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Date 2nd Feb 2014 Place Chai Patty 1. Ride plan a. 1 meet a month b. 1 day ride a month c. 1 overnight a quarter d. 1 community service ride a quarter 2. Mega adventure a. Leh June 2014 b. IBR interstate meet Mumbai October 2014 3. Criteria for joining overnight rides is that rider should have taken part in one day ride and one meet. 4. Criteria for joining mega adventure is that rider should be a regular member of club, should have joined at least 2 overnight rides 5. As per extended weekends and holiday list, we are preparing a riding calendar for the year. This calendar is flexible and destination and dates can be changed as per majority request 6. We have taken feedback of locations which riders want to cover in 2014 in and around Karnataka. We will publish the rider calendar accordingly 7. Any member of IBR is allowed to plan rides and he can propose Admin to create an event on his behalf. Admin will make him co-host and he will lead the rides 8. All admins are not required to participate in all rides. We appreciate people taking lead and plan rides 9. In case of any feedback about the club activities, please feel free to get in touch with any admin individually. You can also discuss your concerns and suggestion in open forum in any of the meets. Anonymous feedback will not be entertained. 10. We will create a new Facebook group and window will be given for people to migrate to new group. Please register yourself on IBR main page, join the new FB group, download the application form and handover it along with membership fees of Rs 200 to any of the admin. 11. It is mandatory for all the members in new FB group to register on Main IBR site and pay membership fees 12. All new members should go through NeMO and riding instruction posted on IBR FB page 13. New admin have been announced. They have taken charge and will be primary point of contact. 14. Inactivity in IBR Group We expect our members to remain active in IBR forum and FB page, come on meets and rides. We expect people to contribute in club activities by helping admins to manage the rides and other club activities.

Inactive members can be defined in two ways a. Riders who are not logging into IBR main forum for more than 3 months b. Riders who are not coming on rides / meets for more than 5 month 15. In the first case of inactivity, Login i.d of the rider will be automatically deleted from the IBR main site 16. In second case of inactivity, admins of IBR page will inform the rider through mail and in case no response is received, that riders membership will be cancelled from IBR FB page. 17. If you have a passion for group riding, we are sure that you wont get deactivated neither from FB nor from IBR main site. The whole purpose of bringing this point is that we want people who are passionate and who are connected with each other in IBR family