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Rahul Jyoti Nath

Guwahati Assam INDIA 781028 9706127072

Objective: To pursue M.S. in Computer Science with special interests in machine learning, artificial intelligence, algorithms and programming.

Education: Bachelor of Technology, Computer Science And Engineering National Institute of Technology, Silchar, India - 788010 May 2013 GPA : 7.10 / 10

Programming Languages: C,C++, Java, Python, GW Basic. Operating Systems: Linux, Windows. Applications: MATLAB, LATEX. Web Development: HTML, Dream Weaver, JavaQuery , Php, Mysql. Simulators: Noxim, Multi2Sim. Writing Skills: Ability to efficiently produce concise, organised reports, labs and memos.

Work Experience: December 2013 - Present Intern programmer Technology : Google App Engine, Java, Google Prediction API, Mahout. Phiana is a mobile shoe shopping startup based in California. It captures the user browsing/shopping behaviour and tries to predict the items users would like Facilitated storage and retrieval of data from google NDB using rest API Experimenting with various machine learning facilities provided by google prediction API, Preparation of training data set Exploring Mahout as a Clustering and prediction tool.

Indian Institute of Technology, Ghy. July, 2013 - January, 2014 Junior Project Fellow Guide Dr. Hemangee K. Kapoor To Reduce Cache Access Time in Tiled Chip Multiprocessors. Technology : Noxim Simulator. To implement RPM algorithm in Noxim Simulator. To simulate a platform of 4 cores and analyse the performance of RPM algorithm.

B.Tech Project Guide Ujwala Baruah Speaker Verification Technology : Matlab VOP, MFCC computed on the utterances. Dynamic Time Warping applied. HMM applied.

National Institute of Technology, Silchar August 2012 - April 2013

Indian Institute of Technology, Ghy Summer Internee May 2012- July 2012 Guide: Dr. Aryabartta Sahu Algorthimic Analysis of Memory Mapping in Multiprocessor Technology : Multi2Sim Simulator. Simulating a platform of 32 cores Tracing the execution of a program using pthreads Implementing algorithms stable matching and Integer Linear Programming in Multi2Sim to decrease the access delay and overall execution time.

Summer Internee Guide Dr. K. Sreenivasan Cloud Computing Graphical analysis of TPC-E data of various organisations from

Indian Institute of Technology, Ghy May 2011 - July 2011

Achievements: Secured 5th Position in State Level Engineering Entrance Examination (JAT) in 2009 out of approximately 2 lac students. Secured 3rd Prize in Inter Hostel Chess Tournament in NIT Silchar in 2013. Participated in French Language Course by Grande Ecole des Langues Inde. Participated a workshop on Ethical Hacking and Information Security conducted by Kyrion Digital Securities. Secured 8th(2006), 1st (2005) and 14th (2004) Positions respectively in State Level Mathematics Talent Search Examination. Secured 10th (2006) and a certificate of merit (2004) in State Level Mathematics Olympiad.

Hobbies: Swimming, Playing Guitar, Playing Chess.