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(Viyellatex Group)
October 5, 2 !! Institute of Business Administration

OBJECTIVE OF THE COMPETITION To create an opportunity to relate theoretical concepts of marketing and branding to real life situations. To enable students have hands on experience of managing brand portfolio To channelize the intellectual prowess of the students into problem solving skills related to brand management. To create a platform for interaction between senior brand managers and marketing personnel with the business school students. To bring under one roof the best and talented students of the business school to unleash their creative energies in a competitive framework PARTICIPANTS The undergraduate students of leading business schools from all across the country will be invited to take part in the Brandwitz 2011. The first stage of the
competition will start with a total of 20-24 participating teams with 4 members each.

THE PROGRAM MODEL The festival would constitute of three parts: 1. The Workshop and Seminars 2. The main competition, and . The subsidiary
uizzes and arrangements for games on brands!

Workshop and Seminars Senior brand managers from leading business houses and advertising agencies will be invited to conduct the workshop. The workshop will be mandatory for all the participants.

The Main Co pe!i!ion

The entire competition will be divided into three stages. !ach of the stages will be "udged based on some specific criteria. #rief outline of each stage is discussed in the following sections: 1st Round (Case Competition on International Brands): The 2$%2& participating teams will be divided into four groups of five'six. !ach group will be given different( short cases on international branding. )fter the case is handed to the teams( each team will be allowed a total time of $ minutes to solve the case and prepare a *ower*oint presentation of the solution of the case. !ach team will be allowed a +, minutes time to present their case. The presentations will be followed by a +$ minutes -uestion answer session by the ad"udicators. Three top teams from each group will be -ualified for the next round. ) total of +2 top teams will -ualify for the 2nd round. 2nd round (Product/service Branding Competition) The rationale behind this stage is that( it will test the marketing knowledge and creativity of the participants within a short period of time. The participants making it to the second round will be given 2& hours to build a branding strategy for unconventional topics like. .eedless to mention that( the marketing campaigns on these topics will be very interesting as well as challenging for the teams. The +2 or / teams will be divided into 2 or groups. !ach group will be given separate topics. The teams will have 2& hours to prepare their presentation. !ach team will get +2 minutes to present followed by an / minute 0n) session. There will be two panels in the 0n) round. 1ne panel will consist of the ad"udicators and the other panel will be formed by one representative each from the other participating teams in the group. *rowess of the teams in terms of handling -uestions from both these panels will be "udged. 2f there are 2 groups( top 2 teams from each group will -ualify to the third stage. 2f there are groups( top + team from each group will -ualify. ) total of & %3 teams will make it to the final stage.

Fina" Ro#n$%

Top &%3 teams will -ualify for the final round on the basis of results from previous rounds. Teams will be given one week to prepare comprehensive campaign on a social issue preferably 45reen 2ssue6. We have formulated three options for the tentative format of the final round. For a! !ach of the teams will be given a product of the sponsor. The products can be new arrivals in the market or ones that need rebranding're%launching. The teams will work for a week to create a full 278 plan for that product which will include sample promotional materials( budgets( and other details of the whole branding strategy. !ach team will get +, minutes for presentation and , minutes for 0n) session. The "udgment will be based on the following criteria: 2ssue 2dentification 2nnovation Strategy 9easibility *resentation Skill 0n) :andling Team Work and Time 7anagement

S&he$#"e o' !he &o pe!i!ion (s! ro#n$% Da) ( Time ;:$$ )7 ;: $ )7 +$: $ )7 +$: &, )7 +2: +, *7

<egistration and Team <eporting 8ase =istribution *resentation Submission *resentation Starts *resentation !nds


+2: $ *7 +2: &, *7 *n$ ro#n$% Da) * Time $2:$$ pm $2: $ pm $2:&, pm $&:&, pm $,:$$ pm $,: $ pm +r$ ro#n$% Da) + Time $ :$$ pm $&:$$ pm $,: $ pm $3:$$ pm $>:$$ pm $/:$$ pm $/: $ pm $;:$$ pm

Topic for Second <ound Tea #reak

<egistration and Team <eporting *resentation Submission *resentation Starts *resentation !nds Tea #reak <esult )nnouncement

<egistration and Team <eporting *resentation Starts *resentation !nds Tea #reak <eporting for 8hampionship =inner Speeches <esult )nnouncement =inner

The S#,si$iar) an$ Arran/e en!s 'or Ga es on Bran$s Two booths would be installed in the 2#) premise. 1ne booth will have arrangements for games involving( for example ,

identifying different famous brands and their pay-off line, logo etc. The other booth will ha"e arrangements for uizzes and interacti"e sessions about brands.

#mall to$en gifts might be presented to the winners to encourage participation.

The booths will be open only on the first two days of the program, i.e. the day of the wor$shop and case competition. The main ob%ecti"e of this would be to enhance the $nowledge, different brands, of the students attending the sessions. of

ROAD SHOW% 9or ensuring proper branding of the competition and participation( we will be visiting all the invited universities to let the participants know about #randwitz?++. We will arrange presentations( show them videos and do some other promotional activities in these shows. 2t will be held + month prior to the competition. The main sponsor has great
opportunities to showcase itself at these road show "enues and it will aid their corporate image together with accomplishing their employee branding acti"ities.


(st and 2nd Round: The ad%udication panel in the first stage will
comprise of three panel members. Top managers of brand teams from different leading business houses would be in"ited for ad%udicating the sessions.

Fina" Ro#n$% The ad%udication panel in the final round will consist of &
categories of ad%udicators. The first group of ad%udicators would comprise of the branding heads of different multinational and other reputed organizations. The second classification would comprise of the brand heads of the organizations whose product the contestants would be dealing with. The third class would include normal consumers of the goods being branded.


2n all the stages( the teams will be introduced through a code to avoid any kind of biasness in the evaluation process. #asic criteria for "udgment in different stages are given below: (s! an$ *n$ Ro#n$% a@ *resentation skill 7aintenance of time in the presentation 0uality of slides used b@ 0uality and 9easibility of the solution offered c@ !xtent of innovation in solving the case d@ Skill in handling -uestions of the ad"udicators !ach of the criteria would be carrying 2,A weight.

Fina" Ro#n$% a@ 8omprehensiveness of *lan b@ 9easibility of the *lan c@ 8onsumer 2nsight d@ 2nnovation'creativity e@ *resentation Skill g@ )bility to handle the -uestions of the ad"udicators( participants( audience. 3$A of the scores would be allocated to the above mentioned criteria. $A of the scores would be controlled by the second category of "udge( i.e. the brand heads of the organizations whose product the contestants would be dealing with. The third category of "udges( i.e. the consumers of the products would rate on a scale of + to +$ as to how convinced they are to purchase the product based on the presented concept and promotional plans. R#"es an$ Re/#"a!ions% #riefing will be given to the ad"udicators based on which they will be expected to evaluate the participants ) list of tools like% *orters , forces( SW1T analysis etc will be given to the participants( beyond which the participants cannot use any other tools. ) maximum of two tools can be used in solving a case. The cases will be given at the 2#) auditorium. )ll groups will be given separate cases( and all teams in a group will be given an hour to prepare their presentation. >


*resentations will be prepared in *ower*oint. =uring preparation time( groups will not be allowed to discuss with anyone except own group members. 2f found otherwise( the group will be dis-ualified. )fter + hour( all the presentations will be collected and teams will start presenting one by one. 2nternet usage will not be allowed )ll members of the team will be re-uired to deliver some parts of the presentation. 5roup performance will be "udged )fter the presentation( the groups will have to stay back in the venue as the feedback will be given by the ad"udicators as soon as all the presentations are over.

PROBABLE DATE +: Workshop% =ecember 2$++ 2: Case Co pe!i!ions an$ Pro$#&! Bran$in/% =ecember 2$++ : Presen!a!ion o' !he Bran$in/ Con&ep!1 The Gran$ Fina"e% =ecember 2$++

PROPOSED VEN0E +. Workshop% )uditorium( 2nstitute of #usiness )dministration( Bniversity of =haka 2. Case Co pe!i!ions% 7ultimedia( )uditorium and 8lass <ooms( 2nstitute of #usiness )dministration( Bniversity of =haka . -#i. an$ Ga in/ Boo!hs% *remise of ( 2nstitute of #usiness )dministration( Bniversity of =haka &. Fina" Ro#n$% :otel <adisson( =haka

THE PROPOSED RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE SPONSOR To sponsor the whole festival To allow its forthcoming brands Cin near future@ or its corporate
image of a 'green( company in Bangladesh to be used for branding for the competition purpose

To give necessary information about the brands to be used to the participants To consent to have its marketing executives ad"udicate one or more of the sessions

THE BRANDING OPPORTUNITIES OF THE SPONSORS: The entire national program of #randwitz 2$++ will be titled on the sponsor?s name. The name and logo of the sponsor will be conveyed in all forms of communication in electronic and print media( which include the banners( posters( folders( writing pads( magazine( invitations and all online activities. There will be a sponsor brand' corporate booth set at the 2#) premises and venue of the finale ) guest speaker will give a speech in the inaugural and closing ceremony. The sponsor will obtain the right of participation in mentoring and ad"udicating in the event *roducts of the sponsors may be distributed as gift items to the participants. The sponsor?s brands or company name will be used as marketing prompts during the course of the competition. The finale will be broadcasted on national television through a private channel The sponsor will gain huge media publicity' exposure through post%finale press conference The sponsor will have exclusive rights of branding in other forms Cbanners( posters etc.@ at the venue of the competition and the finale )ll the leading business schools of the country will be present in the competition. 2t will be a very good :< branding opportunity for the sponsor. :ere the company may also hand out internships and courses to huge pool of talented business students present at the competition. The company will also be able to promote its other activities during the course of this competition. 9or example( its environmental consciousness may be used as prompts to be branded in the competition.



The sponsor will have the privilege of being associated with the most prestigious national business competition. )t will enable the sponsor to familiarize itself with
business students from the leading business schools of the country and hence popularize itself among the youth of the nation. The *inale will be concentrating on +,reen -roducts.. #ince /iyellate0 is a brand on the fa"or of ma$ing their products, it will be a good opportunity to say it to the world. 1ll the leading business schools of Bangladesh 23#4, 5ast 6est, 7ha$a 4ni"ersity, Brac 4ni"ersity, 8ahangir 3agar 4ni"ersity, 9hittagong 4ni"ersity, :hulna 4ni"ersity and many more; will ha"e their presence in the competition and these are the potential future <= personnel for the company. The goodwill of the sponsor in the business community will be further enhanced with the presence of leading business and mar$eting personnel during the competition and the finale. )n addition, the sponsor will be able to establish a healthy, wor$ing relationship with the leading business school in the country 2)B1; and this will aid the company(s <= in the long run. >n the whole, as this is a mar$eting effort by the sponsor, its awareness and reputation in the mar$et will be greatly augmented with being synonymous with uality, youth leadership and inno"ation. *inally support of this cause will be greatly appreciated by not only the student community but also the business leaders.

THE RESPONSIBILITIES OF IBA% To send invitations to all the business schools To select the "udges? panel To select the venue and arrange necessary logistics To correspond with all the participating teams To correspond with the "udges and set the rules for the competition To publish the printed materials i.e. note pads( folders( invitation cards( posters and certificates To do the necessary campaign for the competition To manage the entire event To arrange the -uiz and game booths To arrange the presentation sessions for stage + D To send the invitation cards for the championship dinner to the invitees.