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Mentors message

K J Somaiya college of Engineering, Mumbai proudly presents Orion Racing India - a team of budding engineers dedicated to design and fabricate a formula styled race car. The team will represent the college in an international design competition called Formula Student Germany (FSG). The Competition helps develop a team possessing all round personality, powered not only with engineering skills but also the ability to plan, design, budget, market and fabricate an ultimate product keeping to a set deadline. In 2007, they become the first team to represent India on such an international platform. Motivated by the success in the past eight years, the team is gearing up for this upcoming year. The following document is an overview of the teams campaign to compete in FSG 2014. I request you to support them in their endearvour and help them achieve their goal.

-Samir Somaiya

Principals message
Success in an organization requires more than high intellect. Every individual has tremendous potential, untapped talent and skills that may not always come to the fore in strictly academic situations. It is well known that involvement in extraordinary activities such as Orion Racing India not only is a positive impact on academic performance but also enhances confidence, discipline and social interaction which is essential to succeed in the world.

This competition which lies on a foundation of co-operation, leadership, diligence and punctuality, provides a backup for the development of the creative talent of the students. Sustained attention to the smallest detail of the performance feedback enables them to face increasing challenges at an international platform. I wish the team all the very best and hope that they will continue to improve their graph of success.

- Dr. Shubha Pandit

In 2006, a bunch of enginneering students driven by the will to break the shackles of an orthodox education system took to the workshop with tools in their hands and a battered auto rickshaw engine. Thus, Orion Racing India (ORI) was born; which today has become a force to be reckoned with against its competitors. ORI comprises a group of 40 engineers studying at K J Somaiya College of Engineering, Mumbai who each year visualize, design and fabricate a single seater formula styled race car to compete against some of the best international teams. ORI has come a long way to now become a semi-professional project par excellence and a project of this magnitude requires immense industry support. We thus, appeal to the engineering fraternity to support our endeavour.

Formula Student Germany (FSG) is an engineering design competition where students build a single seater formula race car with which they can compete against teams from all over the world, The competition is not won solely by the team with the fastest car, but also demands that students excel in team cooperation and resource management, closely resembling the real - world business and engineering environment. Formula Student Germany (FSG) challenges participant teams to go the extra mile in their education by incorporating into it intensive experience in building and manufacturing as well as considering the economical aspects of the automotive industry. Teams takes on the assumption that they are the manufacturers developing a prototype to be evaluated for production. The target audience is the non-professional weekend-Racer, for which the racecar m u s t s h o w v e ry g o o d d r i v i n g characteristics such as acceleration, braking and handling. The prototype must be cost effective while also being reliable and dependable. Additionally, the cars market value increases through other factors such as availability of standard purchase components.

The event is divided into two major assessments namely Statics and Dynamics.

Static Events Engineering design Evaluating the engineering efforts involved in designing of the car.

Cost Analysis Teaching the participants that cost and budget are significant factors in any engineering exercise.

Business Plan Presentation Evaluating the teams ability to develop and deliver a comprehensive business case.

Dynamic Events :Acceleration Evaluating the cars acceleration in a straight line.

Skid-pad Measuring the cars cornering ability while taking a turn.

Autocross Evaluating the cars maneuverability and handling quality.

Fuel Economy and Endurance Evaluating the overall performance of the car and to test the cars durability and reliability.

Static Events : Presentation Engineering Design Cost Analysis Dynamic Events : Acceleration 75 Skid-Pad 50 Autocross 150 Efficiency 100 Endurance 300 ________________________________ Total Points 1,000 Presentation 7% 75 150 100

Skidpad 5%

Sponsorship Benefits
Company can be seen as a supporter of the automotive

engineering community. Encourage the next generation of engineers by helping them build their vital skill sets needed in the industries. Companies involved get personal access to highly skilled engineers who are viewed as potential recruits and also potential customers. High brand recall value amongst students and other technical experts globally. Sales can be conducted through this network even if you an OEM, Supplier or SME.

International publicity amongst Formula1 technical experts and

industry leading manufacturers. Sponsor logo on car body, driver suit, helmet and any other team merchandise (T-shirt, cap, brochure, pamplets, etc.). Web banners and links (Company profile on team website, hyperlink to company website). Extensive media coverage in various regional and national newspapers as well as magazines and television. Any sponsor is exempted under section 80G.

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Publicity at Auto Events

Participation in AutoCar Auto Expo (BKC), Delhi Auto Expo

(Pragati Maidan), Composites Expo (NSE Goregaon). Prominent display of the Formula SAE car along with live demonstrations. Tours of team workshop and lectures of design/manufacturing process. Access to branding space in and around the exhibit. Forum to interact with students, professors and industry experts globally. Conduct live events, surveys and get feedback for specfic products.

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