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Tech Heresy - Las The weapons listed below are the products of heretical imagination.

All are vile innovations, tinkered together by Reclaimators and Hereteks. Anyone caught wielding such a weapon is swiftly executed in the name of the Omnissiah and the od!"mperor. Availability is listed for worlds where Tech Heresy is commonplace Name Class Range RoF Dam Pen Clip Rld Special #! %istol &'m !(#(! &d' " ) #) *ull +nreliable $ight Rev! Recharge, .asic #)m !(!(/ &d&)0, " ) 1) ,*ull -ap +nreliable Overheats, 2e3! Recharge, .asic 4)m 2(!(! ,d&)01 " , &' *ull $as Tearing, +nreliable -om! !(1(& Heavy &))m &d&)0# " ) ,1) #*ull $as , Wt Cost Availa ility ,.' #) ' 4 ') -ommon Average

&') Rare

&' #)) 2carce

#!$ight5 The lowly laspistol is a common sight across the 6mperium. Renowned for their reliability, but there is always the possibility that a laspistol has a failure and is discarded by its owner. These laspistols often find their way into the hands of hereteks. The heretek replaces the Omnissiah blessed capacitor with three low!output capacitors and so the laspistol is born!again in tech!heresy. The #!$ight is different from a standard pattern laspistol in that it invariably has a large 7growth8 attached to it, which houses the extra capacitors. Rev!-ap5 The Rev!-ap is a solution to the lasguns inability to provide a full auto burst. *using the venerable stub!revolver and lasgun designs together in a heretical hybrid, the Rev! -ap features a cylinder holding eight laspistol capacitators which cycle towards a point in the weapon where the stored power can be siphoned off. After discharging all capacitors in such a manner the Rev!-ap re3uires a few moments to recharge them all again for use in the next cycle. 2e3!$as5 A heretical marvel, the 2e3!$as features four capacitors that are drained se3uentially resulting in an incredibly powerful laser beam which is able to punch through the toughest armour. All that extra power does make the weapon prone to overheating. -om!$as5 The insurgents multi!laser. The -om!$as is cobbled together using four standard lasguns. The stocks are removed from the lasguns to reduce weight and give easier access to the lasguns internal workings which need to be reconfigured to fire as one. Typically the -om!$as is fitted on a tripod or an insurgency vehicle8s pintle mount for use against the 6mperium8s forces. 6t takes four charge packs to reload a -om!$as. Light St! er

The $ight 2tubber is and underused concept in the 6mperial uard with most regiments not seeing the need for a weapon that puts out comparable damage to a las gun when there is the reliable Heavy 2tubber that provides much more punch. A few regiments that emphasise mobility and s3uad level operations though find them invaluable for the increased firepower they provide. .ecause of the logistical benefits of being able to use the ammo of a normal autogun, s3uads using light stubbers often use autoguns over the standard lasgun. "ven

though they are still not a common sight outside of select 6mperial uard units they are still occasionally picked up by underhive gangs where their larger rate of fire combined with respectable accuracy make them a useful ac3uisition. 9ore than a few gang raiding parties have met a grisly end after being ambushed by a $ight 2tubber. The light stubber counts as a heavy weapon for the purposes of applying upgrades although may use any ammunition type available to an autogun. Rounds must be bought in standard &))rd drums although may be separated into smaller belts. .ecause of differing gas rates from different rounds no more than a single type of round may be used in a belt. ood and .est 3uality light stubbers may also use standard autogun clips as an additional measure. 6f these are bought for the light stubber count the weight for one clip as those bought for an autogun. :hilst using normal autogun clips the $ight 2tubber gains the unreliable rule while decreasing the reload time to a single full action. The light stubber is too unwieldy to use one handed and must always be used with , hands. The $ight 2tubber is 2carce in a :ar;one. Name $ight 2tubber Type Range RoF Dam Pen Clip Rld Wgt Special !(!(& 2uppressive .asic &,&m d&)0# ) &)) ,full <.'kg ) :eapon Cost Availa ility #)) Rare

2uppressive :eapon5 The rate of fire and accuracy of the $ight 2tubber makes it very useful as a suppressive weapon. The $ight 2tubber is capable of bracing like a heavy weapon, if it does so it gains a hit for every degree of success when using suppressive fire rather than every , degrees.