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The Stealth Seduction

The 10 Step Seduction Blueprint That Leaves Him Defenseless

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The one important thing about seduction you need to understand is that men WANT to be seduced. They pray for it. They ait for that special one to come into their life and turn it upside do n. !o you must take advantage of it. "sing the right techni#ues at the right time you can seduce any man you ant $ from your husband or the most popular guy in a bar. These techni#ues ill hit the %hidden s itch& that turns man on like cra'y. And leave him absolutely defenseless. But remember that ith great po er comes great responsibility so don(t abuse this secret )* Here is your step-by-step Seduction Blueprint to seducing a man. +ere is ho by being playful and mysterious you can seduce AN, man appearing too needy. ithout

Step 1. ic! The Battlefield

-f you are serious about seducing a man. choose the battlefield every place is good for seduction. ell. because not

The best places for using your seduction techni#ues on him ould be the places ith minimum distractions /and competition* so that you can get his complete attention. 0or e1ample. a nice romantic dinner ith an appropriate atmosphere ould do the trick. Never underestimate the po er of candlelight and soft romantic music. The "orse place to pick ould be a sports bar hile the !uperbo l is on or a strip club $ too many distractions. even if he(s into you. And the ideal ultimate seduction place is actually +-! place. And -(ll tell you in a minute. hy

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Step #. ic! The Scent

!cent is one of the most po erful subconscious influences that affect a man(s 2udgment about a oman. 0amous Cleopatra. ho as a very seductive oman. al ays used her talents to maintain and e1pand her po er. !he sailed from 3gypt to Tarsus in a magnificent ship filled ith flo ers and scented ith e1otic perfumes ith one purpose 4 to seduce 5arc Anthony. This trick made him fall in love ith her so much that he helplessly gave his life for her. That(s hy the man. ay you smell is one of the keys to your success in seducing a

$hoose the perfume that suites you. 5ake your scent imprinted in his mind. The best tric! to smell good is to apply the perfume to your body(s pulse points $ rists. behind your ears. in the bend of your elbo . behind your knees. and on the inside of your ankles. But be careful not to overdo and alk into the mist. ith it. !pray the perfume in the air in front of you

To enhance your natural pheromones use aromatherapy oils. These oils are !no"n for their seductive aphrodisiac properties% sandal ood rose ylang4ylang 2asmine patchouli

6r pick the perfume that has the notes of those scents in it. And don(t forget about scented candles in your room 4 they help to set the mood and make a better impression.

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Step &.

ic! The Dress

There is a certain ay of dressing to drive men cra'y. And that doesn(t mean to go slutty $ this is actually the biggest turn4off for most men. The best "ay to dress is to enhance certain body regions ithout actually sho ing anything. 'ollo" the motto( ) Show a little, but hide a little more. 0ind the balance bet een sho ing and hiding certain parts of your body. 0or e1ample. you can enhance your full beautiful breast ith a d7collet7 dress or shirt. /and a push4up bra* but hide the rest by choosing a longer dress. skirt or pants. A short slim dress ith sleeves that also covers your breast ill perfectly sho your se1y curves that ill be enough to turn him on. -t(s the right combination that makes the secret. 8on(t forget about some se1y lingerie and accessories like necklaces and bracelets. And the most important part is to actually feel se1y 4 this ill enhance any outfit.

Step *. +ct Super-$onfident

5en are very impressed by a confident oman ho kno s hat she ants and ho to get it. But make sure you don(t over do it and act arrogant $ this is a sure turn4off. These little tric!s "ill help you to loo! confident instantly% move your shoulders back keep a straight spine open your chest

And atch your posture as often as you can. ,our posture tells a lot about ho confident you are.

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Another thing that ill help you to look and feel more confident is a makeover 4 get a ne haircut. get some ne clothes. get a nice manicure and pedicure. lose a couple of pounds. All these ill do the trick. With a super4confidence you ill in him in seconds.

Step ,. Sho" -our .nterest

9ive him a hint that he has a chance hint or t o from time to time ill do. ith you. But make sure not to over do it: A

Here are the seduction signals that he can read subconsciously% play ith your hair or push your fingers through your hair face him directly. and slightly lean for ard every no and then sho unclenched hands pick some fluff of his 2acket /even if there is none* et and bit your lips from time to time

3very man can read these signs and understand that something is going on.

Step /. Ta!e 0ne Step Bac!

;laying %hard to get& is not al ays orking. and in most cases that even does more harm than good. But delaying the gratification. creating anticipation. e1citement and tension. that(s hen he loses his mind. )Ta!e t"o steps for"ard( one step bac!1 2 this is ho" you can really turn him on. Create a strong feeling of dissatisfaction in him. hich can only be resolved by having you. +ere is ho you do it<

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After you sho ed him signs of interest sho

him some signs of disinterest.

-gnore him for t o minutes. Then start again. Contradict yourself. confuse him: -t must never seem to be easy for him.

Step 3. 'lirt 4ithout Tal!ing

The good old techni#ue. hich as invented by the 0rench. al ays does the trick. +ere it is. The 'rench 'lirting Techni5ue < 9lance at him or give him a direct look and the moment he looks back. lo er your eye instantly and put on an embarrassed smile. Look again. this time longer and then lo er your eyes again. 0lirting ith him this ay is se1y but innocent $ something that makes men can(t resist. This ill make him ant you even more.

Step 6. $reate + hysical $onnection

To create a physical connection /and a little bit of tension* touch him briefly and playfully. 'or e7ample( touch him %accidentally& hen you reach for something. 6r touch him during the conversation or very smart. hen he said something funny. interesting

8on(t make it too obvious. When using these tricks right /not very often and in the right moment* you communicate ith his subconscious mind letting him no that you(re not interested in %only being friends.&

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Step 8. Sho" Him -our 9oves

The sure ay to seduce a man is to dance in erotic ay.

-f you are good at this. look for an opportunity for him to see. -f you aren(t sure about your seductive dancing skills take a class. or go to a club. atch and learn. Try your moves in front of a mirror and if it looks good. go ahead sho him. ,ou don(t have to be a professional dance $ a couple of se1y moves are enough to make him seduced.

Step 10. :se the )Secret .ngredient1

The final and most important %ingredient& to a successful seduction is= He must not feel seduced. +e must think that he seduces you, not the other ay around. Let him be the hero and give him his victory. That(s hy the ideal seduction place - as talking about at the very beginning is his house or apartment 4 you are on his territory. he feels more secure and confident and he feels like it is him ho(s doing all the seduction. Why not take advantage of that> 5en like to hile you get hat you ant: in. Let him think he seduced you,

No you are ready to seduce AN, man you ant. even the one ho is appear not into you. or ho has multiple omen around him all the time. The key is to follo the steps. And don(t over do it.

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