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What will Barack Obama need to do to have a successful “first 100 days”?

Barack Obama’s first 100 days as president should set the tone for the remainder of his
anterior term in office. Obama already has his work cut out for him as he must oversee
the improvements made on the infrastructure of the United States’ economy, education
system, homeland security, and the environment.

Obama will also be responsible for amending the United States’ relations with the Middle
East to end the war on terrorism. Our country faces ample plights that require immediate

The first 100 days of Barack Obama’s term in office are vital in proving his position as
President of the United States.
First of all, Obama should stress getting the economic stimulus plan approved by the
Senate. According to a February New York Times news article, the Republican Party is
proposing to amend Obama’s current economic stimulus plan to include more mortgage
relief and additional tax cuts.

The plan will allow businesses to infuse cash into profitless companies by warranting tax
credits on past profits. The general public will also benefit from the stimulus as the plan
will reap unemployment benefits, and assist states with Medicaid bills.

The plan will greatly affect the education system by providing $150 billion dollars to aid
school districts, child care centers and university campuses. Within the past few years,
schools across the country have had to make drastic financial cutbacks to prevent their
institutions from closing down. The stimulus will be of much assistance to the country’s
15,000 school districts and college campuses. The economic stimulus plan offers a
chance to provide financial aid to schools across the nation to ensure a better future for
the United States’ education system.

The stimulus also creates advantages for the Department of Transportation as $27 billion
dollars will suffice road and bridge construction.

The stimulus faces changes in the Senate as the $75 million dollar smoking cessation
program and $400 million dollar HIV prevention plan have already met their fate against
the Senate. The current price tag for the stimulus plan is approximately $900 million
dollars, which is expected to increase after the Senate reviews the plan. The Senate shall
continue debating Obama’s economic stimulus plan throughout the remainder of this
Next, Obama should continue to implement fuel efficiency standards. According to a
January Time Magazine article, President Obama announced he was in the process of
helping the Environmental Protection Agency invoke California and 13 other states to set
stricter fuel efficiency standards.

Obama is also working with the Department of Transportation to raise auto industry
specifications to augment the average fuel economy to at least 35 miles per gallon by the
year 2020. If Obama succeeds in executing these fuel efficiency measures within the first
100 days of holding office, our environmental conservation efforts will greatly improve.

Obama should also maintain his persisted efforts to close the Guantanamo Bay prison in
Obama’s $300 billion dollar tax cut should be approved to impel companies to create jobs
and gain Republican support for the fresh economic innovations.

Obama should continue to adjust CEO pay at bailed-out banks.


Obama needs to get the recovery package passed and put into action.