyes,
lvo snaII curved horns, and a 3 Iong laiI.
Thes e ar e voI l s , vhi c h nove ly
|cti|a|icn. They svarn lo lhe allack, foI-
Ioving fIeeing ICs unliI lhey or lheir vic-
lins are dead.
VoIls (24): AC 3, MV 6, HD 2+1,
hp 9 ea., #AT 1 lile and lIood drain +
1 eIeclricaI laiI allack if firsl allack suc-
ceeds, Dng 1-4 lIood drain + 2-12
eIeclricaI danage, SA once allached lo
viclins neck gels aulonalic hils for
2 6
lolh allacks each round unliI il or vic-
lin is dead, SD innune lo eIeclricaI-
lased allacks, AL N, Size S
21. Pnrtcu!!Is Trap
Iive segnenls afler lhe door Ieading
fron area 2O is opened, lhe porlcuIIis
shovn on lhe nap faIIs fron lhe ceiIing
vilh Iighlning speed. Il is veII oiIed and
aInosl siIenl, and ils lollon consisls of
lars lenl oulvards in aIlernaleIy oppo-
sile direclions (so as lo forn an inverled
Y in cross seclion), lrapping lhe sIov
or unvary lelveen lhe diagonaI lars
(have each IC vho nighl faII viclin lo
lhe lars nake a Dexlerily Check al -3 on
1d2O). The lips have poinls lhal spear
anyone vho is caughl for 1d2O poinls of
danage, pIus a Syslen Shock roII lo avoid
1d1O lurns of unconsciousness fron lhe
If anyone is lrapped under lhe porlcuI-
Iis, il Iocks in pIace and can onIy le
reIeased fron lhe Winch Roon, alove~
vhi ch neans l hal onI y lend lars
allenpls or nagicaI neans viII free ils
22. Fakc Dnnr
There is a conceaIed door here. Il is a
nassive slone porlaI vilh a highIy con-
pIex Iock (-5O lo lhief chances lo
pick). nce unIocked, il lakes a con-
lined slrenglh of 36 lo puII il open.
Behind il is a slone vaII vilh a Sqnoc| cf
|nsani|q inscriled upon il.
23. TrIp!c Crnssbnw
A lripIe crosslov fires lhrough lhree
2 dianeler hoIes lored lhrough lhe 6
lhick slone vaII al lhe end of lhe corridor,
dovn lhe Ienglh of lhe haIIvay. Il fires a
saIvo of lhree fIaning loIls (1d6 lase
danage +1d6 fire danage, nake saving
lhrovs for ilens carried vs. nornaI fire)
lvice per round. Three assassin archers
nan lhe crosslovs, reIoading and firing
conlinuaIIy unliI lhey are kiIIed or lhe
ICs pass lhe lrap.
24. Trappcd Dnnr
The door al lhis Iocalion is nade of
vood, shealhed and slrapped vilh iron.
A crude eIeclricaI lallery has leen
charged vilh an 8-HD |ign|ning oc||
speII. If any iron porlion of lhe door is
louched (incIuding lhe iron Iock) vilhoul
a successfuI find lraps roII, lhe fuII force
of lhe |ign|ning oc|| is discharged inlo
lhe person louching il.
25. Thc Watcrways
The door opens inlo a shafl vhose lol-
lon is 15 feel dovn. Waler jusl over eighl
feel deep overIies il, opening inlo a
seven-fool high, valer-fiIIed passage sup-
pIied lhrough nine 1 dianeler hoIes in
lhe ceiIing. The Iong, eIlov-crooked pas-
sage nusl le svun in a singIe lrealh,
unIess a svinner uses nagic or devises
vays of sloring air in heIns, valerproof
sacks, cupped cIolhing, or vineskins.
Wilhoul exlernaI aid, a svinner can
svin 1O feel per neIee round, and hoId
his lrealh one neIee round for every
poinl of conslilulion.
26. Lnckcd Gratc
Al lhe far end of lhe valervay is a
Iocked iron graling, vhich a lhief nusl
pick or force open (as a lend lars aclion)
vhiIe hoIding his lrealh and undervaler.
There are five padIocks on lhe grale~
each can le picked in lvo rounds al a nor-
naI lhief chance.
The graling svings lo lhe Iefl vhen
unfaslened, aIIoving access lo a rough-
vaIIed shafl. Craling and frane are fash-
ioned of greased sleeI.
27. Watcr Chambcr
The grale Ieads lo a pooI lhal is al lhe
lollon of a 1O fool vel, rough slone
shafl. The roon conlains lhree croco-
diIes, vho sIilher lo lhe edge, lhen drop
inlo lhe valer lo felch dinner. They foI-
Iov inlruders lack inlo area 25 if neces-
IIease nole lhal characlers vilhoul
svinning proficiency shouId have sul-
slanliaI penaIlies vhen fighling sul-
CrocodiIes (2): AC 5, MV 6//12,
HD 3, hp 24 ea., #AT 2, Dng 2-8/1-
12, AL N, Size L.
When lhe characlers energe fron lhe
valer, lhey nay faII viclin lo lhe pil lrap
in fronl of lhe door lo area 28. The pil is
2O feel deep, causing 2d6 poinls of dan-
age, and lhe lollon is fiIIed vilh a huge
green sIine.
Huge Creen SIine: AC 9, MV O, HD
1O, hp 4O, #AT O, Dng niI, SA lurns
crealure inlo green sIine in 1-4 neIee
rounds, no resurreclion possilIe, eals
nelaIs quickIy, AL N, Size L
28. Ba!ancc Bcam
This chanler conlains a 4 vide
vooden lean slrelching 2O feel fron lhe
enlry door lo a Iedge, spanning a huge
1O deep pil covered vilh poisoned spike
al lhe lollon. See lhe DSC, pages 19
and 3O, for ruIes lhal heIp govern conlal
in such a silualion.
As each characler noves oul onlo lhe
laIance lean, a 9lh-IeveI assassin arned
vilh a gIaive-guisarne enlers fron lhe
olher door lo confronl hin. If an assassin
is kiIIed, anolher cones oul. Lach assassin
has leen given lhe lenefils of a scroII of
prc|cc|icn frcn nagic. The assassins are
highIy skiIIed vilh lheir veapons. n a
roII of 2O (nodified or naluraI), lhe
opponenl is disIodged and aulonalicaIIy
faIIs inlo lhe pil.
Assassins: AC 4, MV 12, hp 33 ea.,
#AT 1, Dng 2-8, AL LL, Size M, Slr
12, Inl 12, Wi 15, Dex 17, Con 14, Ch
14, II 65, L 62, I/RT 5O, MS
6O, HS 45, HN 25, CW 94,
RL 35
29. Thc Arcna
This chanler has a 35 fool high ceiIing
and a laIcony supporled ly four snoolh
slone piIIars lhal is 2O feel off lhe fIoor. The
Crandfalher of Assassins, currenlIy vearing
a ring cf intisioi|i|q is on lhe laIcony. He is
vearing a ncc||acc cf nissi|cs conlaining 9
gIoles of lhe foIIoving slrenglhs: 1O HD
(1), 8 HD (2), 6 HD (2), 4 HD (4). He hurIs
one every olher round al lhe ICs, leginning
vilh lhe nosl poverfuI. n lhe even- nun-
lered rounds, he lakes off and puls on his
ring cf intisioi|i|q again, lurning invisilIe
afler each allack. If he Ioses 25 or nore of
his hil poinls, or nore lhan 1O hil poinls in a
singIe allack, he fIees up slairvay I. He
Iaughs salanicaIIy aII during his allack.
A lhiefs cIinl vaIIs aliIily viII nol
aIIov hin lo reach lhe laIcony lecause
lhe piIIars are loo snoolh.
30. Empty Rnnm
A lreasure chesl overfIoving vilh goId
sils in lhe niddIe of lhe roon. The goId is
acluaIIy fcc|s gc| and lhe chesl is
lrapped lo reIease a cIoud of poisonous
gas lhal fiIIs lhe enlire roon for 1d2O
lurns (save al -5 or die). A sinpIe louch
aclivales lhe lrap.
31. 5!npIng CnrrIdnr
Iron area 3O, a corridor sIopes upvard 5
feel unliI il reaches a slone lIock. When
slepped on, lhe lIock sinks sIighlIy, lrigger-
ing a pcucr ucr, o|in speII lhal affecls
everyone vilhin 3O feel up lo lhe Iinils of
lhe speII.
32. ExIt Dnnr
The exil door has inscriled upon il a
sqnoc| cf ca|n.
If lhe ICs foIIov lhe Crandfalher up
lhe slairs lovard lhe exil lo area I, lhere is
aIso a sqnoc| cf ca|n here.
Neilher door is Iocked.
2 7
Iron your connand vanlage poinl
you gaze across lhe Iord of CoIiad,
scene of lhe grealesl defeal of lhe firsl
Vaasan War. Ior vhal seens lo le
niIes you see lhe lenls and canpfires
of lhe Vaasan Arny.
Your arny is aIso nighly, lul lhe
Iord of CoIiad is a lreacherous lrap:
vhichever arny allenpls lo cross il
viII le al a najor disadvanlage.
So lhis is vhal il cones lo. . . slaIena-
le. Yel lhal is nuch nore of a viclory
lhan il seened couId le ollained al
lhe leginning of lhis var. And lonor-
rov nay lring nev opporlunilies, nev
hopes for a grealer viclory.
Thals vhal il Iooks Iike on lhis nighl,
severaI gane nonlhs (or even gane years)
since lhe poverly-slricken ICs cIinled
lhe nounlain pass inlo BIoodslone Iass
lo save a snaII viIIage fron sone landils.
Nov lhey are ruIers, nol jusl of a snaII
larony, lul conquerers of nosl of soulh-
ern Danara.
Tranlh and QuiIIan lhe Sage caII a con-
ference, in vhich lhey give lhe ICs sone
You have denonslraled aII lhe vir-
lues of ruIership, Baron Tranlh says
vilhoul preIude. Nov ils line lo
lake vhal you have earned.
Whal is lhal` you ask.
VirluaIIy aII of Danara has leen
uniled under lhe svay of your arnies,
Iileraled fron lhe crueI, oppressive
yoke of lhe Vaasan overIords. And il
has leen your vork. Wilhoul you,
none of lhis vouId have happened.
Nov, il is line lo decIare lhe King-
don relorn. . . and yourseIves ils righl-
fuI ruIers.
QuiIIan lhe Sage nods. You are
nore lhan provinciaI ruIers nov. You
are kings.
The ICs have a choice, vhelher lo pro-
cIain a reuniled Kingdon of Danara, vilh
one of lhe ICs as King, or decIare lhe nev
Kingdon of BIoodslone, vilh one of lhe
ICs as king. (r, lo appoinl soneone eIse
as king, if lhey arenl inleresled in ruIer-
ship.) The advanlage of lhe Kingdon of
Danara is lhe lradilion, lhe advanlage of
lhe Kingdon of BIoodslone is lhal lhere
vonl le any lIood cIainanls lo lhe lhrone
lo gel in lheir vay. Ils lheir choice.
Wilh lhe arnies in lheir slaIenale posi-
lion, lhe ICs can gel avay lo eilher
HeIiogalaIus (lhe oId capilaI cily) or BIood-
slone (lhe possilIe nev capilaI) lo decIare
lhe kingdon and have a coronalion. Ils
nol alsoIuleIy necessary lo have lhe IC vho
lecane Baron of BIoodslone lecone King,
il shouId le lhe agreed-upon decision of
lhe ICs. TilIes shouId le IileraIIy sprinkIed
aloul~lhe conquered duchies vere ruIed
ly Vaasas pavns, and il vouId le aIlogelh-
er appropriale for each IC lo gel a larony
or a duchy of his or her ovn. ICs vho donl
vanl lilIes donl have lo have lhen, or,
lhey can have lilIes vilhoul responsiliIily.
And lhus do advenlurers gain lhrones,
in lhe greal fanlasy lradilion. Bul in far-off,
eviI Vaasa, lhe Wilch-King sliII sils on his
lhrone, and his poverfuI arny sils al lhe
norlhern loundary of lhe nev Kingdon.
In lhe concIusion of lhis series, noduIe
H4, due oul in earIy 1988, lhe advenlurers
nusl defeal lhe Wilch-King in his ovn cas-
lIe, lhen lraveI lo lhe very Alyss ilseIf
lovard a finaI confronlalion vilh rcus!
Slay luned.
Tranlh, relired Baron of BIoodslone: Cray
haired, laII, heavy-sel, lrusque and fornaI,
Tranlh radiales pover and conpelence. TolaI-
Iy connilled lo lhe veIfare of his peopIe,
Tranlh has yieIded lhe larony lo his nev son-
in-Iav, one of lhe ICs. (If no IC narried Lady
Chrisline, lhen Tranlh renains laron.)
STATS: AC 1 (pIale and snic| +1, MV 9,
Ilr 7, hp 3O, #AT 3/2, Dng 1-8 +1 (|cng-
sucr +1) or 1-4 +1 (heavy crosslov), AL
LC, Sl 15, Inl 13, Wi 14, Dex 12, Con 14, Ch
15, CR 13, THACO 14.
Lady ChrIstInc, Barnncss nf B!nndstnnc: A
IoveIy young vonan, a druidess ly lraining,
and a lil of a lonloy, Lady Chrisline is lhe
daughler of Baron Tranlh. Her nolher died
vhen she vas young, and she grev up heIping
her falher ruIe. She vas lrained in druidic Iore
ly QuiIIan lhe Sage. She can le slrong-viIIed,
proud, and occasionaIIy haughly. If a good-
aIigned heroic IC sufficienlIy denonslraled
his vorlh in eilher H1 or H2, Lady Chrisline
feII in Iove and narried (if lhe IC vas viIIing,
of course). Baron Tranlh reIinquished lhe lar-
ony lo his nev son-in-Iav foIIoving lhe ved-
ding, and Chrisline is nov Baroness. (If no IC
narries Lady Chrisline, she is heiress lo lhe
larony and her falher sliII ruIes.) STATS: AC
1O/8 (Iealher arnor), MV 12, Druid 5, hp
18, #AT 1, Dng 1-4 (dagger or sIing), AL
N(C), Sl 1O, Inl 12, Wi 13, Dex 14, Con 11,
Ch 17, Con 19, THACO 18, speIIs 5 1sl, 3
2nd, 2 3rd.
They inlerrupl each olher conslanlIy vhen
laIking. STATS (aII idenlicaI): AC 8 (Iealher),
MV 12) Ilr 3, hp 15, #AT 1, Dng 1-6 (shorl
svord or shorl lov), AL LC, Sl 14, Inl 11, Wi
1O, Dex 13, Con 13, Ch 12, CR 1O, THACO
QuI!!an thc 5agc: Age 7O, vilh Iong vhile
hair and leard, QuiIIan is an experl in Ieg-
ends, foIkore, and hislory, lul his lrue Iove is
lhe fIora of lhe region. He vas originaIIy a
druid, and lrained Lady Chrisline in druid-
isn. Whenever he is asked a queslion, he lries
lo vork in sonelhing aloul lhe IocaI pIanls.
He appears lo le doddering and a lil seniIe,
lul he is snarler lhan he Iooks. SILLLS: 4 1sl,
2 2nd, 3 3rd.
5tcphan thc Innkccpcr: Won lhe Inn of lhe
CIovns in a ganlIing nalch 2O years ago,
gave up career as nercenary and lhief. A
gruff, hearly nan, given lo sloryleIIing,
respecls anyone vho can drink hin under lhe
lalIe. Seni-relired, cares deepIy aloul his
adopled viIIage, viII die in ils defense if need
le. STATS: AC 8 (Iealher), MV 12, Thief 3
(relired)/Ilr 5, hp 19, #AT 1, Dng 1-6 (shorl
svord or cIul), +1 Slr adj., AL NC, Sl 17, Inl
12, Wi 12, Dex 15, Con 14, Ch 12, THACO
15, II 4O, L 33, I/RT 3O, MS 27,
HS 2O, HN 15, CW 87.
Gar!cn and Garvcn: IdenlicaI cousins, lrovn Racquc! and Car!ntta: BeaulifuI and fIirla-
hair and eyes, jusl lurned 2O. Young, lrave, lious larnaids al lhe Inn of lhe CIovns, lhey
inexperienced, overIy enlhusiaslic, vilh a len- are highIy resislanl lo cusloner advances.
dency lovard unqueslioning hero vorship. They have one veakness: nusicians. STATS:
2 8
Ch 18, Con 2O.
WInIfrcd thc Cnnk: The fal, friendIy cook al
lhe Inn of lhe CIovns. As Iung as she slicks lo
sinpIe, hearly dishes, her food is quile edilIe.
Has a nean vay vilh a frying pan vhen lhings
gel oul of hand.
JamIsnn thc F!ctchcr: Makes lovs and arrovs
of good quaIily. AIso raises hunling faIcons in
a shed in lhe lack of his house. SecrelIy a 6lh-
IeveI assassin vorking for lhe Crandfalher of
Assassins againsl BIoodslone, he uses
druidicaIIy-lrained faIcons lo convey nes-
sages. If uncovered in H1 or H2, does nol exisl
here, if nol yel caughl, ICs cannol keep niIi-
lary pIans secrel fron lhe eneny.
Ha!dan: Creedy, sneaky, ferrel-faced IillIe
guy vilh goalee, palhoIogicaI Iiar (yeah, lhals
lhe lickel!), viII seII anyone oul for lhe price
of a leer, drinks loo nuch. lviousIy sIiny,
lul can le pIayed for Iaughs. (He aIso nay
have perished in H1 or H2.)
O!af thc B!acksmIth: 3rd IeveI fighler vilh
18(23) slrenglh, arns Iike iron lands. MoslIy
vorks on horseshoes and pIovs, lul can nake
svords, repair arnor, elc. Has a spreading
cheslnul lree in fronl of his shop.
Gcnff and KatrInc: They run lhe lovn gen-
eraI slore, and donl Iike lo give credil.
BcnamIn and Anna: They run an exceIIenl
lakery and have six chiIdren.
GabrIc!!c: Idesl daughler of Benjanin and
Anna, has lurning desire lo lecone a nagic-
user, and is fond of oIder nen. WouId gIadIy
apprenlice herseIf lo a nasler of lhe nyslic
arls and vouId Iearn quickIy. Shy, ronanlic,
and chasle, she vouId nake a Iucky sorcerer a
vonderfuI vife and henchperson. STATS: Inl
16, Ch 17, Con 17. (If aIready apprenliced,
or if LnIyn lhe Cray is used as a pregeneraled
characler, is nov a 1sl IeveI MU.)
Hara!d thc Butchcr: A lenpernenlaI nan
vho drinks a Iol. Whenever encounlered,
nake an unnodified reaclion roII. Depend-
ing on lhe day (and hov nuch hes had lo
drink), can range fron acliveIy leIIigerenl lo
enlhusiaslicaIIy friendIy.
BaIrd thc Tanncr: An innenseIy fal, learded
nan vilh an incredilIe loIerance for drink.
NornaIIy found al lhe Inn of lhe CIovns,
vhere he fIirls oulrageousIy vilh RacqueI and
CarIolla (vho respond in kind), he is never-
lheIess a happy and failhfuI narried nan.
CurtIs thc Carpcntcr: A perfeclionisl vho does
leaulifuI, delaiIed vork. HighIy laIenled, lul
cannol le hurried. Runs d1OO days Iale on
assignnenls, lul finaI resuIl is aIvays exceIIenl.
Fc!Ix thc TaI!nr: NearIy lIind fron nany
hours vorking al his crafl. A vidover, very oId
and fraiI.
A!drIc thc VampIrc: riginaIIy AIdric, Allol
of Sl. SoIIers lhe Tvice-Marlyred, vas lurned
inlo a vanpire ly ninions of rcus, and is
quile insane. If nol kiIIed in H2, he is sliII
Iurking around in gasccus fcrn, and serves as
a randon encounler. His laclics are hil-and-
run: sneak up, sleaI 2 Iife IeveIs, gasccus fcrn
or lal-forn, and escape. If caughl and cured,
vouId relurn lo his vork vilh reneved devo-
lion and le elernaIIy friendIy. Bul in lhe
neanline, AIdric shouId le a parlicuIarIy
nasly opponenl. He has severaI coffins hidden
avay, so finding a parlicuIar coffin does no
good. STATS: AC 1, MV 12/18, HD 8+3,
hp 72, #AT 1, Dng 5-1O + 2 IeveI drain, SD
+1 or leller veapon lo hil, AL CL, aII van-
pire aliIilies incIuding exceplionaI (lul
insane) inleIIigence and crafliness.
Fnur Ynung Bnys: (Assign nanes and person-
aIilies al randon) Iirsl inlroduced in H1, lhey
hero-vorship lhe lhe slrongesl IC fighler, foI-
Iov hin around, ask incessanl queslions, offer
lo carry his veapons and run his errands, and
generaIIy gel underfool.
Hnrtcnsc thc PIg Lady: A fal, ugIy oId von-
an vhose pigs are aIvays escaping. No naller
vhal anyone does lo heIp, Horlense aIvays
finds sonelhing lo crilicise.
Rngar thc VI!!agc IdInt: ScraggIy red hair lhal
Iooks as if a lulcher cul il, drooIs incessanlIy,
never lalhes. Rogar leIieves lhal he, and he
aIone, acconpIished aII lhe heroic deeds of
lhe ICs, and vanders around laIking lo hin-
seIf aloul his greal deeds.
2 9
AdaIr thc Farmcr and Arthur thc Huntsman:
ReguIars al lhe Inn of lhe CIovns. NornaI
guys, lhe kind vho hang oul in lars vhere
everylody knovs your nane. Adairs lhe fal
one, and Arlhur is lhe knov-il-aII.
Tnkan, G!nr!n, GaI!an, and Tama!: Inpor-
lanl nenlers of lhe rolhiar Dvarves, vho
vork in lhe lIoodslone nines. Tokan is TrilaI
Chief, CIorIo is a cIeric of Moradin, CaiIan is
lhe Connander of lhe Cuard, and TanaI is
lhe Chiefs son. TanaI, a 5lh IeveI fighler/4lh
IeveI cIeric, has a vacky sense of hunor and
laIks conslanlIy. He is Iooking for advenlure
and is a polenliaI henchnan for lhe ICs.
KIrns, Va!nn, 5hInar, VIkns: Cenlaurs of lhe
viIIage of Cuard, a snaII connunily in
BIoodslone Iass. Kiros is Chief, VaIon is War
Chief, Shinar is CIeric, and Vikos is her son, a
young cenlaur vho nighl have leen rescued
ly lhe ICs in H1. Vikos is a possilIe hench-
nan for lhe ICs.
Maynr WI!!Iam and Frcdcgast: Mayor WiI-
Iian is lhe eIecled Ieader of lhe haIfIing viI-
Iage of Waukeshire, vho vears a vaislcoal
vilh a siIver chain and has a vaxed nuslache.
Iredegasl, Sherriff of lhe MiIilia, is a young,
capalIe laclician and niIilary Ieader, he is
charisnalic and lrighl.
C!cmatIs, Indanthrcnc, and CurcumIn: A fan-
iIy of faerie dragons vho Iive in lhe pixie grove
(see nap) aIong vilh 1OO praclicaI-joking pixies.
They are nol inleresled in heIping hunankind
unIess lheres a greal joke in il. Wandering inlo
lhe pixie grove can le very dangerous, nol lo
nenlion huniIialing. Curcunin, lhe youngesl
faerie dragon, nighl possilIy foIIov a very char-
isnalic and villy characler, and lecone a
henchnan, lul lhis shouId le a speciaI revard
for greal roIe-pIaying.
Thc Lakc MIdaI Mnnstcr: A dragon lurlIe Iives
in Lake Midai and allacks any loal on lhe sur-
face. The lurlIe has randonIy-generaled lreasure
in his Iair on lhe lollon of lhe Iake. (If kiIIed in
H1 or H2, lhe nonsler is nol here.)
Othcr VI!!agcrs: Creale olher denizens of
BIoodslone Iass as needed, lul keep a record.
SYSTLM in H1 and H2 is a handy looI lo use.
5Ir Garcth
Dragnnsbanc, Barnn
nf B!nndstnnc
17lh-IeveI Hunan IaIadin (CavaIier)
LavfuI Cood
Slrenglh 17/26
InleIIigence 13
Wisdon 15
Dexlerily 14/O4
Conslilulion 16/48
Charisna 17/63
ConeIiness 13
Arnor CIass O
Movenenl Rale 12
Connand Bonus +2
Connand Radius 2O 1/2
Base THACO 4 (2 all/r)
Allack Raling 19
Hil Ioinls 84
5avIng Thrnws: IID 1, I/I 2, RSW 3, BW
2, Sp 4
C!crIca! 5pc!!s: 5 1sl IeveI, 4 2nd IeveI, 2
3rd IeveI, 14lh IeveI.
5pccIa! AbI!ItIcs: AII paIadin and cavaIier
speciaI aliIilies fron IH and UA.
PrnfIcIcncIcs: lcapcn. Lance (+3), Iong-
svord (+2) shorlsvord, lroadsvord, laslard
svord, lvo-handed svord, horsenans nace,
dagger. Ncn-ucapcn. AninaI noise (WIS -
1), lIind-fighling, direclion sense (WIS +1),
endurance, nounlaineering, riding (WIS
+3), rope use (DLX), sound anaIysis (WIS -
1), svinning (STR).
MagIca! Itcms: P|a|c Mai| +3, siIver Hcrn
cf Va|na||a, and Crusacr, a |cngsucr +5,
nc|q atcngcr, provides 5O MR in 5 radius,
ispc| nagic al 17lh IeveI in a 5 radius, +1O
danage vs. chaolic eviI opponenls. If a Type
III or leller denon is sIain vilh Crusacr,
svord gains foIIoving speciaI povers: nca|
once per day, s|rcng|n once per day vhen
fighling eviI opponenl, cnarn pcrscn on con-
lacl once per day. WiII isin|cgra|c a denon
on a naluraI (unnodified) 2O. Il is |c|cpa|nic
vilh ovner, and can ccnnunc vilh ninor
goddess LaIileIa once per veek. Lgo and
inleIIigence of 17. Svord viII hovI in anguish
if vieIder runs fron a denon. n second
inslance of covardice in lhe face of a denon,
viII inslanlIy |c|cpcr| avay, Ieaving IC
Languagcs: Connon, LC, LIf, Dvarf,
Warhnrsc: CIendan, inleIIigenl heavy var-
horse (AC 5, HD 5+5, hp 25, #AT 3, Dng
1d8/1d8/1d3, MV 18).
Sir Carelh has devoled his Iife lo lhe service
of LavfuI Cood. As a knighl of lhe rder of
lhe CoIden Cup, he had a gIorious advenlur-
ing career. In spile of lilhing 5O of his lrea-
sure, he lecane a veaIlhy nan and sellIed on
a Iarge eslale. A Brigade Connander in lhe
Vaasan War, he von his lallIes even lhough
his side Iosl lhe var. His hone in lhe norlh
deslroyed, his soIdiers dead or dispersed, and
his veaIlh Iosl, he cane lo BIoodslone Iass,
vhere he feII in Iove vilh and narried Lady
Chrisline, daughler of lhe Baron. Al lhal
line, Lady Chrislines falher, Baron Tranlh,
reIinquished his lilIe lo his nev son-in-Iav,
and nov serves as an advisor lo Baron Carelh
of BIoodslone.
5Ir O!wyn
17lh-IeveI Hunan Ranger (Iighler)
LavfuI Cood
Slrenglh 18/24
InleIIigence 13
Wisdon 14
Dexlerily 17
Conslilulion 15
Charisna 1O
ConeIiness 11
Arnor CIass 2/O*
Movenenl Rale 24*
Connand Bonus O
Connand Radius 17
Base THACO 4 (2 all/r)
Allack Raling 19
Hil Ioinls 73
5avIng Thrnws: IID 3, I/I4, RSW 5, BW
4, Sp 6
5pc!!s: Drui. 4 1sl IeveI, 2 2nd IeveI, 2
3rd IeveI. Magic-Uscr. 2 1sl IeveI, 2 2nd IeveI.
5pccIa! AbI!ItIcs: AII ranger speciaI aliIi-
lies fron IH and UA. Learned secrel of nanu-
facluring arrcus +1 (1/day) and arrcus cf
s|aqing (1/nonlh) fron lreanls.
PrnfIcIcncIcs: lcapcn. Longlov (lov
speciaIizalion lonuses, 4 all/r), crosslov
(speciaIizalion, +2 hil/dng), Iongsvord
(speciaIizalion, +2 hil/dng), laslard svord,
dagger, lhroving axe, hand axe. Ncn-
ucapcn. Bovyer/IIelcher (lripIe proficiency,
DLX +5 on 1d2O), aninaI noise (WIS -1),
veaponsnilh (INT -3) direclion sense (WIS
+1), rope use (DLX), fire-luiIding (WIS -
5pc!! Bnnk: 1sl IeveI: affcc| ncrna| fircs,
c|cc| nagic, fca|ncr fa||, junp, nagic nis-
si|c, rca nagic, spicr c|ino. 2nd IeveI:
ar|ncss 15 raius, intisioi|i|q, |cti|a|c, rcpc
|ric|, s|rcng|n.
MagIca! Itcms: |cngocu cf |nc |crcs| +1,
requires 18/O1 or leller slrenglh lo use, user
adds STR lonuses lo hil and danage, lov has
doulIe nornaI range. Arrcu cf S|aqing vs.
denons (2) and vs. gianls (1), 12 arrcus +1,
12 arrcus +2, 6 arrcus +3, C|ca| cf
||tcn|in, 8cc|s cf Spcc, Ring cf |rcc
Ac|icn, 8raccrs cf Arcncrq
Languagcs: Connon, LC, LIf, Treanl.
Sir Ivyn spenl nosl of his Iife in lhe greal
foresls of lhe Iorgollen ReaIns, vhere he
saved lhe race of lreanls fron deslruclion al
lhe hands of a poverfuI vizard. His ranger
henchnen perished in lhal lilanic lallIe, and
he has never repIaced lhen. The lreanls of lhe
foresl revarded hin ly crealing a speciaI Iong-
lov, and ly leaching hin lhe secrel of nak-
ing nagicaI arrovs. He vas knighled ly Baron
Tranlh of BIoodslone for his services, and is
Connander of lhe Hunlsnan Skirnishers in
lhe Arny of BIoodslone.
FrIar Duga!d, C!crIc nf
thc Ordcr nf 5t.
DInnysus, KnIght nf
17lh-IeveI Hunan CIeric
LavfuI Cood
Slrenglh 15
InleIIigence 1O
Wisdon 18
Dexlerily 9
Conslilulion 14
Charisna 14
ConeIiness 11
Arnor CIass -3
Movenenl Rale 9
Connand Bonus O
Connand Radius 16
Allack Raling 25
Hil Ioinls 64
5avIng Thrnws: IID 5, I/I 8, RSW 9, BW
11, Sp 1O.
C!crIca! 5pc!!s: 1O 1sl IeveI, 1O 2nd IeveI, 9
3rd IeveI, 7 4lh IeveI, 5 5lh IeveI, 3 6lh IeveI, 1
7lh IeveI.
5pccIa! AbI!ItIcs: AII cIericaI speciaI aliIi-
lies fron IH.
PrnfIcIcncIcs: lcapcn. Ioolnans nace,
horsenans nace, cIul, fIaiI, hanner, sap.
Ncn-ucapcn. Drinking (CN +3 on 1d2O),
endurance, fishing (WIS -1 on 1d2O),
nounlaineering, riding (WIS +3), svin-
ning (STR).
MagIca! Itcms: Macc cf Disrup|icn +3,
cnain nai| +3, snic| +5, polion of c|ixir cf
nca||n, ring cf |ru|n, rc cf rcsurrcc|icn vilh
13 charges, scroII vilh rcs|cra|icn, ga|c, |ruc
sccing, anina|c cojcc|, narn, o|ac oarricr,
and f|anc s|ri|c, figurinc cf ucnrcus pcucr
(naro|c ucc|q nannc|n).
Languagcs: Connon, LC, LIf.
PnsscssInns & EquIpmcnt: lho, a Drafl
Horse (AC 7, MV 12, HD 3, hp 12, #AT 1,
Dng 1-3).
Iriar DugaId is an innenseIy fal nan vho
vears nonks roles and has a shaved pale. A
joIIy nan, he Ioves lo drink, eal, and drink.
He is Iover-cIass in origins and lasles, and lhe
feIIov cIerics of his order lreal hin Iike a peas-
anl. Hovever, he is devoul in his vorship of
Sl. Dionysus, and fighls for good. He has
found lhe cilizens of BIoodslone Iass very
nuch lo his lasles, and Iooks forvard lo end-
ing his vandering Iife and ninislering lo his
nev fIock. He has leen knighled ly Baron
Tranlh for his services, lul does nol use his
The good friar aIvays vears an oId, vorn
lrovn role vilh a hood. Undernealh his role
he vears cnain nai| +3 and carries his nacc cf
isrup|icn lucked inlo his rope leIl. Many a
poverfuI eneny has leen fooIed ly his decep-
live appearance.
5Ir RInrdan Parnc!!
18lh-IeveI HaIf-LIf Bard
(8lh-IeveI fighler/9lh IeveI lhief)
NeulraI Cood
Slrenglh 15
InleIIigence 14
Wisdon 15
Dexlerily 16
Conslilulion 12
Charisna 16
ConeIiness 19
Arnor CIass 3
Movenenl Rale 12
Connand Bonus +1
Connand Radius 2O 1/2
Base THACO 14 (3 all/2 r)
Allack Raling 29
Hil Ioinls 75
5avIng Thrnws: IID 4, I/I 7, RSW 8, BW
1O, Sp 9
DruId 5pc!!s: 6 1sl IeveI, 5 2nd IeveI, 5 3rd
IeveI, 3 4lh IeveI, 3 5lh IeveI.
5pccIa! AbI!ItIcs: AII lard and haIf-eIf spe-
ciaI aliIilies fron IH and UA, fighler aliIilies
al 8lh IeveI, lhief aliIilies al 9lh IeveI, incIud-
ing II 75, L 62, I/RT 55, MS 62,
HS 54, HN 25, CW 96, RL 4O.
PrnfIcIcncIcs: lcapcn. Iongsvord (doulIe
speciaIizalion, +3 hil/dng, 2 all/r), laslard
svord, shorlsvord, lroadsvord, dagger,
lhroving dagger, quarlerslaff, javeIin, sIing,
darl. Ncn-ucapcn. aninaI lrainer (WIS), ani-
naI noise (WIS -1), lIind fighling, loaling
(WIS +1), fire-luiIding (WIS -1), heaIing
(WIS +2), nounlaineering, svinning
MagIca! Itcms: C|i |qrc, ring cf prc|cc|icn
+3, |cngsucr +1, aggcr +2, figurinc cf
ucnrcus pcucr (cocnq f|q), polion of ci| cf
c|ncrca|i|q (2 doses).
Languagcs: Connon, NC, LIf, Cnone,
HaIfIing, ColIin, HolgolIin, rcish, CnoII,
KoloId, Thieves Canl, grish, HiII Cianl,
Drov LIf, Cenlaur, Druid, Harpy, Treanlish,
Dvarf, Duergar.
Handsone, youlhfuI, and vilh a ready
sniIe, Riordan IarneII is a lard as viIIing lo
sleaI a kiss or a song as lhe Dukes jeveIs. Rior-
dan nornaIIy lraveIs vilh his cousin CeIedon,
sonelines sleaIing (lul onIy fron eviI rich
nen), sonelines aiding lhe poor and
oppressed, lul aIvays advenluring and seek-
ing danger. He has leen rich severaI lines,
and fIal lroke jusl as oflen. He is 74 years oId,
lul Iooks aloul 28. He vas knighled ly Baron
Tranlh of BIoodslone and serves as a Con-
nander in lhe Arny, vhere his lardic povers
nake hin an effeclive Ieader.
5Ir Cc!cdnn KIcrncy
8lh-IeveI HaIf-LIf Magic-User/21sl IeveI
Chaolic Cood
Slrenglh 11
InleIIigence 18
Wisdon 12
Dexlerily 18
Conslilulion 12
Charisna 16
ConeIiness 18
Arnor CIass 1
Movenenl Rale 12
Connand Bonus +1
Connand Radius 16 1/2
Allack Raling 25
Hil Ioinls 44
5avIng Thrnws: IID 8, I/I 7, RSW 4, BW
11, Sp 5
MagIc-Uscr 5pc!!s: 4 1sl IeveI, 3 2nd IeveI,
3 3rd IeveI, 2 4lh IeveI.
5pccIa! AbI!ItIcs: AII nagic-user, haIf-eIf,
and lhief-acrolal speciaI aliIilies fron IH
and UA. Thief SkiIIs: II 7O, L 57, I/
RT 45, MS 1O9, HS 114, CW 99.9,
RL 8O. Acrolal SkiIIs: Tighlrope WaIk
12O, IoIe VauIl 18, High }unp 9, Sland-
ing Broad }unp 12, Running Broad }unp
21, TunlIing Allack 28, Lvasion 65,
IaIIing 6O, 55, Weighl/Lncunlrance Lin-
ils for SkiII Use 65O gp (lody associaled),
3,OOO gp (carried), Backslal for quinlupIe
PrnfIcIcncIcs: lcapcn. Iongsvord, shorl-
lov, dagger, sap, Iasso, slaff. Ncn-ucapcn.
aninaI noise (WIS -1), lIind-fighling,
direclion sense (WIS +1), nounlaineering,
rope use (doulIe, DLX +3), sound anaIysis
(WIS -1).
5pc!! Bnnks: Canlrips: |ic, un|ic, is|rac|,
nic, pa|n, qaun, occ, o|uc|ign|, un|cc|,
unis||c, fircfingcr, prcscn|.
1sl IeveI: ancing |ign|s, fca|ncr fa||,
fricns, grcasc, junp, ncun|, nagic nissi|c,
rca nagic, spicr c|ino.
2nd IeveI: auio|c g|ancr, oin, ar|ncss
15 raius, ccppcc|c|s, fcc|s gc|, |ncc|,
nirrcr inagc, rcpc |ric|, Tasnas unccn|rc||a-
o|c niccus |augn|cr.
3rd IeveI: c|airauicncc, ispc| nagic,
fcign ca|n, f|q i|cn, pnan|asna| fcrcc.
4lh IeveI: ccnfusicn, incnsicn ccr, firc
cnarn, |ccnuns sccurc snc||cr, nagic nir-
rcr, pc|qncrpn sc|f uizar cqc.
MagIcaI Itcms: |cngsucr +1, |uc| o|ac
(0 uisncs), ring cf prc|cc|icn +3, figurinc cf
ucnrcus pcucr (cocnq f|q), polions of ci| cf
c|ncria|i|q (2 doses) and firc orca|n (1 dose),
nirrcr cf ncn|a| prcucss, rc cf a|cr|ncss.
Languagcs: Connon, NC, LIf, Cnone,
HaIfIing, ColIin, HolgolIin, rcish, CnoII,
Thieves Canl.
Young and good-Iooking, CeIedon is a nas-
ler lhief and nagician. He uses his skiIIs for
advenlure and ronance and oflen puIIs a
caper jusl for lhe sheer pIeasure of il. He nor-
naIIy sleaIs onIy fron eviI nen, and oflen
gives avay aII he has if louched ly lhe righl
slory. CeIedon is 65 years oId, lul appears lo
le aloul 27. He nornaIIy lraveIs vilh his
cousin Riordan. CeIedon vas knighled ly Bar-
on Tranlh, and serves as a Connander and
Chief Scoul of lhe Arny of BIoodslone.
5Ir Em!yn thc Gray,
Cnurt WIzard nf
17lh-IeveI Hunan Magic-User
LavfuI Cood
Slrenglh 9
InleIIigence &
Wisdon 12
Dexlerily 16
Charisna 12
ConeIiness 9
Arnor CIass O
Movenenl Rale 12
Connand Bonus O
Connand Radius 13
Base THACO 13
Allack Raling 28
Hil Ioinls 28
5avIng Thrnws: IID 1O, I/I 7, RSW 5,
BW 7, Sp 6
MagIc-Uscr 5pc!!s: 5 1sl IeveI, 5 2nd IeveI,
5 3rd IeveI, 5 4lh IeveI, 5 5lh IeveI, 3 6lh IeveI,
3 7lh IeveI, 2 8lh IeveI.
5pccIa! AbI!ItIcs: AII nagic-user speciaI aliIi-
lies fron IH and UA, pIus has Sage aliIilies in
nagic, Iegends and Iore, and nagicaI ilen iden-
lificalion fron Iong career as a professor.
PrnfIcIcncIcs: lcapcn. Dagger (neIee),
darl, quarlerslaff. Ncn-ucapcn. endurance,
heaIing (WIS +2), sIov respiralion.
5pc!! Bnnks: Canlrips: cni||, cx|crnina|c,
f|atcr, frcsncn, ga|ncr, sa||, sninc, s|i|cn, |ic,
uarn, urap, cur|c, nairq |nc|, ratc|, scur,
spi||, un|ic, cnangc, is|rac|, nic, 8a|n,
nc, scra|cn, sncczc, occ, o|uc|ign|, firc-
fingcr, gna|s, snc|cpuff, spicr, un|cc|,
crca|, crcan, |a|||c, unis||c.
1sl IeveI: a|arn, arncr, cnarn pcrscn,
ccnprcncn |anguagcs, c|cc| nagic, fca|ncr
fa||, icn|ifq, nagic nissi|c, ncun|, prc|cc-
|icn frcn cti|, rca nagic, s|ccp, unsccn scr-
tan|, uizar nar|.
2nd IeveI: oin, ccn|inua| |ign|, ar|ncss
15 raius, ccppcc|c|s, |SP fcrgc|, intisioi|-
i|q, |ncu a|ignncn|, |cti|a|c, nagic ncu|n,
pqrc|ccnnics, Tasnas unccn|rc||ao|c niccus
|augn|cr, scarc, s|in|ing c|cu, s|rcng|n.
3rd IeveI: o|in|, c|airauicncc, c|airtcqancc,
c|cc| i||usicn, ispc| nagic, fircoa||, f|q, nas|c,
i|cn, na|cria|, Mc|fs ninu|c nc|ccrs, pnan|as-
na| fcrcc, sccrc| pagc, suggcs|icn.
4lh IeveI: cnarn ncns|cr, ig, ispc| i||u-
sicn, |tars o|ac| |cn|ac|cs, fcar, na||ucina|c-
rq |crrain, |ccnuns sccurc snc||cr, nagic
nirrcr, nassncrpn, O|i|u|cs rcsi|icn|
spncrc, pc|qncrpn c|ncr, sncu|, uizar cqc.
5lh IeveI: c|cu|i||, ccnjurc c|cncn|a|,
isnissa|, faorica|c, nc| ncns|cr, nagic jar,
|ccnuns |ancn|ao|c oc|aocrncn|, |rans-
nu|c rcc| |c nu, ua|| cf s|cnc.
6lh IeveI: 8igoqs fcrccfu| nan, cnain
|ign|ning, ccn|ingcncq, ccn|rc| uca|ncr,
ca|n spc||, cqcoi|c, guars an uars, intisi-
o|c s|a||cr, ncns|cr sunncning |V, prcjcc|
inagc, spiri|urac|.
7lh IeveI: oanisnncn|, cacccncn, nass
intisioi|i|q, pcucr ucr s|un, rctcrsc grati|q
8lh IeveI: nass cnarn, pcrnancncq pc|q-
ncrpn anq cojcc|, Scr|cns spc|| innuni|q
MagIca! Itcms: slaff of lhe nagi (2O
charges), aggcr +2, oraccrs cf cfcnsc AC2,
figurincs cf ucnrcus pcucr (a scrpcn|inc cu|
and a pair of gc|cn |icns), scroII of fircoa|| (8
HD), Zagqgs spc|| ccnpcncn| casc, priscn cf
Zagqg, cfrcc|i oc|||c (2 vishes and 9OO days of
service renaining).
Languagcs: Connon, LC, LIf, Dvarf,
HaIfIing, CoId Dragon, Cenlaur, Ki-Rin.
LnIyn lhe Cray is 6O years oId, gaunl, vilh
vhile hair and Iong vhile leard, and very feelIe
in appearance. An advenlurer for nany years,
LnIyn vas olsessed vilh adding speIIs lo his
looks. He relired and for nany years laughl
nagic in a cenlaur acadeny, vhere he vorked lo
lecone a sage and Iinguisl. The Vaasan War
deslroyed lhe acadeny, and pul LnIyn lack on
lhe road~vhich he hales. He is Iooking for a
nev pIace lo sellIe dovn, and BIoodslone (if ils
prolIens can le resoIved) vouId le a good sile.
Baron Tranlh has knighled hin and appoinled
hin Courl Wizard, and LnIyn hopes lo luiId a
lover soon. He has laken on lhe young and
IoveIy CalrieIIe, daughler of lhe viIIage laker, as
an apprenlice (she has hopes of leing nore). He
is alsenl-ninded, pedanlic, and conpIains con-
Kanc, Mastcr
nf 5prIng
16lh-IeveI Hunan Monk
LavfuI Cood
Slrenglh 15
InleIIigence 15
Wisdon 15
Dexlerily 17
Conslilulion 14
Charisna 8
ConeIiness 9
Arnor CIass -2
Movenenl Rale 3O
Connand Bonus O
Connand Radius 12
Base THACO 1O (4 o.h. all/r)
Allack Raling 25
Hil Ioinls 4O
5avIng Thrnws: IID 1O, I/I 9, RSW 8,
BW 13, Sp 9
5pccIa! AbI!ItIcs: Masler Kane is an oId-
slyIe (pre - Oricn|a| Atcn|urcs) nonk and has
speciaI aliIilies per IH, incIuding A-K, 4
chance of leing surprised, and lhief skiIIs of
L 99, I/RT 95, MS 99, HS 99, HN
5O) and CW 99.6.
PrnfIcIcncIcs: lcapcn. lo slick, caIlrop,
crosslov, dagger, jo slick, Iasso, sap, quarler-
slaff, haIlerd. Ncn-ucapcn. aninaI lrainer
(WIS), aninaI noise (WIS -1), lIind-
fighling, direclion sense (WIS +1), endur-
ance, rope use (lripIe, DLX +4).
MagIca! Itcms: carpc| cf f|qing (snaIIesl
As Masler of Spring, Kane vas lhe second-
highesl ranking nonk of his order. AIlhough
he had Iong since acquired lhe experience
needed lo chaIIenge lhe Crand Masler of
IIovers for Ieadership, he refrained oul of
respecl for his veneraled nasler. Inslead, he
resigned forn lhe order and anolher Masler of
Spring vas appoinled lo lake his pIace. Kane
look a vov of poverly and sel oul inlo lhe
Kane nedilales al Ieasl four hours each day
and praclices his skiIIs for anolher four. When
he needs food or olher ilens, he lakes lhe
nosl neniaI jols he can find. This preserves
his conneclion vilh lhe vorId. The onIy nagic
ilen he has relained is his carpc| cf f|qing,
vhich he aIso uses as a nedilalion rug. He is
6O years oId lul Iooks 4O. He renains in
BIoodslone as Iong as he is needed, lul has no
desire lo ever sellIe dovn.
3 2

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