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Integrative Nutritions

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With the warm weather and sunshine nally upon us, now is the best time of year to start
incorporating more refreshing and detoxifying raw foods into your diet.
Heres what we recommend including:
Fresh fru|t
Raw vegetab|es
Who|e gra|ns
Eating raw can:
|mprove d|gest|on
|ncrease energy
boost |mmun|ty
Plus, the high water content in raw fruits
and vegetab|es w||| a|so coo| down your
body and keep you hydrated during the
summer season.
Keep |n m|nd that no s|ng|e d|et works for everyone - a concept that we at lntegrat|ve Nutr|t|on
call bio-individuality. Some peop|e thr|ve on raw foods wh||e others fare better w|th hav|ng
them cooked.
We recommend gradually introducing more raw food into your diet, and monitoring your bodys
response. Proceed w|th eat|ng hab|ts that are a||gned w|th your opt|ma| hea|th and energy |eve|.
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Raw foods are fresh, unprocessed, and not heated above 118 Fahrenheit. Oook|ng above th|s
temperature can destroy essential enzymes and disrupt the bodys ability to absorb nutrients.
Whole, unprocessed foods in their naturally raw state are high in ber, potassium, and antioxidants,
while being low in sodium and saturated fat. This keeps your gut and arteries clean, and reduces
your risk for heart disease and diabetes.
You`|| fnd a w|de var|ety of raw foods at hea|th food stores, farmer`s markets, and even your |oca|
supermarket, so |t`s eas|er than ever to eat raw!
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1. Get to Know Your Raw Superfoods
2. How to Preserve Raw Food
3. Ou|ck and De||c|ous Raw Rec|pes
Do you want to enjoy renewed energy, health, and happiness?
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Get to Know Your
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On its own, raw food helps to ush out toxins, regulate blood pressure, and support the immune system.
When you add nutrient-dense superfoods to the mix, you get a double dose of nourishment that will
tru|y create thr|v|ng we||be|ng.
ln fact, lntegrat|ve Nutr|t|on speaker and raw food tra||b|azer David Wolfe teaches that raw super-
foods are powerful sources of nutrients, including:
am|no ac|ds
hea|thy fats
So make sure to |ncorporate the fo||ow|ng raw superfoods |nto your d|et for greater energy, d|gest|ve
hea|th, and d|sease prevent|on.
1. Wheatgrass
The ju|ce |s packed w|th am|no ac|ds, v|tam|ns, and enzymes that do wonders for the d|gest|ve and
|mmune systems. lt`s even touted as an a||-natura| ant|-ag|ng agent because of |ts ab|||ty to he|p
rejuvenate ce||s.
2. Kale
Th|s dark |eafy green |s an exce||ent source of v|tam|ns, fber, and beta-carotene, wh|ch hydrates the
body, boosts metabo||sm, and he|ps prevent degenerat|ve |||nesses |nc|ud|ng certa|n cancers and
eye disease.
3. Young coconut
Forget sports dr|nks! A young coconut |s one of the r|chest sources of natura| e|ectro|ytes, wh|ch
transport energy throughout the body. lt`s a|so known to |mprove d|gest|on and regu|ate hormone
4. Pumpkin seeds
Packed with zinc and potassium, pumpkin seeds are essential for skin health and wound healing.
Their antioxidant and anti-inammatory properties help lower cholesterol.
5. Celery
Fu|| of water, m|nera|s, and ant|ox|dants, ce|ery |s h|gh|y d|gest|b|e and he|ps to reduce b|ood pres-
sure, cleanse the blood, and keep the body hydrated.
6. Broccoli
Brocco|| nour|shes the body w|th an enzyme ca||ed myros|nase, wh|ch he|ps the ||ver detox|fy carc|nogens.
lt`s a|so fu|| of ca|c|um and fber, wh|ch contro| h|gh b|ood pressure and he|ghten metabo||sm.
7. Blueberries
Ant|ox|dants, v|tam|n O, and copper make th|s superfru|t great for the ur|nary tract, d|gest|ve hea|th,
and the immune system.
8. Chia seeds
R|ch |n omega-3 fatty ac|ds, ca|c|um, and fber, ch|a seeds can boost energy and c|eanse the d|-
gest|ve tract. lt can be added to your dr|nk|ng water, soaked to form a pudd|ng-||ke cons|stency, or
even sprouted to top a sa|ad.
9. Almonds
H|gh |n prote|n and v|tam|n E, th|s nut |s ||nked to |owered cho|estero| and heart hea|th. For opt|ma|
d|gest|b|||ty, a|monds shou|d be soaked overn|ght before they`re eaten.
10. Spinach
Fresh sp|nach |s |oaded w|th m|nera|s and |ron that he|ps a|ka||ze the system, c|eanses the b|ood of
toxins, and increases energy.
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Hemp oi|. Drizzle into salads or smoothies for a daily dose of essential fatty acids and amino acids.
Cacao. Packed with antioxidants, cacao will satisfy your sweet tooth in a healthy way. Gnosis, a line of
raw choco|ates by llN grad vanessa Barg, |s made w|th th|s sweet treat!
Spiru|ina powder. Spr|nk|e the b|ue-green a|gae |nto your green ju|ce, smooth|es, or raw d|ps for
increased energy and reduced allergy symptoms.
Raw app|e cider vinegar. Add a dash to sa|ad dress|ng or a g|ass of water to |mprove d|gest|on
and reinforce the immune system.
Oheck out more we||ness t|ps and hea|thy rec|pes on the lntegrat|ve Nutr|t|on blog.
How to Preserve
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Raw food has a much shorter she|f ||fe than processed food because |t conta|ns more mo|sture and
none of the preservat|ves.
S|nce raw foods natura||y spo|| qu|ck|y, |t`s essent|a| to |earn effect|ve and safe preservat|on methods
that w||| ensure that you a|ways have someth|ng hea|thy to snack on.
Here are the best ways to store your raw food for long-lasting freshness.
Th|s |s the qu|ckest way to
keep raw food fresh for the
longest amount of time.
S|mp|y package your produce
in glass containers or mason
jars and dice denser items like celery, zucchini,
and onion before freezing.
Keep |n m|nd that even frozen raw food can |ose
nutr|ents over t|me, so take |nventory of the |tems
in your freezer on a regular basis and aim to
consume them within 3 months.
A preservat|on method that
enhances raw food, the fer-
mentation process produces
enzymes and good bacteria
that |mprove d|gest|on and
prevent yeast overgrowth.
This method also breaks down starch and sugar,
mak|ng cu|tured vegetab|es ||ke sauerkraut and
kimchi easy for the body to digest.
Ferment|ng |s easy to do from home, too. A|| you
need is a large mason jar or a fermentation crock pot
and some sea sa|t to store your cu|tured vegg|es.
True to its name, a dehydrator
removes mo|sture from food to
allow for longer storage time.
The low cook temperature
setting keeps food raw while
maintaining its freshness. Dried fruits and nuts
make a perfect on-the-go treat to replace
prepackaged snacks.
After use, turn your dehydrator to |ts h|ghest
sett|ng for two hours to prevent the spread|ng of
bad bacteria and other harmful microbes.
||ke ferment|ng, sprout|ng
also increases the nutritional
va|ue of raw food and makes
them more digestible because
of the natural enzymes that
kick start the digestion process.
Heres the easy way to grow sprouted foods:
1. Soak your seeds, nuts, who|e gra|ns, or
|egumes overn|ght.
2. R|nse w|th fresh water |n the morn|ng.
3. Store ups|de down |n a jar w|th a cheesec|oth
over the top, or sprout|ng bag.
4. R|nse every 12 hours or so.
5. Expose the sprouts to sun||ght |n the fna| stage
before eating to increase chlorophyll absorption.
Do you want to enjoy renewed energy, health, and happiness?
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Quick & Delicious
F|nd|ng ways to |ncorporate raw food |nto your d|et can be tr|cky.
But the truth is that there are many appetizing, wholesome, and easy raw food recipes
ava||ab|e to you!
Here are three of our favor|tes to he|p you get started.
lnsp|red by: Delicious Life
lnsp|red by: Integrative Nutrition
lnsp|red by: : Bombshell Blueprint
1 whole cucumber
4 stalks celery
2 - 4 handfu|s sp|nach
8 |ettuce |eaves
Handful of parsley
1 cup raw almonds
1 cup sunower seeds
1 - 2 sta|ks ce|ery, fne|y
1 tbsp. fresh dill, minced
1/2 small red onion, nely
1 tsp. kelp granules
Juice of 1 lemon
1/2 tsp. Himalayan pink salt
1/4 cup pure ltered water
1 banana, frozen
1 cup blueberries
1. Juice all ingredients.
2. Mix 50/50 with pure ltered water.
3. Add ju|ce of |emon to taste.
1. P|ace a|monds and sunfower seeds |n separate bow|s, cover w|th water,
and soak overn|ght.
2. Combine soaked almonds and sunower seeds in a food processor
or blender.
3. Process until almost smooth.
4. Combine all ingredients in a large bowl and mix well.
5. Serve on a bed of m|xed greens or ro|| |nto a sheet of nor|.
1. Pee| overr|pe banana and freeze overn|ght.
2. Place ingredients in blender.
3. Process on high for about 1 minute.
4. Serve and enjoy!
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