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1100 Words You Need

Barron's 1100 Words You Need to Know


to exist in great numbers


the technique of making an apparatus, a process, or a system operate automatically


a married woman usually marked by dignified maturity or social distinction a statement that at first seems to be absurd or self-contradictory but which may in fact turn out to be true



special field of something or someone; kingdom


historical records, records arranged in yearly parts; history


a trace, smattering, or slight degree, a slight but appreciable addition unpleasant, dull, or hard work, hard monotonous routine work



unending, tiresomely long, endless, so long as to seem endless


desiring or consuming great quantities, excessively greedy and grasping


choosing at random without careful selection, choosing at random without careful selection of high reputation, outstanding, standing above others in quality or position soaked, drenched, saturated completely filled or supplied with, fill to satisfaction expressing much in few words, brief and to the point crowd, a large gathering of people very brave, fearless, unshakable to approach and speak to first; to confront in a challenging or aggressive way


steeped replete laconic throng intrepid accost

reticent furtive plethora hapless pretext fabricate adroit gesticulate vigilant avid cajole

inclined to keep silent; reserved stealthy, marked by quiet and caution and secrecy extreme excess unfortunate; having bad luck a false reason, deceptive excuse to lie; construct, make up, invent skillful, expert in the use of the hands or mind show, express or direct through movement watchful, carefully observant or attentive eager, marked by active interest and enthusiasm coax, influence or urge by gentle urging, caressing, or flattering basic; elementary; in the earliest stages of development slight variation in meaning, tone, etc. sarcastic, biting, harsh or corrosive in tone take by force having an exceedingly bad reputation to make or force ones way by pushing or elbowing only partly in existence, beginning; at an early stage heedless, not attentive, unintentional

rudimentary nuance caustic wrest infamous jostle incipient inadvertent

ominous tremulous repudiate cessation bristle euphemism mundane incongruous condolence stipulate alacrity disdain belligerent intimidate feint pugnacious promulgate brash scoff tangible castigate sordid

unfavorable, threatening, of a bad omen quivering as from weakness or fear refuse to acknowledge, ratify, or recognize as valid a stopping, either final or temporary to stiffen with fear or anger substitution of an inoffensive term for one that is offensive worldly, ordinary, commonplace inappropriate, not fitting in; out of place pity, an expression of sympathy to specify a condition briskness, liveliness and eagerness contempt, to refuse or reject scornfully warlike, characteristic of an enemy or one eager to fight to overawe a false attack quarrelsome to make known officially impudent to sneer at having actual form to correct by punishing dirty, base

octogenarian solace aspirant dregs scurrilous rampant inane ethics flagrant admonish duress culprit inexorable egregious distraught duplicity acrimonious paucity elicit pernicious tolerate construe impunity affluent feasible discern

person in his or her eighties easing of grief candidate for high position most worthless part coarse going unchecked, widespread foolish code of principles outrageous, glaringly bad (not egregious) to warn, to reprove compulsion, force the guilty person inflexible, unrelenting remarkably bad (not flagrant) mentally confused, crazed cunning, trickery bitter scarcity to draw forth harmful, causing injury to put up with, to bear to make a deduction, to infer freedom from punishment rich possible perceive

sally consternation precocious perfunctory chagrin perverse deride disparage laudable fiasco masticate eschew quell voluble confidant obsolescence dubious implacable paroxysm reprehensible jurisdiction skirmish monolithic indigent arbitrary

suddenly rush forth (not surge) dismay reaching maturity early done without care, superficial feeling of disappointment, humiliation contrary, persisting in error to ridicule, scoff at to discredit, belittle praiseworthy complete failure to chew up avoid put an end to (not terminate) talkative (not gregarious) one to whom you confide your secrets process of wearing out doubtful cannot be pacified, inexorable a fit, sudden outburst worthy of blame power, range of authority small fight, brief encounter (not fray) massively solid poor, needy based on whim, dictatorial

fray stymie effigy flout cognizant turbulent terminate forthwith emaciated surge sanctuary afflict besiege privation ubiquitous thwart harbinger malignant excruciating respite reverberating fretful impresario extortion adverse

a fight (not skirmish) to hinder, impede a likeness (usually of a hated person) show contempt, scoff aware unruly, agitated to end (not quell) immediately abnormally thin, wasted away to rush suddenly (not sally) shelter to trouble greatly, to distress to surround, hem in lack of necessities being everywhere at the same time to hinder, defeat a forerunner, advance notice likely to cause death agonizing, torturing an interval of relief, delay reechoing, resounding worrisome, irritable one who presents cultural series, organizer gettting money by threats unfavorable, harmful

asset bigot blatant entourage virulent venom spew loath solicit astute advocate ineffectual scrutinize nefarious amicable vexatious malady inclement peruse premonition desist recoil pertinent mastiff doleful wan histrionics

a valuable thing to have a narrow-minded, prejudiced person disagreeably loud, very showy group of attendants full of hate, harmful poison, spit, malice throw up, vomit, eject unwilling, reluctant to beg, seek earnestly keen, shrewd to be in favor of, to support not effective examine closely villainous, vicious friendly, peaceful annoying disease unfavorable, stormy to read carefully forewarning cease draw back to the point large dog sad, melancholy sickly pale display of emotions

elusive frustrate symptomatic interject inert salient imminent squeamish engrossed inundate fruitless poignant garbled sanguine phlegmatic corroborate comprehensive zealous coerce elapse meticulous domicile lax sporadic rash conjecture

hard to grasp counteract, foil, thwart having to do with signs or symptoms, indicative insert, interrupt without power to move outstanding, prominent likely to happen, threatening easily shocked, over sensitive absorbed to flood useless moving, painful to the feelings confused, mixed up optimistic calm, hard to rouse to action confirm, support thorough enthusiastic to force to slip by careful home careless, negligent occasional too hasty, reckless guess (not surmise)

obviate lurid quip diatribe inhibition fortuitous incoherent ilk prestigious placard remuneration expunge anathema schism timorous truncated jaunty fractious ostentatious importune incontrovertible surreptitious subjugate eventuate subterranean viable

do away with, eliminate (not abrogate) sensational joke bitter criticism restraint accidental disjointed kind, sort illustrious poster reward, pay erase something greatly detested split fearful cut short sprightly, gay quarrelsome showy ask urgently undeniable stealthy, accomplished by secret conquer to result finally underground practicable, workable

premise incredulous permeate propitious surmise curtail repress cryptic inchoate aspire inveigh nettle overt supine repulse raze lethal incisive precipitate stereotype stentorian singular sinecure complicity liquidation accomplice recant

grounds for a conclusion skeptical to spread through favorable guess (not conjecture) to cut short to put down puzzling in an early stage to strive for attack verbally irritate open lying on the back drive back destroy deadly acute hasten unvarying pattern loud extraordinary soft job partnership in wrongdoing disposal of, killing an associate in crime withdraw previous statements

culpable abrogate invalidate preclude landmark extrinsic declaim fetter paragon nomadic asperity epithet controversial indigenous gregarious cursory interloper prolific bulwark sedentary antithesis altruistic embellish cache coterie

deserving blame abolish (not obviate) to deprive of legal force, to nullify prevent historic, turning point of a period foreign, coming from outside speak loudly to hamper model of excellence wandering harshness of temper descriptive name debatable native sociable hasty, not thorough an unauthorized person producing abundantly protection largely inactive, accustomed to sitting exact opposite unselfish adorn, touch up secret hiding place small group having something in common

cupidity virtuosity temerity amorous progeny saturate perpetrate consummate subterfuge concoct fallacious manifold assiduous impeccable fraught resourceful murky component labyrinth evaluate exult enigma abortive innate veneer urbane

greed great technical skill foolish boldness full of love descendants soak, fill up completely commit complete, of the highest degree ruse, trick devise misleading complex, many devoted, attentive faultless filled able to meet any situation dark, obscure element arrangement of winding passages appraise, find the value of rejoice greatly riddle fruitless, useless, failing (not profligate) natural thin covering polished, witty

inherent buff romp latent tortuous itinerant peregrination conjugal barometer megalomania profligate strife legion coup amnesty expatriate exonerate fiat mendacious parsimonious pecuniary sumptuous underwrite restrictive balk nostalgia

inborn a fan, follower to move in a lively manner lying hidden (not remote) winding wandering (not nomadic) travel relating to marriage instrument for measuring change abnormal desire for wealth and power wasteful discord, disagreement a large number (not myriad) revolution a general pardon an exile to free from guilt an official order, a decree lying, untrue miserly financial lavish agree to finance harsh, confining to refuse to move yearning for the past

rife reviled indict nebulous redolent repose omnivorous disparate abstemious extant vicissitudes edifice sultry trenchant puissant maudlin levity lugubrious scion indoctrinate opulence obsequious fulsome lush destitution ponder supplication

widespread (not rampant) scolded accuse unclear, vague fragrant state of rest eating any kind of food different moderate in eating or drinking still existing difficulties a building extremely hot and moist, torrid keen, incisive powerful sentimental lightness of dispostion very sad child, descendant to teach certain principles wealth, riches seeking favor, fawning excessive, insincere luxurious, elaborate extreme poverty to consider carefully earnest prayer

decadence penance ascetic desultory disciple metamorphosis bona fide salvation materialism nurture nirvana juxtapose plight cope incompatibility incapacitated connubial demur appellation escalation cumulative recondite

decay atonement for sin one who practices self-denial and devotion (n.) occurring by chance, disconnected follower change genuine deliverance from ruin attention to worldly things and neglect of spiritual needs to nourish, support freedom from care and pain, Buddhist heaven to place side by side predicament, dangerous situation to be a match for, to be able to handle quality of being mismated, lack of harmony disable, made unfit related to marriage (not conjugal) to object a name an increase, intensification accumulated secret, hidden, obscure (not covert)

palliate delude prelude chimerical acknowledge heterogeneous gamut perspicacious analogous maladjusted neurotic pedagogue enunciate inordinate irascible introspective perpetuate mandate compensatory neutralize catastrophic anthropologist

alleviate, relieve without curing to fool introduction visionary, imaginary, fantastic admit dissimilar range acutely perceptive, shrewd comparable, similar poorly adjusted, disturbed suffering from a nervous disorder teacher to utter, proclaim excessive irritable looking into ones own feelings to cause to continue an authoritative order or command serving to pay back to counteract disastrous an expert in the study of the races, beliefs, customs, etc. of mankind an object made by hand, rather than a thing as it occurs in nature


fetish inanimate imperative imprudent prohibition taboo taint abhor bigot contemptuous vulnerable entreaty inviolable awesome debris dispersed deplorable conflagration rue congenial hoard sage aegis detriment

an object that is thought to have magic powers lifeless urgent, necessary, compulsory unwise, not careful the act of forbidding certain behavior forbidden by custom or religious practice contamination, undesirable substance that spoils (n.) to detest, to despise a person who is intolerant of other people or ideas expressing a feeling that something is worthless capable of being injured appeal, plea safe (from destruction, etc.) inspiring terror, weird ruins, fragments scattered, spread, broken up sad, pitiable great fire regret sympathetic, agreeable hid, store, accumulate (v.) wise man, philosopher shield, protection, sponsorship injury, damage, hurt

imbibe virile senile doddering

drink masterful, manly infirm, weak from old age trembling, shaking

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