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Attila Chiovini

208 South Avenue H Humble Texas. 77338 ( 3!"7#$%3827 A&'AS () '*+'&T,S'T.oubleshooting / ,ssue &esolution 'n0%use. T.aining / Su11o.t Sche0ule0 / A0 Hoc 2aintenance Client &elationshi1 2anagement S3stem ,m1lementation &a1i0 Tic4et &es1onse Times

Skills: Software: Software Installation. Active Directory. Virus Prevention. System Installations and Configurations. Software Configuration. S/F Conversion. Windows 9 /9!/"###/"##$/ %&'/(P/Vista/) * +inu, -./untu* Fedora0 Installation/.1grades. Software Diagnostics. Statistical 2e1orting. System .1grades. F&P/3&&P. 4ac5u1 and 2estoring Data. Internet 6,1lorer . 7oogle C8rome. 9utloo5 . :o;illa* &8under/ird* 91era. P8oto s8o1 and Corel Draw. :S 9ffice Suite. Hardware: 2e1airs* services* and restored 1arts* /oards* and e<ui1ment for Dell* Com1a<* 3ewlett Pac5ard* &os8i/a* Pac5ard 4ell* and (ero,. Arranging wor5stations and 3u/s. Constructing and &esting. Com1uter Configuration* Assem/ly. PC 3/W Designs and Arrangement. Des5to1 :aintenance. :aintenance = 2e1air. 3/W Installation = Configuration. Scanners* Printers* We/ cams* 91tical tools and :odems -DS+ = Dial>u10 configuration. DVD/CD/2W :emory C8i1s* SCSI/ID6/6ID6 3ard Drives* SCSI :anager Cards* &a1e 4ac5u1s Drives software>8ardware configuration. PDA* 4lue toot8* &ouc8 1ad* Infrared configuration. Wi>Fi* Wireless 2outers* and Access>1oint setu1* configuration = aut8entication. Networking: Communications Security. 2outers. System u1grading Switc8es. +A%. Wireless. %etwor5ing &ec8nologies. %etwor5 Security. WA% =+A%. VP%. %/W ? &CP/IP. Firewalls. 6t8ernet. Peer to Peer %/W@s. 2outer Configuration. ADS/ISD%. Client Service: Consultative 2elations8i1s. Customer Care. Customer &ec8nical Su11ort = &raining. Des5to1 = .ser Su11ort. Su11ort series. A/le to transmit tec8nical info to t8e users of all a/ilities. Self motivated to 1reserve understanding of e,isting tec8nology. Full 1ractical and over t8e tele18one trou/les8ooting on several different systems* 1latforms* and 8/w configurations. S5illed to manage and aid des5 re<uests under 1ressure. S5ills in 8el1 des5 1rocesses li5e 1ro/lem rise 1rocedures* 1ro/lem resolution scri1t and severity stages. Very tolerant. 9ffers clear and easy e,1lanations and 1erform closely wit8 1eo1le to /uild solutions to t8eir com1uter difficulties.

6,1erienceA Remote Technical Support 2eview and custom /uild com1uters to fit my client@s re<uirements. 9ffered 18one>/ased tec8nical care for clients* availa/le on>site if re<uired 3el1ed in networ5 infrastructure develo1ment = im1lementation. Installed and Configured des5to1 PC@s* diagnosed 8ardware/software 1ro/lems* trou/les8oot connectivity 1ro/lems* and ma5e sure user fulfillment. 6,1erienced wit8 t8e remote access software. Wor5 3istoryA )B C /yte Com1uter and 7ame S8o1 Salesman Contact Information A ?$B -4uda1est* 3ungary0 70/377-7171 7rade Com1uters Computer Technician -Dec "##)> :ay "##90 -Dan "##B> Dec "##)0

Contact Information A ?$B -S;e5esfe8ervar* 3ungary0 22/504-047 Clu/ :agic +ife / Cemer Im1erial / Penelo1e 4eac8 Im1erial 7uest 2elations8i1 :anager/ Freelance &ec8nical Su11ort Contact Information A :A7IC +IF6 7m/3 = Co Cg* ?'$ - Wien*Austria0/E/!) !#"># -:ay "##9> Aug "#E#0

Acctiv +eisure ProFects/ +o1esan Costa :eloneras 3otel 7uest 2elations8i1 :anager/ Freelance &ec8nical Su11ort

-Aug "#E#>Dec "#E#0

Contact Information A ?$' -Canary Islands * S1ain 0 9"!>$$>""E 6nFoy 2SS3 6ntertainment/ 2ed Sea 3otels 7uest 2elations8i1 :anager/ Freelance &ec8nical Su11ort Contact Information A ?B9 -6gy1t 0 $B#E!9# +anguage S5ills A 6nglis8 - American 0 A Fluent 7erman A Fluent 3ungarian A Fluent - Fe/ "#EE> Aug "#EE0

3o//ies and field of interest A 4eta &esting Software and .1coming 7ames* 2ole>1laying * ::92P7 7ames * Sci fi and Fantasy 4oo5s * $d Animation wit8 G /rus8 and DAG Studio ' . S1ort A Air soft * Paint /all* Soccer * 2unning *