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Note: Attempt 5 questions. Question 1 is compulsory. Q. 1: Choose (encircle the correct ans!er a.

Total Marks

70 "0

At ########## $e%ree& Celsius an$ 'ahrenheit scales are equi(alent: 1 0 " ) 10 * ) +0 + ) 100 The -irst la! o- thermo$ynamics is equi(alent to: 1 .a! o- mass conser(ation " .a! o- ener%y conser(ation * .a! o- entropy conser(ation + None o- a,o(e /0tensi(e properties can ,e con(erte$ to correspon$in% intensi(e properties ,y: 1 1i(i$in% !ith unit mole or unit mass " Multiplyin% !ith unit mole or unit mass * A$$in% !ith unit mole or unit mass + 2u,tractin% !ith unit mole or unit mass The -orms o- ener%y are ne(er containe$ in a ,o$y or system 1 3nternal /ner%y 4 /ntropy " 5inetic ener%y 4 6otential ener%y * 7eat 4 !ork + None o- a,o(e 8e(ersi,le !ork is a 1 6rocess -unction " 6ath -unction * 2tate -unction + All o- a,o(e The phase)rule (aria,le are ######## properties 1 /0tensi(e " 3ntensi(e * 9oth o- a,o(e + None o- a,o(e A,o(e Critical 6oint the liqui$ an$ (apor phases ,ecome 1 1istin%uisha,le " 3n$istin%uisha,le * /quili,rate$ + None o- a,o(e The pro,a,ility o- ########## interaction is the hi%hest 1 T!o),o$y " Three),o$y * 'our),o$y + 'i(e),o$y Cp is al!ays ######## C(










1 :reater than " .esser than * /qual to + None o- a,o(e internal ener%y o- i$eal %as is a -unction o1 pressure an$ temperature " pressure only * temperature only + none o- a,o(e.

Q. ": <hat is thermo$ynamic state= 7o! $o state -unctions $escri,e system thermo$ynamics= 1".5

Q. *: <hat are (irial equations= 1eri(e the (irial equations in term o- pressure an$ in term o- (olume. Q. +: 1escri,e a$ia,atic processes. <hat are polytropic processes= 1".5 1".5

Q. 5: 1e-ine stan$ar$ heat o- reaction an$ stan$ar$ heat o- -ormation. 7o! are these heats measure$= 1".5

Q. >: An astronaut !ei%hs 7*0 N in 7ouston& Te0as& !here the local acceleration o%ra(ity is % ? @.7@"ms)". <hat are the astronautAs mass an$ !ei%ht on the moon& !here % ? 1.>7ms)"= 1".5

Q. 7: Calculate BC an$ B7 -or 1 k% o- !ater !hen it is (aporiDe$ at the constant temperature o- 1000C an$ the constant pressure o- 101.** k6a. The speci-ic (olumes oliqui$ an$ (apor !ater at these con$itions are 0.0010+ an$ 1.>7* m * k%)1 .'or this chan%e& heat in the amount o- "&"5>.@ kE is a$$e$ to the !ater. 1".5

Q. F: 7o! many $e%rees o- -ree$om ha(e each o- the -ollo!in% systems= 1".5 a , c .iqui$ !ater in equili,rium !ith its (apor. .iqui$ !ater in equili,rium !ith a mi0ture o- !ater (apor an$ nitro%en. A liqui$ solution o- alcohol in !ater in equili,rium !ith its (apor.