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FAQ for Philip Kotler Seminar

1. Who is Philip Kotler

Philip Kotler (born 27 May 1931 in Chicago) is the S.C. Johnson & Son Distinguished
Professor of International Marketing at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern
University. He was selected as the #4 management guru of all time by the Financial Times
(behind Jack Welch, Bill Gates, and Peter Drucker), and has been hailed by the
Management Centre Europe as "the world's foremost expert on the strategic practice of
marketing." He is also considered one of the pioneers of social marketing.

Dr. Kotler has authored what is widely recognized as the most authoritative textbook on
marketing: Marketing Management, now in its 12th edition. He has also authored, or co-
authored a number of other leading books, including Kotler on Marketing; Lateral Marketing;
Strategic Marketing for Non-Profits; Marketing for Healthcare Organizations; Marketing
Professional Services; Marketing From A to Z; The 10 Deadly Marketing Sins; Marketing
Moves; Marketing places; the Marketing of Nations; and Social Marketing.

In addition, Dr. Kotler has published more than one hundred articles in leading journals,
including the Harvard Business Review, Sloan management Review, Business Horizons,
California Management Review, and the Journal of Marketing. He holds many major
awards, including the Distinguished Marketing Educator of the Year Award of the American
Marketing Association and Marketer of the Year by the Sales & Marketing Executives
International (SMEI).

2. What is the theme of the event?

Our morning event is entitled “Philip Kotler on Marketing for Results - Creating,
Communicating, and Delivering Value”. During this event Prof. Kotler will share his ideas on
how marketing should create value and bring results for organizations. Too many
organizations today see marketing as either simply advertising or just selling. Nothing more.
Prof. Kotler defines the objective of marketing as “Creating, Communicating, and Delivering
Value” - something entirely different from what most people in Singapore believe right now.

Our afternoon event is the Executive lunch:” Philip Kotler on ASEAN Marketing- Strategies
to compete for business and investment.” Philip Kotler will share with us how countries like
Singapore and companies can do to compete for business and investment. He will also
touch on the various issues of marketing in ASEAN region.

3. What can I benefit from this seminar?

Philip Kotler is viewed by Financial Times as one of the 5 foremost business thinkers in the
world today. Attending his talk will be inspirational and give you ideas on how you can use
marketing to boost performance in your own company. Furthermore, you can expect to see
many other business leaders who would be able to share their insight and knowledge in
doing business. I think you can definitely benefit from this.
4. When is the event happening?

It will be on 10th August 2007 and will begin at 8.30am with a networking and registration

As for the afternoon session it will be starting at 12.30pm on the same day. (10th August

5. How do I pay and collect my ticket?

There are three mode of payment.

You can either

i. Transfer the money to us at the details below and we shall post the tickets to your stated

You can transfer to

MarkPlus&Co Pte Ltd
Account #501-313-705-7 (SGD)
United Overseas Bank (UOB)
3 Temasek Avenue
#21-28 Centennial Tower
Singapore 039190

ii. You can also send us the check to our office and we shall post the tickets to your stated

Our office address is as below:

Check Payable to: MarkPlus&Co Pte Ltd
Attention to: Ms. Claire Chong
10 Anson Road, International Plaza
#14-13 Singapore 079903

iii. Cash Payment, pls come to our office at International Plaza and we will issue the ticket
on the spot.

Pls call Ms .Claire Chong at +65 6238 8353 before you come to avoid disappointment.

6. What are the ticket prices? Early bird policy?

The list price is SGD 500 per person. However we have an early bird special of SGD 450
per person. However if you are a member of NTU alumni/faculty/Staff/Undergraduate,
MDIS, MIS, SMA or PR Academy, we have a special arrangement.

7. When is the closing date of ticket selling?

Three days before the event. However if you want to get the early bird price, the last date for
registration is 22nd July 2007.
8. Can I cancel after I bought the ticket? What is your refund policy?

Unfortunately there is no refund policy after the ticket has been bought.

9. Is there any special price for undergraduates (polytechnic, tertiary institution?)

Yes, we have a special price for students. If you would like to buy our special student ticket,
you can come to the MarkPlus office at 10 Anson Road,#14-13 International Plaza.

Please bring along your matriculation/ student card for verification purpose. Each Student
card is limited to one ticket purchase only and is non-transferable. Bring along your student
card when attending the seminar.

10. Where can I get more detailed information about this seminar?

You may wish to contact Ms. Claire Chong , office no: + 65 6238 8353 or
mobile no: + 65 9852 2544 for more information.