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SmartPlug System
The TDW Offshore Services SmartPlug tool is designed to isolate a section of pipeline while it is at operating pressure. This enables pipeline repair without reducing pipeline pressure or bleeding down the entire pipeline system.

The primary advantage of using the SmartPlug tool as a method of pipeline isolation is the ability to minimise production down time. The following advantages have resulted in savings for our customers: No aring of gas or displacement of pipeline contents Production continued during pipeline repairs No emissions of gas or hydrocarbon vapours to the atmosphere No danger of accidentally ooding offshore pipelines during construction No hole or future leak path is left at the isolation location No time or money spent on de-commissioning (bleeding down) and re-commissioning (relling and re-pressurizing) pipelines No need to dispose of hydrates, chemicals and contaminated water Isolates short sections of pipeline anywhere in the pipeline system

Graphic representation of the SmartPlug system. The tool is controlled from top-side by laptop computer communicating with a subsea antenna by acoustic signals.

Acoustic antenna

ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) antenna providing through-wall communication with the SmartPlug system.

SmartPlug SYstEM FEatUREs

HIGhLY PIGGaBLE The SmartPlug is bi-directionally piggable through exible pipelines. It can isolate any pipeline medium, including gas, crude oil, distillates, treated or untreated water, glycol, diesel, etc. The SmartPlug system is module-based and can be congured for project needs. DoUBLE BLoCK - The standard SmartPlug system tool consists of two independent plug modules, each of which is activated by the onboard micro-hydraulic activation system. Each module is independently capable of isolating the full pipeline pressure, thus providing double-block isolation.

SafE, Fast & ECoNoMICaL The SmartPlug tool enables the completion of pipeline maintenance with unprecedented safety, speed, time, and cost savings. TDW Offshore Services currently maintains SmartPlug tools for all pipeline diameters between 10 and 42. Other sizes are available on request.

SafEtY FEatUREs The SmartPlug system is designed to be self-locked in the set position, as long as there is delta pressure across the tool. This means that the higher the pressure, the harder the plug seals, regardless of the status of the communication system. The SmartPlug system also includes a redundant unsetting systems, so that if all communication fails, the plug can still be unset and recovered. The SmartPlug tool is designed to achieve no leakage. Each tool is approved and certied by Det Norske Veritas (DnV). SmartPlug OpERatIoN, TRaCKING aNd CoMMUNICatIoN The SmartPlug tool is activated/de-activated, tracked and monitored by a topside laptop computer through the use of TDW Offshores proprietary control and communication system. The laptop communicates with the SmartPlug system by sending signals to an ELF antenna placed in the vicinity of the isolation location. The ELF antenna provides real time two-way, through-wall data communication with the system. This allows the operator to send commands and to receive conrmation of plug conditions and pipeline pressures. The SmartPlug tool has an onboard SmartTrack system for tracking and accurate positioning.
SmartPlug tools setting sequence

Graphic representation of valve replacement project which does not interrupt production ow.





PIpELINE VaLVE REpLaCEMENts oR REpaIRs Use of the SmartPlug tool allows the replacement of topside valves without reducing pipeline pressure or affecting the production of downstream platforms. RIsER REpLaCEMENt oR REpaIRs (including exible risers) The SmartPlug tool can isolate the riser from the rest of the pipeline and allow pipelines with multiple downstream platforms to remain in production while risers are replaced or repaired. PREssURE TEstING aNd LEaK DEtECtIoN of RIsERs oR REpaIREd PIpELINEs The use of a three-plug module SmartPlug train, with one-plug module in the reverse direction to isolate the test pressure, enables the operator to pressure test the repaired sections of the pipeline or riser as soon as the construction is completed. MIdLINE PIpELINE REpaIR aNd TIE-INs The use of two SmartPlug tools in a train allows the isolation of a specic section of a pipeline for repairs, replacement or tie-ins. Pipeline intervention can be completed without the displacement of pipeline content and without interrupting production in other pipelines connected to the transport system.

Production ow at 72 bar

~250 km 26 Gas line 30 Oil lin e

Graphic representation of a riser replacement project which does not interrupt downstream production

Graphic representation of a riser hydro-test with the line at full operating pressure after the replacement of an ESD valve.

Replaced valve Water at 135 bar

Gas at 7 0 bar

DRY TIE-INs of RIsERs oR PIpELINEs The SmartPlug tool can be set at the end of a dry pipeline before laying it down on the sea oor. This saves days of pipelay vessel use, and allows dry tie-ins using less expensive vessels to pick up the pipeline from the sea oor at a later date. The SmartPlug system can be used as a method of pipeline ood prevention during the handover of the pipeline from the lay vessel to the platform, should a wet buckle occur. The SmartPlug system can also be used for ood prevention during lay down, lifting, or while placing the riser in the porch. PLatfoRM ABaNdoNMENt aNd BYpass The SmartPlug system can be used to plug both import and export lines of a platform so that the lines can be cut and tied together for a subsea bypass, or connected to other lines for rerouting. The cut pipelines can also be capped or blinded for future construction or abandonment. The SmartPlug system enables the work to be completed without shutting down other platforms connected to the pipeline system. The use of the SmartPlug system eliminates the need to nd and operate subsea valves for isolation.

Graphic representation of the midline replacement on a pipeline at operating pressure. Each end of the cut pipeline was brought to the surface to weld on a ange with the pipeline isolated at 750 psi

24 Gas pipeline

71.6 km

10.3 km

JUMpER REpLaCEMENt The SmartPlug tool can be pigged from the FPSO or platform to isolate the jumper. This allows jumper replacement without wetting the system and without replacing the oil or gas, thus preventing costly and timeconsuming commissioning operations. FLEX JoINt IsoLatIoN foR REpaIR SmartPlug tools are used to prevent the ooding of SCRs while lifting the pipeline to the surface or during underwater construction. The SmartPlug system allows production to continue downstream if the SCR is part of a wider transportation system. TIE-IN of DEEp-WatER FLow LINEs aNd PIpELINEs Deep-water ow lines and pipelines often have a preinstalled tee to allow for tie-in of future wells or pipelines. One SmartPlug tool on each side of the tee allows quick and safe performance of such tie-ins. The SmartPlug system allows the tie-in to be performed without shutting down the ow line/pipeline, without ooding, and without environmental impact or clean-up. FLood PREVENtIoN dURING DEEpwatER PIpELaY The SmartLay system is towed inside the pipeline above the sag bend to protect the lay barge in the event of a wet buckle. The SmartLay system can also be installed below the sag bend to protect the laid pipeline from ooding. The SmartLay system is tted with sensors to detect the ingress of water, or pressure build-up inside the pipeline. When such conditions are detected, the SmartLay plug activates and isolates the pipeline. The SmartLay system can be activated and deactivated with an ROV tted by TDW Offshores electromagnetic communication system.

Graphic representation of the SmartLay ood prevention system

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TDW Offshore Services Smart Pipeline Solutions

TDW Offshore is the worldwide leader in tetherless, through-wall remote-controlled pipeline pressure isolation services. We minimise your pipeline downtime through fast-track delivery of project-specic pigging, repair and handling tools, both onshore and offshore. TDW Offshore has a large in-house engineering department, allowing TDW Offshore to meet customer needs. TDW Offshore is certied to ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System. TDW Offshore Services is a subsidiary of T.D. Williamson, Inc. (TDW). TDW, the worlds most recognized name in pipeline equipment and services, delivers safe integrity solutions for onshore and offshore applications. TDWs experts provide hot tapping and plugging, pipeline cleaning, geometry and MFL inspection, pigging and non-tethered plugging pig technology services for any pressurized pipeline system, anywhere in the world. TDW Offshore offers a broad range of products and services, such as:

Pipeline Pressure Isolations Pipeline Pigging Pipeline Flood Prevention Pipeline Construction Pipeline Repair

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